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Today's News

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  I hope everyone who celebrated yesterday had fun and laughter.  But now, it is time for Today’s News for Women over 50.

Today is the premiere of the new section called Today’s News You Need to Know.

These are stories which I would not call positive news, but information I occasionally see that I believe is beneficial for you to know.

All of the other sections include lifestyle stories I have found while surfing through media around the globe.

The majority of readers last week said to give the You Need to Know section a try.

It may not be here every week, but when I run across these stories, I will share them.

So, grab that morning beverage and a cozy spot and let’s kick off Today’s News for Women Over 50.


today's news

House Digest: How To Attract Mourning Doves To Your Yard

House Beautiful: 6 Paint Colors That Will Make Your House Sell for More Money

Better Homes & Gardens:  The whimsical garden trend takes maximalism outdoors with gorgeous resultsand 7 smart ways to repurpose the formal dining room you never use

Eating Well:  6 Filthy Places in your kitchen you should clean every day

Veranda Magazine:  This Manhattan apartment is filled with high drama Americana


today's news

Inc.: 3 Reasons People Keep Working in Their 80s

Longevity Technology: 8 Simple Habits for Sustainable Fat Loss

Food Republic: Lemon Water Is Great For Hydration — But Don’t Drink Too Much

Well + Good:  4 Morning Habits of the Longest Living People in the World and The 5 Longevity Exercises a Physical Therapist Recommends To Stay Strong and Pain-Free as You Age—No Equipment Required


Today's news

Magnolia:  Buttermilk Blueberry Puff

The Pioneer Woman: These Homemade Creamsicle Pops Are Groovy and Nostalgic

The Ethel:  5 of the best summer recipes to please warm weather palates

Baking Kneads:  9 great ways to make cupcakes moist

Domestic Goddess:  Vegan Raspberry Ice Cream

Simply Recipes: 15 Fresh Salad Dressings to Make and Ditch The Bottle

Plant Powered:  30-Day vegan dinner plan

Eating Well:  Mediterranean Veggie Wrap with Cilantro Hummus


Today's news

The Street: Kohl’s Rolling Out New Store Format With Key Partner

Forbes: Italy Is Cracking Down On Dress Codes. Here Are The Clothing Rules You Need To Follow

UK Style Yahoo: Woman asks makeup artist sitting next to her on plane to do her makeup, and she does: ‘Oh how I love being a woman’


Today's News

Forbes: Best (And Worst) Destinations For Senior Travel According To New Data

New York Post:  Ohio grandma becomes a lifesguard to keep community pool open amid staffing shortage

Today Show:  Mom of 5 daughters never got a wedding dance.  Her sons-in-laws made it happen.


Today's News

U.S. Sun:  Beware of cell phone calls that drain your bank account – the warning signs

Fox News: Popular tourist destination wants total suitcase ban as travel surges post-pandemic

CNN:  Meat without slaughter.  Here’s everything you need to know about lab grown meat

Well that is it for Today’s News for Women Over 50!  Please leave any comments you may have.  Tomorrow I will be here with helpful guidelines for shopping the July sales!


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  1. I love your blog in general, but I especially look forward to your Wednesday edition. I appreciate the work involved in rounding up all of these news stories. The new section, “Today’s News You Need to Know”, was a welcome addition! Please continue to add it to your newsletter.

  2. You always cull the best news articles! After a hectic two weeks with grandchildren, the husband and I enjoyed a quiet Fourth. We went to the movie theater to see The Sound of Freedom. An eye opener for sure! I highly recommend it to all. I had no idea how bad child trafficking has become and this movie has certainly inspired me to try and do something to help stop it.

  3. I just love that the Ohio grandmother stepped up to a second turn as a lifeguard. As a regular swimmer and Y enthusiast, I know it has been a struggle locally to staff lifeguards and swim instructors. This could be a goal for me. My Monday/Wednesday water fitness teacher is in her 80’s, and has amazingly good balance as she demonstrates from the deck between the pools. Nice loud voice, too, and her play list rocks! 😁

  4. Thanks for letting me know, Carolyn. It helps me so much when I hear from the readers about their likes and dislikes. Thank you!

  5. I have heard about the movie and would like to see it, Linda. Living in Texas, we are aware of the child trafficking problems which have grown since this administration decided to open the border. It is heart breaking to see what goes on. Thank you for calling attention to it here.

  6. I think I would trust women like you and the grandmother more with the safety of children! You go girl!

  7. “Today’s News for Women over 50“ is my favorite weekly read. It’s like my own little newspaper full of things that interest me and that always offer beneficial information. Thank you for taking the time every week to share these links!

  8. I am so glad you enjoy it, Dixie. You described it as I intended for it to be! Thanks!

  9. Definitely “a need to know” issue. As a mother and woman I was saddened and horrified to what is happening in our country.

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