Talbots August Picks In-Store Try-on

Talbots August Picks

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today I want to show you my Talbots August picks in-store try-on!

I am doing my best to catch up with new collections since returning from my trip so it was important to me to show you the new Talbots August picks.

These are pre-fall fashions in my in-store try on and they definitely have me in a fall state of mind.

So, let’s go shopping…..and see the Talbots August picks from my latest venture to the store.


Talbots August picks

I love doing these in-store try-ons because I never really know what I will discover.  

I feel like in order to understand the fashion markets for women over 50, that I must get out and see what is in-store.

San Antonio has great Talbots’ staffs working several locations.  Today I am at the Village at Stone Oak.  Louise was very helpful!

Thank goodness the Talbots August collection includes many colors.  There is something for all of us…including a vibrant hot pink for the cooler palette ladies.

My very top Talbots August picks include this CASUAL JACKET…the fit is fabulous and flattering.

My next in my Talbots August picks is the SLIM ANKLE JEANS in dark walnut.  A great pant for all of the warmer palettes here.

However, Louis told me that most of the ladies who shop with her are looking for this color in a dress pant…they prefer the nicer pant to a denim.

I am one that prefers the denim, but perhaps those ladies are still going to an office.  However, Louise said they want to wear them to church and special functions.

Are you one of those who would want to see them in a dressier pant?

Talbots August Picks

I was surprised to see so many stripes when I stopped for my in-store try-on.

Talbots was full of stripes.  I wanted to show you this one in my Talbots August Picks because it has so many colors and can be worn a variety of ways.

This is the PIMA BATEAU NECK TEE in the Shoreham Stripe.  You can see all of the colors featured in this Talbots August collection.

Talbots August picks

I had to include in my Talbots August picks this cute sweatshirt that goes so well with the brown jeans.

This is the BLOUSON SLEEVE DOG DAYS SWEATSHIRT….I really like the sleeves and the fact it is indigo blue.

A really fun casual look.


Talbots August Picks

Talbots August picks

In addition to stripes, a Talbots August picks in-store try-on must include wide leg pants.

For the first Talbots August picks, I want to show you the denim….and I did two pictures, so you get an idea of the fit.

This is the WIDE LEG JEAN in NILE WASH.  It buttons and zips in the front.  I am a size 16, and they are also offered in petite, plus, and petite plus sizes.

Talbots August Picks

This is a different pant.  I want to make sure you can see the difference and I believe this one runs a tad smaller than the jean.

This is the TAILORED INDIGO WIDE LEG PANTSand they are a very nice pant…a slight step up in style from the jean.

The jean, however, is a more flattering fit than the pants…but the pants flow so beautifully…it just is up to what you prefer.

Also, in my Talbots August picks are the two tops I am wearing here.

I am wearing the QUILTED JACKET – FLORAL.

This striped top has a different design and it is very cute on its own….this is the BELLPORT STRIPE TEE in Indigo/Blissful Blue.

There are many different ways to style the stripes at Talbots currently…more classic to creative fun.


Talbots August picks

Talbots chinos are popular no matter the season.

My Talbots August pick include this rich deep moss green color.


This first look with the chinos features the DENIM BUTTON FRONT SHIRT as a topper.

Talbots August Picks

For the floral lovers out there, here is another way to combine your stripes with a little fun.

This blouse also features all of the colors from the August collection.

This is the COTTON BUTTON FRONT SHIRT in a print called lush garden.

The print really nods more to the light summer colors.


Talbots August picks

I just had to acknowledge that Talbots and I are on the same page with encouraging you to Dress for Joy…gotta love it!

For those of you looking for more fall bent in fashion, look for the September collection to launch at Talbots on August 20.

Thank you for joining me today for my Talbots August Picks in-store try-on…and thanks to the Talbots team who helped me…tomorrow, I have more to show you about stripes and my cruise!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Talbots August Picks


  1. Thanks for the try on. Nice to see some greens and browns. Love the dark moss color but pleated pants have never looked right on me. I did a search on dark moss and see that Talbots has an A-line denim skirt that look smart. As to your question about dressier pants. I prefer colored denim to dressier pants. I like the structure denim gives and I like cotton. Deep colors like the dark brown you featured “dress up” real nicely when paired with a smart jacket or sweater. We are pretty casual here in the Asheville area. I won’t were “blue jeans” to church but dark straight leg denim jeans feel respectful.

