Seattle Style: Two very different days

Seattle style

Happy Monday, all!  Today is the last leg of my recent journey as I share my Seattle Style: two very different days.

Our Alaskan cruise included two full days on either end in Seattle.

Mr. B had been to Seattle before…I had not.  All I knew is that I was leaving one very warm city, and headed to cooler temps north. 

Therefore, I expected my Seattle style would need to be for cooler weather. 

Seattle Style

I should’ve read the clues.  My husband told me to expect cloudy, rainy weather and that I most likely would not get to see Mount Rainier due to cloud cover.

Seattle Style

Well, flying in and actually throughout the two days in Seattle…I saw Mount Rainier often and no rain.

Perhaps that will set the stage for you when I begin to discuss what I was wearing for Seattle Style.


Seattle Style

We arrived in Seattle mid-morning for Day 1.

I decided to wear my JJILL Boyfriend Jeans because I wanted to have them for a couple of potential outfits on the ship.

For comfort, I selected on top my JCP Ryegrass longer available, but I own it in two colors.  It is great for travel and doesn’t wrinkle at all.

I have said before and will say one more time just how great these Easy Spirit shoes are for travel.  They have been through three trips with me and I was so glad to have them.

These are the EASY SPIRIT TRAVEL TIME CLASSIC CLOGS in Woodash White Suede.  I also wore them in the rain in Juneau…great shoe for many reasons.

My very red sweaty face will be addressed in one moment…not the Seattle Style I planned for.

Seattle Style

After 5 hours of travel, which began when we got up at 2AM in San Antonio, we were starving and very much sleepless in Seattle.

The hotel recommended Tuolouse Petit Kitchen in the Queen Ann district…and this is honestly, one of the best restaurants we have ever experienced.

The chef is gifted with seasonings.  

If I could bring this place home, I would.

Seattle style

Then we began to walk around the streets of Seattle.  Mr. B really wanted to show me the Pike Place Market.

Seattle style

I had no idea that it would be at the top of a very tall stair climb from the pier below.

And as we walked, the temps heated up to close to 90.

Now, in San Antonio that would be a cool front, but in San Antonio, every building has air conditioning.

As I heated up in Seattle, there was no place to cool off.   With less sleep and less water than I drink every day….

I came very close to a heat stroke…go figure, right?

Seattle style

But, I saw the flying fish market…the original Starbucks…and lots of beautiful flowers.

Yet, the entire time, I kept thinking I should’ve dressed differently.

Day 1 of Seattle Style was a bust.


Seattle style

The next time I saw Seattle was very early exactly one week later from the cruise ship.

It looked clear once again…no rain.  So, I said…we are going to do things differently this time with my Seattle Style.

We elected to stay one more night in a hotel, and leave early on Saturday.

I am so glad we did it that way.  I heard many nightmare stories about the airport on Friday as all the cruise ships docked and sent passengers on their way.

We seemed to have a much easier trip home…no lost luggage or delays such as the stories included from Friday.

Seattle Style

I was thrilled when our hotel had a room ready for us by 10…I was exhausted from the incredible week we experienced.

Thus the reason for crazy hair and no makeup.

However, I selected this Clara Sun Woo base for its light weight cool comfort. And on top I placed a Johnny Was jacket, purchased last year in a clearance sale.

I wrote about Clara Sun Woo for Travel Clothes…and I now believe even more how great the clothes are.

The pieces roll up into tiny little balls and come out with no wrinkles at all.  These pieces have the same comfort as sleepwear, and I knew would work for a warm climate.

You might have already guessed …it was sunny, but a cold wind was blowing!!  I am just not good at Seattle style!

Seattle style

I am so glad I tossed on the Johnny Was jacket or I would have been really cold. 

I decided to spend the day lounging in bed while Mr. B went out to experience more of Seattle….this was the hotel view so I thought I am experiencing it.

Seattle style

He did return with delicious Frans Chocolates…these are so good.

I am excited that they can be ordered online.

Seattle style

Seattle style

I did dive into the wind, and join him one more time at Toulouse Petit.

I had crab and fried green tomatoes, but his King Salmon was incredible!  We highly recommend.

