Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with a Nordstrom Stylist

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Fashion Friday!  Allow me to show you how I shopped the biggest July sale….Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with a Nordstrom Stylist!

During my wedding journey this year, my Nordstrom stylist made a huge contribution to my mother-of-the-groom outfits.

So, for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I called ahead to work with another stylist…since my wedding one moved to New York.

Meet Sydney!  We spent the day together yesterday and I am going to show you all that we found and how working with her expanded my picks for the sale.

So, come along and shop with Sydney and me…there are so many great looks to see!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I prepared Sydney for the fact that I…and you…are big fans of Eileen Fisher…so we headed to the EF sale racks first.

The beautiful new green color, Woodland, is right in my wheelhouse….and this jacket is perhaps my top favorite from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I am also wearing it in the photo with Sydney.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This is the Eileen Fisher Notched Lapel Ponte Blazer in Woodland.  And it is a comfortable, beautiful jacket that will take your casual up a notch…another notch!

I like the pockets.

And I am wearing it with the Eileen Fisher Slim Knit Ankle Pant in Woodland.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Another lovely fall garment is this cozy tunic.

This is the Eileen Fisher Long Sleeve Tunic in Woodland.

I hope you are beginning to mark some favorites for when it is your turn to shop.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is featuring some of the best of Eileen Fisher in my opinion, and my stylist helped pull a few great looks.

These pants are fun…and have a slit up each side at the bottom.

These are the Eileen Fisher Ribbed Side Slit Wide Leg Pant…but the leg is not that wide.

And I am wearing them with the Eileen Fisher Mock Neck Boxy Tee in a color called Blue Moon…a lovely color.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The tee goes perfectly with this Eileen Fisher V Neck Merino Wool Cardigan…super soft also In the Blue moon color.

And for those who would like the tee in a V neck, check out the Eileen Fisher V-Neck Long Boxy Tee in the color Nocturn which is similar….and currently in the clearance sale.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I am highly jealous of those who need a raincoat.  Of course, there are lots of outerwear options in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

This is the Eileen Fisher Raglan Sleeve Organic Cotton and Nylon Jacket in Blue Moon.  A really nice light rain jacket.

This ends the Eileen Fisher portion of our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Program.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

One of the reasons I wanted to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with a Nordstrom stylist is because they know the store inventory best.

The stylists always encourage me to step out of my comfort zone a little and try on some different styles.

Sydney walked me to the Halogen and State racks first.

For those who love black and white, and want to make a statement with what they wear…then go Halogen.

This jacket is a beauty.

It is the Halogen Colorblock Open Front Blazer….a power jacket for sure.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This jacket is also beautiful and I love pieces like this with denim.

This is the Halogen Mixed Media Faux Leather Jacket.

I am not sure who out there I am trying these on for…but it is fun!

The pants are the Halogen Windowpane Plaid Wide Leg Trousers.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I like this Halogen blouse and it would be a great addition to a fall wardrobe…if it meets your style adjectives. 

This is the very pretty Halogen Pleated Pintuck Plaid Wrap Front Blouse.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

My Nordstrom stylist, Sydney, introduced me to a new brand, for me, called Rails.

I wish you could really see how beautiful this blouse is.  It would look lovely with straight leg pants for hostessing Thanksgiving dinner…or any other occasion.

This is the Rails Andrea Textured Satin Blouse in a lovely color called Nutmeg. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This blazer by Rails is for those of you who have cold weather.

This is the Rails Cody Houndstooth Check Double Breasted Blazer.

You can see online that it looks great with denim also.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Here is another blazer that I liked.

This is the Halogen Check One-Button Blazer.


I was first introduced to State by my wedding stylist and I have one top I really like.

This one is lovely, however a little short.  But if you do not mind short, then check it out.  For those who tuck their tops in, this would work.

This is the STATE Ruffle Tie Neck Top.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

And it looks great with this coat.

This is the STATE PLAID TOP COAT...super cute.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Finally for those of you who live in colder climates, I love the feel of this cardigan.

This is the Vince Oversize Wool & Cashmere Cardigan in White Sand…comes in three colors.

It feels great.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

And this one feels great as well…I could have sized down if it has been available.

This is the Vince Wool & Alpaca Blend jacket in a color called Brittle….also comes in black.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great place to pick up a new winter coat.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I really think for me it was best to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with a Nordstrom Stylist.

Sydney was great…she brought me this box of healthy snacks and a beverage.

She blocked off two dressing rooms so I had all the room I needed…and she helped with pictures.

The best part was pointing me to brands I had not considered so that I could discover new styles.

If you are in San Antonio, Sydney works at The Nordstrom in The Shops at La Cantera Outdoor Mall.

She would love to help you too.

Now, if you have any questions for me on these Nordstrom Anniversary Sale pieces, then just let me know….I am here to help YOU.

