Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy beautiful Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday mornings at home.

The name originated from my love of being home on Sunday mornings…we traditionally go to church on Saturdays.

Lately, though it seems that we are at church more and more on Sundays…but I am not going to change the name.

Sunday mornings at home represent to me peace, love of home, and quiet to reflect on the past and upcoming week.

This upcoming week is a milestone birthday and a fun vacation on the calendar.

So, let’s catch up with a few things on this Sunday Mornings at Home post….


Sunday mornings at home

This is a jacket which was gifted to me by the wonderful people at Ming Wang.

It has proven to be a great way to look good this summer and stay cool.

This is the Floral Embroidered Button-Front Jacket and it is currently on sale at Dillard’s.

Ming Wang is a top quality, high end brand which gives us beautiful clothing for all aspects of our lives.

In this picture, I am wearing it with pieces I have owned and worn for a long time…

An Eileen Fisher silk charmeuse V-Neck tank in almond,  Eileen Fisher System washable stretch crepe slim ankle pant in black, an Etsy necklace and Jack Rogers Collins Casual Sandals in gold.

One of the embroidered designs on the jacket is in the same color as this tank.

Thanks to Ming Wang for the jacket to share with you!

Now, for those of you who may love this brand…here are some lovely pieces currently on sale at Dillard’s:


Sunday mornings at home

A few of you wanted specifics on my vanilla extract homemaking process, so here is the update.

I now have six bottles ready and tucked away to steep the flavors together for the next six months and be ready for Christmas gifting.

I am very pleased with the bottles I ordered from Amazon which came with a funnel, tags and a pen.

This order is the YEBODA 8oz SWING TOP BOTTLES.  So, far…I am very pleased with this selection.

Sunday mornings at home

I researched several different sites and also talked to a Hispanic cook in San Antonio.

I want the same flavor as the vanilla I bring home from Mexico…it is so rich, smoky and delicious.

The consensus for this flavor was to use Madagascar Vanilla Beans (the link is what I ordered from Amazon) and bourbon.

The most recommended bourbon for this flavor is Buffalo Trace...which includes notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. 

The bottles already have a dark, rich look to the concoction inside.  

If you desire a lighter vanilla extract, I have been told to use vodka.

When I was in college, I had a nasty episode with vodka and pink lemonade…and it has not crossed my lips since then!  Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn.


Sunday mornings at home

Aside from my mother’s challenges which I have written about here, she was a fabulous cook.

My Thanksgiving dinner is her Thanksgiving dinner.  My cornbread her cornbread.

She was the ultimate Southern cook…born a cajun and raised in East Texas.

I am still to this day attempting to get her fried chicken at my house…it may never happen.

But, I have this little book with many of her recipes.

I haven’t baked a crab pie since I began my diet, so I do not have a picture…but this is an excellent crab pie.

When my mother says….pre-baked pie crust…she meant, homemade pre-baked pie crust.

I usually use a store bought one…but I may make this one soon with her version.

The only changes I made:  Added a minced garlic (I put garlic in almost everything), and I prefer either nutmeg or allspice to the mace.

She loved white pepper and used it often, so I always have it on hand.


Sunday mornings at home

This is birthday week and I will certainly be living each day I am blessed to have with joy and a smile.

There will be blog posts and updated information for you every day….except Sundays.

It is difficult to write a post that is so personal about home…if I am not there.  So, Sunday Mornings at Home will return August 5.

But, trust me, I have worked hard to make sure there is content here for all of you to enjoy and discuss and I will be hoping on to participate…so make sure you join me.

I do have a special message for you on my birthday too.

This is a wonderful community of women who often interact with one another.

Also, SEND ME YOUR RECIPES TO SHARE…I would love to be here August 5 with a new reader recipe!  Send them to

Let me know if you have any thoughts on today’s Sunday mornings at home post…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided a top for this post.  But my words on Ming Wang are my own.


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Sunday mornings at home


  1. What an exciting week ahead for you!! I surely hope you have a wonderful birthday and cruise. I’ve enjoyed reading about the different clothes you have bought for your trip as well as the advice given by people who have been on Alaskan cruises before. It’s still on my wish list. Your mother’s crab pie recipe sounds delicious. My mother was also such an excellent cook, and many of my recipes come from her as well. In my case, I’m reminded of the giving, nurturing woman that she was to me and my three siblings, and father. Have an amazing trip and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Thank you so much, Celia. I hope to have a full Alaskan cruise report the first week of August!

  3. Pam, have a fabulous birthday week!! What a blessing for us who reach these stages of life. Enjoy every minute. I’m going to bake the crab pie. It looks wonderful; the vintage recipes are the best. If it turns out, I’ll send a picture.

  4. It’s your birthday week! Hoping you enjoy your wonderful trip and celebrate the big day with something fabulous!
    At some point ill look over both recipes (vanilla creation) and that yummy sounding crab pie. ( is it a single crust?). I’ll have to re/read the recipe later tonight.
    Thank you for being an inspiration and enjoy whatever happy events are coming up!

  5. Awesome, Marcia. I would love a picture and any tweaks you might make in your recipe.

  6. Yes, Paulette, it is a single crust. And remember, I have content on the blog for everyone while I am off and about. There are conversations I cannot wait to read what you have to say!

  7. Happy Birthday! My birthday was this past week but we will celebrate at tonight’s dinner. I had my 70th during Covid so no big celebrations then but we are going on a cancelled Mediterranean cruise in September. Have a great time on yours, enjoy the scenery, the people and the food! Will anxiously await your reflections.

  8. Happy Birthday Week! You are so thoughtful towards us, your readers. As I read the daily responses of your bloggers, I know how we all are thankful of your efforts to keep us informed. Your joy rubs off on us. I know that your family will be very giving of their love and appreciation of you. Thank you for all that you share.

  9. Happy birthday, Linda! A Mediterranean cruise sound divine…you will need to report back about yours as well.

  10. You are so welcome, Deborah. It is such a blessing for me to be able to do this for you. I love it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. Sunday Mornings at Home is a favorite of mine. I hope you have a wonderful birthday & enjoy your cruise!

  12. Happy birthday week and enjoy beautiful Alaska. You always bring joy and practical advice to our lives.

  13. Have a wonderful week — looking forward to your news. My mom, too, was a fabulous cook — she did the same thing your mother did with the parentheses (for ingredients mixed or cooked together). My husband is the pie crust maker in the family so this will be an easy recipe for me. I totally agree about the garlic and mace being a different taste. Now if I can just find lump crabmeat that doesn’t break the bank LOL.

  14. Happy Birthday Pamela. My date this week is July 20th. A great month for birthdays as my
    husband just celebrated a special date on July 5 th.

    Love the outfit you showed today. Love your Sunday musings.

    Enjoy your holiday trip.

    Love reading your blogs every day.

    Love and Blessings from your Canadian friend.

    Cathy 🎶🎶🎂🎂🎈💕🎶🎶

  15. Have a special week celebrating your birthday and enjoy being spoiled by your loved ones. Cruise well too. xxxx

  16. Do you have a recipe for the vanilla? I tried to make it years ago and it didn’t turn out that well. Happy birthday!!

  17. Good news weather-wise here in Seattle, Pam — for the next 10 days there is NO rain forecast, and temps are predicted to be 78 – 85 during that time. Our humidity is nothing like you live with in Texas. A nice beginning for your trip!

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