Would You Wear It: Pajama Pants to Lunch

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Let’s have a little fun today with WOULD YOU WEAR IT: PAJAMA PANTS TO LUNCH!

Just when you think a fashion trend has subsided, it returns with the snap of fingers.

I am referring to wearing pajama pants out to lunch or any other event outside of the home.

These types of posts for women over 50 have been surfacing lately.  I am about to tell you why.

So, get your most thoughtful comments ready and let’s go into a fun Would You Wear It.

(Also, I have a new release pant for you to comment on as well!)


would you wear it

SOMA recently released new (lovely) sets of sleepwear with bold prints.

I am wearing the COOL NIGHTS TULIP PAJAMA PANTS, which are very soft and comfortable.

I have seen these pajama pants, and the SATIN WIDE LEG PANTS styled on social media and worn specifically to lunch.

Something to consider before your comment is …does it matter if the garment is specially designed for sleepwear or by a sleepwear company?

Both of the posts I saw, styled the pants with denim.

So, please tell us below…WOULD YOU WEAR IT…pajama pants to lunch?


would you wear it

Here is a new arrival pant by Eileen Fisher…and I wondered…would you wear it?

This is the EF CARROT PANT.

It is a new crepe pant with a zipped up front, and trouser pleats.

Consider the design of the garment before commenting in order to show you see this is a different design…then tell us…


Here are a few more new arrivals from Eileen Fisher:


would you wear it

This woman caught my attention when I was in the gardens.

I loved her look…with this beautiful neutral sweater, a pair of white pants, and the fun hat.  She also wore oversized sunglasses.

I know many of you like a neutral hat this time of year, but tell us about this type of hat…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Here are more fun hats out currently for sale:

Please comment on any or all of these…and tell us…Would You Wear It??  You always share such great comments on posts like this…..now, enjoy your day…and ….


By Pamela Lutrell


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would you wear it


  1. Pajamas as outerwear? Yes, I would but not the pj’s shown. The flowers are too big for me. No one would know you are wearing pajamas unless you announce it.
    The EF carrot pants are fine, but the price is not!
    I would wear the neutral hat. I have similar.

  2. No to that pair of pajama pants. I like solid bottoms best so the pattern isn’t for me.
    I find that pants with a waist band give me a better fit. I prefer a waist band to a drawstring.
    I’m not entirely certain about the carrot pants, they look good on the model, but I’d have to try them on.

    I bought a pair of EF pants last Spring. I love the color, I love the style, but they have an elastic waist and it’s droopy. I ended up taking them to alterations to have belt loops added. If the carrot pants have an elastic waist they may not be for me.

  3. Well, I happen to think that if the pj pants are worn with a more mainstream top and cute ballet flats- sure. A lot depends on where you’re having lunch or brunch too.
    On the carrot pant, I am not sure they’re for me as I don’t like pleated front on my pants (description given). They look fine on the model but I tend toward flat front when possible. I love summer hats and own/wear
    My two summery hats quite often. They protect our skin from the blazing sun and can hide a frizzy summer hair day. Humidity really ruins an otherwise cute look.

  4. I’m not sure about the PJ pants, but I agree with MP3 that, in most cases, nobody would know. I also agree that the carrot pants are nice, but the price is too high for me: $10 per wear if you wore them twice a month — and I don’t think they’re special. Love the hat but probably not with my short hair.

  5. I don’t imagine wearing pajama pants out and about, but would absolutely be open to wearing true pants designed by a sleepwear company. Those E.F. carrot pants are cute. I’d wear them, styled with a pretty cream blouse and longer cream sweater. Vivaia has a super cute black and cream tweed-looking shoe that would work to add a little fun. Pair it with my black/cream animal print handbag. The sun hat is cute. I wear one very similar when on vacation. That bright blue E.F. dress is gorgeous! Wow!

  6. Oh geez, I had so much written but I have been knocked off twice! So, yes to hats! I love my men inspired hats. I have been wearing a straw one all summer and will look for a fall one soon. It ‘tops off’ my minimal style. Love the EF slouchy pants. Wish they came in a fall color and were less than half the price! I would not wear pajama bottoms any where except to bed. It is not my style, but could be fun for bohos or romantics! I stick to slim and structured for the most part. Fun to see!

  7. The carrots pants is just a new name because this is just a straight leg pant with a zipper front. I guess that what manufacturers are going to do is just change the name and now it is a new pant. The pajama bottom from Soma first off I wouldn’t buy them, not a fan, but on some women I think they would look very nice and stylish.

  8. I agree, no one would know you are wearing pajama pants unless you told them. These are a far cry from the look the college age girls were sporting a few years ago–men’s pj pants and a sports bra. Personally I would not wear this look because I don’t wear flowery flowing type pants but it a fine look for someone else. Carrot pants are also not for me. I think they could be very flattering on someone who is pear shaped. And egads the price!

  9. I just wanted to jump in here and thank you, Paulette, to calling attention to the pleated front in the carrot pants…that is what I was wondering about the most.

