Alaskan cruise wardrobe favorites

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

Happy Fashion Friday, all!  Today, I am showing you more Alaskan cruise wardrobe favorites.

Because, you asked to see my Alaskan cruise wardrobe, I wanted to share with you what I liked the most.

Packing for this cruise was the biggest packing challenge I have faced…I really wanted to keep to two bags with everything for seven days in different climates.

We shared a van from our Seattle hotel to the pier, and the woman was over 50, also going for seven days, and she had six bags.

She was dressed in a very fashion forward athletic outfit, and smiled sheepishly as she admitted that she loved to dress up for every cruise event with great style.

I am certain her outfits were stunning, and that brought her much joy.  If I showed up with six bags, Mr. B might leave me on the dock!

So, I did my best to select a cruise wardrobe that worked well together and offered different outfits.

This post is about my favorites……


Alaskan cruise wardrobe

This yellow rose of Texas had more fun with stripes than I have in a long time.

Of course, they were a big part of my Alaskan cruise wardrobe….stripes just say nautical to me.

This is a mostly gifted Ming Wang look…but I am wearing these jeans into the ground…so my cost per wear are very low on this pair.

They are currently on sale at an amazing price at Dillard’s…I would grab these in a minute if I did not already have them….MING WANG Stretch Denim Slim Leg Pull-On Ankle Jeans.

The color called limestone is a light tan or khaki color.

This jacket was a gift in black that I did not turn down…it is a great jacket….MING WANG Deco Crepe 3/4 Sleeve Zip Front Jacket.

If you wear black and have a casual wardrobe, you will most likely have a low cost per wear on this jacket…it is an excellent piece and it traveled well…no wrinkles.

My caramel striped linen tank was a recent purchase at MARSHALLS for around $16.  Though linen, It traveled well.

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

This outfit was so comfortable for an Alaskan cruise wardrobe.

It features older wardrobe favorites…a CHICO’S denim jacket…and JJILL wide leg knit pants.

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

This is another linen tank in navy, and I found it in the TALBOTS Red Door Sale.

They still have some in XS…TALBOTS Linen Blend Tank Cabo Stripe.  This indigo is so dark that it almost looks black and went with several pieces I packed.

I enjoyed the stripes so much that I am sure I will continue to wear them now back at home…they are a new favorite for me as I feel confident wearing the style.

A note about the outfit featured in TRAVEL READY FASHIONS AT LOFT.

I still like it and I am glad to have it to wear at home…but I did not take it.  

After laying all the clothing out and desiring that it all work together, this shade of green would have only provided one look. So it stayed home.

I am wearing it here though and still think it is fun.  Stripes are on trend for fall too…as I wrote yesterday.


Alaskan cruise wardrobe


Here is the area where other ladies went bigger than I did.

I decided for dresses to take the washable silk dresses I showed you during the wedding posts which I purchased at a local boutique.

They roll up and roll out so easily.  One of the dresses has a separate top, that I am wearing here, as a way to cover the arms.

I did not take any formalwear or cocktail looks…they just take up so much room.

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

It was fun though to watch the fashion show on board during some of the dinners!

I loved those who did decide to go big and sparkly.

For the favorite dinner look, I am showing you today, the top and pants were easy packs.

I took three Clara Sun Woo pieces…they pack so well…no wrinkles and lots of versatility.

Click here for a discount  Clara Sunwoo Travel Clothing Discount.

Then look for the KICK FRONT HIGH SLIT PANTS…they are great for a special dinner anywhere.

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

I wore this look to a special Sushi & Saki event.

Mr. B and I love good sushi.  We ate here three times during the cruise!  

They had a fabulous lobster roll.

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

And I have a new favorite…green tea/matcha ice cream!  And Mochi, of course.  So good!


Alaskan cruise ship

The scarf/wrap I am wearing is my Alaskan cruise souvenir.

I love to find something by a local artist that is unique to the place I am visiting.

I already shared that the cute town of Skagway is mostly local vendors and artists.  

We meandered into Boreal Artworks on Broadway, and my eye immediately went to a display of beautiful colorful 100% wool scarves.

The owner of the shop is the aunt of the talented artist, Stephanie Ryan.

The aunt knits pieces for the shop and also sells Stephanie’s artwork.  She is holding the piece which inspired the scarf.

The scarf is part of a collection from North End Gallery called Art Scarves of the Yukon, and this one features the cranberries that grow along the Taku River.

Find Stephanie’s Highbush Cranberries Taku River Scarf here.  I love it so much and know I will wear it often…the perfect souvenir for me.

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

Alaskan cruise wardrobe

I also loved the unique creations we discovered at The Local Jeweler in Skagway.

