Kohl’s early fall in-store try-on

Kohls early fall

Happy Thursday, ladies…you see this right…I am back with a Kohl’s early fall in-store try-on.

Last spring, I experienced some frustrations with Kohl’s. 

The location near me was always a mess plus I became frustrated with the quality of clothing and very low selections.

But, a friend encouraged me to go back…she said from her point-of-view, all of my issues have been fixed.  (Not because of me…I am certain they did not know I wasn’t there!)

So, I decided to go back and I was very pleased with the experience…much improved.

Clean, well organized store and clean dressing rooms. 

Kohl’s is a very affordable clothing store (more with coupons), but I still want to see some quality when I try on the pieces.

I have always preferred the Simply Vera Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad collections the best.

And,  in the past I found items I liked in the Dana Buchman collections.  I did not see Dana Buchman at all during this in-store try-on.

Kohl’s provides a way to stay current with our looks…and not break the bank.

So, allow me to show you what I discovered for Kohl’s early fall in-store try-on. 


Kohl's early fall

I have been a fan of faux leather leggings for a long time, and own one pair.

They must look like real leather and not cheap fakes for me to give a seal of approval.

Well, the two pair I tried on in the Kohl’s early fall offerings were both great leggings.

Here I am wearing the SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG HIGH RISE FAUX LEATHER SHAPING LEGGINGS. This color Is called Naveena Brown.

These would be fun in a cool climate this fall.  I am wearing them with a WOMEN’S SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG LONG SLEEVE CREW NECK TEE…color is Medium Redbud Heather.

The tee would be a great layering piece.

Kohl's early fall

These leggings are my favorite.  These have a cool, edgy design on the side of the leg that you can see in the online picture.

These are the WOMEN’S SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG HIGH RISE FAUX LEATHER MOTO LEGGINGS.  They are fun, modern and very comfortable.

Kohl's early fall

Look at how wide the waistline is on the Simply Vera leggings.

For those of us looking to slim down the middle…that is gold.  It really gives these leggings a flattering fit.

Also, with the black leggings I am wearing a top that comes in many colors…they just had the pink in store.

It is the WOMEN’S SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG ROLL-TAB SLEEVE POPOVER BLOUSE…and it does come in some lovely Kohl’s early fall colors.

Personally, I have always loved black faux leather leggings with a long denim boyfriend shirt or even denim jacket.


Kohl's early fall

Speaking of denim jackets, this is the WOMEN’S SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG FASHIONABLE DENIM JACKET in a blue color they call Sid.

The jacket is shorter than most jackets like this one. In fact, online they feature it as a topper for dresses and I can see that would be cute.

Kohl's early fall

But for Kohl’s early fall styles this jacket is cute…even at a shorter length.

This is the same jacket in Los Feliz (I guess we just can’t say blue and black!)

Kohl's early fall

The striped top under the jackets are by Lauren Conrad and definitely at Kohl’s early fall colors.

These tops are very cute for casual wear.  This is the WOMEN’S LC LAUREN CONRAD CUFFED SLEEVE TEE in Mocha Frosting (Stripes) and Rachel Red.

Kohl's early fall


Each top has these cute tortoise shell buttons on the shoulders.


Kohl's early fall

I purchased these exact pants two years ago in a brown plaid and I love them.

So, I thought I would show you the gray plaid since that is all I saw in-store and it is in Kohl’s early fall offerings.

This pant is another way to stay current and have fun with your style.  It can be worn so many ways and would look great with a sweater.


Kohl's early fall

They did not have this black blazer in my size, but when I touched it, I wanted to try it…so soft and I liked the cuff design.

This is the WOMEN’S SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG ROLL TAB RELAXED BLAZER.  I think it would go great with jeans.

I brought a medium into the dressing room…but, not surprised, it was too small.

Kohl's early fall

The knit blazer also came in this taupe color called basha brown.


Kohl's early fall

The Simply Vera Vera Wang collection Includes several nice looking handbags made with vegan leather.

You might look over the SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG HANDBAGS and see all of the nice selections.

After looking at the clothing, I headed to the children’s department and it is still a good one…especially for grandmothers!

I found a couple of Lauren Conrad dresses for girls that had been marked down considerably…$8.00 the day I was there.

Her brand is called Little Co. and the dresses in store were very cute.  That $8.00 summer dress can be warn for a long time here.

That is it for my first venture back to Kohl’s.

Let me know if you have questions or comments about my Kohl’s early fall in-store try-on.

I was pleased enough that I will go back!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Kohl's early fall


  1. The Kohls store near my home has recently gone through a renovation and added a Sephora shop. I have visited several times since Sephora was added and I like the general overall feel better. I like the Vera Wang line too and you look really good in those faux leather jeggings! The blazer that’s you tried on in medium is attractive too Pam. I imagine it’s too warm for your area climate just now, but in a month we should be wearing blazers here in the Northeast. High humidity is still rampant up here too (dew points to 70s) making most lined fabrics feel
    Thank you for sharing your shopping adventure!

  2. Thanks for being here, Paulette. If I get any indication that we are going to have cool weather show up, I just might add those leggings to the wardrobe. I love wearing leggings and the fit of these was great.

  3. Happy for this update! I have been avoiding my Kohls for the same reasons. I will swing by soon. Leather leggings are appealing, but need brown! So happy to see fall items arriving. Thank you!

  4. The first pair of leggings I am wearing, Deborah, are brown…and it is a lovely brown. I know online it might look maroon…but it is brown.

  5. Huh … last several times I was there (months ago the last time), I had the same issues you did. I just can’t get excited about going back. I think they lost me as a customer; there are too many good places to shop. I was scrolling on line and stumbled into that new Macys line we were looking at a couple of months ago … On 34th. On line, it looked great at a terrific price point, and I’m eyeing the sweater blazer and various ponte knit pant options. Were you ever able to find it in store? I’d love a try on session there! I tend to overlook department stores in my endless loop of Talbots, JJill, Chicos, Banana Republic and J Crew (where I’d buy a ton of sweaters and jackets if they were not always dry clean only).

  6. It really depends where you live as to how the Kohl’s is presented….I rarely shop there, but once in a while i do drop in..I live near San Francisco, so the closest is in Vallejo and that store has had ups and downs. Adding Sephora helps, and at the moment they do have their act together…but it’s not my go to store .
    to answer Lisa M, I was at Macy’s in SF yesterday and looked at their new line On 34th.. it’s not bad, well made and priced. There was a very cute pink button down styled as a long tunic..your online shopping should be fine……

  7. I just returned from Macy’s, Linda and will have that review for you next week!

  8. Stick with me next week, everyone…I will have a review of this new Macy’s line.

  9. Pam, I love that you showed so much of the Vera Wang collection. You look very comfortable (approachable), casual, and youthful. You have put life into the clothes — love it!

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