Would You Wear It: Floral and Pink

Would You Wear It

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  Let’s look at a Would You Wear It: Floral and Pink challenge.

Barbie made “pink” the color of summer.  It has been everywhere in various shades and styles…which makes it perfect for Would You Wear It?

I saw this display recently in Nordstrom and really wanted to open a discussion here about the styling.

This is very high end clothing…top designer VINCE…the top, for example, retails at $445.  

I am sharing this because I do not want the price to be part of the discussion…I want to talk about the style of the display.

So, with all that in mind, let me ask you to fully explain why you would or would not wear this outfit.

I believe this could be a really helpful discussion and thought process.


would you wear it

Something different this round of Would You Wear It is that I am giving my opinions this time.

Previously, I did not…because I did not want to influence what anyone thought.

But, this time, I want to be a part of the discussion…of course, feel free to disagree with me…I want to hear what everyone really thinks.

Sometimes how we feel about clothing is influenced by our past. 

Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear use to chide women who did this and say…GET OVER IT!…move on.

However, that is not as easy as it sounds.

When I saw this display, I immediately thought of my mother.  This is an outfit she would have worn over 60.  She often looked like this in less expensive clothing.

And I never liked the look on her….long pastel floral tops and knit pastel pants.

If I were to wear this, it would age me considerably…right or wrong, I would feel older in it.

Of course, it does not meet my style adjectives or colors…but it is more than that.  I just believe it to be aging….even in high priced items.

Now, I do think that the right woman can wear florals and the color pink…it depends on the fit and style of the garments.

If the blouse was paired with a denim, slim fit, I would see it in a different light.  I am reacting to the whole outfit in the display.

If you also think the look is aging, how would you style it to be more youthful?

That is my opinion, given with an open mind to hear what you think….WOULD YOU WEAR IT??


would you wear it

I also saw this skirt on the Banana Republic Factory website.  Where you can find current clothing at great prices.


It is a very unusual design, but I would actually try this one on in the green color, Waimea Olive…looks like a lovely color.

I would want to see the fit, but I just might wear this one.  It has that creative vibe I like.

So, if you like, tell us also what you think about this garment….WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Thank you so much for joining in…I cannot wait to hear your thoughts…and will join in off and on today.

Also, as I mentioned Sunday, I am going to take tomorrow off on the blog…but never fear, the news will pop up from time to time…for now, join me as we all strive to


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would you wear it



  1. Before I saw what you wrote I thought the problem with the first outfit was the pants and the only way it could be saved was with a pair of fitted dark wash jeans!
    I would like to comment on your thought of “Sometimes how we feel about our clothing is influenced by our past.” I think clothing was not so easy in my mother and her friends’ past. I remember the washer, the wrangler (how the clothes were put through it to press out the water), hanging the clothes on the line, sprinkling the dry clothes with water and the ironing with a non-steam iron. Even in the 50s laundry was a two day process in my house. When polyester appeared I remember how thrilled my mom was. No wrinkles! Pull -on pants! Colorful embroidered tops! No tucking in! No belts! Comfort for the now aging woman. My mom liked her clothing and shopped with an eye to coordinate and match her outfits. Each generation has their style and each generation is followed by a new generation with a new style.

  2. No to the pink outfit. I like and wear hot pink, but the pants here are peachy pink nope. The pattern of the blouse is too big for me. I don’t like anything about this outfit.
    I would gladly wear the purple slip skirt and sweater to the right.

  3. Linlee, thank you! You just reproved me in the best possible way and reminded me to look at mother’s wardrobe with a different perspective. You reminded me that she did always want to look nice and wore clothing she believed to look nice with the limitations she had…income, fabrics, and, yes, hanging clothing on the line. She loved polyester and she loved to coordinate just as this outfit is coordinated…and now I will not look at it so harshly. I still believe the feature outfit would age me if I were to wear it, but I will look at it without the critical lense of my mother’s clothing. Thanks!

