Travel-ready fashions at LOFT

travel-ready fashions

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today, I am showing you how I discovered travel-ready fashions at LOFT.

I actually stopped into LOFT the other day just to look at their displays for a possible Saturday post.

Then my eye caught on something that drew me into the dressing room.

So, come along and see what it is…also in this post I share with you a couple of other purchases for my cruise to come.

Let’s get started with the travel-ready fashions at LOFT….


travel-ready fashions at LLOFT

I was pleased to find that LOFT did have some travel-ready fashions.

It was these beautiful green pants that took me to the dressing room at LOFT.

This color at LOFT is called Mystic Forest and I would categorize many of the options as travel-ready fashions….especially the fashions in Lou & Grey.

I have written before of the soft comfy feel of the Lou & Grey selections.  I think it is the best of what LOFT has to offer and definitely travel-ready.

These are the Lou & Grey Wanderweave Joggers.  

I will show you below the other tops I tried with the pants, but I ultimately chose this Striped Harbor Tank Top,

I can wear it in many ways and I like the fit.  This tank is very sturdy and not thin at all. It could easily be worn in cooler weather.

This outfit is what I am going to wear to fly to Seattle and spend the day in Seattle before boarding the cruise.  I believe it speaks my adjectives!

The topper is an older linen blouse from Chico’s, and my shoes are the Easy Spirit Traveltime Classic Clogs….in Woodash White Suede.

I have worn them for two other trips and they are great…easy on easy off at airport security and comfortable for walking.

They also have several designs and many colors of this shoe…Easy Spirit Traveltime Clogs.…on sale at a great price!


Travel-ready fashions at LOFT

This top was styled with the pants at the location where I usually shop.

This is the Lou & Grey Topstitched Jersey Tee with the stitching to match the green pants.

While the fabric is soft, it is very thin and I did not care for how the tie on the pants showed through.

It also was more casual than I wanted to go for a travel-ready look.

Travel-ready fashions at LOFT

This travel-ready top at LOFT is cute, but I did not like the fit on me…and it still was a bit thin.

If I were smaller in the hips, I might like it better. 

This is the Lou & Gray Striped Pointelle Drawstring Sweater.

Now, because I love this color so much…here is a slideshow of other garments in this Mystic Forest:



Ulta is always a great place to stop by for travel-ready needs like bottles for your favorite hair products.

I did purchase SILICONE BOTTLES FOR TRAVEL-READY PRODUCTS.  Exactly what I needed.


Well, of course, I am taking new books to read on vacation.

After listening to recommendations (thanks Deborah) I decided on these two:

The Clothes on their Backs by Linda Grant

First Ladies by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christoper Murray.

What are you reading lately?  Would love to know….

The trip is still days away, but I am finally getting excited about my travel-ready wardrobe.  It will be fun to wear this one on day one.

Thanks for joining me today for Travel-ready fashions at LOFT…any questions…just let me know….



These are getting me through the summer…so glad I bought them…and what a great price at JCP

travel-ready at LOFT

By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. I envy you your trip – one of these days, I hope to be able to do the same. A number of years ago now, my son (lived in Seattle), husband, and I sat by the river in Ballard in the evening and watched the cruise ships to Alaska head out. It was lovely to watch. I clicked on two of your links for tops and am seriously thinking of getting at least one, which comes in Petite in a creamy-looking white.

  2. I do like many of their styles and hope you will love the top you selected, Maeve. My husband and I have listened to so many friends who loved an Alaskan cruise, when this one came up on my birthday, we decided it was time.

  3. Hi Pam, Thst green is truly a great color and sensible plane travel pieces! I’ve been to Seattle several times and despite their reputation as being rainy, we had mainly clear skies and sunshine.
    Cruising to Alaska is a dream trip! I can’t wait to hear of your experiences!

  4. My daughter and her family live in the Seattle area and says no one local carries an umbrella, just a rain jacket! The showers are brief if at all in the Summer. If you have time, stop by Pike Market or take the ferry to Bainbridge Island! Your travel attire is perfect and suits you.

  5. Thanks, Mary. My husband loves Pike Market, so we are going there first. I have my Lands End rain jacket…I am ready to go!

  6. I really love the Lou & Grey outfit featured. I wish it came in plus sizes. I do have “The First Ladies” on my to be read list to request from my local library. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. Have a great trip.

  7. Cruised to Alaska in 2005 – loved it. It did not rain when I was in Seattle and was actually rather warm for late June in that area. It did drizzle a lot in Alaska. My daughter n law just got back from a land trip to AK. It is still beautiful!

  8. I love the travel outfit. I never seem to have luck at Loft, as it seems quality and sizing are very uneven. We leave Saturday for our own Alaskan cruise, and my travel outfit is Costco Jockey yoga pants in navy; a navy striped spf top, chosen because it is thin and can be layered later; and a denim jacket. I hope the jacket can be worn as a topper (especially over my Chicos simple black Travelers dress), as a layer if needed over a hoodie, and as a … um … jacket :). We are just taking carryons, and with a second pair of sneakers and my raincoat, space is at a premium. All my clothes will be able to be layered and dressed up at least somewhat for dinner. My line, Holland America, does still look pretty dressed up in the evening.

  9. Love the joggers on you and I want them too! I didn’t see if you talked about fit; description on the Loft site says slim fit. are they true to size for you? Thanks!

