Talbots summer finds with Leigh & me

Talbots summer finds

Happy Last Monday of June 2023!  Let’s start our week with a few Talbots summer finds with Leigh & Me.

I am always glad to have Leigh Ann stop by…she may be out enjoying summer for a couple of months…and then return in time for the Pre-Fall reviews.

If I can coax another petite friend to do this for you, I certainly will.

But, today we have Leigh Ann in petite styles from Talbots.

In the first picture, Leigh is wearing the Flutter Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress in a size 6P.  The print is called Azalea Multi.

I am wearing the Cotton Button Front Shirt – Beautiful Botanical in Azalea Multi.

Now, get a comfy spot and join us as we discover Talbots summer finds!


Talbots summer finds

I am slightly jealous of how good Leigh Ann looks in Talbots skirts and shorts…and they are on the Talbots summer finds list!

Today, she tried a couple of tops with this cute Canvas A-Line Sail Away Skirt in a size 6P.

The blue top is the Cinched Shoulder Bateau Neck Knit Top in Poolside Blue and a size XS.  It comes in seven colors.

Talbots summer finds

Here is the same top in Red Pop…we actually like the blue better, but both are cute.

And for those who watch shoes…Leigh Ann’s sandals are actually a past purchase from Talbots and they look new.

Talbots Summer Finds

Again…she looks great in Talbots shorts!

These are the Belted Shorts in white (comes in three colors) in a size 8P.  I love the green these came in, but it is about sold out.

She liked it paired with the Botanical Paisley Ruffle Trim Shell in a size PM.

Talbots summer finds

Leigh Ann was thrilled to find this skirt.  She had one like it when she was younger and she has always desired to have another.

This is the Crinkle Gauze Pintuck Midi Skirt in white and a size PM.  

She paired it with two tops.  This is the Ruffle Square Neck Shell in Amalfi Stripe in a size PM.

Talbots Summer Finds

This top is the Blossom Garden Shell and it is on sale.

She tried on a size PM.

Talbots summer finds


On our way out the door to leave, Leigh Ann saw these dresses in the T by Talbots section and wished she had tried one on…she really liked them.

This is the Jersey Split Neck Dress in Leaf Medallion and the Lightweight Stretch Keyhole Back Dress in Indigo Blue.

That is it for the petite portion of our show on Talbots Summer Finds…..


Talbots summer finds

I am very much in between sizes at Talbots…some items are too small in a Large and some just right.

This makes it difficult to find many pieces to show you…but everything I tried on during this trip is for you, the audience….and I wish showed a better fit.

It is hard to size up to XL without the fit looking too big.  

This first top is the Pleated Sleeve Voile Popover in the heritage green…a very pretty green…it also comes in pink and white.

I tried several tops with the Slim Ankle Jeans in Seastone wash.  Size 16.


Talbots summer finds

This top is the Band Collar Popover Jacobean Top. 

The print is called the Carribean Sea Multi.

Talbots summer finds

This is a beautiful top for those who wear white, but they only had an Xlarge left, so it is a bit large.

The sales associate said that it went quick…also, you will notice in this picture and the next that I should not have worn a blue bra!!

This is the Embroidered Linen Cotton Popover. 

I tried it on with the Talbots Bristol Linen Pants. 

Talbots summer finds

I like this top and it does come in other colors…I know it is sheer, but perfect for San Antonio weather.

This is the Gauze Popover in white and there are four colors.

The blue bra?  Well, that is mine!


Lastlook Talbots summer finds

Last look for those who like maxi dresses.  The fabric in this one is cool and soft.

This is the Bohemian Floral Jersey Maxi Dress.

I did make a purchase for the Alaska trip while I was there.

I bought the Cropped Field Jacket In Spring Moss.

Talbots summer finds

While I paid for the jacket, I noticed these beautiful green necklaces hanging nearby.

They are the Olive Toned Tassel Necklace and are very pretty.

Thank you for shopping Talbots summer finds today with Leigh & Me.  Let us know if you have any questions….and though it is a Monday, make sure that you…..


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Talbots summer finds


  1. So much fun to see you and Leigh shopping at Talbots. I had a much longer post but lost it. (Someone mentioned using Safari instead of Chrome, but Safari is what I use.) Will just say that I love that heritage green top and the more organized prints!

  2. I got a huge chuckle when you said you bought the cropped field jacket in moss for your trip to Alaska, because I did too! This was a nice try on, but I was not thrilled with the Talbots summer collection this year. That happens sometimes, but in general they are one of my favorite retailers. I like the T line, because it is a little more polished and interesting than clothes of that kind usually are, yet fits my Casual adjective. I’m between sizes there too, mostly because of my larger waist, which their fit models don’t seem to account for as much as some other retailers that cater to us, including JJill and Chicos.

  3. I use Chrome to produce the blog…maybe that does make a difference. It is interesting to me that those who say they lost a comment eventually gets one posted. We all appreciate your perseverance!

  4. Great minds think alike…it is a fun jacket and was at a great sale price. The two things I purchased this day were both on the sale racks.

  5. I’m like you…I readily admit to being jealous of Leigh Ann! She’s tanned, fit, looks great in sleeveless tops and skirts! I’m petite too, but am older and never wear sleeveless tops or skirts or shorts. However, I did like several items she tried on, and I too well remember having a white skirt I wore as a young girl that I so loved. I especially love the white embroidered top you wore with the white pants as well as the cropped field jacket in blue. I tried to respond to your post yesterday but it kept disappearing. Our WiFi was wonky yesterday so that may have been the problem, or my old iPad. Anyway, I enjoyed your pictures of your city…I’d love to visit! I wondered if the flowers high on the streetlights were routinely watered in your extreme heat.

  6. I have to do it quickly. When I have written longer posts lately, I have ‘saved’ them half way through. That way I can paste what I saved and finished them up. I can usually see when it is going to happen. A line starts traveling across the page as if it refreshing or someone else’s post is being published.

  7. If I want to see comments, I have to switch to Safari. I read Jennifer Connelly in Chrome. It is a pain but the only way I can make it work. Loved you in that maxi dress! I am between sizes as well because of my waist. So don’t buy at Talbots anymore.

  8. I do everything on Chrome…so I do not know why that would be the case.

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