Bryn Walker Statement Fall Outfits at Dillard’s

statement fall outfits

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today is a little different …with a little bit of fun… as I show you a few Bryn Walker statement fall outfits at Dillard’s.

Bryn Walker is a unique clothing brand for women found at Dillard’s but also in finer boutiques.  

These are statement fall outfits that you do not see everywhere.  They are definitely unique.

Many of the Bryn Walker designs are for the women who want to tell the world that they are bold, dramatic, fun and creative with their style.

I own a few of their pieces from the past…and always size down when I try them on.  Bryn Walker is generous in fit and very comfortable.  They do have plus size options.

Since these are statement fall outfits, please know you will be noticed in them and that is fun for women like me.

So, let’s look over some of these statement fall outfits and see what is currently in Dillard’s.


statement fall outfits

Though Bryn Walker is known for garments with generous fit, if you get these statement fall outfits just right, then the fit is stunning.

Many of their pieces are actually designed to flatter, but sometimes we need to try them on in order to see that.

I am starting off today with my favorite statement piece…the BRYN WALKER Greta Maltinto Wool Mock Neck Cap Sleeve Patch Pocket Vest.

The vest is very lightweight and can work in many climates…in the first picture I am wearing a Medium, in the second picture a Large.

You can see that the large is a little boxy and the medium offers a more flattering fit.

statement fall outfits

The Bryn Walker maxi skirts in this collection are stunning and are great pieces for those who like statement fall outfits.

This outfit includes the BRYN WALKER Grey French Terry Knit Long Slim Pencil Skirt  in the deep green color.

Dillard’s may be sold out of this color, but I am about to show you my favorite color in this lovely skirt.

The top is the BRYN WALKER Pieran Ponti Knit Mock Neck Long Sleeve A-Line Shirt in a deep green called Juniper…and I am wearing a Medium.

The skirt gives us a great option to elevate a casual wardrobe in a comfy knit.  It can be dressed up or down.

statement fall outfits

This is my favorite color from the Bryn Walker statement fall outfits….is is called Hearth…and it is a warm autumn color.

Again this is the Bryn Walker Grey French Terry Knit Long Slim Pencil Skirt.

I have two of these French terry knit tunics from past collections that I wear with leggings during cooler weather.

I have always liked the look and the comfort.  But changing the leggings for this skirt just ups the game.

The top is the Bryn Walker Dimitri French Terry Knit Draped Neck Dolman Sleeve Oversized Tunic in the hearth color.

I would prefer it for me in a medium, but they only had a large for me to show you.

statement fall outfits

For those who my want to make even larger statements with your statement fall outfits, toss this top on with the skirt…or wear it with your leggings.

This is the Bryn Walker Wilder Crepe Woven Mod Geo Print Round Neck 3/4 Dolman Sleeve Tunic and I am wearing a Medium.

I love the colors in this print!

Now, if you want to go even larger in your statement….

statement fall outfits

This would make fun statement fall outfits for entertaining at home. 

I like it for that purpose and could see wearing it for Thanksgiving, supper club, etc.

I have always envied women who had outfits for those purposes….entertaining at home.

The pants are the Bryn Walker Osca Crepe Woven Mod Geo Print Wide-Leg Pants…and these are also Mediums.

statement fall outfits

For those who would like a shorter top, here is the lovely Bryn Walker Anna Knit Crew Neck Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater.

I cropped it up close so you could see how beautiful the fabric is…and I am here to confirm…It is warm!

The same fabric look is also available in a Bryn Walker Bess Knit Round Neck Cap Sleeve Oversized Sweater.

I wish I could have tried that one on.

statement fall outfits

Finally for your statement fall outfits, let’s look at these two black pieces.

With the tunic, I would recommend a slimmer pant, but wanted to show you these pants too.  You can see these two make for much volume together.

This Is the Bryn Walker Wilder Elbow Dolman Banded Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tunic in a Medium.

They only had an X Large in this pant but I liked it and wanted you to see it…you can see online that it would look better smaller.

This is the Bryn Walker Wyatt Cotton Knit Wide-Leg Crop Pull-On Pants in black.

statement fall outfits

For the women who desire statement fall outfits, Bryn Walker is worth your consideration. 