  4. I am surprised that you mentioned the designer and price of the outfit, because if I had to guess, I would have guessed that it was from a lower end mass market store. I am blonde with fair skin, so I think those colors would wash me out. While you did not mention the cost of the pants, I am sure that they were similar in cost to the top. I do not know what other color top I would wear with it. If I spend that much, I want it to be an investment piece.

  5. I would not wear the pink & purple outfit. I don’t wear pink or purple, large floral prints, or a top or pants in that style regardless of the colors. When I saw the outfit I immediately thought of all the older ladies I’ve seen at church over several decades in versions of this outfit. They are all immaculately groomed with matching shoes and handbags. Often with tightly curled hair. I agree its an aging look. Neither my mother or grandmother dressed that way. Both were always current and stylish. I try to do the same. The Banana Republic skirt does not appeal to me simply because its not my style. It could be an interesting statement piece on someone taller (it would be nearly ankle length on me) with a more dramatic style personality. Would love to see you give it a try-on.

  6. I, too, would feel old wearing that pink floral outfit. I’ve never been a fan of those types of floral prints because to me they convey ‘old.’ However, I do like those pants — both the style and color. I could see wearing them with a dark brown blouse or jacket. I enjoyed Linlee’s comments about how clothing and fashion have changed for each generation of women. I recall in my early career how often I’d take clothes to dry cleaners. And now, I can’t recall the last time I did so (aside from a coat or jacket). Interesting post today, Pam!

  7. This outfit brought back fond memories of my grandmother! She always wore a floral blouse and polyester pants, usually in a pastel color. To this day I can’t see pastel pants with out thinking of Granny. However, I think it would make a nice outfit if the top were to be paired with a bronze colored skirt or pants and a coordinating blazer or cardigan.

  8. What I remember about my mother’s clothes, and those of her friends, was that they had a certain style and I couldn’t wait to get to be their age and wear their clothes. Now I am their age, and all the clothes seem to be catering to the young and restless! Somehow, the glamour and style of an older generation’s clothes have been shunted aside and made frumpy.this makes me sad. We have lost an ability to give each generation the space and dignity of style. I so appreciate this forum and Pamela’s hard work.

  9. My mother also wore outfits like this and I’m sure part of its appeal was the ease of polyester fabric at some point in her life. I do wear pink but in a brighter shade and seriously doubt that I would feel comfortable in bright pink pants. However, I do like the shape of this blouse though I do not care for the pattern. It has a rounded hem which is more flattering than a straight hem, and long sleeves with cuffs and a nice collar. I do have a bright pink blouse very much like this one. Linlee did give such a different perspective to clothing like this that our mothers wore. I can remember her clothing before polyester when everything had to be ironed and realize what a difference clothing like the display made in her life as she almost always wore high heels and “dressed well” for every occasion. BTW the shirt immediately reminded me of a white “sharkskin” pleated skirt I wore in my teenage years more than 50 years ago. It was a favorite item for years.

  10. Actually I don’t have a problem with pastels (as have a girl friend who wears them well) but totally agree with you about these two pieces ‘as an outfit’ appearing outdated, since the top IMHO deems a darker anchor color with a more fitted bottom. Also being a large floral print (that can age oneself) I feel it would benefit by either; tucking it in, just turning up its cuff or reposition its neckline to be more open. As to the BRP pleated skirt; though it is washable I think over-time it might be a nightmare to maintain with its pleats. Also I see its style as more of a trend with its irregular hemline, not to mention restricts one’s choice in tops that also includes outwear. JMO and not intended to offend those who love either. -Brenda-

  11. I was trying not to make the conversation about price, but when I saw the price of the blouse, I was shocked.

  12. I will see if I can find one in store, but this is the outlet store, so I may not be able to locate it. I would like to try one on just to see.

