Would You Wear It – Animal Print Maxi Dress

Would you wear it

Happy National Day of Encouragement, everyone!  Allow me to encourage you to dress with confident style….today, we have Would You Wear It with an animal print maxi dress.

On Tuesdays in September, we have had some great discussions on Would You Wear it that include thinking about what works for our ages and body types.

I appreciate that we are discussing these styles with different opinions, but in respectful ways…that is how you help others with what you think.

If you want to look over the other discussions before you comment and answer Would You Wear It, here they are:



This week, I began to share fall trends for you and today introduces another one…the return of animal prints in big ways this fall.

So get your comfy on, and let’s get going with another fun discussion in Would You Wear It?


would you wear it

I stood in front of this display at Nordstrom for a long time, pondering the maxi dress styling.

The reason is….for a very long time, every maxi dress I tried on (for some reason) made me feel old and frumpy. 

For me, would you wear it for a maxi had always been a strong NO.

But last year, I found one at Banana Republic that I believed communicated my style adjectives, and saw it to be flattering and youthful.

They are still selling it in several colors, including fall colors…it is the Cruz Linen Maxi Shirtdress.

would you wear it

This made me more open to maxi dresses.

When I saw the All Saints Katlyn Evita Animal Print Long Sleeve Maxi Dress with All Saints Balfern Sheepskin Leather Biker Jacket (a little pricey!), I actually thought about it.

I would definitely try it on, and I would wear it if it looked good.  My world has been opened to maxi dresses.

The animal print has never scared me and I own several animal print pieces.  I also am kind of drawn to the edge this styling communicates today.

My feelings are that this one on the display could be worn by any age woman…so what say you?

Would You Wear It

I also think this maxi dress from Chico’s would look good with the style of moto jacket shown in the display.  This is a nice dress.

It is the PONTE RIB TRIM MAXI DRESS in smoked paprika.

Now just to show you that animal print maxi dresses and skirts are on trend, here are a few more I found:

So, think about this display:

  1. Tell us if you would or would not wear what you see and explain why?
  2. Do you agree with me that any age woman can wear the maxi dress and the moto jacket?
  3. If you would not wear it, could you see someone you know in it?

Remember, this is not a time to tell us that you would not wear it because of price.  Forget that, and let’s just focus on the styling and garments.

We learn so much from one another.


Sunday mornings at home

Choose to be purposeful and encourage everyone around you today!

Even people standing in line at the grocery…or filling up their car…give them a smile and word of encouragement.  ( I love to do this…it’s so much fun to watch others light up!)

Send out texts or emails to friends and family to encourage them in even small ways. 

You will discover at the end of the day that you feel more joyful and satisfied.  It will come right back at you!

Join me in participating in the National Day of Encouragement!

Let me encourage you to join in the conversation today about the Would You Wear It display!  Then, as always make sure to 


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it


  1. Thanks for starting us off today….however, I think if you click the link for the jacket and actually read the description, you will see that it is real leather and the price of the jacket reflects that. I always include the links for more information.

  2. I love the sleek line of the dress, and I love animal print. However, I do not own a maxi. I have a fear of tripping over the length when moving sling especially going up steps. However, this dress is so gorgeous, I would try it on. The leather jacket is luxurious and adds just the right edginess to the dress. I would wear gold hoop earrings and a gold bracelet, maybe low black suede boots with the outfit.

  3. Love the dress! I know you want to know if I would wear it. Well, no. I feel overwhelmed in maxi dresses, but would definitely try it on. If it fit well I would cut it off to either midi or knee length (which ever looked flattering) and wear it as such. The length is way to much fabric for me now. The jacket is too busy and heavy for me. I would look for a cashmere sweater in a cut that flatters the dress to wear as a ‘jacket’. Only earrings needed for this look!

  4. Thank you for the encouragement today and for all the positive messages you share with us. Even if I don’t get out today I’ll find a way to send an encouraging message to a friend. The maxi dress is stunning but I would not wear it. I’m barely 5’3″ and it would drag on the floor. I could have it altered but maxi dresses are just not my style. If I had a different lifestyle I might consider wearing it to a dressy event but not paired with the moto jacket. I think both the style of the dress and the jacket are good for any age and certainly can be worn together if that’s your style. Confidence has a lot to do with it too. I have several moto style jackets and wear them frequently. I do like animal prints and am glad they are back in style. I have a knee length dress similar to this that I bought at Chico’s probably 15 years ago and look forward to wearing it again. Happy Tuesday.

  5. Wow! You look beautiful in the Cruz Linen dress. You can really rock a maxi dress!
    I liked the animal print dress. You can dress up or down.

