New IC Collection fall outfits at Dillard’s

fall outfits at Dillard's

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope your first fall weekend of 2023 was wonderful.  Let’s keep having fun and look at the new IC Collection fall outfits at Dillard’s.

One of my goals for the beginning of the season has been to show you many fall outfits at Dillard’s and we started last week…so let’s keep that going this week with a couple of lines.

IC Collection is not a brand for the quiet woman…it it bold, loud, dramatic, creative, fun, and very fashion forward.

The last time I featured it, some of you wrote about how much you did not care for the collection with your reasons, while others were online ordering garments in the collection.

So, I know you are out there and this is for you…there are several fall outfits at Dillard’s that work for many different occasions and are unique in design.

I hope all of you enjoy seeing the clothes whether they meet your style adjectives or not…I love a good fashion show of any kind.

So, let’s get going on this first fall Monday.


fall outfits at Dillard's

The design of this jacket is a flagship design for IC Collection…I have seen it and worn it for years.

Whenever I wore my IC Collection jacket in this design, I always got compliments and questions…where did you find that.  The design is very flattering.

This is the new IC Collection jackets available.

This one is the IC COLLECTION Textured Gold Metallic Geo Pattern Mock Neck Bracelet Length Sleeve Asymmetric One-Button Jacket.

Almost every piece featured in this post, is also available at Dillard’s in plus sizes as well.  However…IMPORTANT NOTE…I always size down when I shop this line.

These funky little pants are IC COLLECTION Double Textured Puckered ITY Knit Elastic Waist Pocketed Side Draped Pull-On Coordinating Cropped Pants.


fall outfits at Dillard's

There are several items in the New IC Collection fall outfits at Dillard’s in the feature print called Color Block Geo Print.

This is the IC COLLECTION Color Block Geo Print Woven Stand Collar Bracelet Length Sleeve Pocketed Asymmetrical Coordinating Jacket.

Here I am featuring it with the IC COLLECTION Color Blocked Geo Print Woven Wide Leg Pocketed Coordinating Pull-On Pants.

fall outfits at Dillard's

I thought you might like to see the jacket with a neutral pant.

Some are more likely to wear the pieces separately for the fall outfits from Dillard’s.

These are the IC COLLECTION High Rise Wide Leg Pants in black….but they also come in brown.

Here are more pieces from the new IC Collection fall outfits at Dillard’s…you can there is lots of fun…

I have one more day of “funky” for you on Thursday…and then back to our regular scheduled programming!

There are many brands for fall outfits at Dillard’s…I always enjoy my time there…and hope you enjoy this fashion fun. 


By Pamela Lutrell

You can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

fall outfits at JCP


  1. The first jacket is soooo gorgeous. On you, it looked bottle green, but the link showed it in black. Is there a green version? I’m definitely in the “neutral bottom” category. One of my adjectives is “interesting,” which I usually express through accessories, but sometimes through an unusual cut, some metallics, or a big button or other accents on a piece. “Dramatic” is not my adjective, but “interesting” allows me to dial dramatic back and still feel like myself. It’s all in the adjectives! I think it’s time to make a department store trip and find some new brands. The new Talbots collection is beautiful, but reviewers are complaining about the fabric content, thinness, and pilling … and the prices seemed so high. $400 for an unlined coat. I saw they have new corporate owners, so I’m a little concerned as quite a bit of my wardrobe comes from there.

  2. What a unique and funky collection! If I were in need of something this dressy, I’d surely be interested especially in one of these tops with the asymmetric closure. I do like something that is unusual and not seen on everyone else, and an item from this collection would certainly fit that bill. You wear that first top well although I prefer it with the solid plain pants. One funky item per outfit seems to be my mantra!

  3. It is black, Linda…so interesting that it looks green on your monitor. These jacket designs from IC Collection are a staple there and so flattering. I love them for an evening out or special event.

  4. I am trying to show you several pieces at once, Celia. But, if I owned this jacket I would wear it with a nice pair of black pants…perhaps even my Eileen Fisher black pants. IC Collection has always created amazing jackets.

  5. Funny that LindaLM’s monitor shows bottle green. Mine shows a teal blue. I would love either, but not black. If I had a place to wear it. I would love it in my closet. I would pair it with simple pants and a dressy little heeled boot. I enjoy ‘funk’ on occasion. Thanks for giving us a style show!

  6. Stunning pieces and you look fabulous in them. I love asymmetric tops! My lifestyle is very casual now but I can see how these jackets would be great for special events. I am also disappointed in Talbot’s switch to so many all synthetic sweaters and jackets. The styling is excellent but the quality of the fabrics just doesn’t match up particularly at the price point. So far so good with their pants and jeans. Hope you are enjoying your time with your daughter & grandsons.

  7. IC Collection makes this design in many prints and colors. I think you can currently find it in the end of season sale on the Dillard’s website. But that is funny how it shows up in such different colors.

  8. I have liked some of their designs for a long time, Paulette…particularly the jacket! Thanks so much

  9. Thanks Kathie! Every now in then in a more casual life, I need to up my game for a special event or moment and these jackets are a great way to do that. I am like Deborah and in need of one in a different color. Also, today is not about Talbot’s but I did want to add since two of you said something that I have not noticed poor quality there…in fact their clothes are fitting me better than every before…perhaps more about losing a little weight. But, right now I am loving their clothing.

  10. You look great modeling these clothes, and I do very much enjoy seeing them even as I remain a more conservative dresser. The Asian multi-print jacket in the slideshow is gorgeous, and I do love the interesting lines taking the black dress to something memorable. Happy Monday!

  11. I always enjoy looking at fun designs…even if I might not wear what I show you sometimes…fashion to me is like art and there are so many interpretations that it is fun to see it all. Thanks Connie!

  12. Granted, it’s far from my personal style preference, but it’s really good that there is something available for everyone, because how boring if we were all the same! Different styles for different women is what keeps fashion interesting!

  13. Absolutely…we all want to communicate different messages with what we wear and I enjoy seeing the different styles available…I love a good creative fashion show, but often would not wear what I see in it. It is always fun to look at the talent of designers. Thanks Karen!

  14. Love these looks! This is absolutely in my fashion lane. That dress with the brown, cream and black is stunning.

  15. Do love appreciate the edginess ‘n uniqueness of both the fabrics and designs, however in the climate I live in I would find some of the pieces a challenge to pair with outerwear if so required. -Brenda-

  16. I am another in the “green jacket” camp! In fact, my first thought was “I wonder if she could wear that with the green silk skirt from the wedding event outfits. You can definitely pull off this level of “dramatic” pieces. I like the print to and black pants on you, as well as that black/green jacket. I don’t do bold prints well, so these aren’t pieces I could wear, but it was fun looking at them. I always click through on your links, because I think you get some sort of credit even for us just looking, correct? Fall is my favorite season, and I am more than ready to bust out a sweater, ankle boots and vest. For now I’m just thankful for the bit of rain we got Sunday, and the slight decrease in temperatures (low 90’s.) Texas living is hard this time of year, but I’m still feeling joyful and optimistic about what this season may hold! Your posts help keep me centered on the things that really matter, which of course have nothing to do with sweaters and pumpkin spice candles. Here’s to a great week for you and all your readers!

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