  13. Thanks Beth. I saw the potential for an interesting discussion and the ladies are bringing it!

  14. I agree that putting the top with different bottoms would change the way I feel about it being aging. Thanks Linde.

  15. Thanks Zanzi. There are styles from my mother’s generation I believe to be timeless and should never go away.

  16. The pink pants and floral top would have looked completely at home in my mom’s closet in the late ’70’s. When I see things in the stores that look like what I wore in junior high, that’s one thing. But when I see what my mother wore when I was in junior high? I’d feel like I was cosplaying Mom. I’d only need a shampoo and set to complete the look.

  17. So interesting that the shirt evoked that memory, Celia. I have very vivd memories of handing my mother clothing while she pinned it on a clothesline outdoors. I do not think at that time I could have imagined a clothes dryer would exist!

  18. You point about the pleats is such a good one, Brenda. I had not thought of that. But, there is always a reason these items hit the outlet and don’t sell out in the main store offerings.

  19. I had the exact reaction you did to the outfit and although we are similar in age it was my Grandmother who wore this outfit. My mother who turned 94 yesterday does wear the polyester pants and printed tops but usually in a geometric print which I think look fresher. My pet peeve right now is the designers trying to please everyone at once by making prints with winter and fall colours mixed like in this top. Maybe those who are fall are comfortable with the purples but as a winter the top does not appeal at all to me with all the beige and cream.

  20. Yes, I would wear this outfit if I still worked. I’d wear it to work. It looks expensive and tailored but ill fitting on that display. My reasons are the classy and joyful blouse plus the beautiful pink. I’m in a pink era of my own right now – meaning have bought more pink this year than ever. Even a flannel shirt in a white, beige, soft pink plaid (Kohls). Not Barbie pink but joyful, soft pink. I am a Spring so it flatters me. I remember pastel colored outfits or pants but this is nothing like those elastic waist, cheap looking polyester stuff that is still sold in darker colors. These pants do not look like cheap fabric but heavier ponte. I also remember those booties we wore with longer jumpers and dresses, “Prairie style”, back in the early ‘90’s. Seeing them back now but in polyester not cotton. Everything fashion or house design goes around and goes away for awhile. My mother never dressed in polyester pants like that but my grandmother did. And many of my friends still do! I’d tuck the blouse into the pants, and size down so it’s not so voluminous, I think.

  21. Thanks for sharing, Linda. My mother did dress much better than my grandmother, but today, she might be in style because I remember her in thick, combat boots with dresses!

  22. There is so much pink on the market right now in a variety of shades. If you love it, like you do Babs, I can see why you are refreshing your wardrobe with shades of pink. It is everywhere for every woman. Fashion does go around and around and around. I so agree.

  23. My mom wore similar, though in brighter colors that suited her more vibrant coloring. Interestingly, at the same time my mom was wearing bright purple knit pants, my grandmother was incredibly elegant in her black, camel and bone. At that time the neutrals were a standout and deviation from the norm. Of course, one was a working executive and the other a stay at home mom, budgeting herself last, cooking, cleaning and driving the kids all over. I think both were likely functional wardrobes at the time, but one was certainly heads above fashion wise. I agree this outfit would definitely age me. Pastels tend to wash me out, and I honestly also don’t care for such dusty colors (they are nice on others but don’t fit my adjectives or coloring). The sheen on the top bothers me because it’s paired with the flowers … in a solid, I might like that. To help this outfit, I would pair the blouse with jeans and brown booties, and add a trendy bag, such as a crescent bag.

  24. I think that one thing about this is the shade of pink. It is more mauve and I think that is aging. I love pink despite it not being my best color (redhead). One has to be careful on that slope. I’m really trying to put a positive spin on this one, but perhaps opening the neckline of the shirt. Maybe tucking the shirt in like everybody does and adding some jewelry? I don’t see too much redeeming on that outfit.
    Now the Banana Republic skirt. I don’t do edgy very much but I really like that skirt.

