Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good Sunday morning, everyone!  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home!

On this day, we discuss all types of topics relevant to this audience during our fabulous over 50 lives.

Because you asked, today I am sharing with you some images I recently took around San Antonio…so many have asked to see more of the city.

We are downtown today….and this first photo shows the lovely light poles and flower baskets up & down Houston Street.

So, come join me for this and more during Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

This discussion began last Sunday, and though I am not sure how to handle a healthy recipe swap…I do believe we could do a share.

If any listener has a healthy recipe you love and would like to share with this community, then please send the recipe and a couple of images of you cooking this dish to my email:

I would be one of the interested parties to have these recipes…I always need ideas.

When you send it,  please give me permission to use your name and location.  You may send a picture of you in the kitchen…but that is not a requirement.

Let’s start this and see how it goes.  If it is a success, then in the fall we will do this with your favorite holiday meals.

I will share the recipes every week during Sunday Mornings at Home.

Can’t wait to see what is cooking in your kitchen!


Sunday mornings at home

Let’s have a Sunday Mornings at Home retail update.

July 1 is next Saturday and that is a month for big, big retail sales.

You may want to put these on your calendar:  NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE.  All shop beginning July 17 – August 6.


Today is the last day for Talbot’s Sale on Sale…big savings in their sale area.  (Note:  Leigh Ann and I go to Talbots tomorrow on the blog to show you some new arrivals)

This slideshow includes new arrivals at various stores…and a few on sale…Note to Autumn Ladies:  Check out Chico’s colors called burnished clay and amber spice….

And did you see this lovely JJILL PRINTED AND EMBROIDERED OPEN-FRONT is in new arrivals as well and is a beautiful neutral print.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I have shared before that San Antonio is a community of artists and there is always new art to see around the city.

I love the murals and sculptures throughout . This first one really captivated me…I just had to photograph it.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

The next two photos caught my eye in the Pearl area at different times…it is one place where you find hopping summer nights.

I really have no idea what is happening in the second photo, but it was interesting to me.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Of course, now is the time to see the floral beauty all over the city.

In my neighborhood, there are so many crepe myrtles that it looks like snow is falling all of the time as the little flowers are blown around by a warm summer breeze.


Sunday Mornings at Home

My five-year-old grandson, Beck, loves to shop Goodwill.

We have been there a couple of times in the spring and you can tell that the two of us get the same enjoyment from treasure hunting.

He likes to pick out gifts for family, and here he is sporting his newly discovered Alaska cap….he liked the colors and the bear.

You can see he found several fun tee shirts…mostly sports related…and had to bring them home.

It is actually a really fun, affordable outing for us when he is here.

Who knows?  Maybe I will start a new segment called Thrift Shopping with Beck & Gigi.

I was better dressed that day than the puppet he is sitting beside…we all thought she was funny.

That is it today for Sunday Mornings at Home…I hope many of you will send your favorite healthy recipe with pictures…and Leigh Ann & I are here tomorrow!  Til then…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. I can’t tell you what’s going on in that photo, but my daughter teaches a relaxation class with ‘singing bowls,” where you use a brush (whatever) to get sounds from different sized metal bowls. I think sometimes it can be a background for yoga, but I could be completely wrong about that. Anyway, I think what you saw is some sort of meditation, relaxation technique. I would have thought the pavement was hot.

  2. I think that would be a fantastic segment! I’m 11 hours from my grandson but when we are together this would be fun. A fun break from all the sports activities that we love but wear me out. 😊

  3. I love San Antonio! I came for a business conference in 1994 and fell in love with the city and its people. I sold my home in Dallas and moved here (jobless) in 1998. Met and married the love of my life in 2003. I still love this city! It is truly a melting pot of culture, cuisine and art. From Rodeo in January and February to the magnificent tree lights and river parades of Christmas… there is always something being celebrated in San Antonio. We have the largest MLK walk in the country, made by people of every color and creed without incident, and we’ve celebrated Juneteenth for decades, long before the rest of the country even knew what it was! Though I wasn’t born here… as we say in Texas, “I got here quick as I could”.
    Thank you for sharing a piece of our beautiful city with others from around the country!