However, the pricing was too much for me to justify a purchase.

We had a lovely talk with shop owner, Murat Ozuzun, and he praised the work that he and his wife who also runs this shop do in this small community.

He loves living and working there.

It is worth a visit if you happen to be on an Alaskan cruise which includes a Skagway shop.

I wish I could’ve brought one of these lovely pieces home!  They were creative, stunning designs.

Finally a note about my two handbags which are featured within this post.

My main travel bag was a Baggallini handbag that I have owned for a few years.

They specialize In travel bags and I love all the pockets and security features.

For evenings, I also tossed in the Kate Spade wristlet purchased for the wedding, and I am so glad I did…it worked well.

I purchased it at Dillard’s in the spring and they carry other versions, but this one is not online.

The only images I have remaining to show you are looks from two days in Seattle.

I will show you these next week.

Thank you so much for being here…please leave comments or questions about my Alaskan cruise wardrobe favorites…

If any of you are in the group who dress to the nines for the formal evenings on Alaskan cruises, please share what you wear and how you pack it.  I would love to know!



By Pamela Lutrell

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Alaskan cruise wardrobe



  1. Thanks for all the ideas; next summer we are taking a family trip including my husband, daughter, 2 high school age granddaughters, my sister and her son, daughter. Studying about cruise lines. Suggestions? I will travel with 2 bags so I appreciate all the tips.

  2. Hi Nyla, I noticed at least two large families on our cruise. They were cute with matching tee shirts and signs on their doors like college students do in dorm rooms. There is certainly things for all ages to do on board the ship. I highly recommend Royal Caribbean…they did a fantastic job and I loved the staff.

  3. I have been on a number of cruises and we are preparing for one off of Italy in October. My go to dinner attire revolves around a black dress and a pair of black Chico’s travelers slacks that are over 20 years old. I pack 3 or 4 dressy tops and a few wraps to change up the look of the slacks and dress. Some people do dress up for dinner like the lady in the photo and some go super casual; find what makes you happy and enjoy. When I travel I make certain I can carry or manage whatever luggage I have. Traveling is an adventure these days and you never know what is going to happen.

  4. I have a question. not about the cruise. do you use collegen powder? if so, which one would you recommend? I tried looking it up in your previous posts but cannot find any recommendation.

  5. That is so true…I would not want to keep up with more suitcases. Someone actually lost their suitcases in between the dock and the ship…and they were on the cruise without their luggage. We held on to ours when we returned so we could keep them with us and take them to the airport our selves, though the cruise line offers the service to get them to the airport for you.

  6. Search Collagen for Her…I have written about it more than once. I like how Collagen for Her dissolves instantly in my coffee every morning. I do order it on Amazon because it delivers faster than getting it on their website. I believe I saw instant results when I began to use it and my daughter feels the same way…that is what she wanted me to give her for her birthday since she was running out. I also like using it for some bone strength since I do not take calcium supplements. I just typed Collagen for Her into the search bar on my blog and the posts popped right up. One more thing, I took their travel packets with me on both trips and kept using it in my coffee while traveling!

  7. For Linda…I just read a review of collagen. The article stated that you can not ingest enough to make the product worthwhile. However, my daughter and a close friend have used it for years and show new hair growth and their skin looks super. Need more info!
    We were on a 10 day cruise with only one roll aboard each! Black pants and pretty tops work for day and night. We used to travel with large suitcases full of dressy wear and casual things. But then we travelled with large groups so we saw the same people every meal.

  8. I enjoy seeing others dress up on cruises, but I don’t anymore. I took one carry on on my Alaskan cruise! I do what you did, Pam, put a fun or luxe top and topper with my black pants, though I do carry an evening bag and wear sparkly crystal jewelry. I love that scarf! Incidentally, I -adore- thin stripes (fit my style adjectives!) and the way you were dressing for daywear is the way I dress at home nearly all the time (do check out Joules if you haven’t … they make the very best thick cotton Breton shirts in nice colors). As to Nyla’s cruise question, you need to know what you are looking for in a cruise. Try looking on line at Cruise Critic and you will get a nice overview of the different lines. Also watch YouTube Tips for Travellers (Gary Benbridge). The latter is wonderful if, like me, you are also an armchair traveler.

  9. The Collagen for Her brand is impressive….and I confidently recommend it. There apparently is a lot of bad collagen out there.

  10. I bring nice black pants and tops to dress for dinner. I’ve also rolled up a maxi dress for formal nights. Did you notice that Alaska is more casual than other cruises? We did. We each check a bag and have a small carry on. Too old to lug a heavy carry on.