It is fun and you will be surprised when you try on some of the pieces just how flattering they can be.

For example, I have tried on before the Bryn Walker Noa Memory Crunch Woven Draped Cowl Neck Short Sleeve Coordinating Asymmetric Tunic and 

Pennie Memory Crunch Dot Jacquard Cowl Neck Cap Sleeve Asymmetrical Hem Cropped Vest    and these are very flattering to the figure like the skirts are.

I think the skirts in this collection really make statement fall outfits in dramatic, fashion forward ways.

They would also look amazing with boots.

One last thing, here is a full skirt that is in the collection….Bryn Walker Pull-On Long A-Line Bias Coordinating Skirt and it seems to only be in black.

That is it for today, ladies…of course, ask me anything you like about statement fall outfits.

Remember my goal is to give you options…we are all different and like different styles and have different style adjectives…so I try to cover it all.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

statement fall outfits


  1. I can see how this works for those who have bold, creative style. You would definitely get noticed! Sometimes I see those things you mentioned, those “entertaining at home” outfits and think that would be fun (Artful Home also has that type of clothing), even though I don’t have that lifestyle. It’s fun to think about, regardless! I like the “Hearth” color too… very nice! As a petite person, proportion is crucial to not appear as if the clothes are wearing me. Common problem for petites, I think. These clothes you feature are fun for bold style ladies!

  2. Thanks, Karen . I completely see where some of these styles would overwhelm petite ladies. These definitely are for the dramatic.

  3. Ann, in this space I ask my readers to be constructive and kind. How do you think a woman feels if she likes and wears the brand and you call her a clown. I am not sure why anyone finds it necessary tell us they don’t like it, but if you must, I ask that you be constructive with your thoughts and careful with your words. Thank you

  4. I think they are beautiful!! I am sitting here trying to think of where I would wear them. But just looking at them styled brings me joy! Thank you for sharing and next time I am in Dillards I will definitely try some of these items on. Thanks for sharing some gorgeous outfits.

  5. You gave us a good food for thought regarding funky designs this week! Is is a treat to see a bit of drama. Although my style is more natural classic, I am always up for adding one piece of funk to an outfit, especially when visiting a large city like NY. We love museums and that is a great venue to be more creative. Thank you, Pam!

  6. I definitely like unique, and, as you said, one needs to try on some items to see how they look on your particular body. Like Karen, I kept thinking of how I might feel overwhelmed in some of those tops, but I noticed the sizes do start in the xxs size so I would willingly try them on to see how I felt. Unfortunately, some people do not mind being unkind in their comments.

  7. Pam you look great in these pieces. They certainly fit your creative style description, and the best part you are tall. You can carry them off without looking over- powered as a short woman might. Yes to that color Hearth!
    So very pretty and so very Fall.

  8. Pam, you look beautiful- certainly these clothes align with your style adjectives. I especially like the “entertaining at home “ outfit on you 🧡🤎🧡

  9. Ironic that you show this today! Yesterday at lunch with five friends celebrating our summer birthdays there was an elderly woman sitting with one other lady. I’m 72 so I know I’m elderly but I would say she was in her 80’s and I noticed her immediately when she walked in . Unable to stand straight she walked in with confidence. Her dress was a soft beige, dolman long sleeves, midi length; the excess fabric in the middle was pulled together and held with a large gold pin. It coordinated nicely with her gold rimmed glasses and closely cropped white hair. Her body was not slim but she exuded so much self assurance in a garment that was simple yet stylish. It reminded me to allow ourselves freedom to dress boldly and be that kind of woman who feels confident in her own skin no matter what her shape and size. I’m still thinking of her this morning! As I age I realize I don’t have to dress for anyone but myself & I need to step out of the box & try new styles & shapes. Thanks Pam for sharing this; it has inspired me to try something new this season!

  10. I agree that you really need to try on clothing in any style outside your norm because style and fit are so different from designer to designer. You look very nice BTW!