  25. I agree, Mari…there is just something about that skirt that intrigues me and makes me want to try one on. It is interesting in a good way.

  26. Pam, this also is my mom’s outfit, just as many readers have said. I do like pink, and would tuck in the shirt, wear a cute belt and some platform cream loafers to update the look. Or do a waist tie on the shirt with some buttons open and a tank underneath. Add some slingbacks in a fun color that you could pick out of the top (maybe magenta). Thanks for a great discussion.

  27. And thanks to you and so many others who are adding their thoughts. I also have enjoyed it.

  28. Neither piece is in my palette, but I could see someone wearing the blouse with a different bottom. Maybe beige cargo pants or a pair of flared dark wash jeans with a beige utility jacket on top. I actually think that the blouse is a contemporary floral, not an old-fashioned one. Yet, with those awful pants the first thought that popped into my head was that the outfit screamed frumpy. The pants look shapeless on the dummy and I do not think they compliment the colors in the blouse. The blouse looks to be bright, or primarily pure chroma colors. The pants are muted. I think they clash. The stylist chose not to tuck in the blouse. I think that makes the outfit look shapeless on the dummy. I would definitely tuck in the blouse with my suggested bottoms.
    I will be 69 in less than 2 months. I would feel old and out of touch in the outfit. One of the fashion faux pas I hate to see older women commit is to wear baggy, shapeless pants, especially when topped with untucked, shapeless tops. I like to be comfortable, but I refuse to wear droopy, shapeless clothing. This past year, I have gained a few pounds. They went right to my middle, which has always been my problem area. I find jackets to be a salvation. Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear fame always said that jackets were wonderful for disguising a few extra pounds in the middle. I wholeheartedly agree. Pamela, I often see you wearing a topper with your outfits and you look great!

    I like to stay in touch with current fashion trends. I do not always choose to wear the latest thing, but conversely, I will not dress either the way I dressed as a teenager in the early 70s, or as an old lady. I may be one at age 69, but I don’t have to look it! For example, oversized, boy friend blazers are “in”. I have tried on quite a few and have just said no to all of them. I am 5’4″ tall and weigh 140. I feel swamped in those blazers. I also feel that those huge blazers makes my fairly long legs look stumpy. I love blazers, but I will stick with my older, more fitted ones.

    I think that I am doing a decent job of staying contemporary. I frequently get compliments on my style from younger women. I remember another expression that Clinton and Stacy used to say frequently about some of their contributors. The women were wearing “I give up” clothing, I.e., shapeless and dull. I think that any woman, regardless of age, can wear clothing that enhances their coloring and their body shape. I will never succumb to sporting tightly permed hair and wearing baggy polyester pants. My 93 year old mother has not. My father’s mother, who lived to be 97 never did either. In fact, she was one of the most stylish women I knew.

  29. I’m usually just a lurker, but I had a reaction to the photo before I even read the content. My first thought was, “how did they get a mannequin to look old?” I think with the right styling each piece could be nice. While not for me, I could see the top with dark denim or maybe even worn as a shacket over a tank. The pants need to be balanced with a different top as some frosting.

    I think the skirt is really interesting. It is not my style (pleats just don’t work with my large hips), but it looks like it could be fun. However, I don’t feel like this is something that would be pulled from the closet that often and may get overlooked for simpler items.

  30. Pamela, I can’t believe this is a Vince …but all the ladies in the above comments have nailed it. Too much like Mom, but I don’t remember my Mom wearing anything like the blouse or pants, she was a bit more tailored, and more prone to solids. I love pink, but not the pants ever, and the blouse is looks old and tired. Maybe the pants with a silky cream camisole, sandals and silk blazer for dinner out???? A huge no to the midi skirt, it looks like a kilt gone wrong. Also the pleats remind me of my Catholic high school uniform skirt, my Mom took forever to iron in the pleats, and then taught me how to iron the pleats flat and perfect..also the color doesn’t work for me…..sometimes expensive doesn’t always get it right for a good look…..ps…pink is one of my favorite colors and looks great on me…so it’s the style not the color……….

