Would You Wear It – A Yellow Sweater

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, friends.  Let’s play Would You Wear It again and ask about a yellow sweater.

I was happy to accommodate those of you who asked to have Would You Wear It return.  

I will do this more often during the week and continue to collaborate with Jennifer for the Saturday Style Tips challenges.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind…would you wear it is about evaluating fashion displays and telling us why you would or would not wear it.

The exercise has helped many ladies with making purchasing decisions.

It is more about the styles than the cost.  Look at the specific pieces I point out and then comment on the design and perhaps on how it is styled on the display.

So, let’s get started with Would you Wear It?  And learn from one another and have some fun.


would you wear it

I took this yellow sweater off the rack at Talbots to look it over.

Another woman near me said, “They should’ve ask a group about that color!”

This is the JOHNNY COLLAR SWEATER in the color golden honey.

Full disclosure, I do own the Solid Pima Bateau Neck Tee in golden honey.

I love it in my autumn palette wardrobe, but it is a layering piece for me.  I do not wear it as the star of an outfit, but as a supporting cast.

So, I was looking at the sweater and considering it as a star.  I did not purchase it.

Even if I had purchased it, I do not think I would wear it with white, but rather with blue denim.

So, I am asking ….what about you…would you wear it?  Yellow is everywhere right now in various shades.  Here are a few for you to consider….


would you wear it

Remember to explain your answers…why or why not would you wear it?

Do you agree with the other shopper…or with me since I do wear the color? (Though I haven’t decided if I would make it the star of an outfit or not).

If you would wear it, how would you style the yellow sweater?

Your opinions matter, ladies.

One more thing, I did not share with you Mr. B’s favorite shopping experience on the cruise.

He is a big fan of wearing bamboo, and someone on the cruise recommended to him CARILOHA.

So, we visited their Stagway AK store and left with quite a bit…tee shirt, underwear, socks…

Whenever our current bamboo sheets give out, we will look here for new ones.  I am so glad we were in a place we could touch and experience them.

This is on a list for me of Christmas gift considerations for various family members.

Can’t wait to read your thoughts today, ladies!  Hope you will share…and I will be here tomorrow with your weekly newsletter…and, of course, make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it


  1. I would wear it! It is such a happy colour, and I would use it with brown or green pants, as well as denim. It is a rich shade, and perfect for fall.

  2. I would wear it. It is such a happy shade. I would wear with brown or dark blue denim.

  3. Yellow? No! Yellow does not work for me. I like the style of the sweater and it comes in navy and berry. I would wear those.

  4. I would and do wear that color. I think it is a bright and cheerful color and it looks great with brown, black, olive green and dark denim. I would not style that color sweater with white because I think it is too much of a contrast. The style of the sweater looks nice on the manekin but I recently purchased a sweater in the same style and although very comfortable I am having problems with getting that large knit collar to lay right on me – maybe because my shoulders are narrow?

  5. Though I like the color and the style of the sweater (and would wear it with jeans), the color would make me look sallow and unwell since I look better in summer colors.

  6. It is a happy color and I do like the johnny color sweaters but the color is wrong for me I think. I’d buy it in blue or navy or black/ white stripe however!
    If I did wear it this fall I would knot a small silk printed neckerchief at my neck – one with complementary colors!

  7. No, no, never! I am a “summer” and this harsh gold color would make me look sallow. Plus I really don’t like that color at all. I’m sure it would look ok on the “autumns” out there but for those of us who need a cool color palette, no way!

  8. Yellow is one of those colors……!!! So much will determine the success or failure of it. The particular style of the item of clothing, material, weight, design. Very important to me is how all those factors look ON me! Skin tone, hair color, eye color… yes, yellow, you are a tricky one! I’ll go ahead and say that there is not ONE yellow item of clothing in my closet!!! But some people look great in yellow….just not me!

  9. I agree with the other shopper. I don’t think I have ever worn that colour and don’t intend to start. It just doesn’t go with anything in my closet and would be too big a contrast with black in my opinion. The sweater itself does not look well made. I’m not sure why it has one sleeve rolled under and one sleeve down. Though it looks to have a ribbing on the cuff it does not look as if it would be tight enough to keep the sleeve at the 3/4 length. The shoulders as well don’t read set in but not the normal dreaded drop sleeve either. Sorry but the collar also looks too floppy to hold a nice collar line. I do like Talbots but this is a real miss for me.

