Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday, all!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

Sunday mornings at home is my weekly lifestyle post with a little of this and a little of that. 

This weekend, we were still well into 105 degree heat and struggling to keep things alive.

But, there is hope on the horizon for Texas and others…we have the “hope” of rain and slightly lower temps in the forecast for this week.

I will take it with a smile on my face…hoping that each week will bring more changes.

I don’t wait for cool weather to celebrate fall…I love the season too much…so despite some heat…the celebration is on around my house.

To start us off today, I have a delicious veggie recipe…..


Sunday mornings at home

If you like zucchini, you will love this recipe.

I found it on a site called Skinny Taste, but I did make some adaptations.  The dish is rich and delicious as if it had heavier ingredients it doesn’t have.

The original recipe Is found, PASTA WITH CREAMY ZUCCHINI SAUCE.

You can see the recipe and I will discuss here how I did this….

Sunday mornings at home

When I roast veggies, I always roast more than what I need so I have different options for different meals.

This recipe calls for roasted zucchini, yellow squash, onion, and garlic.

I desired more depth of flavor, so worked in more seasonings.

I tossed the veggies in Italian Seasoning and a 1/4 tsp of black pepper and salt.  Then drizzled them with olive oil.

I roasted everything with fresh rosemary and basil from my background …to get more aromatic depth into the veggies.

Sunday mornings at home

Since the recipe calls for chicken broth, I reached for this bone broth I have in my pantry.

You can see on the label, there is flavor from rosemary and lemon so I believed that would work well.

The other 1/2 cup is the grated parmesan…and I used a fresh combination of Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

Sunday mornings at home

As the recipe recommends, I put everything into my VitaMix and blended together.

I did add a 1/2 cup of the pasta water once I mixed the creamy mixture into the pasta.

Sunday Mornings at home

My pasta of choice is Barilla Protein Angel Hair pasta.

I garnished with a little more cheese and a roasted tomato….it is delicious.

The next day I added chopped roasted chicken breast.

Mr. B was traveling when I did this.  If I make it for him, I may toss in some cayenne pepper and increase the heat a bit.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

As I said, Mr. B was not here, but he was living out his dreams.

He flew to Manchester, England and drove this amazing countryside to participate in a trail run called THE LAP.

This is an ultra marathon around Lake Windemere, called the most photographed lake in the world. 

I have shared with you before that he has been trail running for years with bone on bone in his knee and arthritis.

His ortho surgeon has only said…when you are ready for knee replacement, let me know.

Mr. B has told us before that races were his last…said that about rim to rim at the Grand Canyon…and he says this is his last.

But, he really loves this and is in incredible shape despite the knee.

Running has brought him closer to God, and given him a more joyful, optimistic outlook of life in general.

And he finished…47 miles in 20 hours at 2 AM.  We are so proud of him.

The main reason I am not with him on this adventure is money…we basically shot our travel budget on the cruise.

But, I spent yesterday texting with all of my children as they watched their dad’s progress on the app.  

Mr. oldest son would even red-flag moments to pray over. 

 I knew this was very important to my husband and encouraged him to go.  

This is how one 65-year-old (yes, I robbed the cradle) lives out his dreams.


Sunday Mornings at home

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I actually sent a pair of the ballet flats to my daughter.  Easy Spirit shoes are a gift you can trust for quality, style and comfort.


Sunday mornings at home

I love this time of year so much…all of it…food, fashion, activities, etc.  Yes, even in a warmer climate.

I suppose that is the autumn girl in me.

But, I have fun planned for the week…I am loving the discussions on Would You Wear It Tuesdays and plan to keep that going….I think we are hearing many great ideas there….

Tomorrow, let’s talk fall outfits….hope to see you then….


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Sunday mornings at home



  1. That zucchini recipe looked amazing and is a must try in my vegetarian kitchen. I bet the roasted tomato made a big difference, and like me, you have a good hand with the seasoning. I like lots of herbs and spices in almost everything and think most people would like their healthy cooking better if they seasoned it more. You have every right to be proud of Mr. B. That is a jaw-dropping achievement! My husband had a knee replacement on May 10 (arthritis and bone on bone for a long time, but the knee began to be displaced). He never looked back, and was well enough to go to Alaska just a couple of months later. It takes several months for full healing, but he is doing pretty much everything he wants to, including a trail walking trip to northern Michigan we’ve scheduled in a couple of weeks. Since I’ve had my foot surgery with screws and what are practically bungee cords in my ankle, and he has a new knee, we joke that we are both bionic.

  2. Your recipe seems like a winner! I love roasted veggies and creating this sauce for pasta is making me hungry already.
    Congratulations to Mr B! What a phenomenal race! He must be exhausted. And his knees!
    My husband was once a runner too but now swims —he swims laps every morning- nearly a mile! It’s a good alternative for him in mid 70s.