  31. My grandmother loved this style, and Lindlee gave such perceptive insight as to “why”. I really enjoyed this post and the responses, made me smile and think of my Nana. ❤️

  32. What a great discussion today! Linlee hit the right notes regarding the generations who likely welcomed the relative ease polyester fabrics brought to the job of wardrobe maintenance. I know the matchy-matchy vibe was big as we shopped Garanimals for my younger brother’s back to school each fall, and though I preferred to put together my own closet from separates, a few inevitable birthday and Christmas gifted outfits made their way into my life as well. One, circa 6th grade, which was under President Ford, just for reference, had this exact shade of pale pink pants, in polyester!! The top was a cream colored v-neck sweater, tipped with the pink, of course! 😄 I recall wearing it to go golfing with my grandad in Ohio, supposing it looked to me like golfing attire.
    Would I wear this today? Probably not, though I do wear a pretty pale pink linen cardigan and have a more vibrant pink handbag I use frequently in spring and summer. I could see the blouse worn under a cashmere v-neck, brown corduroys and shortie boots completing the look.

  33. My mother thought ‘wash and wear’ clothing when it first came out in the late 50’s was lazy! Clothes needed to be ironed! So back to the labor intensive wardrobe back then. I do not care for pants with the seam on front. Perhaps different pants would make a difference. This is a display that would not catch my eye.

  34. Styles change as does our preferences of what to wear. As a teenager I loved plaids and corduroy; at 72 I wear neither. Moving from the east coast and a professional job to SoCal and an active retirement lifestyle I have very little need of the suits, boots and coats that were staples in my wardrobe. I am not drawn to florals or most prints so I would not wear this blouse. The pants look to me as being dressy which I rarely ever do. Instead of invoking memories of the past my first thought about this outfit is that it would be lovely worn by a Park Avenue woman paired with nude heels and some fabulous jewelry while she entertains in her penthouse apartment. As for the BR skirt, definitely a no for me. Too silly looking.

  35. I would try the shirt and pants on. I think if the blouse was tucked in to the pants and then try on the black vest shown next to the outfit it might create a more current look.

  36. I’m in agreement that the blouse and pink pants looks like something my Grandmother wore, although hers wasn’t silk. This was in the late 60/70s. Any earlier and she’d have had a dress on. The 70s liberated women from dresses and in my Midwestern world the women, even old ladies, wasted no time in moving to pants — even to go to church. They’d been wearing pants when they were working at home or on the farm, the leap to pants in social settings was not big.
    Actually, the set is nice looking. My own Mother is an Eileen Fisher wearer so she’d never wear a patterned blouse.
    I think the pleated skirt is odd, but if I were a TV anchor, or someone who needed to wear a skirt and was going to sit out in the open I would buy it because you could sit and have the longer pleated part cover your legs.

  37. The pale pink pants and print blouse leave me flat actually. I don’t wear many pastels at all! Now the lovely vibrant lavender pieces on the neighboring mannequin are far more appealing! I really love this look.
    When I think of the “Barbie” pink I think of a bright intense pink such as we saw in the film, not this pale shade.

  38. I would feel frumpy wearing the polyester pants in that mauvy pink shade. They remind me of the pantsuits worn by ladies of a certain age back in the 80’s. I wouldn’t wear the blouse because florals don’t really suit my simple classic style. I could see the blouse worn by someone else with a slimmer pant.

  39. Agree with MRSBEN2 that a lot of the problem here is styling, not the individual pieces of clothing. The look would be more modern with a tucked in shirt. Together the shirt and blouse are a little too much color right now. (Remember the early 2000s when we were all color blocking with multiple saturated shades? It reminds me a bit of that look.) In 2023 I’d wear the pink trousers with a gray sweater and the shirt with jeans or a white pants.

