Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

A lifestyle post which began as a way to share other facets of my life, and hopefully bring encouragement and joy.

We usually attend church services on Saturdays, and I have always loved having Sunday mornings at home.

Today…I have much to tell you and I will explain this top feature photo further down in the post.

So, get your morning beverage and a cozy spot…and let’s get going with Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday mornings at home

Marcia is a wonderful member of our community of readers, and she decided to make the CRAB PIE RECIPE I posted recently in a Sunday mornings at home.

It was my mother’s recipe, but Marcia made a few tweaks and I like the sound of what she did.

She wrote: “Hi, Pam.   Welcome back!   Sounds like your trip was fabulous.I baked your mother’s crab pie, and it was fantastic.   I took your advice and added a little garlic and also added allspice instead of mace.   And……I put in a few shakes of Old Bay Seasoning.  

To make it a bit healthier, I substituted plain yogurt thinned with a little milk for the heavy cream.   It worked very well.    
It was so delicious.   Thank you!”
And it looks delicious, Marcia!  I am more motivated to make it again…using your ideas.
Sunday mornings at home
On Friday, I showed you the amazing flowers in the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.
But, let me tell you, the trees are equally amazing.
Trees have always captivated me and since this was my first time to see Redwoods…I was stunned and full of joy.
Almost fell over looking up!
Sunday mornings at home
Trees represent strength and beauty to me.
And, the entire trip took me to my favorite place….Christmas!
Sunday mornings at home
Sunday mornings at home
I felt as though I had entered the land of Christmas trees….and with each of those thoughts, I smiled.
At the top of one, sat two very large bald eagles…icing on the cake.
I love the fact that the taller the tree, the deeper the roots and stronger the tree….(well that is one opinion, but others dispute this online claim.)
That brings me back to the the first feature photo of my own red oak tree.
I have shared the story before of how I grew this red oak from acorns gathered at a tree my husband’s grandmother planted and which grew in her home…where we raised three small children.
I call this tree the Larchmont Tree after the street name.  My oldest son has always wanted to grow another one for his family, but even over 20 years, my tree did not produce acorns.
He could not grow just any tree…it had to be from this tree in order to keep the family legacy going.  His great grandmother was in the neighborhood garden club and grew many of the trees on our street.
On the day, before we left on the cruise, I was watering in the backyard and looked up….to see…ACORNS!
I did a happy dance in the backyard and could not wait to tell my son.
It was a lesson of hope and perseverance to me….I cannot tell you how often I have prayed over my tree.  It has grown to be so tall and beautiful, and a symbol of that family legacy with deep roots.
Now, I just need to collect some of those acorns before the squirrels do!
So, my vacation began with HOPE.
Sunday Mornings at Home
Yes, HOPE was the theme for the spiritual portion of this cruise sponsored by Lifeway…. not a coincidence.
I originally told you that it was featuring Stephen Curtis Chapman, and his wife Mary Beth, and I believed we were only going to hear him sing.  But it was so much more….
For four days, the trip also featured devotions, times of praise & worship, and special musical performances.
Sunday mornings at home
We were married the same year the Chapmans were married.
Our oldest daughters attended Baylor University at the same time.
Mr. B danced to his song, Cinderella, with our daughter when she married.  He still weeps when he hears the song.
Stephen’s music…especially the song THE GREAT ADVENTURE…was played throughout our house and in my room at school over and over again.
I woke up my children with it….It has been my personal joyful theme song through trials and storms…it is a song of HOPE.
Sunday mornings at home
Sunday mornings at home
They were also so funny and started and ended our week together with whale and eagle costumes…just in case there were some who did not see these animals on the cruise!  Very cute.
But, this is a family who also has experienced great sadness and tragedy and loss fifteen years ago.
They shared how they persevered through it with hope.
Each message during the week was really meant for our age group…the majority of the over 700 in attendance were in the second half of life.
Stephen reminded us that we are not on a Farewell Tour, but rather,  in a stage of life where we have great mission and purpose to be engaged and active.
God gifts each one of us HOPE as a noun, to share with others as a verb.
In other words…it is our time to BLOOM!  (Because life is a GREAT ADVENTURE AND THERE IS SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR EVERY DAY)
It was exactly the spiritual retreat that I needed as I turned 70, and was surrounded by God’s amazing creation.  A call to Keep Smiling!
If you get an opportunity to see Stephen Curtis Chapman in concert…take it…he is an incredible talent on the acoustic guitar.   
Also,  Mary Beth writes a blog, and oversees an organization which assists families who desire to adopt children,  Show Hope.
I met one amazing couple from Maine who have adopted 11 children and currently have 23 grandchildren…and are still counting!
I am so thankful for the Chapman’s inspiration at a time of life when we often need an additional boost of encouragement to just keep living with joy!
If you are in need of HOPE today, please feel free to email me.  I will put you on my prayer list…and I promise I do pray when I am asked to.  
That is it for today’s Sunday mornings at home….I hope you have a glorious day….and will return tomorrow…make sure you join me as we….
By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home



  1. Good morning. The trees are lovely. I love the photo with people in it because it gives you a sense of its height.
    I’m afraid ‘the taller the tree, the deeper the roots” sounds philosophical, but it’s inaccurate. A tree’s height has nothing to do with its roots. We had a demo of this in our own yard: my father-in-law planted blue spruce, and 3 of 5 were knocked over by wind in the last big hurricane here. They have a shallow root system, all of which was exposed.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Maeve. I did more research and you are correct…so I did a quick edit in the story.

  3. Loved you beautiful story about the tree growing from an acorn. Beautiful. Please keep us up to date on your son’s attempt to grow one himself.

  4. Thank you for today’s message, and your note in yesterday’s response. We are home, and my husband is healing, and that gives me hope that we may yet share many years together. I hope your acorn gathering is fruitful, and that your dear Mr. B is feeling better now.

  5. I am going to start the tree for him and then he can decide where he wants to plant it, Rhoda. I am very excited to get it started growing for him. So, glad you enjoyed our Larchmont Tree story.

  6. So glad to know you are back home, Connie. I hope his recovery goes well. Mr. B is feeling better and will return to the office tomorrow…I continue to be thankful that it avoided me. I will be watching the acorns…though I know the squirrels watch as well!

  7. I wish you & your son much success as you try to carry on the legacy of the tree. Prayer is powerful especially when accompanied by hope!

  8. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to spend a week like this. I mean spiritually and the beauty of nature on the cruise. Nice way to turn 70. This was a great post.

  9. Love hearing about your tree journey. You give hope and joy to all of us. Thank you for continuing to write with so much hope and your beautiful smile.

  10. And thank you for being here, Sydney and for your note of encouragement! Blessings!

  11. “We are not on a farewell tour.” I love that quote! Thank you for sharing this part of your journey and how it inspired you.

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