Fall outfits and trends for women over 60, Part 2

fall outfits

Happy Thursday, friends!  Now, welcome back for part two of fall outfits and trends for women over 60.

I began on Monday sharing inspiration for you for fall outfits and information about the current fall fashion trends…for those who would like to look current.

You can find the first three trends in FALL OUTFITS AND TRENDS FOR WOMEN OVER 60, PART 1.

Sometimes trends become garments that we see every year, but once it is declared a “trend” we see more versions of the garment.

So, this year we are seeing lots and lots of ways to wear animal prints…which last year were not as fashion forward.

We have seen today’s trends before, but (as I said) they are being pushed this fall. 

So let’s see one way I will style them…..


fall outfits


I own several long cardigans, but I recently purchased this navy WEAREVER TEXTURED OPEN FRONT CARDIGAN from JJILL because it is lighter and the length is not too long.

I also like the fact that there are no buttons.  Most of my long cardigans have buttons and are longer.

This cardigan is currently on sale, and until October 1, you can take an additional 40% off that!  Good price and I like the cardigan.

Because one of my adjectives is polished, I often wear tops like this one which will elevate my casual looks from a tee or tank.

It is no longer available, but there are similar tops at Banana Republic Factory where I bought this one last spring.

My pants are new brown denim and they are perfect new additions to a wardrobe that is predominately vibrant autumn palette.

These are the SLIM ANKLE JEANS in dark walnut from Talbots.

Talbots has a BOGO sale going on through September 17…buy one item, get one for 50% off…a great way to pick up refreshments for fall outfits!

My new Easy Spirit shoes will go with many fall outfits this year.


Also, I want to point out that I still like this cardigan from Chico’s… SPUN RAYON CARDIGAN 


fall outfits


Lots to say here and I know what some of you are thinking with this inspiration shot for fall outfits!

When I rolled by wardrobe over from a winter to a vibrant autumn palette, it was the best decision that I ever made. 

I just look more vibrant and younger in my best colors.

But, I confess letting go of all of my black was difficult.  So I held on to a few items.

fall outfits

These faux leather leggings from Soft Surroundings were purchased at least 8 years ago.

I love these because they look more like real leather leggings than any I have seen on the market since then…they are not shiny like so many are.

I just could not let them go.  

I did let go of a long knit vest from Chico’s that I also had owned for years…and wish I had held onto it.

I do not regret selling my black coats or jackets.

I also kept at least three pair of black shoes…these Viga Spiga slip-ons have been a favorite for a long time.  I originally found them at a Nordstrom Rack.

I was in Talbots recently trying on clothing for you, the audience, so decided to try on this sweater vest from the sale rack.

It is the CASCADING TRAVEL VEST, and they still have a few left.

Knowing that long vests and faux leather leggings were on sale, I thought…wow, I really like this and think to wear it once in awhile would be ok…it fits my style.

I loved it with the Talbots THREE-QUARTER SLEEVE CAFE TEE…this a new look for my fall outfits.

The tee is an off-white, creamy ivory color and not white, so I think it tempers the affect of the black on my complexion and I can make it work.

I like the look for fall outfits. 

I think the faux leather leggings that look closest to mine are the SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG HIGH RISE FAUX LEATHER SHAPING LEGGINGS.  (In black….look and fit great with a very affordable price.)

I also like the pair at Chico’s…first in the slide show below….

Here is some help with your fall outfits for these trends…..

First, long vests….

Second, faux leather leggings

Third…the long cardigan…look at the Liz Claiborne at Penney’s…I believe that is my favorite.  Lots of different price points here…

I hope I have given you some inspiration today for your own fall outfits and to know what the fall trends are.

Don’t be too hard on me about having a black outfit for fall.  I know I said never again, but I have softened enough to add this look and use some black pieces that I saved.

Thank you for being here…and make sure that you always…………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Easy Spirit Fall Footwear


  1. I like the black outfit on you, and would also like it with a rusty red shirt/blouse (why not two trends at once :))? I have kept some black in my wardrobe too, and kept all my black accessories. I have even actually purchased black pants and leggings and the occasional black cardigan since discovering I was a blue autumn. I agree, you have a flattering color near your face, and in addition to that, I wonder if the outfit works because you also have ivory sleeves showing. I enjoyed all of today’s outfits!