  3. I think our husbands would be fast friends, Linda! And in the next year, we will join you as a bionic couple!

  4. He may be a swimmer some day, Paulette. But he will run as long as he can endure, and he also loves his Peleton. This recipe is a good one..hope you like it!

  5. Thank you for the recipe and your adaptation. I have printed it and am going to jot your suggestions onto it. Tonight’s meal is planned (crockpot) so its on the menu tomorrow to pair with air-fryer “fried” chicken. We are both trying to lose some weight. My husband gained about 20 pounds when he was in bed for a year and its hard for him to lose since his mobility is severely limited. My excuse is I got lazy about good habits but you have inspired me to get a handle on that. I’m so impressed that your husband has been able to keep running. What a gorgeous landscape to run through! Looking forward to the discussion on styling fall outfits even though it will be a while yet before I can wear them. We are finally out of the 90s here and I hope cooler weather finds you. I’m particularly interested in styling the wider leg jeans. They looked so good on you that I bought a pair and an eyeing them in another color. Happy Sunday.

  6. Oh, what a tremendous accomplishment! Good going, Mr. B., and thank you for sharing the pictures of the countryside. It looks like a dream, like a scene from All Creatures Great and Small. Thanks for the new recipe. My kitchen is overflowing with green and yellow squash, so will give this a go.

  7. My husband is running on a knee that many would not run on…but he loves running so much and just dreads the day that he doesn’t do it any longer. He had doctors tell him to stop, so he left them and searched until he found one who understood his passion and would help him get through it until he is ready for the surgery.
    Wow…I do not have a wide leg style for you tommorow Kathie…but will try to get one done soon.

  8. Several things we have in common today! I often use recipes fro the Skinnytaste website. She has such a variety of low calorie dishes and even shows Weight Watcher points with her recipes. The recipe you have made looks delicious and one I’ll certainly like to try. Pasta and rice affect my Mr. B’s blood glucose so I now try to use Banza brand pasta and rice made from chickpeas. The landscape pictures from Great Britain are so beautiful and remind me of a video I watched yesterday. A young couple rented a long boat and traveled along a route of the many canals that apparently transverse Great Britain which to me would be such a fascinating journey to make. The scenery would be so fantastic! And how Mr. B runs on his knees must truly be a case of mind over matter since I cannot imagine running distances on his knees. Bless him!

  9. He said the countryside is a dream and his run included running with several herds of sheep. I like this recipe because it does not include cream or sour cream in the sauce. I think you will like it, Connie.

  10. He loved the location where the race took place. He drove by Beatrix Potter’s cottage and William Wordsworth estate…he now understands my love of cottages.
    I started to use the chickpea pasta…I have some, but just ended up with the other. I like the chickpea pasta and rice. Thanks Celia.

  11. When I looked at the recipe, I thought that it wouldn’t work for my WW program because it looked so creamy. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for sharing and discussing the tweaks.
    What a great accomplishment for Mr. B. My husband (at 71) is trying to ease back into running with his tricky knee. What a beautiful part of England. We have been to London several times but haven’t explored the countryside. As we grow older, I am less apt to agree to my husband driving on the other side of the road. The train would be fun! Thanks for an informative post!

  12. Really loved today’s post. For dinner I’m trying the recipe tonight. I was thinking of holding back some of the roasted veggies, and just tossing them with pasta. I might ditch the pasta and use zucchini noodles, for a bit more low carb. I did add more herbs and seasonings..thanks for trying this out first…love the pics of the English countryside. Your hubby must have been in heaven….have a great week ahead…

  13. The zucchini pasta recipe sounds very good, especially with your suggested additional herbs. I’m going to try it if we get more zucchini in our next CSA box. Love the Easy Spirit loafers and hope I can find time to get somewhere to try them on.

  14. Congratulations to Mr. B from a former runner who finally had to hang up my running shoes due to three discs in my back being bone-on-bone. I understand his desire to keep running, as the mental benefits outweigh the obvious physical ones. Praying for his safe return and eventual medical solutions that allow him to do the things he loves. I’m so thankful it is finally below 100 degrees in north Texas, and am looking forward to the promised rain and cooler temperatures this week. What perfect timing for a fall wardrobe post – can’t wait!

  15. Congratulations to your Mr. B! My Mr. B had to stop running also because it started to bother his knees. He started riding a bicycle and got me into it in my 40s. My balance instability stopped me from riding and skiing. The pictures are exquisite of the British countryside. Our high today was a blessed 65 degrees here in Colorado! I wore jeans for the first time this season! Cooler weather is coming!

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