My kind of birthday brunch in San Antonio

birthday brunch

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today I am taking you with me for my kind of birthday brunch in San Antonio.

Knowing I was out of town for my birthday, my new daughter-in-law and her mother honored me with a birthday brunch before leaving.

Way before entering my seventies, I have been old school with my tastes…loving vintage, French Country, antiques…and where I prefer to eat.

There are fabulous modern restaurants in San Antonio, but my kind of birthday brunch would not be at one of those.

They selected the perfect location for me….so come along and join us for my kind of birthday brunch in San Antonio.


birthday brunch

Restaurant Claudine is perfect for my kind of birthday brunch.

Located near the popular Historic Pearl, this lovely restaurant has renovated an historic old home for it’s location.

Making it perfect for a ladies gathering!

birthday brunch

birthday brunch

birthday brunch

The decor is charming and warm.

I know wallpaper is having a moment with its return to popularity, and this eatery made me want to go home and wallpaper something.

The selections were so pretty.


birthday brunch

A birthday brunch in San Antonio can go many different ways, but this French/Southern fusion cuisine is delectable.  They had me at Grandma’s Cornbread!

In the picture, you are looking at my DIL’s quiche.

I highly recommend it.

birthday brunch

And the staff surprised me with this rich, fabulous banana pudding in a tea cup!

It was so good and easily split between three of us.  I have not had banana pudding in years…and this one was incredible.

Such an amazing way to kick off birthday week.

birthday brunch

On Saturdays & Sundays between 2-5, the restaurant pulls out the white tablecloths and china teacups and serves a special afternoon tea.

The menu includes several specialities, such as assorted macarons, biscuits with brie & strawberry jam, and various tea sandwiches (among other selections.)

And there are seven different specialty teas to select from.  I definitely want my granddaughters to experience a beautifully done afternoon tea.

And I really want to come back for dinner…the menu looks so good.  One more….when the weather cools off,  Mr. B needs to go with me for the gumbo!

Can you tell that one birthday brunch has made a fan out of me.


birthday brunch

One birthday brunch also made memories with new family and it was very special.

I am so blessed to have these women in my life and family now.   Thank you to them both for a memorable day.

I am wearing the Banana Republic Cruz Linen Maxi Dress that I have showed you before.

It is a great dress and all of the colors offered are lovely….a dress like this is a keeper for a birthday brunch.

We walked a couple of blocks to the location, and even in this heat, I was comfortable and not too hot.

I am certain these dresses are on sale right now.  Remember on Banana Republic, the percentages taken off are taken in the shopping bag and not on the web page.

They do it several ways…but I am certain the price is less than appears on the page.

Every time I show this handbag, someone asks about it…just a reminder that I found this treasure in a consignment shop years ago…so I cannot link to it…so sorry.

Thank you for coming along on my birthday brunch today.  I hope you enjoyed it and for those planning a trip to San Antonio, this would be a recommendation for sure…it really is my kind of birthday brunch!

Now, tomorrow, I will officially tell you what it is like for me to be 70!  Hope you will join me then….


By Pamela Lutrell


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birthday brunch


  1. What a beautiful, delightful restaurant and such a lovely thing for your new daughter-in-law and her mother to do for you! You are blessed indeed to have such thoughtful additions to your family. We are not all as fortunate when it comes to in-laws. If I lived in a larger town where brunch or afternoon tea were available, I’d certainly try to take advantage of both. I’m thinking now how much my granddaughters would have enjoyed going to afternoon tea when they were young.

  2. This birthday brunch treat must have been just wonderful! Thank you for sharing Pam! Yes your daughter in laws quiche looked yummy. And banana pudding! Even better! I love your linen dress in the lighter color- better in the heat I’d imagine. I also see the pretty silk scarf tied discretely to your handbag! Lovely all around! Happy Birthday Eve Pam!

  3. Lovely all around, and so special that the ‘new additions’ to your extensive family are so thoughtful. Have a great birthday. Being 70 is a pleasure.

  4. Absolutely lovely, Pam. You should be pampered on your birthday, and these ladies know how to do it!

  5. I love that you said “birthday week.” I firmly believe in birthday weeks — LOL — and this is a big birthday for you … although you’d never know it by looking at you. You look sensational. I am jealous of tall women who can pull off a dress like the one you’re wearing. But your DIL and her mom look great in their longer dresses.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Pam!
    Love the dress and, when I went onto the web site, I couldn’t find it on sale. I really can’t spend the full price but the dress is perfectly, perfect. You are fortunate to have wonderful in-laws.
    Thinking of English teas, I have probably 24 sets of English tea cups/ that are beautiful; unfortunately, no one wants them. I called a tea shop who offered me $5/each but I couldn’t part with them at that price. So they sit wrapped in my basement awaiting a time when they will be used again.
    Great blog….so informative/timely.

  7. Hi Pam,
    Wowie, how wonderful. I think your new daughter-in-law and her mother are absolutely wonderful. You all look dolled up to celebrate your approaching birthday. and love Claudine’s Restaurant. Yes, you are blessed to have one another.
    Wishing you a lovely day.

  8. What a delightful way to celebrate your birthday with your new family. And the restaurant looks like a fun place to go. I love going to have tea but we no long have a tea room. I took my granddaughters to the tea room when they were younger and they just loved it. May your birthday week be joyous.

  9. What a lovely way to celebrate with the newest family members. I imagine maybe today is your travel day, so I hope all goes as planned. Have ever so much fun, and the very happiest birthday and trip of a lifetime! Much JOY! 🥳🎂💕

  10. What a lovely place for brunch & tea & anything else! I love the beautiful plates that were displayed. It’s wonderful to have pretty touches added to your meal. Such a sweet gesture from your new family members.

  11. Enjoy your birthday journey, 70 is just another year on the calendar. You are still your lovely joyful self. Can’t wait to see pictures of your trip.

  12. It was such a treat to get to spend time together celebrating you ahead of your exciting trip! Happy early birthday, Pamela! Here’s to many more fun celebrations ahead 💕

  13. I do love that outfit, Pam! Your birthday on the 21st is also my youngest son’s and the 22nd is mine! Have a wonderful day 🎈

  14. What a thoughtful gesture on the part of your DIL and her mama! I’m adding this restaurant to my growing San Antonio bucket list. What a beautiful setting, and the food looks even better. Banana pudding is the only dessert I’ll splurge on, and I’ve never seen one in a cup. I’m stealing that idea for the next time I make it! I think tomorrow (Friday 7/21) is your actual birthday, and I want to send you early birthday wishes. I hope you are well-celebrated while on your long-awaited cruise, and I wish you the joy of many unexpected blessings in the coming year!

  15. Happy Birthday, Pam! What a lovely birthday treat your new “daughter” and her mom gave you.
    Turning 70 is a gift.

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