  11. This is the only cruise I have ever been on, so I will take your word for that one. But, it did seem very casual and I did not go as casual as some did.

  12. I travel several times a year…some hot, and some colder weather. I agree that traveling light but stylishly is the key. One large wheel suitcase and a carryon with slip over handle, and a tuck in smaller over shoulder purse for quick trips on tours. Don’t buy lots of stuff, but take lots of great photos. Take a good hooded trench London Fog, straight leg jeans in white and denim blue, dressy black pants, t-tops, sweater tops, one knit dressy sheath dress and light shawl-sweater, and black flats, and always the ECCO sneakers…SoSoSo comfortable! all shed wrinkles well! I shop Talbot, Eileen Fisher, and Ralph Lauren …all 2 petites. Hard to find nice styles on trend for a stylish youngish 74 year old😂

  13. Hi Sandra! Hopefully you will stick with us here…I find lots of styles for that stylish youngish 74 year old. Thanks for sharing your travel tips!
    I took an empty carry on meant to hold grandchildren gifts and I carried it on full going back…totally worth the shopping fun.

  14. I want to go on Linda L.’s cruise to Italy, and I am a tremendous armchair traveler like Linda L.M., deriving so much pleasure in the research and planning of all forms of travel. Railbookers tempts me daily with unimaginably wonderful rail+ trips around the world.
    Your looks on board are great, and those split leg flowy pants look so nice on you. I am a huge fan of sushi, too, and would have signed up for that class for sure. Sake is too strong for my tastes, but I join you in your choice of matcha ice cream and mochi! 😋

  15. If someone said they would give me the money to go on any cruise…I would pick Italy! Sounds divine. I did not really drink the sake…Mr. B enjoyed it…but the sushi was fabulous and I am totally into green tea ice cream and Mochi…but now that I am home I need to stop being into it and get back on the healthy eating plan! I will now join you as an armchair traveler!

  16. Love your outfit with the scarf! Wonderful little store. My souvenirs while traveling are often in the accessory category (or kitchen). The jewelry looked sensational! I can usually travel with a tote bag that fits under the plane seat. I rely on two bottoms, three tops, and sometimes a dress, which includes what I wear en route. My husband was a world traveler for his job and never checked a bag, so we became minimalist packers. I must admit that if we travel stateside in our own car, it’s a different story! Pam, you looked great! Such lovely choices. You did a wonderful job between the wedding and cruise.
    Would you say that the Ming jeans are sized like a Talbots or Jjill?

  17. We’ve been thinking about an Alaska cruise for some time. I always visualized them as being quite casual and had no idea that people would dress so elaborately for dinner. We like to travel light (3 weeks in Europe with carry-on only), so I certainly wouldn’t be taking a lot of fancy evening wear. Scarves like the one you bought in Skagway take up almost no space and can add a bit of glam. I’ll have to keep that in mind if and when we go!

  18. As an armchair traveler, I enjoyed your outfits and photos. I loved all of your choices and wear similar casual clothes everyday. I can’t afford Eileen Fisher but do my best with Liz Claiborne and Gloria Vanderbilt from JCP. That scarf is beautiful! Good choice.

  19. Elaine, the ones who dressed up were just a small percentage. There are photographers all over on the formal nights to take couples shots in fancy clothing. I know there are some who like it, but we did not want to go that far with the packing. As I said, I do love bringing back the work of local artisans and this scarf was just the thing. We had three neighborhood girls helping with our lawn care while we were away and I also brought them bracelets made by Alaska artists. I like supporting their local economy that way too.

  20. I think you know, Sydney, how impressed I have been with the quality at JCP lately. It takes some shopping, but you can find real gems there.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing these outfit ideas! You looked fantastic in all of them, and as a chronic over-packer I’m inspired by these looks. Loved seeing the jewelry and scarves from the local shops and went to their website to see if I “needed” one. After an expensive fall shopping spree yesterday I refrained, but still fun to see them. Here’s to our mutual survival of another week in this relentless Texas heat!

  22. What a great post! So interesting. Pamela, in the picture of you by the yellow rose, was the bag you were carrying your airline “personal item” that meets the required measurements to fit under the seat? Do you have a good suggestion for one, I am searching for one for an upcoming trip. Thanks!

  23. In the post I shared that this was the Baggalini bag and I encourage you to visit their website for travel bags. I have a leather Michael Kors bag that is a little larger than this one that I found one year at Marshalls. That is the carry on bag that I took empty and returned full with grandchildren gifts. The green Baggalini bag is a great bag due to all of the pockets and zippers and security small attached bags inside.

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