  11. They are fun for women who are confident to communicate a little fashion forward drama with their style. Anyone else might not be comfortable or confident wearing them. I would wear these skirts and the vest if I had the right occasions and climates. Glad you enjoyed the try-on Lucinda!

  12. There are so many fashions I love to see others wear that I would not wear, but that is the creative, artistic side of fashion that I love.

  13. I size way down in Bryn Walker, but often when I hit the right fit, I am amazed at how good it looks. If I had been doing serious shopping for me on this trip there would have been lots of sizes in that dressing room!

  14. Thanks so much! I hope it helps everyone to see the different ways to communicate style adjectives!

  15. Oh my, how I love this story!! Thanks for sharing, Linda. I did some people watching in the airport this week and will share observations soon!

  16. I really appreciate you showing us all something different. I love jeans, t-shirt and blazer, but I also love to add a funky vest or unexpected top. I’m hoping the Dillard’s here in Boise has that brand and vest. I really want to give it a try.

  17. I really do not want to encourage any woman to wear clothing that is not in their style adjectives. You won’t be comfortable in it and it becomes more of a costume. But for the women who daily wear dramatic, creative, fashion forward style, this is a fun brand to spend time with.

  18. I hope they do! Size down on the vest…that was my favorite piece in the collection. Have fun.

  19. No for me on all of these. I’m tall, 71 years old, and wear a 10-12 but I still would feel like these were wearing me. I don’t like for my outfit to come in the room before I do, and that’s how I would feel, although I usually like bold geometrics. Perhaps one of the tops with a fitted classic bottom and some heels. Or belt one of the tops to do away with some of that volume . I’d just rather make a statement with my accessories or jewelry.

  20. As I said…we all have different ways of expressing our own unique personal style. Glad you have found your way, Susan.

  21. These clothes are not my style or colorway, nor are they designed for small people, but they brought a smile to my face. Very exuberant.

  22. Do NOT get the first top!! I owned a outfit just like the rust top & skirt when I was in college!! I wouldn’t mind owning this one!!!

  23. I so enjoyed your try ons today even though they are not in my color palette nor my style adjectives. I believe that you shine in those colors even the geo print top and bottom. I could see that on you entertaining a girls night in and you would get raves! Perfect color choices for you.

  24. Interesting…these are not my style, but I can appreciate a woman who can pull off the dramatic looks. Color wise gorgeous..the only top I’d try was the last one with dolman sleeves, but I’d take it to a tailor and see if it could be reworked with a deep v-neck, otherwise I’d feel too closed in and overwhelmed. I don’t live close to a Dillards, and would hesitate to purchase on-line..I don’t have a lot of style adjectives, probably the most used is understated, these definitely make an impact and you carry these off so well……..

  25. Look at you, wearing a MEDIUM in these pieces!!! Your ongoing weight loss/fitness journey has been an inspiration in my own. I’m nowhere near the dramatic fashion type, but it’s so much fun to see this type of trend on someone like you who can wear them well. I’m saddened by those who feel like this is an appropriate forum for negative comments. What ever happened to scrolling on by something that wasn’t your personal taste? Thank you for broadening our horizons in so many different directions!

  26. It is interesting to me how some fashion brings such emotional responses! Don’t be too impressed with the Mediums…the delay of foot surgery has limited my activity and I can feel the fluff returning!!

  27. I wear 90%Bryn Walker and LOVE IT!
    I can wear from a small to x-large!
    I’m 5’9”.
    I usually buy LARGE.
    And Yes maybe those that wear color are CLOWNISH TO THOSE THAT PLAY IT SAFE!But every day I’m dressed in BW I GET COMPLIMENTS!People stop me in the grocery store in airports at medical buildings!It brings a smile to their faces!Maybe that’s what America needs More Color!!

  28. I am so glad you commented on this post! Thank you for adding another voice to the conversation. The Bryn Walker fans appreciate it!

  29. Hi Pamela, I enjoyed reading the wide variety of comments today. Clothing certainly stirs up some strong emotions!
    I admire this creative line and the bold shapes, colors and patterns. They don’t work for my personal style or build, but I admire the striking looks and those who can wear them. I have wondered how tall you are, as things always seem to look well on your frame. Not sure if you have shared your height before?

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