Bryn Walker Summer Linen at Dillard’s

Bryn Walker at Dillard's

Happy Tuesday! Today, I am showing you Bryn Walker Summer Linen at Dillard’s.

I have enjoyed Bryn Walker at Dillard’s for a very long time, but excited now to be able to size down quite a bit.

I even tried on a few items in Medium…because Bryn Walker at Dillard’s is often oversized…on purpose…that is the style esthetic.

But, if you like a little funky, creative, dramatic style…you will like the Bryn Walker summer linen at Dillard’s now.

Also, remember this brand is loved by Plus Size Women and many of these styles have plus size offerings.

So, let’s have a little fun…and I also have a question to ask you at the end of the post.


Bryn Walker at Dillard's

When I shop Bryn Walker at Dillard’s, I always remember to have an open mind.

Very often, I try on a piece that I am not sure about…and end up thinking…THIS IS GREAT.

So, it is with these pants…and they are currently on sale.

These are the Bryn Walker Oliver Light Linen Lantern Pull-On Coordinating Cropped Pants in a beautiful blue color called Paros.

I love these pants…I did not purchase them because I have so many blue pants…but hopefully we will see this style from Bryn Walker at Dillards in the fall.

The top is the Bryn Walker Fran Woven Sheer Abstract Print Ruffled 3/4 Bell Sleeve Tunic Top…also on sale.

Bryn Walker at Dillards

Also, I had to mention that this has been one of my top three favorite casual outfits so far this summer….and the star piece is on sale.

This is the Bryn Walker Anja Silk Floral Print Sheer Short Sleeve Cardigan…the way it falls is so flattering.  I love it.  Here it is in PLUS SIZE.

Ok…back to the Dillard’s dressing room for Bryn Walker Summer Linen.

Bryn Walker at Dillard's

This is a fun little linen garment…and though not on sale…I liked it.

This is the Bryn Walker Greta Natural Linen Mock Neck Short Sleeve Coordinating Vest and I did size down to a Medium on this one.

Little details and designs such as you see in this vest keep your style current, stylish and fun.   Why look like everyone else? 

If Bryn Walker at Dillards speaks you and your adjectives, then give the pieces serious consideration.

Bryn Walker at Dillards

These linen pants must have been popular at the location where I was shopping recently.

This was the only remaining pair and they are super big on me…but this is suppose to be a crop pant.  It is online.

These are the Bryn Walker Pasha Linen Cotton Palma Nera Print Wide Leg Coordinating Cropped Pants.

This is a fun print for those who wear black and white.

Bryn Walker at Dillards

More fun linen pieces from Bryn Walker at Dillards.

These pants come in five colors….I am wearing the Bryn Walker Casbah Wide Leg Pull-On Elastic Coordinating Pants...and these are on sale.

This top is also on sale.  It is the Bryn Walker Lily Light Linen V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Shirt.

If a smaller size had been on the racks, I would have been able to go there…this is a large.

Bryn Walker at Dillards

I also tried the same top on in another color….a blue called Flight.

This is the Bryn Walker Lily Light Linen V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Shirt.

These pants are also on sale and called the Bryn Walker Saba Stripe Print Linen Drawstring Waist Straight Leg Side Slit Cropped Pants.

Most of the Bryn Walker Summer Linen at Dillards gave me a very beachy even coastal grandmother type vibe.

Bryn Walker at Dillards

You might know my favorite top on this trip was not on sale.

But, I really like the top.  I am hear to offer you different price points and styles.

Bryn Walker at Dillards is one way to show misses and plus size women a little fun style.

But, like most of the higher end brands I usually purchase it on sale. 

This top is the Bryn Walker Lily Light Natural Linen V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve High-Low Hem Top.


Bryn Walker at Dillard's

As I left the Bryn Walker at Dillard’s department, I ran into this display…which reminded me of a question to ask you.

The dress I want to ask you about is the Alex Marie Abby Green Plaid Print V-Neck Chiffon Dress.

I have seen more and more high end fashion designers (including on Project Runway) designing evening gowns and dresses in plaid.

When I first saw it, I wanted to ask you…Would You Wear It?

So, this dress gives me a reason to ask…Would You Wear Plaid in an evening gown…or does it completely depend on the design of the dress??

Would love your thoughts…

And if you have any questions about Bryn Walker Summer Linen at Dillard’s just let me know.  Thank you for being here and make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell




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Bryn Walker at Dillard's



  1. Good morning Pam, I purchased the lantern pants at the beginning of the summer in both blue and black and the Cabash in black as well. Although none were on sale, I needed light weight pants for the heat in TN and figured the cost per wear was worth the money since I could get close to three seasons wear out of some of them. And so far it is! This was my first Bryn Walker purchase and I absolutely love these pants. They are very flattering even with my larger size bottom area. My cousin commented that I was very dressed very coastal grandmotherish in my outfits. I was so happy to hear this as that is my style and was my goal for the summer. With the sales now, I’m going to order the blue, grayish Cabash with your link that you are wearing. As a refrence to anyone thinking of purchasing the cabash pants, I’m 5’4″ and the Cabash are ankle length on me. Have a great day. Again, I just want to thank you for helping me to define my style as well shopping from and cleaning out my closet. Your blog and kindness as a person has helped me more than you will know and more than I can ever express. Have a blessed day.

  2. Pam, I know how hard you work, but you always seem to have fun! I love how you said you do it with an open mind.
    Well, that plaid dress certainly has possibilities to my eye! If I were younger and could still wear high heels, I’d try it. I always wanted to be ‘noticed’. I still do, but for different reasons. That would be an interesting discussion among friends. Do you you want to be noticed or blend in? In a flashy way or an understated way? Does it change depending on what the venue is? Have a great day!

