Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at hom

Good July morning and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

Today, I have the first reader recipe share and much more for this weekly lifestyle post.

Sunday mornings at home

I always love morning the best, no matter the season, but I especially love mornings in the summer since it is the coolest time of day.

A morning breeze…birds singing….the sun rising…it is just a perfect time to begin the day…and usually, the chirping of locusts seem a bit softer in the morning.

That oppressive heat HIGH has moved east for now, so clouds have returned.  I much prefer a cloudy sky to a clear blue sky. 

Clouds are one of God’s many accessories.


Sunday mornings at home

Last week, in the June 25 post  I invited readers to send in their favorite summer healthy recipes to share with everyone.

I encouraged you send photo (s) with the recipe, but if you cannot, I will do my best to work something out.

I love it when you respond to a call to action.

Nancy S. is our first recipe to share….and she says it is simple and delicious!

Summer Salad
1 diced cucumber
2 diced tomatoes
1 cubed green pepper
1/4 red onion
1T chopped basil
Kalamata olives
  -all to taste
4T red wine vinegar
juice of one lemon
2T olive oil
I think I am going to make this in just a few days…thanks for participating, Nancy!!
Please send more everyone….send to my email with the subject line RECIPE share….at 
We would love pictures, and love to know where you live….but you can participate without sharing anything.
Sunday mornings at home
My new flavor discovery this week was to eat sweet summer melon with fajita seasoning.  That includes salt, pepper, garlic and onion in the flavors…I love it.
Something that simple is a party in your mouth…and even better if the melon is cold.
Sunday mornings at home
I like to share with you in Sunday Mornings at Home what is on my mind for posting the next week.
Since I love July so much, please allow me to share a scope of what is on my mind for the month.
Of course,  we will cover and discuss the month of clearance sales, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
This is the month I turn 70 and I am actually approaching my birthday with optimism and many thoughts on my mind.
It always appears as if the majority of the population is inspired by celebrities and influencers.
For me at this time of life,  I am inspired by women in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond who are still doing what they love.
I will introduce you to one of these women tomorrow and she will guide us through some sale shopping techniques later in the week.
My desire for July this year is to give you a healthy dose of inspiration to face aging with positivity and joy!
And, of course….looking your very best!
Sunday mornings at home
I love the windows in my home.
Sometimes they call to me and tell me to just stop a moment and reflect on what I see.
A moment like this can result in gratitude for where I am and for the beauty in the sky.
As we age, we must take time to reflect…with an optimistic outlook. 
Attitude is so important to our every day living….it can actually make or break the day.
Sunday mornings at home
Each moment is a gift.
I am here right now to appreciate the flowers and the beauty I see in the windows.
When I write every day, I face a window because they can be so inspirational to me.
Is there a place in your home where you stop and reflect because it calls to you?
Would love to hear of these places?
Sunday Mornings at home
This is what Sunday afternoons often look like around here.
But, I had to smile at this one.  We were actually taking care of one of our sons’ dogs.
When the heat is on, the dogs love to lay on the tile.
I wanted to end today’s post with a smile!
Please share anything that is on your heart today….send us a recipe (particularly those who said YES, let’s do this) and make sure you…..
By Pamela Lutrell
First round of July sales:
Sunday mornings at home


  1. That last photo says it all – keep cool and relaxxxxxxxx and Tux has a great spot on the top of the couch with an eye to the window as well.Great way to unwind on a Sunday afternoon.

    I found it interesting how you prefer a cloudy sky, is that just in summer? I crave blue skies any time of year where I live in Melbourne. My mood improves when there are blue skies.

    Anyway cool and in my case, I am trying to stay warm.

  2. Perhaps I should have said “partly” cloudy, Julie. Constant cloud cover for days can get old. But I do love a partly cloudy sky and of course beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Stay warm down there!

  3. Good morning Pam! I’ve enjoyed this salad too- a few years back it was served at an outdoor summer party and I’ve adopted it into my rotation every summer since then.
    I like the way Nancy presents the capers etc to taste! I think you’ll love it!
    My patio runs along the entire length of our house facing Sout/west where in summer the best breezes seem to come from. That’s a great place to enjoy morning coffee, to reminisce and hear the birds in our Maple trees singing their AM songs. I too love our blue skies but at this age any sky is welcome- each day is a gift.

  4. Turned 70 in April. Celebrated my birthday and Easter with my 2 grandkids. Glad to enjoy being here as I’ve had some health problems. My family just moved back so it was special. Last week I spent 4 days with 5 sorority sisters on a 70 is fabulous trip. So fun. Enjoy you birthday.

