Top off denim fall outfits in Chico’s style

denim fall outfits

Happy Fall Fashion Friday, everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying an amazing week.  Today, let’s discuss how to top off denim fall outfits in Chico’s style!

One of the readers requested that I do a jean-top-off-try-on at Chico’s since I did it other places….so that is why we are here today!

Topping off denim fall outfits can be much fun in Chico’s style with all of the beautiful color this year.

I am wearing one pair of older Chico’s jeans just to keep everything consistent.

So, I hope you enjoy what you see and have fun with topping off your denim fall outfits in Chico’s style.


denim fall outfits

I am starting off today with vibrant colors as a way to top off your denim fall outfits.

The very first picture in this post features the Vine Print Shirt in a color called Florentia Plum.

It is a lovely print with a beautiful taupe background.

The next picture is the Spun Rayon Floral V-Neck Sweater…very light weight, more of a nice tee than a sweater…good for the warmer climates.

Very pretty colors with the smoked paprika background.

denim fall outfits

I have actually been surprised that I have liked all of the tops at Chico’s that I have tried on with the puffed sleeves or other fun designs of sleeves.

At first I thought the looks would not be good on me…but I have loved them…and do own a couple. One I wore often this past summer.

Today’s fun sleeve is on the 3/4 Romantic Tee in Smoked Paprika.  A simple top that says creativity.

It comes in five colors…which are perfect for the cooler palette ladies for fall.

denim fall outfits

Here is a different shade of terra cotta red to step up your denim fall outfits.

This color name is interesting…called faux paprika heather…and it is much lighter in shade than the vibrant smoked paprika.

It is another light weight sweater…the Spun Rayon V-Neck Sweater which is available in six colors.



denim fall outfits

This is simple, yet lovely blouse to go with blue or black denim.  You could dress it up or down.

It is called the Leopard Ikat Ball Chain Detail…and I personally do not believe it looks like leopard at all.

It is a very nice way to wear brown and black together.

denim fall outfits

Here is another top that it is all about the sleeves.  I do like it.

This is the Zenergy Floral Print Sleeve Top.

In case you are like me and enjoy this current trend at Chico’s…and perhaps want to top off your denim fall outfits…here are more with fun sleeves: (click the picture if you would like to know more)

denim fall outfits

denim fall outfits

This last sleeve was stunning.  I loved the embroidered peacock…remember I am one who has creative in her style adjectives.

When I wrote this post, the EMBROIDERED PEACOCK TEE was on sale…hopefully still is…it is a beautiful tee!

Also, some of the tops I am featuring today may be sold out, but it will say when you click on the link.

I only wanted to make sure that I showed you a few fun ways to top off your denim fall outfits in Chico’s style.

denim fall outfits

Of course, I left there with a little something that I will show you going forward for an event.

I will be hear with Jennifer tomorrow to seek out your style tips for the featured garments…of course, let me know if you have questions…and have a wonderful day where you…


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. You wear these styles so well, Pam! These express your style adjectives and each top looks great with your jeans. So many, if not all, would also work with some dress pants and even skirts, it seems to me. My personal problem (for me, personally) would be the scale of many of the prints. I know you know what I’m saying… it’s like carrying a handbag that’s too small or too big for your body proportions. Being “not tall,” I truly cannot wear the larger prints without disappearing under them. I do like the solid tops, however. I kind of do like the creative sleeves, because it’s nice to have some interest when wearing solid neutrals. Regardless, always looking for ways to update the basic ‘jeans with a top’!

  2. This is why Chico’s has so many styles not pictured here, Karen. They do have something for almost everyone. Happy Friday!

  3. In the links provided; favourites of mine are the 3D floral applique plus the leather pleated sleeve tunic top and know that my SIL would love the embroidered sleeve Peacock one. Super selections and wish they had stores in Canada. -Brenda-

  4. As Karen mentions, you and our taller women can carry off these lovely and lively larger prints. I can’t ( not for trying, which I have). But you’re so right, today’s fine retailers, like Chicos,are carrying some nice solid colors too in sweaters and tees.

  5. I loved that taupe top, and the “leopard” one. I agree, sleeve details can really make the outfit, and I can see the peacock top being easily dressed up with a metallic bag and shoes. I’m very interested in this series … simple jeans with the top as the statement. It’s so often how I dress these days! I would love to see your take from JJill.

  6. Pam, is that embroidered peacock sleeve detail itchy? I avoid it and lace because they seem to cause skin irritation on my sensitive skin. All of the tops look good on you. Especially the paprika colored two top, look very nice with your skin tones. Fall is definitely your time of year. Still pretty hot here but better in the 86-89 readings. Can’t wear jeans in the daytime yet. Can’t wait!

  7. Adding to weekend “to do” list: Stop by Chico’s! Thanks for showing us so many different options. Since you and I have similar “autumn” coloring and body types, it really helps me envision how things look IRL when I see them on you. I’m more “classic” (i.e. boring) than “dramatic,” but I see lots of options in the solid color tops that are in my colors. I just can’t do the puffy sleeve look because it turns my already broad shoulders into linebacker shoulders, but there are so many different looks I know I’ll find some to try on. If they’re available online I’ll buy them when I get home through your links, of course. It’s so easy to do that once you get in the habit.

  8. The tops with puffed and embellished sleeves look great on you. They are good choice for women looking for a dramatic top. I tried a shirt with dramatic sleeves on just to see how it would look on me but I can’t carry off the look. Luckily Chico’s makes a version of their basic lightweight sweater every year, always in many solid colors and sometimes in prints. I wear them a lot as they are good on their own and work well under jackets too. So I generally buy a couple each year. This year’s in spun rayon that you are modeling is especially nice with a v-neck and curved hemline. For those of us who have to cuff the sleeves its nice that the detail is the same on the inside so cuffing doesn’t lose that little detail. I love way the floral one looks on you.

  9. Pam, you look lovely in all the tops.
    I have to laugh because I am in San Antonio on a trip and it is beyond hot here! I can’t imagine wearing anything like a sweater here.
    I use to buy Chico petite jeans and loved them but now they are very long. So disappointed in their thinking that those of us that are 5/3 and under would buy too long of jeans in a petite size.
    Thanks again for sharing how the clothes look on a person instead of hanging on the rack.

  10. These are great styles on you, with your long, lush curls. I need a little more around my neck, with my smaller head and short hair. It’s fascinating to see all the different proportions in our bodies and clothing styles!

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