New 2023 pre-fall fashions at Chico’s

2023 pre-fall fashions

Happy Monday, friends!  Let’s go shopping as I show you the new 2023 pre-fall fashions at Chico’s.

I know, I know…some of you think that discussing fall in August is crazy and not what you want to think about…especially when some places are so warm.

However, I find that shopping for fall gives me hope…that the weather will soon change and that my favorite time of year will happen.

So, let’s forget the heat for now, and go shopping for 2023 pre-fall fashions.

I decided to begin my quest at Chico’s.  Let’s go!


2023 pre-fall fashions

One of the first things I noticed upon entering one of our Chico’s locations, was this dress was on a display styled as a topper.

So, I thought I would show you on me.

2023 pre-fall fashions

I am thrilled to see that the 2023 pre-fall fashions includes many navy options…since I wear that now more than black.

This is the POPLIN 3D APPLIQUE SHIRT DRESS in navy.  So sorry that I did not take time to try it on as a dress!

2023 pre-fall fashions

The details on this dress are lovely…and it is a fun topper over the FLORAL APPLIQUE PULL-ON ANKLE JEGGINGS.

I also wanted to call attention to the EMBROIDERED RAGLAN DRESS…I would have tried it on if they had it in store…looks like a great dress for pre-fall.

So glad to see more dresses in the 2023 pre-fall fashions that are not tiered!


2023 pre-fall fashions

While I had on these jeggings, I decided to show you the FLORAL CUFFED RUANA.

This is quite an oversized garment.  I am wearing the XXS/XS.  

I know from your orders that many of you like ruanas, so I wanted to encourage you to size down when possible.

2023 pre-fall fashions

Since I have been on a weight loss journey, I was looking for a better fit in a denim jacket In the 2023 pre-fall fashions.

I really like this one.

This is the CROPPED DENIM JACKET and it is the length I have been looking for.


2023 pre-fall fashions


I also think this one is cute…with the floral sleeve and a great pre-fall fashion look….still giving a nod back to summer.


I tried this one on with the off-white jeggings…that I cannot locate on line.

But, all of you Autumn Ladies, should check out SMOKED PAPRIKA LEOPARD SPARKLE PULL ON JEGGINGS….which are also available in PETITE.

I love the way Chico’s jeggings fit…and these are for those of you with style adjectives like dramatic, creative, or fun.

2023 pre-fall fashions

One more pant for you autumn ladies is a wide leg pull on.

I love the sable brown in Chico’s 2023 pre-fall fashions.

These are the  PULL-ON WIDE LEG ANKLE JEANS in sable brown…they also come in black…and petite and tall sizes.


2023 pre-fall fashions

I have always loved black and brown together.

With that color combo and the fit of these pants, I fell in love with them….remember I do have “creative” in my style adjectives!

These are the BRIGITTE SCROLL PANTS, in black with chocolate fondant.

On line, Chico’s has them styled for pre-fall with a faux leather jacket…which looks great.

In the top picture, I tried them on for those of you who wear black, with the KNIT WOVEN 3D APPLIQUE TOP in black…has a wonderful rounded hemline.

The pants would also look good with this online exclusive…..TRAVELERS CRYSTAL V-NECK TOP. This is a great basic for your wardrobe if you wear black.

For dressing down these pants to more casual, I even like them with a denim jacket.

2023 pre-fall fashions

Ladies!  This picture is a great example of what NOT to do when trying on clothing.

I immediately looked at my middle and crinkled up my nose!  Don’t do that… face is not reflective of how much I love these pants and how thankful I am to be in new sizing.

If you followed the old WHAT NOT TO WEAR,  you may remember how often Stacy & Clinton recommended trouser jeans for their style and slimming fit.

Well for 2023 pre-fall fashions at Chico’s….the trouser jean is back.  I went home and ordered them first thing!

Chico’s TROUSER JEAN is going quickly…the first color (Chestnut Rinse Indigo) I wanted was sold out except in very small sizes.  I ended up ordering Lotus Indigo which is the color I am wearing here.

I didn’t buy them at the store because I wanted to order the darker color and once I saw it was gone…I went for this one.  

This is a great fall jean.

Also, for those who like white, I tried on this top that also comes In black….this is the 3D FLORAL APPLIQUE SLEEVE TOP.