  5. A perfect way to start my day. Recipes, reflection, rest. I like to take my morning tea and sip it on the deck, which looks out over our yard to the fields and wood beyond. If the day allows, I sit on the porch later in the day: it, too, faces the back yard but from a different direction, so I can see the flowers blooming along the shed. Today, I am going to try to carry that peace of reflection into the rest of my day.

  6. I love this, Shelia! A 70 is Fabulous trip…how much fun is that. I hope you are feeling better now.

  7. I hope you have it all day long, Maeve. Your special places sound wonderful.

  8. “He fills my life with good things”…and I do my best to stay strong! My most often point of reflection is standing at my kitchen sink. There I can watch the hummingbirds fly back and forth to the feeder, observe the sunrise through the trees, look at the flowers developing in the bed beyond the window. We thankfully had a brief thunderstorm last night so our 100+ temps are hopefully gone for a day or two. My Mr. B will be doing the same as your Mr. B this afternoon, but I’ve found if I take a nap during the day, I’m restless and struggle to sleep at night. As delightful as an afternoon nap is, I prefer a good night’s sleep.

  9. Funny but true how our special spots all seem to be where we see nature. “Our” table at our condo pool is my favored spot, but inside there is a place in the kitchen where I can stand at the counter and see through windows in the living room, down a hall, and out the bedroom, a sort of triptych of my outdoors world that encompasses two corners. It’s a great place to pause while cooking. I make a version of that recipe and often serve it with pita bread for dipping. And I love the idea of fajita seasoning on fruit. Black pepper is great on fruit … my favorite is to use black pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar on strawberries.

  10. I am with you Celia…I cannot nap at all. If I do, then I will not sleep that night. He can take a five minute power nap and be refreshed and ready to go on. Not me…if I do happen to nap, I always regret it.

  11. Everyone’s special places sound so wonderful. I just finished some melon with fajita seasoning…so good! I will have to try your seasoning for strawberries, Linda. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Happy birthday month, Pam! You look more vibrant than ever at 70 with your makeover. It’s more authentically you. Love your outfit, too. Casual, yet put together and stylish.

  13. Thanks to Nancy for the recipe! This sounds a lot like a salad I love from our local Greek place, so I will definitely make a batch to enjoy this week. 😊 Your pictures today are inspiring, and I understand the preference for some partly cloudy skies. My favorite place for reflection is right in front of the keys. My piano sits angled into the front windows of our living room. In summer I throw open both sashes to catch the breeze and to carry my music out into the yard.

  14. Pam I do always enjoy reading what you have to say on Sunday. This recipe looks like a good one I will have to try. I always like to get good recipes because most of the time I just make the same ones. That does get boring.
    Welcome to the 70’s this month. Looking forward to ideas on taking this journey through this time in our lives. Have a great Sunday.

  15. Good morning from another July birthday girl, and dedicated non-– napper! I always look forward to reading your Sunday posts and just wanted to let you know that my best friend taught me about “birthday month“ celebrations. That means you can start treating yourself in small ways this weekend and celebrate through the entire month of July! It’s only 75 degrees in FtW this morning, nothing short of a miracle. Getting dressed for church was a pleasure, rather than a chore today. Hope your Sunday is equally enjoyable.

  16. I love having all of you journey with me, Paula! It is easy to get into cooking ruts…that is why I hope we have more readers sharing their faves.

  17. YAY to July girls…my daughter is one as well. I love the idea of celebrating all month. As far as the heat goes, just having the humidity ease up a bit helps so much and it really does inspire me to have more fun when getting dressed. I back off of accessories a bit when the heat is on.
    Hope your Sunday is a joyous one!

  18. I enjoy reading my daily devotions at my kitchen table. My kitchen is light & bright & has a sliding door where I can see what’s going on in God’s world. I am using this summer to pause & reflect on things. I am trying to learn the art of selfcare & putting myself first for the first time in my life. I am doing a lot of journaling as I try to shape this new life. This is the perfect time for this before autumn arrives, & we rush headlong into the holidays.

  19. My favorite place is at my dining room table which has views to the west to beautiful mountains. We chose to move to Colorado in 1995 and have never regretted it. My Mr. B is on his Nordictrack bike right now. Neither of us are nappers. Both cats are deep in dream land. We are partly cloudy so not as hot only 87. My husband is 81 and still very fit and healthy. At 78, my chronic illness has caught up with me a bit but I also always try to find joy in my life and gratitude. Enjoy your birthday month Pamela!

  20. Thanks for sharing, Becky. I love the idea of experiencing God each day at the kitchen table!

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