  2. Good morning! I picked up those walnut jeans two weeks ago and I know I will love them! I am patiently waiting for more autumn colors to arrive. (September is my birthday month which = discounts.) I stopped in yesterday. The SA said that there is a ‘big event’ (she said she knew not what it was) but it would be around the 21st and there would be more fall colors. Looking forward. Thank you for the style show!

  3. Thanks for pointing out the skirt, Kathie. We also have gone more casual in San Antonio, and I often wear denim to church. I just want to remind everyone that if you use my links and go to one of these pieces on the Talbots page, you can shop and purchase anything…like the skirt…and I receive credit for it. Thanks to everyone who does this.

  4. Love those birthday discounts! I was also told that this next collection would have more fall colors. I would love to see different options in that jacket.

  5. You are welcome, Paulette. Thank you…I have loved my jeans for a very long time. Perhaps it is the Texas part of me.

  6. Good Morning! I love stripes, skinny and horizontal in a long sleeved tee worn under a fall/winter vest. This is a look I never grow tired of playing with and find stripes pair back to so many of my scarves. I do love chinos or jeans day to day, but still favor dress pants for nicer dining, local theater or concerts, and always when flying. I think I’m ready to replace a couple dress pants as my navy and cream are about done, so I will certainly shop the links. I also have my eye on the J.Crew Giselle sweater blazer, which is currently on sale and offered in a nice camel color with very lady-like goldtone buttons.

  7. 90% of my wardrobe is Talbots. I am getting back into sewing with the goal of a “me made” wardrobe. I am one of those people that is trying to step up my game. I am in jeans all the time but have purchased a lot of dresses and am in the process of tailoring some basic trousers so that I can move away from denim. I love it and can style it, but desire something different.
    As for the new fall offerings at Talbots, I love them, but that shade of green looks terrible on me.
    It looks like they are going to have some lovely fall offerings.

  8. Talbots is so good about offering colors for all different palettes…I am certain as we go into fall there will be colors that work aside from this green. Thanks for sharing about your sewing, Mari. I so admire seamstresses and wish I had listened to my mother who wanted to teach me.

  9. Great clothes. I’m going to head out to my local Talbots to try the brown jeans…a nice change from denim….I wish the cute dog sweatshirt was available without the applique. As cute as it is, I’ve never been able to wear anything with a logo, or cute applique…great clothes to transition to fall……Pamela you look amazing……

  10. Thanks Nancy…I agree on the sweatshirt…I would love it without the applique (as cute as it is)…maybe someone from Talbots sees this.

  11. I am one who prefers a dressier pant for some occasions, but they are harder & harder to find. I do wear mostly jeans, & that dark brown would be a nice change from the usual blue & black denim. Although I am of the cool pallet, I don’t mind wearing warmer tones, like olive & brown, for pants & skirts, as I consider them neutrals. I wear the cool colors near my face.

  12. I would love that sweats Without the dog. The sleeves are bigger and for years the sleeves have been tight. The fall colors don’t work with my complexion but I can we’re dark blues and grays. Locking forward to your cruise pictures!

  13. I do the same thing, Becky. I wear white and black on the bottom, but with my warm colors near my face.

  14. It is really a nice design for a sweatshirt. I will keep an eye out to see if they bring something like it without the puppy. Thanks Sydney.

  15. You look terrific in all their clothes. Talbots is my no. 1 store only shop their sales. love their Flash sales on Facebook.

  16. Thank you, Barbara! How kind…also, if you sign up for the emails, you will get early notifications of Flash Sales. Thanks so much for joining in.

  17. I love your comments Pamela. I am a short 76 year old who likes to dress in style mostly casual. My go to’s are generally Talbots and Chicos. Because I have a very large bust I try to downplay, I use dark items on top and lighter on the bottom or the same color throughout. If you find items good for short busty please be sure to show them. I have been to Greece several times and going next year with family to Athens and Santorini. I will probably try to take 1 carryon and a MZ Wallace large tote. I love MZ Wallace, a bit spendy, but it holds up so well and expands amazingly well. I will probably take Chico shorts, thinner & not heavy, and tops, Black or White Chicos travel pants, and a Chico Tunic for dinner. If you spot other things that will work, please let us know. Thank you.

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