One note:  For those who have trouble looking at funky feet.  My foot surgery will be before the end of the year, however, left foot has worsened and doesn’t even go into my closed toe shoes.

For comfort and walking, I simply must wear the flip flops until then.  A reader on Facebook took issue with me showing my feet, but there honestly is nothing else I can do at this time…unless I cut them off in the pictures.

Thanks so much for understanding…I do not want to purchase any shoes until I see my feet after surgery! 

Remember tomorrow is Style Tips Saturday!

Love you guys…now make sure ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


  1. I think the Eileen Fisher Notch Collar Blazer and the slim ankle pants outfit, (the first outfit in the post), is the loveliest outfit I’ve seen you wear! The color, fit, and style are perfect for you! I can’t believe someone complained about you showing your feet. I just don’t understand making a comment about them. Good luck with your surgery!

  2. Thanks Carolyn…I understand that it looks unprofessional, but it is what it is right now! I love that EF outfit and the new green color!

  3. What a fun try-on, Pam! You look so “smart” in the first jacket (and so cute with the stylist)! I really like the EF Blue Moon color, so rich. It makes me want to go to my local Nordstrom–but I don’t know if I really need anything, boo!

  4. I agree that the first photo with the Eileen Fisher Woodland blazer and pants looks dynamite. Fantastic.

  5. It looks like it would be great to work with a stylist. I would like to try it but I think I would feel obligated to buy some things even if they were too expensive and weren’t exactly right. Maybe the best way to try the service would be to shop for a specific event — like you did with the wedding; it would be more understandable if nothing was just right.

  6. For goodness sake! Someone mentioned your feet? I certainly hope their body is perfection! Wow! I have feet problems as well and have surgery on my left. Kindness and grace. May I ask what you’ll do in Alaska for footwear Pam? I’m always looking for good, comfortable footwear.

    The Eileen Fisher, the first picture, is absolutely beautiful on you!! I hope it came home with you.

  7. I hope you bought the first outfit. It looked great on you. Both the color and fit were perfect.

  8. Looks like you had some fun trying on new looks. The EF jacket in the first outfit is definitely the winner. You look wonderful in it and I know it will be a wardrobe staple for years. Shame on the person who commented about your feet! I don’t understand why people say such things. I don’t live anywhere near a Nordstrom but I looked online and found a couple things that might work for me. Thanks for sharing these looks.

  9. Hi Arlene, I did bring home the EF jacket in the top picture (and am considering seriously the matching pant) and I brought home the beautiful nutmeg blouse…it will be a special blouse for me when the weather is cooler. Lots of great pieces to consider.

  10. I am enjoying updating my wardrobe with pieces that fit me better. I will continue to see the old clothing that is now really big on me.

  11. I have worked with two stylist now and told them both no. They are very understanding and one even asked my price range on garments. I highly recommend the service for a special occasion and these ladies have been so much fun and make the shopping experience more fun.

  12. Best Nordstroms sale post, brilliant to include one of their stylist! I should not be surprised but I found it disturbing someone thought it was their place to school you on your feet. Please don’t cave to this behavior. The fact that you put yourself out there for us is why we are drawn to you and your content.

  13. Half of it came home with me…the jacket…but I may add the pants! The shoes that fit me best right now are my New Balance sneakers with a large toe box. That is mostly what I will wear in Alaska…none of my other shoes are fitting comfortably as the foot worsens and I do not want to purchase anything right now for that foots. So Alaska will be sneaker style…and at night on the ship, it has to be sandals.

  14. Thanks Kathie…please consider clicking through to Nordstrom with my links…every little bit helps!

  15. Well, when I no longer could wear a closed shoe due to my ankle (walking trails in clogs … seriously, I did), I -finally- scheduled surgery, and I should have done it way sooner! You will feel great afterwards. And you are completely right about not buying shoes. I had many pairs of great Clark’s flip flops before surgery that I couldn’t wear once they moved one of my two big toe tendons to augment my nearly destroyed Achilles. There is nothing, by the way, “unprofessional” about wearing comfortable footwear. I know you by necessity have a thick skin as an influencer, but still. On our Panama Canal cruise, the female half of the couple we traveled with had to wear sneakers even on formal nights. She still looked fine, and in today’s fashion world, even a little “street.” I loved the mixed media jacket, if it were available in navy or tan. It fits my interesting adjective, as well as my others. Question: is the nocturn EF color a warmer blue or more cool? It was hard to tell on the monitor.

  16. You are gorgeous in these Nordstrom outfits. I had two Nordstrom sales ladies help me build a suitable and versatile work wardrobe when I was beginning my professional life, and they gained a customer for life. Such quality service! The cream colored luxury cardigan is quite beautiful, and you look gorgeous in all the E.F. especially. Shame about the uninformed commenter. Perhaps she will skate through her later years pain free and without impediments, but I rather doubt it.