  3. You look amazing in these blue pants in the opening frame- you can carry it off. I think I would be lost in this style, but I’m always thinking “never say never”.
    You do look happy in these dressing room photos!

  4. Thanks for sharing this Betty! It does have a very coastal grandmother vibe.

  5. I love discussions like that. I am so interested to know if plaid is a special occasion dress…or does it matter?

  6. I always have fun trying on clothes, and especially when the brand is on the creative side of things. Happy Tuesday, Paulette.

  7. I agree that you look quite nice in the lantern style pant. These instantly remind me of the harem style pants from 90’s rappers, and I Dream of Jeannie. 😁 In the best possible way, though. This design channels the idea, never veering into “costume” territory. As to the plaid dress, it is a lovely cut, but I would feel overwhelmed in so much pattern. Perhaps just as a skirt. Still, definitely not an evening look, but pretty for a garden party.

  8. Thanks for getting that conversation started, Connie. I hope more will tell us what you think of plaid for an evening dress.

  9. I would wear that plaid dress as a simple one-and-done any time I wanted something a little dressier. Lunch with the ladies, dinner with the hubs, anytime.

  10. Curvy hips mean plaid is usually a no-go for me. Straight lines tend to warp out of shape on my curves. However, I’d try something like this, where the plaid is used creatively. It might work. A diagonal skirt ruffle can look good without adding bulk.

    I’ve also been allergic to pleats but have changed my mind about the new fabrications like this dress. The new lightweight pleats do work for my hips.

    Sleeveless anything is not for me, however. There are too many issues with armhole gaping on my small upper body. Fit is always an issue.

    Never say never is my attitude. It doesn’t hurt to try new styles if you like them.

  11. I would wear a plaid dress for a formal occasion, but I am one quarter Scots, so anything that looks like tartan appeals to me😁. That said, this particular dress is out of my Winter color palette…it is a lovely design, though.

  12. I’m at your “Home” page looking at yesterday’s Talbot’s haul photo vs today’s look. IMO there is no comparison. The Talbots look is trim and chic.

    Regarding the plaid dress and judging it solely from the photo, I like it for a summer evening out for cocktails look. I wouldn’t wear it for anything fancy.

  13. Of course, there is no comparison, Lily…they are completely different styles and brands. I am a blogger who brings lots of options for women with different style messages and clothing desires. I also have style adjectives which allow me to have some creativity and fun now and then. I appreciate the observation, and really the styles I wear most often are Talbots now…but it is fun to go out of the box every now and then!

  14. I love plaid and as someone mentioned tartan. I think it could work for evening wear. The design you feature is not in my colors, and I don’t do sleeveless, but it is still very pretty. As a teen I had a beautiful plaid long taffeta dress in a Kelly green plaid. I loved it for the holidays.

  15. In my youth I would have worn plaid anything. No longer 118 lbs., at 141, plaid would emphasize bust, waist and butt. So no, but I put my husband in plaid shirts in the winter! I am in love with the comfort of coastal grandma style and wear it a lot in this heat. I love that V neck top but at $155 it is a no. If my hands were not so crippled with arthritis, I could sew that top so easily! Oh well. Enjoy your Tuesday ladies. I must get ready for my Mamogram. Don’t forget to get yours!

  16. It sure is beautiful and definitely “elevated “ here. Although the plaids don’t match, I think the designer took pains to be sure it worked. I have to now read what your readers are saying. I am sure there will be a difference of opinion! Love it!

  17. I love plaid and used richly, it would make lovely evening gowns. I envision a full plaid skirt (taffeta?) with a snug velvet top or jacket. I love juxtapositions in decorating or fashion. I like that all white outfit on you … there’s something about white linen that isn’t as glaring as bright white and looks great on almost everyone, even us autumns. I don’t own any Bryn Walker for some reason (I guess because I seldom shop department store brands), but it’s on my radar because I love the sophisticated cuts.

  18. Such a lovely color of blue in the Lantern pants but unfortunately (similar to balloon ones) I’m afraid such a style wears me unless I wear a very fitted top. As to the plaid dress; though understandably it would appeal to many it would be something I personally would not choose as too memorable. Now with that said though; at the end of last year I did purchase an unlined, plaid midi length coat that I’m hoping will carry me through our entire Fall and early Winter seasons (as will wear a quilted vest underneath it for the latter).
    -Brenda- P.S.: As you know I live in Canada …. 🙂.

  19. I’m too small for Bryn Walker, but you look really cute and relaxed. The blue is lovely. I’d wear a long plaid dress, although I’d prefer a midi length. I don’t like driving in a full length skirt/dress. This dress, though, is not well enough made for me. If you look at the ruffle, you can see the back side of the material. It really should have been lined with the plaid, so that the drape of the ruffle is uniform and right side out.

  20. Thanks Lois…I think we will see more evening, long dresses in plaid…seems to be on trend.

  21. When my husband was stationed in Bangkok Thailand, I had a Thai silk ball gown made for a fancy occasion. I was 25, the gown was plaid. pink and two shades of green. It had a hot pink Cumberland and a halter top. I loved that dress!!! Then my daughter wore it to a college formal. We ha try a gown it was!

  22. As more of a classic women, I would not wear the plaid dress. It’s very pretty, just not my style. I prefer a solid color that would be more timeless – less cost per wear for me. You look great!

  23. You look great in these and I love them all! I wonder if the lantern pants will look ok on a 5ft 1.5” frame. I saw them at my Dillard ps but didn’t try them on. Think I will have to make a return trip.

  24. I suspect the abundance of plaid in high fashion circles these days may be a tribute to the now late Vivienne Westwood.

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