  4. Your Sunday Mornings at Home kick starts the week joyfully – cheers! I cooked last Sunday’s 6/18/23 “no-recipe” pork tenderloin with apples atop greens. A fix again! Pork takes more spice rub than one would think, even for us who reduce salt. Also, the pork roasted in less time. Pam, juggling hundreds of reader recipes is formidable, so I hope readers send only their best of the best.

  5. The city looks beautiful! It’s on my list, along with the Hill Country. But it will have to be in the cooler months. I visited Dallas for a conference in August once, and while the crepe myrtles were glorious, the heat was next level. In northern Ohio, we often have steamy heat waves (90 here today with dripping humidity), but it is nothing like that bone frying Texas heat! We tried to walk at 10:00 pm, and we could feel the sidewalk heat through the soles of our shoes.

  6. At the time I took the photo, we were having lovely cool weather. I doubt they are doing this right now in the heat wave. We have been warned not to walk the dogs past 9 AM!

  7. We have fun…he has the greatest personality with treasure hunting. Thanks Missy!

  8. San Antonio is the best place to find photo opportunities. I love to take time to scope them out. I know it is late, but welcome to Texas, Dixie!

  9. I would love to get hundreds…bring it on. That would be a fun task. Thanks Char.

  10. Oh yeah…right now I would not recommend anyone come if not accustomed to the heat. I hope this is one of those years that the heat is excessive early summer, and begins to subside in September…that would be awesome!

  11. I would love to see “Thrift Shopping with Beck & Gigi!” Beck is so adorable and I can tell by the twinkle in his eye that he is a lot of fun. My grandson is grown up now so I enjoy living vicariously through your adventures with him.

  12. I love Dixie’s comments. She sounds like fun! Your Beck is beyond adorable, and so lucky to have the Gigi he does. Love the pics of San Antonio and craving more. Those lightposts with the flower baskets and the older architecture are my cup of tea. Happy Sunday! 😊

  13. Having edited recipes for home-cook foodie groups, I find recipe sharing a joyful, all-consuming labor of love. Even best-of-the-best recipes passed among fabulous home cooks require extensive editing beyond what one would imagine. Pam. you’ve sparked a brainstorm for perhaps my next gig in retired life. I’m in North Scottsdale AZ, which seems underrepresented in blogs. My own Maricopa County statistically has the highest number of Baby Boomers in the country (yikes!), yet remains energized and fun.

  14. I’m a history buff of first ( nothing extreme mind you) and I too hope to visit your beautiful city to learn all I can. Abd to see all the sights too!
    I think she may be GONGING. Some yoga instructors implement the GONG sound into their work. Just a guess? The apparatus used is usually much much larger than what we see here however.
    Your grandson is so adorable and so is his good friend there.

  15. I’m a history buff of first ( nothing extreme mind you) and I too hope to visit your beautiful city to learn all I can. Abd to see all the sights too!
    I think she may be GONGING. Some yoga instructors implement the GONG sound into their work. Just a guess? The apparatus used is usually much much larger than what we see here however.
    Your grandson is so adorable and so is his good friend there.

  16. I’ve always wanted to get to San Antonio when I’m in Texas but never seem to make it there. My son has been there a few times and tells us it’s a great place to visit. Hopefully next spring when we do our usual trip to Texas.

  17. Gonging! Well I will look it up…thanks Paulette! And, yes, San Antonio is loaded with history.

  18. He also is very funny…maybe we will try to do something on thrift shopping! I would love it!

  19. Lots of art and architecture here…you would love it, Connie. I agree about Dixie…she does sound fun.

  20. Lovely pictures Pamela! I no longer can travel so pictures give me a vicarious vacation. Your grandson is adorable and is learning to thrift early!

  21. Thank you for sharing, Pamela, and to your readers for sharing in the comments. San Antonio sounds like a place I’d like to visit, but not in the heat of summer.

  22. Pam your night time photo is wonderful. I’m the daughter of a commercial photographer & I’m sure he’d say you have a great eye! I think Dixie sounds like a great person to call “friend” 😊

  23. Of course not in the heat of summer…but at holiday time and spring time it is glorious.

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