Step up fall jean outfits with Talbots tops

fall jean outfits

Happy final day of August 2023! Today, let’s think about how to step up fall jean outfits with Talbots tops.

Many of us have a trusted pair of jeans that we love because of the style and fit, so today is a way to step up fall jean outfits with Talbots tops.

Talbots fall collection has many ways to create a variety of beautiful fall jean outfits for elevated casual styles.

So, today, I am not discussing the jeans on the bottom, just the new Talbots fall tops to refresh your wardrobe with great denim based styles.

From sweatshirts, to sweaters, to jackets, to cashmere, to tweed…there is so much to see.

Plus… Talbots is currently hosting a Fall Fashion Event and giving 25% off all new fall arrivals through September 9.

Let’s get started…..


fall jean outfits

Ladies, this is the prettiest sweatshirt I have ever seen which made it my favorite to step up fall jean outfits.

This is the RUFFLE TRIM RAGLAN SWEATSHIRT and it comes in six beautiful fall colors. 

It is so soft and definitely elevated casual.

I am wearing a Misses Large in Pretty Plum…but here is a petite.

fall jean outfits

This is a petite XL, and I liked this fit better.

This is the Honeysuckle color for those of you who like pink.

It was by far my favorite fall top for fall jean outfits in a more casual lifestyle.


fall jean outfits

I have loved this color combo for years and the lovely purple and green still looks great together.

Texture is a perfect way to elevate your fall jean outfits in very stylish ways.

This is the TEXTURED CREWNECK CARDIGAN in the deep moss color.

fall jean outfits

I love this jacket…it is so beautiful and perfect for fall jean outfits.

This is the CONTRAST TRIM TWEED JACKET in indigo blue.  So chic.

fall jean outfitsI tried this on for those who wear and love black.

It is the CABLE KNIT CARDIGAN in black/ivory.

I tried it on with a fun long sleeved tee….the THREE QUARTER SLEEVE CAFE TEE...very soft and comfy.

fall jean outfits

This jacket is another favorite of mine…my favorite fall jean outfits always include a jacket over the jeans.

This is the beautiful EASY KNIT BLAZER in rich burgundy.  The one I have on is an XL and just a tad large. 

The color called deep almond buff is also a beautiful camel-like color….a classic for fall jean outfits.


fall jean outfits

Here is another cute way to step up your fall jean outfits with Talbots tops.


This would look amazing on top of your black jeans..or a pair of Talbots HIGH WAIST BARELY BOOT JEANS IN BLACK WASH – CURVY FIT.

fall jean outfits

This poncho is so soft and cozy that I did not want to take it off.

This is the WINDOWPANE FUNNEL NECK PONCHO…it is not bulky and a perfect way to transition into cooler weather in the fall.

Would also look really cute with the STRETCH CORDUROY JEGGINGS IN BLACK.  

fall jean outfits

Now, this one is warm!  Perfect for the ones who live in colder climates than I do.

It is lovely…the gold zipper elevates the cardigan and it is available in six colors…the brown (walnut) is very pretty.


I am wearing the burgundy color.

fall jean outfits

If you live in warmer climates as I do, you may want to consider a Talbots top such as this one.

Talbots has many great styles for DENIM TOPS THIS FALL…and denim on denim is a fall trend.

I am wearing THE BUTTON BACK DENIM TUNIC…the row of buttons in the back does give it a nice fit for a tunic.

This makes for more casual fall jean outfits.


fall jean outfits


SAVE 25% and it is a great time to elevate those fall jean outfits.

The final two pieces today are:  QUILTED CAPELET in DEEP MOSS. Does run large.

Underneath is the BALLOON LEEVE CASHMERE SWEATER.  Bright and warm.

I hope this gave you some ideas today of how to step up fall jean outfits with Talbots tops.  There are so many lovely ways to do just that.

fall jean outfits

I happen to be one who wears jeans often and have several Talbots Jeans already in my closet…now I have ideas of great ways to style them.

Ask any questions you like, and I hope to see you tomorrow to joyfully welcome SEPTEMBER!


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall jean outfits


  1. Does the raglan sleeve pink sweatshirt lean warm? In the question box on the Talbot site it says it leans warm, slightly coral but I’d like your opinion since you tried it on. For me, raglan sleeves are my most flattering casual look so I am always on the hunt in autumn colors. And thanks for mentioning when it’s not obvious when clothes are warm or cool.

