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Happy Saturday!  My favorite month is marching right along…welcome to Style Tips Saturday on two blogs.

Jennifer and I ask you to look over the style tips challenges we have for you and encourage readers to put on their fashion stylist hat.

How would you style what you see?  Of course, we are finding the style tip challenges as we are out and about and find displays that make us wonder what you think.

The audience loves to read these comments and we all learn from one another.

So, let’s get comfy and look over both blogs to give your best Style Tips advice.

Today, I ask, how would you style yellow chino pants?


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Most of us know that chino pants and shorts are a staple at Talbots from season -to -season and very popular.

They do present some styling challenges and I particularly want to know how you would style these yellow chinos.

The display has presented a blank palette for you to paint on.

These are the RELAXED CHINOS in a color called Daisy and they are currently on sale.

Perhaps those of you who wear chinos in other colors could also share how you like to style them.

Of course, there are other brands that sell chino pants…here are a few for you to gain ideas from….


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My favorite style tips for wearing tweed jackets like this one I picked up at Talbots this week is to wear it with my denim pull on jeggings.

This jacket was sold out, but other readers liked and ordered the TIPPED TWEED BLAZER...I would wear that one with black jeggings.

style tips

This Chico’s cardigan was another big seller…and I would love to hear style tips for how some of you will style it.

This is the Summer Romance Abstract Cardigan.

It looks nice online styled with a column of white underneath and really is a flattering piece.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you did not see yesterday’s post, I worked with a stylist at Nordstrom to put together picks for you from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

See it all here:  Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with a Nordstrom Stylist….and me!

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This is my thought for the day for the Style Tip audience…tea and books…always a good idea!

Now, share your style tips for the yellow chino pants, then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think.

I will be here tomorrow with Sunday Mornings at Home…until then allow my grandson to inspire you to read this summer…and



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  1. I have yellow chinos and I love them! I wear with navy tees, sweater, blazer, classic white shirt, stripes. I wear with ballet flats, sneakers. Could wear with black, white jackets od tees. One of the most versatile pants in my closet!

  2. I really like the idea of white toppers worn with daisy yellow chinos as shown but to add interest maybe a paler aqua top or even dark indigo blue too? Complementing necklace and bracelets too- staying with these colors.
    It almost seems that yellow could be treated as a neutral, an idea that hadn’t occurred to me before today.

  3. Perhaps it could be, Paulette. Thanks for mentioning that…neutrals are suppose to go with anything…curious to see what others think.

  4. I would turn the yellow chinos into Bermuda shorts and add a white sleeveless eyelet blouse, low espadrille sandals and a crossbody.

  5. Yellow pants. And from my VERY favorite store! But I have an unfortunate issue—When I see yellow pants, the first thought that pops into my mind is an episode of “The Middle” a few years ago where Frankie (the mom played by Patricia Heaton) received yellow pants for Mother’s Day. It was a horrid gift in her opinion. The worst ever. Unthinkable! And the cast played into this theme for the entire episode. I cannot get past these hilarious thoughts and how they made such fun of yellow pants! I seem to be in the minority as to the dislike of yellow pants so far in your comments as I’m typing this, and other ladies have already given GREAT styling tips and ideas and obviously enjoy wearing yellow pants! And so they should!!! FOR ME, though, since the pants do come in other colors, I’d opt for the fuchsia or white or navy or any other color they offer. I love the style of the pants, and they’re easy to accessorize. I like hip-length tops these days and an easy pair of flats, sandals or street sneakers with such a pair of pants. Add simple accessories like a bangle bracelet and a smaller metallic hoop earring, and you’re good to go!

  6. I own yellow chinos and wear them with a pretty blue sweater with bees on it. I also wear them with a print shirt with lemons on it and would probably wear them with a navy blue top. They would look good with a navy, black or white jacket. Talbots chinos are comfortable and very versatile. They are a staple in my spring, summer and fall wardrobe. I role the hem in the summer because they are cooler that way in the heat. In the fall and cooler weather I don’t roll the cuffs and wear them as regular pants. The pants wash well and can be worn right out of the dryer but really look better if they are lightly ironed.

  7. I would treat these as if they were neon. As in, everything else in the outfit would be one neutral. I would prefer white to carry the effortless summer vibe, but I think they would also look great with tan, navy or black. One neutral would both ground them and make them stand out as the fun statement piece they are. I did try a pair of these on in navy and even bought them, but took them back. I found them hard to style with my more boxy or oversized tops, and they didn’t feel versatile. I think they look best with something fitted on top. With these, I might try a fitted white tank and a shrunken white denim jacket. Gold jewelry.

  8. You gave me my first laugh of the day, Pam! I did not see this show, but can only imagine how it might affect the thinking of some. I remember episodes of WHAT NOT TO WEAR where women would not wear certain prints because it reminded them of their grandmother’s couch. I suppose these things to play apart in how we see certain fabrics and colors. LOL

  9. Cute chinos. I’d be tempted if my closet wasn’t full of summer crops. When white is off the table as it is for all autumns yellow pants can be tricky. I have yellow Bermuda shorts the exact color. I wear them with a couple tees in prints that feature yellow along with other colors. I’ve also found solid colors that look good: sage green, deep olive, rust, the new burnish clay color that Chico’s just rolled out, darker camel and muted brownish-red. Will read through all the comments for other suggestions as I bought a pair of rather bright yellow jeans on sale and look forward to wearing them when the weather cools off.