  10. Morning Pam. I love the Loft. Thank you for the suggestions! My brother lives in Alaska and we have been many times. My daughter and her fiancé just got back and while it did rain, they were able to do everything they planned. Dress for warmth and in layers. Their summer thus far has been very rainy and cool. Where will you be stopping? Alaska is incredibly beautiful! You will be in awe!

  11. I am so excited, Kelly…we go up to Juneau, and then back by British Columbia. It is a special cruise with some contemporary Christian singers we enjoy!

  12. Pam, that green outfit looks great on you and will be perfect for the plane. I would love to see what other outfits you are planning to take. Packing for a trip is always a difficult task. What will the weather be like? How many pairs of shoes can I squeeze in my suitcase? I’m hoping you’re taking some warm clothes and layers because Alaska can be cool and breezy. The rain jacket is a waist move. I might sneak in some lightweight gloves and a warm hat as well. I’ve been to many National Parks in the lower 48 in the summer and it can be cold in the early morning!

  13. I love that forest green color! Speaking of which, I do hope as you fly over my beautiful Oregon that you have a chance to glance out the window and see what a forest of green our state is. 😁🎄 Although, now that I think of it, maybe your flight path will be swinging over the eastern part as you’re coming from Texas. As to the books, I love and also recommend Marie Benedict: “Lady Clementine,” “Only Woman in the Room,” and “Carnegie’s Maid” were all very good. By Alan Brennert, “Daughter of Moloka’i” is fascinating. Two of my all-time favorites: “Astoria” by Peter Stark, gives tremendous history on the earliest attempts at settling the great northwest; “The Oregon Trail” by Rinker Buck, is not a dry historical accounting of the trail, but a contemporary journey he took with his brother, and it is both informative and hilarious.
    I lived my high-school years in Seattle and have spent a lot of time up there over the years. The Pike market is tremendous, and a trip up to the top of the Space Needle will give you a wonderful view of the Emerald City. There is water and greenery EVERYwhere!

  14. The green joggers outfit looks great and perfect for traveling. We went on an Alaskan cruise a few years back. The temperature was all over the place. Some days I needed a parka and other days tee shirts and shorts. Layers are the way to go.
    The JCP shorts are such a great buy. We are about the same size. What did you buy?

    Finally. A book for a fashionista! The Gown by Jennifer Robson. It’s a story of those unsung artists who craft couturier clothing. It would be a good airplane read.

  15. To me, dark green works as a neutral and will be easy to style. I’m sure you have many casual chic things that are going to work with your joggers! My family lives in Seattle and I’ve visited many times… trips on the state ferries to the San Juan Islands, Vancouver trips… just a gorgeous area with the mountains and ocean so close by. Many, many happy memories….

  16. I love my Sara shorts! I bought 7 pairs! Be aware that the denim runs smaller in the waist than the sateen. I bought my denim in 12 regular and sateen in 12P. I also bought jeans and capris in the Sara back in March. JCP has great sales. I love the Forest green and believe I could wear it as a neutral base even though I am a Summer. Enjoy your travel shopping!

  17. This is the most difficult packing challenge I have ever faced. I will share the outfits and how I did when I return. We will see.

  18. Since the sun is frying our green to brown and crispy…I am looking forward to the green part of this trip! I will wave if we fly over Oregon, Connie.

  19. Hi Jane…sorry to be slow to answer today. The shorts on me are a size 16.

  20. Thanks so much Karen…we will only be in Seattle one day, but will do a little visiting while there.

  21. I had never shopped at a Loft store until you introduced it to us here. Since then I’ve bought several items I’ve enjoyed wearing and always look when I get a notice of a sale. Most of their items , except Lou and Grey, also come in petite sizes which I need. Your items bought for your trip will serve you well. When is your actual depart date…if you don’t mind me being nosy?

  22. You look lovely in the first outfit and it will be perfect for your travel. I was excited when I looked up the books you are planning to read. I just recently listened to a podcast from History Chicks on Mary McLeod Bethune. It was wonderful! I even just prepared a bulletin board based on one of her quotes up at her school.

  23. The outfits from the Loft looked great on you, I’ve always loved the Lou and Gray line, so comfortable.

  24. Hi Pam — I live in Seattle, and my family and I went to Alaska years ago (on a state ferry). As you pack, keep thinking LAYERS! It can get warm here during the day (80s and 90s) and cool off during the evening, especially if you are near the water. Important to bring: a lightweight hooded rain jacket. No one uses umbrellas here so your hands are free. And also: comfortable shoes — make one pair rain resistant if possible. It might not rain during your time here and in Alaska, but you will probably encounter damp trails, etc. You will love Pike Place Market! Pro tip: skip the first Starbucks (across the street from the Market) and try the Starbucks Roastery up the hill on Pike Street, or at Starbucks HQ in Sodo. Less people and a lot more fun.

  25. Evening Pam. I want to thank you for always replying to comments on your blog. I read a few other blogs and questions oftentimes do not get answered. You are so good about it. It’s appreciated and you make your readers feel appreciated. Thank you!

  26. Thank you, Kelley, I do my best though I know I do not get to everyone. I love having conversations with the readers.

  27. I look forward to the read, Missy…saving it for the trip and haven’t started yet.

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