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Style Tips

Happy September Saturday, friends!  Welcome to Style Tips…a weekly styling challenge for the audience.

My friend, Jennifer, and I post fashion displays we have seen or had shared with us, and challenge all of you to offer style tips for the garments.

We desire that you put on your fashion stylists’ hats and give your best advice to other women or how they can style the garments with confidence.

These posts have become very popular for the comments and what ideas we learn from each other.

So, get comfy and creative …and let’s discuss your style tips for red pants with sparkle.


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I have sold many pair of these LEOPARD SPARKLE PULL-ON JEGGINGS from Chico’s.

So, that is why I thought it might be fun to offer ideas to the ones who purchased them.

I ask you…what style challenges are there for wearing pants with sparkle?

What is the best way to look at how to style them and not be overpowered by them?

This is the new color from Chico’s called Smoked Paprika…and it is a lovely fall red.

At the top of the post, the jeggings are styled with the SPUN RAYON CARDIGAN in a similar color called faux paprika heather.

The cardigan is over the NO-IRON STRETCH SHIRT in white.

Accessory for this look is the ADJUSTABLE PENDANT NECKLACE.

But, perhaps you see the pants with sparkle styled differently.  What would your style tips be?

In case, you want to consider other Chico’s pieces in this new smoked paprika color for your style tips, here are options currently for sale….


style tips

In addition to the red pants with sparkle, this TWEED COATIGAN in the camel color has been a big seller from my blog. 

It is such a great piece for an elevated casual style…very comfy and warm.

Easy Spirit fall footwear essentials

Make sure you saw the Easy Spirit for Fall post yesterday…I have that 20% off savings code and this is a great comfy, stylish shoe brand.

OK…fashion stylists…it is your tun…what are your style tips for the red pants with sparkle.  Can’t wait to read your thoughts!

Then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has for you today….I will be back tomorrow…until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. This outfit is styled perfectly as is. The proportions are great. The only thing I would change is the sparkles. I would style this with the same color pants minus the sparkles or slim black pants instead. I would add some heels, a couple of bracelets and a woven leather tote.

  2. Love the sparkle pants/leggings and would style them with a slightly oversized V neck sweater, about the same length as the cardigan. Something in a solid or heathered textured knit. Then add a scarf around the neck, thickness depending on the weather, with the ends hanging down for visual interest. Low booties in a mid tone to not take away from the bottoms. These are something I would wear any time just to feel good. Of course I would add earrings personally, maybe a 2 inch hoop to not catch on the scarf. This is not a colour I would wear myself, but the styling certainly is.

  3. I love Chico’s smoked paprika color and must have something in it this fall. The sparkle pants are fabulous. Not a style that works for my lifestyle but since I’m styling for someone else I get to play with colors I no longer wear. One way I woulds style these is with a matching microfiber tank to create a column of color. Then I’d have a lot of options to top it off. Since the person wearing embraces bling they may also love the big sleeves on the cutwork shirt in the black version for a dramatic look. This look begs for some strappy heels and minimal jewelry. A more colorful and casual look would be the paisley midi cardi. Another way I’d style it is with that gorgeous zip front ruana over a black long sleeve cashmere sweater. Finally for a totally different look I’d pair them with Chico’s denim blazer over a white microfiber tank and some serious statement jewelry. Can you tell I really like these even though bling is not part of my personal style?

  4. I would suggest fancying them up with the romantic tee and a choker necklace the colour of the sparkles and heeled sandals with a few sparkles on them as well. If you are going to sparkle up go all the way.

  5. I love the way the store has this styled, and these first few suggestions as well. The pants are very trim looking, and I could see my very petite, gamine friend wearing these as she hosts a holiday party this winter. She would sport cute little ballet flats, maybe with a rhinestone clip or fun design. Then a cream colored cashmere mock turtleneck sweater. She’d have an understated button earring, and her adorable pixie haircut would be freshly cut and colored with her signature blonde, tipped with hints of this reddish pant color. She would look adorable, and everyone would tell her so. 😁

  6. The pants need a dressy simple black knit top with boatneck, 3/4 sleeves; add black suede round toe flats and a silk paprika neckerchief or a silver multi length chain necklace. Silver and paprika earrings …

  7. I’m not much for sparkle so I would probably switch out the pants for something with a slightly wider leg to balance the visual weight of the jacket because my shoulders are so wide. Happy Saturday!

  8. I like this out it as is. But the shirt and long paprika sweater with necklace would also look nice with dark blue-wash denim or even grey denim or black denim.
    The pants look just fine as the store has presented them; I don’t feel I could do any better. Yet I was thinking a grey velvet blazer over a grey satin/silk cami might be interesting?

  9. As the pattern embellishment appears to be silver, the design of the pants are casual and IMHO the white blouse too stark; for streetwear feel a metallic knitwear (polyester/spandex) t-shirt in a silver-grey (similar to pewter) with similar colored footwear (ballet flats) would work (to bookend). Whereas handbag and jewelry (kept to a minimum) chosen, would be in the same color family as the jeggings and simplistic in design. An optional overlay could be the cardigan shown. As an alternative for a more casual dressy code (social gathering); switch out the top with a flattering neckline and long sleeves to a semi-tunic length in the same color (monochromatic) as the jeggings, keep the same shoes or choose those with a heel and a matching bag (envelope, box or kiss clutch). For jewelry; add some more sparkle with diamond (or zirconia) stud earrings and a delicate tennis bracelet.

  10. Reds are such a huge trend for fall, and this shade of red ought to be easy for many women to wear. The blingy leopard pattern is so fun! It makes me think of holiday attire, but it isn’t quite time for that yet. With that said, putting a tunic over skinny jeggings is a silhouette that I’m no longer wearing. It’s dated. (Sorry, Chico’s….) My fashion goals include being current and modern. I’m petite, so I’d go into the missy department and would purchase a pair of these jeggings that weren’t too tight, giving more of the look of cigarette pants or straight leg pants. I’d want them to hit at the ankle – not above, because although it’s super hot today, it won’t be long before I’ll need my booties. With a longer pant, booties would work. Until that time, ballerina flats would be an option. This shade of red is going rather neutral. Brown booties and a shorter cardigan would bookend nicely. And as for holiday wear? When that season rolls around, I’d already have a piece I could incorporate multiple ways. For example, I could bookend a dressy black jacket with my dressy black booties. I can see why you’ve sold lots of these red jeggings, Pamela!

  11. Love the cardi color. At first glance, this outfit doesn’t look to bad on the long, lean mannequin but the blouse and sweater both fall straight from the shoulder to the hip, emphasizing the widest part of most women’s bodies. There’s no waist definition so the centre of body looks as wide as the hips. Then the pants are cropped so they further chop the body into short, wide pieces. I’d tuck or belt the blouse to give the appearance of a nipped in waist (even tho my waist doesn’t nip!) and style a long cardi like this over longer, slim pants to make the legs look longer. An ankle boot or shoe with a heel or platform would also help. Beadazzled pants are so Chicos. I’d prefer a more modern style.

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