  6. You told us what I want to know…all ideas and opinions welcome, Deborah…you know that. I love your ideas here.

  7. A definite YES to the dress and the jacket! I purchased an animal print midi dress two years ago and I LOVE it! I feel like a “stylish woman” when I wear it! I’m 76 and always wear current styles.
    My choice of clothing and accessories generates many positive comments….and that makes me happy😊 This is an outfit that all ages can wear successfully!

  8. I am seeing maxi dresses on short ladies and all sizes, proving the appeal. This style jacket works for everyone but not in black with a red dress, too much contrast. Looks better with the subtle prints. Animal prints are here to stay !

  9. Well, first off, thanks for the Encouraging, today and every day! 👍 I am a big fan of maxi length skirts and dresses, and have quite a collection actually. So, yes, I think they are a terrific fashion choice for ladies of any age. This print is too much for me, personally, and I have never worn a motorcycle or any black leather jacket, so I would pass it by I think. Your paprika dress, however, is very much my style. I would wear it out to dinner next month in Mexico, with a beautiful embellished wrap about my shoulders, silver hoops in my ears. For animal prints, I love them in my accessories, bag, scarf, lining of a favorite coat.

  10. Thanks Viki…I have only worn that dress a couple of times…both to special occasions..but I do love it and the fit…it is a great linen dress.

  11. I loved the way that dress felt when I tried it on. The knit is just right and I believe it would travel well. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Connie.

  12. I would wear this if it fit but in trying on many maxi dresses my frame is overwhelmed and they look awful. ( me, not the dress). On a tall statuesque woman who is into animal prints (not me) I say sure- enjoy! Not sure about that jacket? Not my choice.

  13. I am in the same ‘no animal prints’ as MP3, so I don’t see myself wearing this. Having said that, I think the style of the dress is attractive and is something that I’d wear if I had an event or fancy dinner to go to. If you are going to wear this dress, the moto jacket is a good choice. I can also see it with one of the short “lady” jackets or a black shrug and strappy heels. Jewelry might be superfluous, but a thick, gold bangle would add a touch of shine.

  14. Love the styling suggestions, Maeve, that you offered though the dress is not for you…that is how we encourage others here.

  15. Animal prints continue to be very popular from the styles I see. It’s a print or pattern that isn’t loud, and camouflages the body so you don’t see the lumps and bumps. I wear maxi dresses sometimes as they are comfortable and yes, I just hem them up to fit me. A maxi is a very feminine style.

    The moto jacket is a huge trend, been around about as long as the animal print look. This style trend is so popular and long lasting that it must please a lot of women. Many of the faux leather moto jackets are washable.

    To me, this animal print and black jacket is too somber and too typical or overdone. I think the real leather moto jacket looks classier than the vegan or faux leather ones I typically see. I would not wear this exact style as shown because it is boring to me and I don’t like the colors. I’d modify the look to a different print and a soft jacket but that is the old school style.

  16. Well, I like the biker jacket and animal print maxi combo. They would look great on a taller, thinner woman. I might pick a different moto jacket as the belt/buckles on this one are a little heavy and emphasize a horizontal line. What works about this animal print, in my opinion, is that there is less contrast between the animal spots, so it has an overall mottled look rather than a more polka-dot look. Ankle boots in dark brown or black would look good. I like the short, open link, gold necklace they show with it. Add some gold hoops.

  17. Yes Pam, I would wear the animal print maxi dress and with a moto jacket as well. I also think it would look good with a long cardigan/ coat. I would wear it with boots if it was cold and trainers if not. I am only 5 ft 1 inch tall so I would probably need to shorten it but if the waistline was in the right place when I tried it on, I definitely think it would come home with me.

    I think ladies of any size and age can wear a maxi dress, you look great in your linen one and your paprika one. However I can understand if you have mobility problems it may get in the way and make a tripping hazard.

  18. I don’t like that much animal print on myself, but I really like maxis. Pam, you look stunning in the linen wheat colored dress. Maxis can make a woman of any age and height look stylish. The long vertical line adds a look of height to a petite, and gives a statuesque look to a taller woman.

  19. I think because I am a bit taller than most that the tripping hazard has not been an issue so far…I always pick up the bottom a bit when going up and down stairs. But right now I do not own many maxi dresses at all and it would need to be a very special one for me to purchase it…but I would try this on. Thanks for joining in, Gillian.

