Shopping JJILL toppers and sale racks


shopping JJILL

Happy Monday, everyone!  This is me…not out and about just yet…and ready to share how I went shopping JJILL toppers and sale racks recently.

As I began to plan travel outfits and realized the importance of layering for this journey, I decided to go shopping JJILL toppers and sale racks to be sure I had all that I needed.

However, the majority of this post will be looks I tried on for you to see.

First though…today is another special day in our family.

It is another reason why the month of July is so special…and I have shared many of those reasons already.

Let’s begin with our family…then head into shopping JJILL.


Shopping JJILL

Today is the birthday for my firstborn…my beautiful daughter.

She is so special, and I hope she will be honored and celebrated as the incredible woman she is.

shopping JJILL

An amazing woman, office support for her husband’s business,  wife, mother to three very active boys, and someone with a heart of gold.

We love you Jessica..happy birthday!


shopping JJILL

I started with this linen topper when shopping JJILL for you to see. I am not interested in adding any more linen.

This is the Pure Jill Linen Duster in a light navy.

It fits nicely and is cool and comfy…but does have that “linen look.”

shopping JJILL

I have owned this jacket for awhile, but when I saw it on the sale racks while shopping JJILL, I wanted to remind you about it.

This is a nice, lightweight jacket.  I found it in navy in the store, but online it is only in the saffron color.

This is the Wearever Easy-Care Trench Jacket and you can size down on this one…it runs a little large.  I enjoyed wearing mine last spring.

shopping JJILL

I like this cardigan a lot and feel comfortable recommending it.

It has a flattering fit and it good for cool weather.

This is the Wearever Textured Open-Front Cardi in Navy Blue.

shopping by JJILL

Here is a black topper I tried on for the audience…it is shorter and I am wearing an X Large…so I think it might run a little small.

This is the Short Cuffed-Sleeve Open-Front Cardi and it also comes in white and red.

shopping JJILL


My favorite piece today was actually a top and not a topper.

This “elephant gray” is actually part of my vibrant autumn colors and I have been looking for a top like this.  The color is actually called lava rock.

This is the Wearever Easy-Care V-Neck Top….and this is what I took home.

It feels great and I like the V in the back to allow for a bit of a flowy fit…exactly what I was looking for…and I will style it for you soon.

I have been shopping JJILL so much lately that I did not see many new items to show you….


shopping JJILL

The sale racks are certainly full and worth it to go shopping JJILL.

You might want to also spend sometime with this link: JJILL SALE…and they add to it often.

Also check to be sure if there is an additional percentage off of the already marked down prices.  And make sure you shop with your best colors and style adjectives!

That is what I have for you after Shopping JJILL toppers and sale racks.  Please ask any questions or make any comments you have.

Come back tomorrow for something different and fun!

Now, go out this week with joy and make sure that you………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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shopping JJILL


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. She looks like you! I love JJill clothing! Thank you for the try on. I have not been shopping lately. I will however peruse the link to se if anything is calling my name.

  2. As soon as I saw the picture of your daughter, I thought how she has her Mama’s beautiful smile! A most Happy Birthday to her! I’ve ordered many items from JJill in the past but have found they often run a bit large for me, even in petite sizes. But I also have several cardigans that I wear often in cooler weather so I surely wish there was a store near me as I’d love to hit those sale racks. I’ll go look at that attachment to see what’s on sale. I remember you suggested JJill leggings to me before as not being too tight.

  3. Lovely daughter with your smile! Happy birthday!
    Jjill has great tops. I love Talbots for the classics (and pants) and Jjill for the fun note, especially their tops. I have collected a few of the tops with the inverted v over the years . I have teal and spicy coral hanging in my closet. They hold up beautifully. I need to see if that elephant grey is in my palette. I think not but will give it a try!

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. The gray top look fabulous on you. I love J Jill clothes. They suit the minimalist in me. Sadly they rarely feature colors in my autumn palette but maybe that’s a good thing for my budget. Since its your birthday month you may want to check the website for on on-line only Breen Jacquard summer sweater. I ordered it in my regular J Jill PS and it fits perfectly, loose without being baggy and the color is divine. Maybe not vibrant enough for you but I think its worth a look.

  5. She may not want to admit it, Kat…but I do think we look similar. That is a complement to me…thank you. JJILL does have some good items on the sale racks…worth a look.

  6. Hi Celia, I did start sizing down at JJILL in the last two years. This trip was the same to look for piece that fit better than what is currently in my closet. That is what I am shopping for the most these days.

  7. It is in the vibrant autumn palette…which surprised me at first…then pleased me! I love my daughter’s smile…thank you!

  8. Thanks Kathie…I will look. Anyone can click through my links and go straight to the JJILL site.

  9. What a nice picture of your daughter! Happy Birthday to her. She does look a bit like mom. I’m partial to the name Jessica because that is also my only daughter’s name. She has 3 brothers.
    Love JJill I’m actually wearing a JJill shirt today. I don’t need anymore clothes right now but love those tops.

  10. Love navy blue too and interestingly, its what I’m wearing when ever I receive a compliment. (why is that?)
    A very special Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter too! She’s lovely and looks happy and optimistic!

  11. Happy birthday to Jessica! She is lovely and looks a lot like you! She looks to have your joyful attitude as well. You look great in the elephant gray top. It is a surprise color for your palette. I wear a lot of lighter softer grays in my cool summer palette. Enjoy your birthday week!

  12. I guess I need to post my palette colors again for everyone so you can see the elephant in it. I also was surprised…but happy to see this color. I will post the palette colors again in August.

  13. Your daughter is just lovely and sounds like a lovely person as well. I think you get to take some credit for this right? Seriously, happy birthday to her. I’ve had the same trouble with JJill that Celia has had. I think she and I are built alike. It depends on the style, I believe. Fitted items and jeans fit better than jackets, for example — probably because I have a small frame and narrower shoulders.

  14. Thanks Maeve. I love JJILL jeans and they do fit me better than anything else they sell. But I always find something I like and it does take sizing down.

  15. Belated bday wishes to your Jessica! Mine turned 35 last month, which made me feel older than turning 64 myself. Thanks for the try-on at my favorite retailer! This year I received a Chico’s gift card instead of JJill, and tried several of the pieces you had recommended. Now I need to check out JJill’s summer sale offerings. Several of these pieces look like they need to come home with me! I’ll order through your links if anything works.

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