Today’s News for Women over 50

Today's News

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It is time once again for Today’s News for Women over 50.

I curate into one location lifestyle news headlines, from around media world,  I believe some of you will find interesting, helpful or important.

Just remember this is lifestyle news…generally more optimistic than traditional news.

I try to pull articles I believe will be articles you will enjoy reading…and for any health news, remember to discuss it with your doctor before making begin changes.

Today there was nothing new for Fashion & Beauty, but I watch it closely, so we will see if it picks up closer to the new season coming in.

So, let’s get started and spend some time with today’s news…..


Today's news

Better Homes & Gardens:  The top fall decorating trends for 2023 and the 9 must-know tips for creating the best soil for tomatoes

House Digest: Start Keeping a bag of rice in your closet and thank us later

Veranda:  These are the five biggest antique and and vintage art trends for 2024

Architectural Digest:  How to Build Wall Shelves and style them perfectly


Today's News

Beaming Baker:  Energy Balls (11 ways)

The Daily Meal:  How to use cashews as a cream cheese substitute

Eating Well:  Ina Garten Just Shared her Impressive Make Ahead Dinner Party Menu and Cozy 450-calorie dinners for summer

The Magical Slow Cooker:  Slow Cooker Shrimp Scampi

Tasting Table: The 100% pumpkin label on canned puree isn’t exactly true and Bacon is the Key to adding another savory protein layer to salmon filets

Sally’s Baking Recipes: 40+ gluten free desserts

Parade: The grandpa-approved trick to perfectly cooked silk-free corn


Today's News

Fit and Well: I tried a four-move stretching routine, and it helped soothe my aching leg muscles and improve my flexibility

Health Shots: How to boost blood circulation and increase longevity

Veg News: Plant-based menu options set to increase 400% over the next year, report finds

The Today Show:  Woman, 101, who still works and drives offers simple tips for a long life (she has good advice!)

Eat This Not That:  5 ways Jaclyn Smith loses weight at 77

Medical Life Sciences News: The green tea effect: From gut microbes to weight loss, new insights emerge and Study reveals the health and dietary benefits of consuming cardamom

CNN: Daily sugar-sweetened drinks linked to liver problems in older women, study says

Well + Good:  Why expanding your palate can help you live longer



Today's News

Newsweek Magazine:  Where to find the most unique, indulgent afternoon teas around the world

Readers Digest: Can dogs eat watermelon?  Here is what vets say

The Discoverer:  These U.S. towns are totally underrated

ABC News: Farmer surprises wife with 80 acres of sunflowers to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

I know this is a shorter version of Today’s news…but I want to really do my best to bring to you new information…so that is the reason for a short list.

I am certain it will get going more as we near fall and leave these dog-days of summer.

Please leave any comments you like about Today’s News for Women over 50,  and thank you for being here.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News



  1. Another great roundup of stories! I clicked through most of them and always seem to find interesting tidbits. Shrimp in the slow cooker? No, thank you. Rice in my closet? I’ll pass. After 4 years of trying to make my custom made shelves look good, I realize photos and treasures just don’t cut it in a designer’s world. The 101 year old still working at Joann’s is not so unusual especially in this economy; in my retirement community many people pick up part time jobs. Maybe they are not 101 but working into your seventies and eighties is becoming more commonplace. Thanks Pam for sharing!

  2. Pam, thank you for the work you do to put these informative articles together. Jaclyn Smith certainly is doing something right! Lots of good information!

  3. The health articles were interesting today. While as a vegetarian I like the idea of having more restaurant options, the article about new foods was focused almost entirely on processed vegan items. While this is better for the planet, they are not the healthiest choices. At least we seem to be moving in a better direction. I also prefer the term “whole food, plant based” as noted in the article. I feel it more accurately describes what I eat, sounds more appetizing, and is less confusing for others who are curious. I also enjoyed the Jaclyn Smith article. She is admirable in her healthy discipline. I’m on a health journey that involves weight loss, and I’m staying motivated in part by reading articles like this.

  4. That is one thing I want to do here, Linda…is motivated all of us…including me, to leave a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your information.

  5. I look forward to these posts. There is always something that I can enjoy and take away a little information to help me along my way in my 70s.
    Thank you for taking the time and I’m sure sometimes difficult searching, to share with us, all the exciting news that we can all relate to.

  6. Great articles. I read the Jacqueline Smith article and am planning on trying her smoothie, at last a smoothie without a banana(my most hated fruit)…..Have a great rest of the week!!
    I haven’t had a chance to read the other articles, saving for this love the Wednesday roundup

  7. I enjoyed todays articles too. I’m not running off here and there today ( just my early am yoga class) so, at home. It feels good. I need to find new and different gluten free recipes and there they were! Thank you Pam!

  8. I enjoyed the Jaclyn Smith article. My husband is vegan and is very healthy at almost 82. The sunflower article brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for all of the articles.

  9. Many thanks for all of these informative articles. I am, as usual, late to the party. Interesting about seedless watermelon as a treat for doggies! Love it!. Also loved the article about the lady who continues to work at JoAnn’s. I completely agree with her that often what makes or breaks a job are co-workers. I printed the scampi recipe, can’t wait to try it. One thing I am trying to do is start making some Christmas gifts to sort of jump start my fall/holiday seasonal mood, but the fall scented candle is also a great idea.

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