  40. Pink in a soft Sade is in my color palette but neither the shirt nor the pants appeal to me. It does have a look of the nursing home party event to me. My mother had my blonde coloring but never wore pastels. She loved vibrant colors and she lived in Florida. So golf was her thing. The BR pleated midi skirt looks like the tailor mixed up the back of a pattern with a different front pattern and stitched them together. I think it looks odd.

  41. Though I am not a fan of the print of the blouse, the cut is very modern and would have an elevated look if done in a solid or smaller pattern. Notice the unique collar and the dropped shoulders. Whether this would look good on me whose shoulders also slope is doubtful. I would have to see the shade of pink in the pants. I do have several pants–jeans and a very cool pair of Banana cargo pants in pink. I think I would say no to the Banana pleated skirt. I am not tall enough to carry off that look. I do like that it is somewhat outside the norm in design. If the hem were a bit angular, I might be tempted. As is, it’s too avant garde for me.

  42. My mom, who dressed beautifully for all of her 94 years, would never ever have worn an outfit like this pink one. Styles definitely reflect a generation, but there have always been those who knew what was becoming; I don’t think that, as is, this is/was/will be becoming on anyone. Look at old movies; there are many generational styles that look really nice and can often translate into contemporary styles.

    The pleated skirt is, I suppose, a twist on the ever popular skort. Maybe I’d wear it if i were a sportscaster covering a golf tournament.

  43. The pros of this outfit – the blouse is a classic button down cut and a natural silk fiber. That’s about it really. I do love pink. Rose gold/millennial pink is my favorite color. My best color (to wear) is a dusty rose. Certain colors just don’t look sophisticated to my eye. I much prefer the other colorway, a denim blue and dark red. I would pair that with a dark wash, slim jean and a navy blazer. The BR Factory skirt looked like a kilt at first glance.

  44. I would have to say no, no and no… I do wear florals, but not this bright… I wouldn’t be caught dead in those pink pants… and I’d be uncomfortable with the unusual styling of the skirt though I do like it. I think it looks great on the model but she’s 45-years younger than me and she’s a size 1…
    And I laughed at Sydney’s “nursing home party” comment because, yes that’s exactly what it reminds me of too…
    I’m a youngish 69… most days you’ll find me in flip flops, tee-shirts, yoga pants or jeans. If I dress up, I’ll add a jacket to the jeans, and flip flops with bling or boots. I really do enjoy your style and the outfits you show even though I’m a “winter”… so I don’t wear a lot of the same colors as you. I shy away from most jewel tones even though they’re on my color wheel… except for maybe purple.
    I’ve been working on a “capsule wardrobe” this year. My hubby laughed when I told him how far I was going to pare down my wardrobe. Today, he’s a believer. He actually has more clothes hanging on his side of the closet than I have on mine. My mom never gets rid of clothes. She just adds. She has 3 huge closets full of stuff, some of it going all the way back to the 60’s. I’m not kidding, she still has her white go-go boots…. She’s in her early 90’s now, but still spry and feisty… one of these days, as her only daughter, the task will fall to me to clear out those closets. My poor Dad has everything he wears in an old chifforobe (the good stuff) or hanging on the back porch. I get my jeans & tee-shirt style from him. When he dresses up, he changes to a long sleeve white, starched button up, and his Stetson…

  45. If the pants are silk and part of a suit it would match one I had, of course the blouse would be tucked, low heels and one of many outfits I wore as my “work uniform” into the 2010’s. The boardroom meetings I attended were full of similar and omg there sure wouldn’t have been jeans or any other casual additions! How things have changed. I’m not always sure I like the very casual attire we now wear all the time AND I was a flower child 😊

  46. I would not wear the outfit. At best, it is ho hum. It does not spark my adjectives of chic, classic, creative.

  47. The blouse is pretty, but the pants remind me of the polyester pull-ons my MIL used to wear. I’d wear darker bottoms.

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