  17. That nocturn is slightly cooler. I know colors are a challenge on the monitors. Thanks for the “foot” support.

  18. It is amazing the people who comment before they think…that is fine. But since she said something, I felt like I should address with the blog audience just in case someone is grossed out by my feet! If I lived north, that cream cardigan would be in my closet. Thanks Connie.

  19. I read your blog to see what fashions you are highlighting, not what shape your feet are in. We all have some “abnormalities” with our bodies … that’s life. I’m sure your feet must be very uncomfortable and I hope your surgery is amazingly successful. In the meantime, carry on — we enjoy the fashions you show us.

  20. Thanks Ann…that is sweet…I want to show a strong, confident, joyful woman…no matter what challenges I deal with! Or I would keep my feet at home…

  21. I love that Woodland outfit on you! The nutmeg colored top with the nutmeg top coat is a very stylish winter outfit for you as well. I could wear the Blue moon top, jacket or raincoat. I’m sure you are looking forward to having you foot surgery over with. I suggest that you bring a pair of black tights and black sandals for dressing for dinner on your cruise. It will keep your feet warm and look great with a long black skirt and that ruffled nutmeg blouse. Otherwise, wear warm socks and sneakers on cold days and be comfortable. I went through a whole winter in Colorado after a foot injury wearing sandals and wool socks!

  22. I also love that blue moon color…hope to see more options in it as we go forward toward fall. Thanks for the advice from cold weather country, Sydney.

  23. I have not shopped at Nordstrom in person since they closed my local Fort Worth store during COVID. Thank you so much for taking us along with you – I’ve missed them! It always felt like something special to shop there, which probably accounts for the amount of money I used to spend. Our store had a grand piano on the first floor near the escalator and it was so relaxing to shop when there was a someone playing. I will have to stop by your store the next time I’m in San Antonio. As other readers have already commented, you really nailed it with the Eileen fisher outfit. I do hope you’ll get the pants because you know how quickly those pieces sell out and you’ll always wish you had them. You also absolutely glow in that beautiful brown satin blouse, and it’s perfect for Thanksgiving weather in our part of the world. As a survivor of five foot surgeries I wanted to encourage you to ignore anyone rude enough to suggest that your footwear is inappropriate. Bless her heart, she’s obviously never had foot trouble OR been to San Antonio in the summer – lol. You are one of the most beautiful, joy-filled women in my world , and I appreciate you sharing your life and heart with us so openly, in spite of the occasional nay-sayers. I know your birthday is coming up soon, and I hope you enjoy a wonderful celebration as you enter a new decade! I am just a few years behind you, and you are my role model for growing older joyfully and gracefully!

  24. What a wonderful experience you had! Like you I’m enjoying some shorter top pieces as I’m finally realizing they fit me better and elongate my legs ( only 5 ft 3). The green EF jacket and pant are gorgeous on you! I also fell in love with the satin blouse you wore and the sand cashmere cardigan too! You deserve such a pleasant and rewarding day.

  25. Awww…thank you so much. Actually, she replied with a list of foot issues and surgeries she has had, but also counseled I look for shoes with large toe boxes. I have been doing that for years, and now have reached a point where my foot doesn’t fit many of those large toe boxes. I just do not want to purchase bigger shoes. I want to wait and see how things are after the surgery. I feel like this is an example of thinking before commenting. I have made comments before that I wish I could take back…it happens…but empathy for others forces us to put ourselves in another’s shoes…or feet…before we speak.

  26. Nordstrom had so many lovely pieces…it was fun. Again, if I lived in a cooler climate, I might have been tempted to purchase a couple of those pieces.

  27. My vote goes to the Eileen Fisher outfits. All of them! The coloring and subdued patters will go with so many other items and you won’t get tired of them. The cut suits you well. It’s slightly fitted and not boxy or oversized. Your slim figure and hard work are showing! It was a great day “shopping “ with you. Best of luck with the foot surgery.

  28. Sydney really found your colors and styles that show off your shape. This is my favorite of all the Nordstrom sale blogs. It seems that having a stylist can lead to better choices. Well done, Sydney

  29. Good heavens! What rudeness! I’m sorry, Pam, that someone would make comments about your feet! I just don’t understand just because everyone is no one really on line gives them the license to be insensitive, not caring about the other person etc! I shake my head and send you kind thoughts and love.
    I wish you well with foot surgery which I know can be a long healing period & thank you for your hard work presenting fashions that work for women of all ages.

  30. No…I can’t wear sandals right now that cut across the feet and are not flip flop style. I really do not want to spend money on shoes prior to surgery. I will make it work.
    Thanks for the idea.

  31. Thanks Lois…I only mentioned it in case someone else had the same thoughts!

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