  10. Thanks for sharing, Kathie…I know for many the color can present a challenge…and it is those challenges that we are here for on Saturdays!

  11. Chinos are popular here in the north as we often have cooler nights, or at least we used to. I’d unroll the cuffs, being petite, as I don’t think they are flattering on short legs. I would do a yellow core with a navy anorak, a yellow and print navy scarf, navy sneakers and lots of mosquito repellent for a night by the bonfire. Love the picture of your grandson reading. My granddaughter was at a Girls Rock camp this week that had reading as the theme. On Fridays they do a presentation where each age group does a song, a dance and a skit, they all had a reading theme adapted from well know sources. It was such fun.

  12. These look so bright and cheery. I’d probably my add a white tee, some silver bangles and big hoop earrings.
    Happy Saturday!

  13. I love reading as a theme for camp…so much fun. Thanks for sharing an idea for petites, Linda

  14. AND Happy Saturday to you too, Jennifer. Saturdays are always fun around here!

  15. This yellow is such a pretty summer color. I would pair the chinos with a navy or white linen popover along with a straw bag and skin toned sandals.

  16. These pants are fun, though I prefer a very pale butter shade in my yellows. I remember putting a pair of pale yellow jeans on lay-away, along with other items, as I babysat my way through the summer to fully pay for what became my freshman year high school wardrobe. I LOVED those pants, and recall wearing them with a narrow black and white striped tee. Now, I would definitely stick to a white blouse and summer weight cardigan, and go with matching shoes and handbag – in natural, or navy, or maybe pink. I would wear these on Tuesdays, as that’s when I take my mother to her standing hair appointment and then lunch. We both enjoy dressing as cheerfully as possible for our outings. 😁

  17. Yellow is a color I seldom wear, especially near my face. It’s not good to look jaundiced! However, with yellow pants on a bold shade like this, I’d color block the other pieces, such as a royal blue shirt and white light cardigan. A multi color necklace or scarf would pull it all together. Other combos might be a white tee and bright orange or red topper. Almost any solid color of the same intensity would work if white is one component. Neutral shoes or white tennies if white is part of the color trio.

  18. I am petite and am not fond of crops, so I would wear these unrolled. I think the white top is okay with the pants but would style with a fitted, dark top: black, navy, or a deep green. Chocolate brown would also be nice for those who can wear this color. A fitted white top I have a long-sleeved Talbots light-weight sweater from several years back that would complement the yellow, so my styling would be to shop your closet for a top and then dress up or down based on your preference. I think this color can be surprisingly versatile. Happy birthday.

  19. Due to the relaxed cut and natural fabric I would wear as a casual and either pair them with cotton (or blended) knit tops and preferably long sleeved : a) an oversized crew or v-neck sweatshirt or woven ribbed sweater b) a cropped ‘n box cut, wide boat neck and wear it off one shoulder or that which has shoulder cut outs. Footwear in both cases and in order would be ‘comfort wear’ flats. i.e.: Canvas sneakers/deck shoes. Basically a leather strappy open sandal or slider, plain – embossed – or otherwise. Choice of bag style would be dictated by such and be soft-sided. Jewelry would consist only of pierced earring, rings (multiple) and expansion bracelet all in gold/silver mixing of metals. As to colors chosen in contrast to the soft yellow, in a top I personally would go with something more intense (navy or indigo blue rather than a pale blue) that suited my skin tone and limit the overall garment palette to three. -Brenda-

  20. I love Talbot’s chino pants. While yellow is not a color I gravitate to, these are cool. White, black, and navy are obvious choices. Some bright colors can make me feel like I am trying to hard or it feels like a costume. Bright yellow is like that, but if I wear it intentionally I can make it work. When a color looks too tween or young or leans to costume-y, I use black or navy to ground it and find it makes the pants work.

  21. I picture you Pamela in these yellow crops with a colorful print from Chicos with greens, oranges and yellows , maybe Palm fronds in the print with gold hoops and bracelets with white sandals or slip ons. You are my mental model for these colors for fall that I can’t wear a past a cool summer. Have a great reading and tea weekend!

  22. Nope, I have a sewing machine DIY! I have done this with clearance jeans and capris.

  23. It’s funny, Jane…but I often wear a scarf when I have yellow on…I guess to pull in other colors.

  24. So sweet, Sydney…the yellow I wear is more of a saffron/golden yellow. I do not often wear this light one…but I am always happy to be your model.

  25. Yellow chinos are totally me & I do have a pair from Talbots. I’ve styled them with a great white shirt that has lemons & green leaves — a real preppy look but also with navy, black & a more dressy casual, light yellow tee, navy blazer with one of Talbots artist designed scarves that supported Breast Cancer Month. My mother died of breast cancer at 55. I only wear Tom’s so I would choose a coordinating show and straw bag

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