  2. Thanks so much, Linda. Perhaps the fact that the sleeves show does help it! Since my eye-opening color change, I look closely at what black does to my complexion now when I try it on and this seemed better than just solid black.

  3. Love your looks and especially the new button-less open cardi. Looks great. I think I’ll wear mine with a striped tee.
    The other look I love is you wearing the French cafe tee and open sleeveless vest- really cute!
    If Hurricane Lee misses us I’m heading to JC Penney to check out a few items. Thanks to you I’m beginning to consider a few stores I once never shopped.

  4. Perhaps during the day your slideshow will appear but for now the little icon keeps circling. However, I’m glad to know that long vests are trending as I have two I have worn for several years, treading or not, simply because I like them. One is black but as a winter, I had not problem with it. As far as the faux leggings are concerned, I have not looked at any because I do not like my pants to be tight, but rather loose like the brown Talbot jeans in the first picture. After seeing your fall outfits, I’m now on the lookout for a shorter topper as all of mine are long cardigans. Thank you for the good ideas.

  5. Great job this week pulling pieces together! I guess I will have to try a long vest. I saw the cream cafe top at Talbots. A cute piece if you still wear black. You gave us lots of options this week. Thank you.

  6. You are welcome, Celia. SO many times that pinwheeling has to do with browsers, but I do find it helpful to shut down the computer or phone and restart it.

  7. I always desire to inspire you in your own personal style choices. I know I am stepping out with that black outfit..but it is the only one! That tee would also look cute with a navy vest or topper. Black and navy are very chic together.

  8. Hi there Pam! I recently ordered two buttonless cardigan style toppers from Jjill as I am pear shaped and these help to conceal a myriad of sins lol – I really like the black one with the bright embroidery on the sleeves in the slideshow – is this one @ JCPenny? Thanks!

  9. As long as you don’t wear solid black high up against your face, why would you not include it in your wardrobe? Black pants are fine, and gee, black shoes-who doesn’t have them? You can always mix black with brown, and black with navy is gorgeous. You wear both those colors already. I would never get rid of black accessories, sweaters with v necks, or vests.

  10. The black and white outfit looks so nice on you. Thank you for the various ideas I can translate to my closet.

  11. Pam, there are times when you style is more important than your best colors. The black outfit looks great on you and the cafe shirt from Talbots really complements it. I do prefer the first look though where your colors and style both shine. I’ve pretty much banished black from my wardrobe with a few exceptions. Yoga pants that I wear to the studio cuz they are exercise pants. A pair of expensive flats. A wool cream & back plaid winter maxi coat that I’ve had for at least 30 years and wear at Christmas. I also make exceptions for things like animal prints that feature black. I know as an autumn these aren’t my best pieces but by wearing them with one of my best colors they still work for me.

  12. Hi Lindsey, when I produce a slideshow, all you have to do it click on the picture and you will see where the garment is located…it will take you right there.

  13. I do always want to look my vibrant best, Kathie and that means sticking to my best autumn colors. It is fun to have an outfit like this black one just for a little change.

  14. I really like the long cardigans. I have three now and look forward to cooler weather so I can wear them.

  15. Love the black on you with other colors . Black for me is a neutral i can mix reds , navy , cream or brown with other vivid prints .or colors . i have a pair of faux leather chico black jeans i got years ago which arent shiny too and love them .andni love faux suede pants or leggings for winter and fall ..The shiny faux learher ones look sprayed on and cheap like plastic to me ,not like leather …
    the embroidered blazer would look cute with a column of white or gray or black . Its not for me , but i do have a plaid and a striped blazer i wear with column of satiny blouses or tanks or turlenecks and then pants , jeans to match color . Blazers are timeless .
    Id love you to do a post on wearing boots . Knee boots and booties are warm in cold weather and look so cute with winter dresses or skirts too as well as jeans . I look for a way to wear dress or skirt occasionally casually since i so rarely get to , in retired life l and boots do that too.

  16. Late to the party because I’ve been sick this past week, but these are all great ideas! They have reminded me of several pieces I already own that I haven’t worn in a while, and also sparked ideas for new ways to wear older pieces. Thanks so much for helping us begin thinking about fall fashion (my favorite wardrobe season) in spite of the lingering heat in Texas!

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