2023 pre-fall fashions

I just had to show you these cute slip-ons for pre-fashion fun.


A super cute way to speak current, youthful, or fashion forward with your 2023 pre-fall fashion outfits.

2023 pre-fall fashions

Of course, Chico’s has many great jewelry designs in their 2023 pre-fall fashions.

I would wear so many of them.  

Now wasn’t that more fun than thinking about the heat outside?

Ask any questions you like and remember this is Chico’s pre-fall…there is more to come!

Tomorrow is a participation post….hopefully you will enjoy the challenge!  See you then, and throughout this day be thankful and …..


By Pamela Lutrell

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pre-fall fashions



  1. Good morning! I, for one, am so excited to see fall fashions emerging. It is ingrained in my DNA from back to school shopping as a youngster through my teaching years. It also helps that I am a deep autumn. Thank you for the preview!

  2. Great post as usual! I’m so ready for fall and fall fashion and loved all the items you modeled. Is there a chance, though, that you could do one or two more posts about your cruise? Would love to hear more about your hits and misses clothing-wise, as well as what others were wearing. As always, thank you for the time you take to do the blog!

  3. Love your journey to fall fashion, beginning at Chicos! Like you I wear navy or indigo or even cadet blue quite often. I’m not a personal fan of olive green though it is being shown everywhere! I simply look awful in it. Fine for others I guess, as its very popular.
    Thank you for showing us some very attractive looks!

  4. I am the same way, Deborah. I remember such excited as a young girl shopping for fall and frustration that Texas did not have the weather for the looks for awhile. I use to love those fall fashion magazines which were thick and full of fun.

  5. Yes, I will be doing more, Tess. I have a few more things I can add to what I showed you already. Thanks for being here and asking about it.

  6. Olive green is one of my best colors, Paulette…so I am glad to see so much of it on the market. But, trust me, as we get into this you will see more lovely colors offered. Thanks!

  7. Hi Pam, I like the floral appliqué jeggings on you. On their site it looks skin tight on the model and I prefer the more relaxed look on you. Did you order a size up? I like Chico clothing, order online but hesitate buying pants because of inconvenience and fees of returns. Thanks so much. You look beautiful.

  8. Hi Mary, These are the same size that I usually wear…a 3. Now that I have lose some weight I am moving more toward 2 and 2.5, but for the jegging the 3 is still the look I like…so maybe that is sizing up. I like jeggings for the tighter fit and slimmer leg line. But I do not wear them skin tight.

  9. When I was working, I used to live in Brigitte pants. The quality is superb, and I got several seasons out of them even worn at least once a week. While Chicos’ more printed and embellished offerings don’t suit my style adjectives, they are terrific for basics. I recently got a microfiber tank in sable, and I lovvvveee that color! Three of my denim jackets (all Chicos) just went to consignment due to weight loss, but I thought ahead and bought smaller sized light and dark wash ones at Chicos when they were deeply discounted. I liked Jennifer’s comment the other day about there being no bottom band on some of these, but otherwise, I prefer a classic because it’s a workhorse in my wardrobe, and I want maximum versatility. I think the one you showed looks fabulous on you. I hope you took it home.

  10. Hi Pam, I took your advice and ordered the trouser jeans in the lotus wash as the darker wash that I would have preferred is not offered in petite sizing. I’ve never worn a trouser jean but I know this style is very fashionable. I think you look terrific in the scroll pants. Did you buy them?

  11. What Not to Wear!!!! Boy, did that bring back memories…..I still find myself looking for jeans with smaller, higher back pockets to “llift” the booty, One of the many things I remember from faithfully watching WNTW. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. I am considering those pants…I really, really like them. Let me know what you think of the trouser jeans. I hope they offer more of the dark wash…it went really fast.

  13. You are welcome…I still have Stacy and Clinton in my head when I shop. Thanks for joining in today, Julie!

  14. I bought the jeans jacket 2P and the high rise wide leg jeans in 2P. This is my first Chicos purchase so I am gambling on the sizing. I am 5 pounds smaller and one size larger! Go figure! Part of being 78 I guess. I love how they all fit on you. I’m 5’2” however so we will see.

  15. The jeans may be long on you…but thank you for ordering with my links, Sydney. I hope you like both pieces.

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