I think the biggest lesson for me with Seattle style is to consider there is no air conditioning in most places, and to consider the wind on the opposite end of things.

There may be no rain, but that doesn’t mean there are no elements to think about.

If there is anyone else who has advice for this city…we would love to hear.

I only have one more possible post to share from my journey, but it does not include what I wore.

If I can work it in soon, I will.  I hope these posts will help some of you planning trips.

I am thankful for Clara Sun Woo and for Easy Spirit…big successes with my Seattle Style.


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Of course, we checked the weather. But when you live in an exceptionally warm climate where every building has AC…things are a bit different. The forecast on the first day was in the 80s…let me tell you, that is cool to me. So sometimes checking the weather doesn’t give all of the information required to be appropriately dressed or comfortable.

  2. Hey, Pam! I think despite our best planning, sometimes our travel wardrobes don’t serve like we’d hoped. I’ve been to Seattle two or three times, once in winter and once in summer for sure. In all the photos I could find I had a scarf and light (or heavy) jacket. My pants were blue or colored denim. I also wore a denim shirt a couple times. (I was visiting from FL.). I did buy a North Face jacket there on one of the visits for the rain!

  3. My daughter lives in the Seattle area so I have flown in and out many times. All that rainy weather is somewhat of a myth. Winter is their rainy season. Locals do not carry umbrellas. Right now the area is preparing for a heat wave. My daughter just got AC last year. I would recommend a ferry trip from the dock to Bainbridge Island for a lovely day trip with cooler temperatures if you ever return. Or a day in Tacoma. Beautiful waterfront, less traffic, and great restaurants. Ditto for Gig Harbor.

  4. I know what you mean about changing weather! We went to Ireland in 2018 for two weeks. Well, they were having a heat wave! I had brought tee shirts and shorts just in case. It was only in the 80s, but no air conditioning anywhere because it is usually rainy and cool there. I could only open the window about 2 inches in the rooms for safety reasons and no ceiling fans. I thought I would die! Coming from Florida where everything is air conditioned, I was so hot. The bright side was that it was sunny for most of the trip. the last 4 or 5 days it did rain. We drove up and visited the Atlantic side of Ireland and the last few days I wore my down jacket at the water! It was a lovely trip because I have relatives there I met for the first time!

  5. We go to Seattle area often since that is where my daughter and her family live. Most often summers are amazing. Cooler, drier than FL or TX.
    However the weather can change within an hour, overnight from amazing to cold. We spent 1 4th of July in Seattle, we almost froze to death ! I had on a coat and socks but jumped up and down as we watched the fireworks to keep warm.
    Always carry a jacket especially one that repells water, check the weather before you walk out of the hotel. And remember many places do not have AC. Pack for cooler weather and hot weather in the summer. By Oct. It is quite chilly and rainy.

  6. Hi, Pam –
    Seattle is right on the Pacific, so that influences the weather a lot. I just asked my husband, who lived there for his first 40 years. He researched, and found that about 1/3 of Seattle homes currently have AC, and most commercial buildings do.
    Seattle is generally cooler than where we live in Portland. Currently we are expecting 105 today, and that is far too hot for me! Fortunately we live in a “newer” home, built in 1970, and we do have central air. I prefer cooler temps and to be able to go outside during the day! The lovely Pacific Northwest is not constantly gray and raining, as is often portrayed. We are currently experiencing a very dry year in Portland. As a gardener, I would love to see a good soaking rain! We visit Seattle frequently (about 3.5 hours north driving) as DH still has family and friends there. If we went today, I would pack shorts, t-shirts and a light jacket. The expected high today in Seattle is 89.
    I hope you had an opportunity to explore and enjoy Seattle. It is a lovely city built around seven hills (like Rome!) and many interesting neighborhoods.

  7. Just wearing layers is my only recommendation ( too late for this trip however)! I’m thinking as our climate warms up, more places will provide AC. They’re also seeing this in France (many places. In Europe) where one summer I thought I would die in my hotel as a heat wave hit. It was so hot and humid ( rarity) and since id traveled there before I thought I had my packing just right- not so.
    I enjoyed Pike Place Market fish tossing too. Interesting place. And there is ( was) an entire underground neighborhood nearby that I took a tour to see. Not for the claustrophobic!