  2. THese sweatshirts are so beautiful. I think it is perfect for cool weather as is, and for cold weather with a jacket. I believe it would work well for the mild fall weather we even have in South Texas. I do not wear pink since I am a warm palette, so I really believe this is a pink more than a coral. But it is a darker, warmer version of pink. I would not have thought to call it coral. The sweatshirts are so lovely. Thanks Kay.

  3. Thanks for the style show! I coincidentally had looked through Talbots’ offerings before your blog arrived this morning. Love their offerings; the sweatshirt looks comfy. I’d like to try on the olive. Did you notice if the teal ocean color was deep rather than bright. I am hoping that it sits in my palette. You do us such favors, Pam! I hope you enjoyed your day off!

  4. I did not look that closely at the teal…which may mean that it did not catch my eye for me. The greens are fabulous. That green sweatshirt is so beautiful. Love it. I guess I do not think of yesterday as a day off because I am really busy right now with a lot of different things, but I do know that I will have news for everyone next Wednesday. Thanks so much.

  5. Pam- Do you know if Talbots has a loose leg jean? Their straight leg jeans are actually quite tapered. And the knee on the bootcut is too tight . I wear a size 2p, but my knees are way larger than average ( family trait!). I don’t look good in boyfriens either… too tapered. Suggestions?

  6. I’m seriously considering the sweatshirt, because it hits my style adjectives, especially casual and interesting. Accessories usually have to do the work to get my interesting adjective combined with active and casual. But that piece has such a flattering, interesting detail. I too love the combo of olive and purple, especially the lighter olive with a deep eggplant. This year what I’ve seen has been more plum, and I do like how you’ve paired it with a deeper olive. How do you feel about wine shades as a true autumn? Wine doesn’t seem to be in the autumn palette, but I find it very flattering on me as a blue autumn, and it functions almost as a neutral.

  7. Wine…maroon…is definitely in my palette as a Vibrant Autumn and one of my best colors. Every time I wear that color out, someone compliments me in it. I remember last year thinking that I had to make a note to wear it more often. My best purple the deep eggplant purple, but I love this one and it made my eyes beam. This is the nicest sweatshirt I have ever seen.

  8. I like that Petite sweatshirt on you. It is much more polished and slimming than the regular size one. I agree that the purple is fabulous on you. And you look adorable in the poncho. BTW, for Susan. Have you tried Talbots relaxed jeans? I am trying to get beyond my usual slim leg styles and tried them. I found them to be quite nice and comfortable. Maybe Pam can put up a link for you.

  9. That sweatshirt is adorable! I’m certain it will fly off the shelves! You look great in all if the cardi/jackets here. I really love the graphic tee look under jackets. They look so cute and current I think!
    Pam, I know you are avoiding black close to your face, but wow- you do look great in that black jacket and your dark jeans!

  10. The plum sweatshirt with the textured moss jacket look great on you! Your jeans fit you really well too. Jeans will fit really well on me except be too tight in the waist. A good jeans choice is the high rise wide leg jeans In Chicos. I bought the 2P and they fit and I can sit comfortably in them. Love them!

  11. Interesting tops! Blog suggestion — color pairing. I would not have thought to pair olive and plum. If it happened, it would be accidental because I have an olive jacket and needed the jacket layer and was wearing a plum top that day! You show us many outfits where you pair different solid colors and I would love you to explain how to do that…I tend to think that I need to have a print or plaid that coordinates with another color.

  12. Hi, Pam. I think you must be a mind reader – LOL. I have plenty of jeans and am really interested in some current tops to go with them. This column checked all the boxes. I love what you’ve chosen. You’ve even got me eying a poncho, and I really am not fond of them. I’ll probably end up with a blazer or jacket; but thank you so much for trying on all these items. You have totally exceeded my expectations — and that’s a high bar. You look super cute in the sweatshirt. Wow, just wow.

  13. My hubby was in the hospital yesterday having a heart procedure so while I waited for hours in the family room, I followed your link to Talbots and then spent too much money on their sale! Thanks for the reminder of how much I love Talbots clothing! And… hubby is fine!

  14. That poncho is so soft! So glad you liked how I did this…so many of us already have those jeans we love and just need some fun updates.

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