  20. I would absolutely wear that leopard print maxi dress – because it’s not just a sleeker style, but in flatteringly autumnal colours too! (Often these animal prints have too much white in them to be wearable for me). I agree it’s an ageless look, but I would style it with a collarless or mandarin neckline leather jacket (I have one in chocolate brown) to better flatter my proportions, instead of the display one or the leather blouse you’re wearing. That’s great that you found a linen long dress that you like too – I find mine need a softer shape &/ or fabric (again, no collar or V neckline for me).

  21. I would absolutely wear the animal print maxi… but with white, super simple tennis shoes and a lighter jean jacket. I wouldn’t wear it to be serious I would have fun with it!

  22. I like the combo and think it is ageless and cool. For me, it is too warm in tone and probably overwhelming. A tall woman would wear it best as others have noted. I think the trick with avoiding the matronly vibe in maxi dresses is to choose a sleeker silhouette as this seems to be. The biker jacket adds edge and youthfulness too. Imagine it with a cardigan. Not so cool.

  23. Leopard print, check. Black leather moto jacket, check. Gold link necklace, check. This is how I left the house for work today. Ok, It’s a sweater and black jeans, but close. When I looked in the mirror I felt old or maybe like I was trying too hard? I may not like leopard print anymore. Ultimately, it’s all just a matter of personal taste.

  24. Of course, Lily and a matter of the style adjectives and messages we want to project. This would you wear it challenge does help other women to assess what they think of the trends in fashion. I appreciate you participating.

  25. Pamela, first of all the white linen maxi dress on you is gorgeous!! Unfortunately for me, I look dumpy and frumpy in maxi’s or actually many styles of dress. No to the animal print except for accessories, I do have a pair of very cute leopard print ballet flats I wear occasionally, when I feel like letting go. The moto is wonderful, but with my hips, no to the moto style of jacket…I do love your looks, I go for more tailored, jeans, denim jacket a linen button down shirt…but do take cues from your blog and Jennifers…..be stylish, comfortable and confident is my motto, even if I can’t or don’t embrace all the trends….

  26. The whole outfit is a no for me. To start with, the animal print is the wrong color for me, but the biggest reason is that maxi dresses & moto jackets make me feel like I am wearing someone else’s clothes. I have admired them on others, but when I try them on, I feel like I am wearing a costume. I’m sure if I saw this outfit on another woman at an event, I would likely think she looked very chic, regardless of her age. I would likely compliment her on it.

  27. Thanks Becky…I think you are like many of us with maxi dresses. I have just now come around to enjoy a couple of them, but overall still struggle with feeling confident in the styles.

  28. No to maxi skirts and dresses. 5′ 2″ I just can’t wear them without being over whelmed. I like animal prints but only use them for trim or accessories. The dress in the photo seems so dark, so I would wear a tan jacket or blazer.

  29. FYI, those leather jackets are often offered at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for about $300. I assume they go on sale at other times too…

  30. This is well styled as is for a taller women with an autumn palette. I can’t wear maxis as I use a mobility device called Charlie and it would get caught in the wheels. Plus at 5’2” it really would swamp me. My color palette is cool summer and brown looks terrible on me.

  31. To each their own being a ‘yes’ to both an animal print maxi length garment and moto jacket for myself however not necessarily the designs on this mannequin. Reasons being; the print I find too dark ‘n harsh and I prefer more of a ‘racer’ style jacket (more tailored without the epaulets and belt). That being said; I also do have few tops and accessories in animal prints however do find when and where worn as well as with what; one has to be more selective. -Brenda-

  32. YES! I would wear it if it looked good on me. Also the jacket. I love the moto jacket style and I’m still looking for one that would compliment my body (short and ‘substantial’ shall we say?) I’m 72 and finally getting in to a style I like. When I was younger I could wear anything and make it look good, unfortunately things have changed a bit. I particularly like the animal (leopard?) print. I have a skirt and a scarf already, so just need other items to go with.
    Thanks for your question. Hope you have a lovely day!

  33. Pam, your linen maxi with just the perfect scarf, which I think is one of your most attractive outfits ever by the way, inspired me I must say! So I’m on board with Mathew maxi options. Wore many over the years from when they first came into vogue — some beach/casual and some cocktail formal dinner. I would think there are some who will just love that animal print column and show it off well — elegantly perhaps with a gold arm bracelet, very elegant sleek hair style, strappy shoes a pair of impressive dangly ear loops and a faux black fur stole — the total vamp! Back in the day of course a very long cigarette holder a total 20’s vibe! If I was younger I would do it 😊

  34. I have a leopard sweater and a three quarter sleeve short leopard print jacket that I love. I even bought a small leopard handbag this month. That long leopard dress is just too much for me!

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