  8. Coming back from AK to Seattle to sunshine even though it was in the high 70s was warm to me. I was not appropriately dressed and felt rung out and sweaty. Going up to catch the cruise ship, it was cool and cloudy, and a light jacket had felt good. I did see Mount Rainier on the last day. It was a beautiful sight

  9. I know exactly what you went through. I have experienced the same on vacation trips before. Even returning trips to areas I’ve been before. Nothing worse than wearing the wrong clothes for the weather.

  10. If you go to Seattle again, I’d recommend the Pop Culture Museum and the aquarium. We really enjoyed both places and they are air conditioned!

  11. Ireland would be on a bucket list for me…it always looks so pretty in the pictures.

  12. I had a rain jacket with me. When we came back through, I was tired and did not want to unpack anything….it was self-inflicted discomfort.

  13. The places we stopped in to cool off did not, but I did not think about going in an office building. Good idea. We were only there for those two days and did not plan them well…but I did enjoy the Queen Ann area.

  14. The market was fun and once I got up the stairs to it, I began to really relax and enjoy!

  15. Mount Rainier is breathtaking and I am so glad I was able to see it. Thanks Cheryll.

  16. I would not dress that way walking around San Antonio right now…the jeans would be too heavy. It just took me a little by surprise. I think the way I was feeling was also influenced by lack of sleep and not as much water as I usually begin my day drinking. I do not sleep well on planes…if at all.

  17. I live in the Seattle area. Usually our hot weather is in July and August with some smaller bouts of warm weather in the surrounding months. I like our spring and fall the most as it is temperate but you might run into rain then. January and February are our wettest months and mostly the only time you might see a short snow storm. The weather here can change quickly and you may find it differs depending on your location (at the beach vrs in inland or up in the mountains). I do layering all year, it’s rare that I don’t. Even in the midst of a heat wave it can get too cool. I usually have a light cardigan or jacket with me at this time of year even if it’s warm. If it’s windy a windbreaker (in the colder months this would be a heavy wind proof coat) is needed as our wind is from Alaska and is cold. Later in the year I will carry a heavier coat or sweater or a rain jacket. We don’t get too cold but it can be penetrating, I always look at the weather forecast and figure out what’s coming and bring an appropriate item along. I check the weather every day before I get dressed and it’s super changeable.

  18. Funny, when we travel, we tend to think of the cold and not the heat, but we all seem to have miserable heat stories, me included. The only option seems to be layers and natural fibers. And using the option to take it easy when you are tired. I applaud your decision to rest. When we cruise, we always go a day ahead so that airport snafus don’t cause the ship to leave without us, but we are anxious to come home afterward and leave the same day. Whether that’s a problem depends on the airport. In Vancouver, where our cruise docked, it was no problem at all. In Fort Lauderdale, the most insane cruise dock ever (I believe it’s the largest in the world), the airport was so packed people were sitting on the filthy floor, and we stood for 3 hours. The noise level was painful. Sometimes there is a stressful end to a vacation that negates the relaxation, but we love to travel and try to just deal with whatever comes up. You do learn, though, what works for you, so you will always know to build in a bit of time at the end for yourself, and I on the other hand will be forever pushing to get home.

  19. I love Seattle as my son lived there for many years and is now about 35 minutes away — in a different climate in the mountains. There is tons to do and explore in Seattle. One thing I think you and Mr. B would like is the tour of the Mariners stadium. You see all the boxes (air conditioned) and get to go on the field. Pike Place is about 5 minutes from the art museum, which is excellent. Taking a tour of Boeing is really fun (but harder to get to). I second the recommendation to take the ferry to Bainbridge.. The Chichuly Glass Museum is sensational — a must see. As a New Englander, I don’t expect A./C and so don’t miss it at all. Seattle can be windy. Like New England, they say “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” it’s that changeable.