  10. Sorry Deborah…again I do not know why that happens to some and not to others and why it eventually works. Wish I did.

  11. Hi Dianne, I think the uniqueness of the carrot pant is the “trouser” design with pleats in the front.

  12. I not only would wear pjs to lunch, I have! I have worn Soma tulip pants (in black) to lunch, and their navy regular long pj pants ditto. I have worn their long vee neck nightgowns with a denim jacket out in public. In fact, all of that is go-to cruise and travel wear. The pajamas have to be almost new (bright dye, good hand to the fabric) and I pay careful attention to accessories and wear makeup, to avoid the “rolled out of bed” look. Clerks at Soma tell me many customers buy their sleepwear to wear as daywear on cruises. Last time, the salesladies tried to sell me one of the nightgowns in a tropical print, but it looked too much like a nightgown. I think a print is risky, because it calls attention to the pjs, whereas I think the attention should be focused elsewhere, as in tabletop dressing. No to the carrot pants. I would look like a clown with all the bulk at the tummy (where I need zero help bulking up) and then the taper. I’ve worn hats like that at the beach or a vacation destination. I think the lady looks particularly lovely because the hat adds texture to the simple, silky neutral sweater, and clearly compliments her hair color and style. In general, I feel a little silly/overdressed in hats otherwise, though I love them on people with long necks and taller than my 5’5” self.

  13. I have a pair of pants that make me feel like they are pj pants, although they are not. I’ve worn them out and
    gotten many compliments on them.
    My 38 year old daughter when I put them on said, “Are you wearing that?”
    I confess I changed. LOL. The ones you are modeling are cute and could pass for wear other than bed.

  14. I love hats and I like how I look in them…but I feel self-conscious when I wear them. So I need a bit more self-confidence! Maybe 40 years ago I had a pair of pants with a similar cut to the EF Carrot pants and felt quite stylish in them. The pleats give a little extra room for the hips, but still skim the body nicely. But now with extra pounds, it would not be a good look. As far as pajama pants — soft, print pants are seen frequently and when they are styled nicely, they look great. So with a nice top and third piece, like a denim or linen jacket, it is a feminine look.

  15. I would wear pajama pants out but they would probably sit in my closet more often. I own a few flowy, wide legged palazzo type pants and hardly ever go to them. Solids and a small print are more practical for me. Love the EF style of pant; just above the ankle with ballet flats is something I wear often. A bit pricey however. I can’t seem to pull the trigger on EF; I find other manufacturers much less expensive for the same look. Love wearing a hat and this one looks as if it suits the lady; my hat style leans to a smaller brim. The wallaroo petite Victoria or a fedora works for my smallish head.

  16. Yes, definitely would wear the pajama pants out and about. I have a Vera Wang sleepwear dress that I wear as a sun dress and always get compliments on it. As for the carrot pants, I vote no only because of the ridiculous price. Who pays that kind of money for one pair of pants?

  17. It is hilarious (to me) that the EF pants are called “carrot”–I always say when I wear tapered pants that I feel like an ice cream cone aka carrot with a bigger booty that narrows so much at the bottom. Not my favorite silhouette! I just had to remark on that. Love your posts. Keep up the great work!

  18. Pam, you and this community of savvy readers have sparked my interest in wearing sleepwear beyond home. My Banana Republic silky pajama set in gorgeous neutral print now has new places to go, worn individually with mainstream pieces so as to not scream pajamas. Also, I like what Linda L says about hats – make them proportional to your size and body type. Hats beyond ballcaps are fun and practical, yet rarely seen in everyday Arizona unless on a ranch or fashion show.

  19. No, I wouldn’t wear the pajama pants out anywhere. I like a more structured tailored look, & the print on the ones shown definitely does not fit my adjectives. I don’t think the carrot pants would be flattering to me. I believe the pleats would add bulk to an area of my body that really doesn’t need extra bulk, but I might try them on to see if I am correct. I would wear the neutral hat. I have two summer hats that I wear because I like the shade they provide for my face. Both of the hats are neutrals, although one does have a chambray band.

  20. I always get compliments when I wear one of my fedoras. I have a chin length Bob haircut and yes, a long neck but I am short at 5’2”. No to the carrot pants, one too expensive and two don’t like front pleats on pants. I have several pajama pants I could wear out just had not thought about doing so. They are plain.

  21. No to both pants. I don’t like the big print and the flowy style is just not me. And oh a big no to the carrot pants. Too expensive and reminds me a lot of a silhouette from years ago—skinny legs, pleats over a wide tummy-that did no one any favors. I know about cost per wear, but most if us have multiples of black pants and I usually reach for a pull on style by Alfani from Macys. I have some that are many years old, look good, and cost about $89 per pair, not on sale! And if they get a stain or something happens to them, it’s not a big deal. Absolutely yes on the hat, a lovely shape and the outfit sounded very stylish as you described it. I love hats, even with my short hair!

  22. Years ago I frequently wore a top that I liked. One day I happened to look at the tag and was surprised to see it was labeled “sleepwear.” Even I didn’t know I was wearing sleepwear!

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