  10. I would wear it!! I love a yellow sweater with jeans…I have also paired it with white jeans…Such a happy color!

  11. I would wear it. I have a a cardigan that color that I wear irregularly, and a JCP tee that gets some wear when traveling. Unfortunately, around here that color is paired with navy in our university’s colors, and if wearing with black I feel like a bumblebee (especially if I wear my beloved stripes somewhere!). So, while I like the color and often get compliments when I wear it, I find it very tricky to style. I usually just wear it with jeans. I also find it pretty loud, and therefore, it lacks a certain sophistication … more fun than a workhorse. I do like the Johnny collar and would like to add one to my wardrobe, but probably would choose another color. I completely understand what the ladies were saying about this not passing muster with a focus group, as I feel it needs warm, deep or very high contrast coloring to wear, even discounting the “school colors” aspect of it.

  12. Yellows in general make me look ill, but it is the johnny collar that would keep me from purchasing that sweater in any color. I know it is a big fall trend, but it won’t be part of my wardrobe.

  13. Yes, yellow is a happy look. Great for fall with forest or olive green chinos or midi skirt and chunky cognac loafers. Then go have a pumpkin spice latte.

  14. I purchased it and I will wear it once the weather cools off. Golden yellow is one of my best colors. I’m a Autumn and for me this is a happy and confident color. The color won’t suit all. Its a strong autumn color. I had had a turtleneck sweater this color in college and loved it. I will wear it with regular jeans, brown and olive pants. Its light enough to wear under a jacket. I will wear it under a jean jacket, my faux leather brown bomber jacket and probably other jackets (too hot to look at the jackets). I expect to wear it often fall and winter.

  15. Yellows are tricky, but rather than making this sweater the star of the show, I think it would make a good accent. If you were wearing a column of white, arranging the sweater over your shoulders could be attractive — maybe even add a thin yellow belt. I think it’s unfortunate that Talbots did not press the trousers.

  16. The only yellow I can wear is a pale lemon yellow. The bright, orangy yellows make my skin sallow. Ireally like to sweater style, and would purchase it in navy and wear it to death!!!

  17. Yellow is my favorite color! It stems from when I was six years old and played miss sunshine in a class play. My Mom made me this adorable little yellow dress. Ever since then it has been my favorite color.
    Now, this is a lovely sweater, but too yellow for me, if you get that. This color has too much maybe brown or orange in it for my complexion. I do like the style. That neckline with the collar is great for me. Given the right shade of yellow I would pair it with navy.
    I have a large collection of yellow tops and navy pants, from casual to more dressy.
    And, of course, pairing it with accessories can bring it up in style. I would add a scarf with multi colors, or a flashy necklace in a contrasting color, or if the weather is cooler, a sleeveless mock neck top underneath.

  18. The golden yellow is a very happy color, but as a winter I would look too washed out and sallow. I like a Johnny collar, so I will see if I can find it in a color I can wear when i go with my kids/grands to Denver area this later this week to do school shopping!! Yep, blues or navy maybe..I will see :- would definitely wear it with denim and I need navy dressier pant.

  19. Personally I don’t wear yellow or even care much for it. And the Johnny collar look has never been a favorite look of mine. However, if I was the fashion good fairy and dressing someone with it I would pair it with darker pants and put a dark patterned neck scarf that picked up the color of the trouser at the neck. You know the kind…….small, we used to fold them into a triangle and then roll or fold to get a small colorful sash to tie around our throat.

  20. I love this shade of yellow and own a favorite hobo bag in it, but cannot wear this deeper tone near my face unfortunately. As a spring, my best yellow is pale, buttery, or I can manage a bit brighter mixed in with white or multi colored prints in a blouse or scarf. For this sweater, as is, I see it paired with a plaid scarf for fall, under a deep blue denim or navy vest, and maybe some brown baby wale corduroy jeans, shortie sued boots, and then my hobo. Yellow is such a happy color – my house, a cape cod cottage, is pale yellow, as is my old touring bike, and my old VW bug was, likewise, yellow. So HAPPY! 😁 The light blue sweater in the foreground is very pretty.

  21. I like the sweater but it’s not for me. I’m considered a summer. But on an autumn it would look very nice. And you are an autumn! I understand why they featured it. It’s a nice fall color just not for all of us. As someone earlier said she liked the style but in berry or navy. I agree.

  22. No I would not wear it even though I do like ‘johnny/polo collared’ garments however do question the design of this one as to how the collar would lay plus the inset of its sleeves. Also this tone of yellow (though a happy one) does not work with my complexion. -Brenda-

  23. I would not wear/purchase this sweater. The bright, golden yellow is one of my worst colors. The collar gives the sweater a preppy vibe. Not one of my style adjectives. I avoid synthetic fabrics. The reviews at Talbots’ site were scathing. I’m a hard no today, I’m afraid!