  20. So true…cold was on my mind more than heat. I really thought I was leaving the heat. Thanks Linda.

  21. Thanks Maeve…my husband loves sports stadiums…we were there at a very busy time…baseball games going on at home and Taylor Swift performing…lots of people around!

  22. Ooh Pam you triggered past memories. We lived in Phx, AZ when my daughter lived in San Francisco. I absolutely hated packing for a trip to SF. Living in AZ, since I was four, I had NO CLUE about the concept of layering. (We ended up with a great sweatshirt/sweater collection purchased in SF.) Seriously I just could not think sweater when it is 105 degrees.
    Enjoyed revisiting Alaska with you. Such a magical, rugged beauty. 💗

  23. I hear you, Suzi…it was a challenge to think cold and get hot, then to think hot and get cold. But I learned a few lessons through it all. Alaska is a magical place and the whole trip was an amazing blessing.

  24. My daughters have lived in the PNW for 10 years…one in Seattle and one in Portland. We live in Dallas and visit 6;or so times a year. I finally figured their summer out. Just dress like Texas with a light wrap in your bag. If a place there doesn’t have AC in the summer, save it for another season! We put our grandson on the plane last night to return to 106 degrees in Portland! And in the other seasons…. Layers. Layers. Layers! I have a light raincoat that goes in my bag whatever we do and whenever we go there!

  25. Oh, Seattle! We moved there from Nevada in 1977, and it was rather a culture shock and certainly a big adjustment in terms of weather. Nonetheless, I remain hopelessly in love with the place. We lived south, very near the airport, on a small lake, and most usually had to wait until just after the 4th of July to swim and even then you had to be bold to launch into the cold waters! Our forays to the Washington beaches for camping helped to harden our legs to the frigid waters of the Pacific, such that we learned to wear shorts from April to October without goosebumps (the trick being to wear socks and hiking boots + a fleece and vest). As I said, ‘culture shock.’ 😀 It’s a fun and quirky place and like anywhere, the more time you spend there, the more you relax into and enjoy the vibe. I would recommend a repeat trip to our great Pacific Northwest, maybe flying up to San Jose in California, renting a car or camper, and then make your way up past my town (Roseburg), then turn east for a visit to Crater Lake, north to Bend from there, west to Newport at the coast, and straight up to Astoria with lots of coastal fun along the way. Back inland a bit to see Portland and the majestic Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen’s, then north to Gig Harbor – super quaint and picturesque – and back into Seattle for a more leisurely few days. Try to book a houseboat vrbo, and you will not even mind what the weather does. 😁

  26. I really enjoyed your travel blogs! Travel is my passion, so this is in my wheelhouse 😊. I have had to buy coats in “warm” climates before, so I feel you.

  27. I’ve never been to Seattle but my son has and he said the scenery is great. I’ve been to San Francisco which is another place where the weather can change very quickly. I’ve done the same where I wore something too warm for the day. The picture you took of Seattle early in the morning is beautiful.
    Also wanted to say I’m going to try those shoes. I just ordered a pair because they do look comfortable. I have neuropathy in my feet and most shoes hurt. Hopefully these will work.

  28. I feel very confident recommending these shoes…I have really put them to the test. And if you have to remove your shoes in an airport…these are great to have. Very comfortable for walking. I hope you will like them, Paula.

  29. I am so glad you have enjoyed them Lisa. That is why I do the events in my life…hopefully to help others.

  30. I think most folks from the Seattle area have said what I was going to say. I am from just north of Seattle and currently melting in my house where it is 82 degrees inside with no a/c. Although that is on our to do list before next summer. Most restaurants and such have a/c, but not all. We have hardly had any rain this summer which isn’t great for us. But more and more summers are like that. It was 90 yesterday. I dress in linen bottoms and tanks/short sleeve shirts or a dress and keep a cardigan nearby. Contrary to popular opinion I don’t own a raincoat and just wear a cardigan or puffy jacket in the cold. Really I’m just running from a car to a building quick if it’s raining. No need to carry a wet raincoat around once I’m inside. The drops dry pretty quickly. And no, most Washingtonians don’t carry umbrellas, unless maybe you live in the city. That usually tells us who the tourists are.

  31. This is the fourth time I have tried to comment today. It is constantly knocked off. I am now keeping it short. Layers-yes! It must be hard to gage when traveling from a hot climate like San Antonio has. Cool to you is so very different. My other point that I wrote more about earlier was self care while vacationing. I am so glad to hear that you stayed that extra night, and that you held back at one point. At 70 we have decided that we don’t need to be on the go constantly anymore. While in NYC over the ‘hottest days’ in July, we kept going back to the apartment we had. We made no plans with any NY friends (we didn’t tell them we were there). We figured we could do that in the fall or winter. We did meet up with our daughter’s family for one day, but any of our kids understand our needs and limitations. We took them on dozens of vacations growing up, and we find it a relief to travel with them as adults now. I love it when they drive, make the reservations, or give us an afternoon to do our own thing at our own pace. We don’t have to be ‘on’ constantly. I know that you were on a different type of vacation, but it is still important to realize we must take care of ourselves and slow down when need be. We are thinking of returning to Amsterdam or Portugal next year, and taking a few day trips from one spot. I am so happy you saw Mt Rainier.

  32. Deborah, Sydney and anyone else experiencing difficulty with commenting. I need to know exactly what is happening..a screenshot would be even better of what you see when you say you are “kicked off.” That doesn’t communicate to the technology team…they need very good specifics. Please send those specifics and screenshots to me at

  33. It is wonderful that you see your hardships with the weather as lessons learned. We can all file them away with you. The weather has gone crazy nearly everywhere for the last few years. Our snow is getting less and affecting so many states. It is much hotter too. I live in shorts or linen from May to end of October. And we live at 5,300 ft. In Colorado front range mountains! Layering in the fall, winter and spring here if you visit our beautiful state. Your attitude will always get you through Pamela.

  34. Pam, glad you spent time time relaxing in Seattle hotel! Sometimes even a message is just too much although I do love to indulge which is not a good description. We owe ourselves renewal — rest, spa whatever.

  35. I live in Seattle; wish we who live here had warned you about very little AC before your trip. The trick to our weather: it usually comes from the Pacific Ocean. A meteorologist once told me this makes precise predictions several days in advance difficult. Most folks here have a layer or two (including something waterproof) ready to go just in case. Our hills make comfy and supportive shoes important.

    How wise you were to take a day to relax after your cruise and before your flight home. And I’m so glad “the Mountain was out” while you were here!

  36. I moved to coastal oregon from california desert . We have no ac and just use ceiling fans on hottest days and open windows in am and evening..”.but like seattle , we have changeable weather cool in morning then it warms up till about 3 and then we get nice even cold breezy winds from ocean and lakes.
    We walk often in our rural neighborhood, so i have learned to layer whenever i leave house or runerrands and i have a variety of light weight jackets or sweaters or atheltic jacket because i always get cool when wind picks up , ihave lots of chicos jackets . I wear sleeves year round . If idont need a jacket , i tie itaround my waist or put in tote ,,.. our rainy season starts in-about sept- october to may ,,,,off and on with some sunshiny nice days inbetween .. i have several raincoats as i walk a mile or so daily and jackets with hoods so i amprepared…for wet hair or cold ears … our summer isnt too hot but we have a few days in august usually when it might get to 90 ,outside …. For a few hours .. inland an hour its usually over 20 degrees hotter or colder than here on coast . .. our temp is usually a cool 60 -70 in spring falll and even some of summer its cool ., winter is 40-60 , I love it because we arent ever hot or have to deal with snow .no extremes …
    . just lots of rain in winter … like seattle .. .” So if you travel this way again on coast here or north wear layers , light weight thinner jackets in summer ,, and have a light raincoat or fleece jacket for evening or wind , rain .

  37. I’m new to your blog and excited to see you visited my city! The weather here is incredibly fickle. There’s a constant checking of the weather, even as a local. Just last week we had gloomy, fall-like weather (which made me so excited!) and now this week we’re experiencing an ‘excessive heat warning.’ The fall is much more predictable – gloomy and rainy!

  38. Welcome to the blog, Catherine. So happy to have you here and thanks for joining in!

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