  24. As others have said, trendy-seasonal colors don’t always compliment everyone. I would not wear this color but go for berry, blue, blue-reds, and white and black, blue-pinks. blonds would really look great in the yellow. Sandra

  25. Sandra, as a former blonde and now white with silver streaks, I absolutely cannot wear any yellow as I am a cool summer. I look sick in that color. The way the collar lays is also not flattering to my large bust but small frame. An autumn that is tall and has broad shoulders could wear with sable brown slacks.

  26. I wouldn’t wear it as it’s not my color, with your coloring you could wear it. This fall there seems so many great colors. Hopefully it comes in other colors.

  27. I would absolutely wear the sweater. The shade of golden yellow is one of my best. I have medium golden brown hair, very light yellow-ivory complexion, and golden hazel green eyes. The color very much suits my bright, warm, medium coloring. I would wear the sweater with blue jeans, with soft white or ivory in warmer months, with caramel brown or darker browns, and with prints that have some gold in them. I have several print skirts that would look good with the color. My skirts are bright teal and gold, warm burgundy and gold, warm pink and gold, turquoise and gold, and several others. I can see someone with deeper warm coloring wearing the sweater with deep burgundy, teal, deep rust, or deep, warm purple. The gold really goes with a huge number of colors. It’s one of my best shades, but it certainly does not suit everyone. My husband and my 2 daughters are all cool. They have very fair, almost white skin and dark brown hair. This shade of warm golden yellow is a big no no for them! My family and I do not share very many colors in common. I wear very clear tomato reds, grass greens, golden yellows, caramel browns best. They do not wear any of these colors. Conversely, the colors they wear best don’t work for me at all!

  28. So did I, Connie…in fact the comments today have been incredible. Let’s keep this up…you guys are very helpful to others with your comments. And an occasional fun story just makes it even better!

  29. I like the style of the sweater, but the color is definite no for me. It would look wonderful on all those “autumn” ladies. I think it would look better with a darker pant, say navy, brown or even olive. I would also like to see it with a more substantial fabric. Both the color & weight of these pants seem out of place with this particular sweater.

  30. As a pastel summer, I would not wear this vibrant, autumnal yellow. However, I do think it will be great for those with warm coloring. I love yellow in theory but the only shade I can wear is a very pale, “primrose” yellow-white shade. That shade is very hard to find in manufactured garments and even in fabric. But I do love it, and it pairs and looks wonderful with lighter shades of blue. Not sure I am into the johnny collar trend, but in cooler climates if it served as an alternative to the roll neck, turtle neck on a sweater, it might be nice. This top might look great with a rich chocolatey brown slack or skirt or paired with a denim jacket in rich brown.

  31. I saw this sweater last week at Talbots. I am on the fence regarding the johnny collar. As my neck softens, I need a softer neckline showing more skin. In the winter a scarf or necklace softens a higher look. Well, I don’t agree with the comment about the color rarely looking good on anyone. It is in my bold, deep autumn palette. I thought I would play with it today. I pulled out Talbot jeans in that color, a dark green scoop jersey, an off white linen ‘coastal’ shirt, and off white sneaks. I rolled the legs us a bit to show skin, as well as rolling the off white sleeves. I felt good in it, and actually had a compliment given to me! I own four other pieces in this color: a slouchy t, an short open cardi, a girlfriend cardi, and a batwing sweater. I would wear only one piece at a time, none of them together. I would usually pair this color with my olives or browns. I haven’t reached for the batwing sweater yet, because it would have to be the ‘star’. It is bright for a deep autumn! I will see if I can make it work with my brown jeans and a brown multi colored scarf to tone it down. That will be my autumn challenge! I would like to comment that every season has a yellow. My daughter informed me that she would never wear yellow. After being typed as a light spring, she has recanted. She looks lovely mixing her best given yellow shade in with her other light spring colors. Leave no stone unturned!

  32. I would definitely wear yellow especially this deep, honey color. Recently I learned that I’m still a deep autumn even with my grayish hair. A lightweight sweater is perfect for Southern California falls and winters. I also own the bateau tee in a similar mustardy yellow and wear it with olive, navy or tan. These color stories ever get old!

  33. I, too, am an Autumn and love this color. I agree with you that it would be better paired with navy blue.

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