Would You Wear It – Striped Sweater Dress

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, all…September is moving right along at a rapid pace.  So, it is already time for another Tuesday Would You Wear It?

This week featuring a striped sweater dress.

On Tuesdays, I am now sharing with you different garments and asking if you would or would not wear what you see.

What is different on these days, is now I am telling you what I think…in the past I withheld my opinion and just read yours.

Please keep your Would You Wear It comments productive and explain exactly why you would or would not wear what you see.

We do all learn from your comments and become better consumers of fashion.

Remember, it is not about price…just pretend the garments were given to you….

So let’s get started and consider another look for Would You Wear It?


would. you wear it

When I first saw this mannequin at my recent stop by JC Penney’s, I believed it to be a skirt and top.

I found it interesting because I thought the pieces would lead to a good conversation of wearing stripes that go different directions.

But, when I walked behind her, I found this….

would you wear it

It’s a sweater dress!  This is the LIZ CLAIBORNE SHORT SLEEVE MIDI SWEATER DRESS in navy stripes.

Here is my take…if it had been separates, I would have answered Yes, I Would Wear It?  Then I could mix and match the separates different ways.

But, as a dress, I am going to say, NO…I would not wear it?  

As a dress (for some reason), the stripes seem to be over whelming and might now slim me down as I would like it to.

For either style, I do not like the horizontal stripes design near my middle and the top appears to puff out.  Also, I would worry about it being too clingy.

I might be willing to try it on just to see if I am wrong….and please, feel free to disagree…that is how we learn from one another.

I was surprised to see this rayon and polyester fabric labeled “sweater.”

JC Penney has many midi dresses online right now…here are a few more for your consideration.


would you wear it

After I left JC Penney, I stopped by Dillard’s and these flats caught my eye.

I am someone who loves a fun flat…and own a couple with rhinestones….my creative adjective is often spoken on my feet.

I was surprised to see this shoe in September, when it appears to be to be perfect for February.

This is the GIANNI BINI MistyThree Heart Scalloped Suede Ballet Flats.

So, let me ask you…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  How would you style them?  Would you wear them any time of year?

Finally, would you wear the same shoe in black and white leather, GIANNI BINI MistyThree Heart Scalloped Leather Ballet Flats.

Again, this is not would you buy it…but rather…would you wear it?  I could see me wearing the black & white design, but not sure what with since I am an autumn palette.

That is it for today, ladies…I look forward to reading your comments about the dress and shoes…we all have something to offer in these discussions.

Thanks for being here…see you tomorrow…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear it



  1. Good morning. I am a stripe lover and I would definitely try that dress on. The younger me ( less busty, more waist definition) would be happily trying to make that work if the fabric was quality and the blousing over of the top was perfect. I have a straight body and I think it would have worked for me at one point, not so sure about the present. Since I am short on dresses, and patiently waiting for the return of straight, skimming sheaths, dresses are catching my interest. You posted really cute ones. but they all have waist definition these days. At least the tiers are gone. I love an outstanding shoe, but these are too cutesy and limiting! A romantic would look good in them !

  2. I love dresses and wear them often, but this would be a hard pass for me. First of all, it’s quite “memorable” and for me, memorable styles don’t have the longevity I’m looking for these days. I don’t successfully wear stripes for some reason. A thin stripe under a jacket is okay, but for some reason I feel odd in stripes (though I like them on others), so for these reasons I’d pass. When you showed the back of the dress, it kind of looked like inferior quality. The shoes… definitely not. It would feel like wearing a costume, draw unnecessary attention to my feet, and flats are a no-go for me as I prefer some sort of heel. I could see these on a teen girl with jeans, however. That could be cute!

  3. I think the dress is cute but I wouldn’t wear it as black & white are not in my color palette. In another combination such as brown or navy with cream I might be tempted to try it on if it came in petite sizing though the puffed sleeve might turn me off as it doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the styling,. (picky, picky, picky). Back in the 80s I had a Liz Claiborne 2 piece outfit in ivory & navy which featured stripes in this combination and it was fabulous. I wore it with spectator pumps. No to the rhinestone heart flats. I’m also attracted to statement shoes but these do not appeal. Like Deborah said, I find them too cutesy and limited.

  4. I really thought at first that this was two pieces. Was surprised to find it is one! Thanks Kathie!

  5. I too would have to try this dress on. First of all I love stripes, but as these contrasting stripes are unique, id need to see them on my 5 ft 3 frame. I’ve never worn anything quite like this before. Secondly black? I’m not sure if I can wear black as readily anymore. I’m older and my skin is pale.
    I guess my response is “maybe.” I need to try it on.

  6. At 5’8” and not much of a shape 30 years ago I would consider trying this on. However now that I’m almost 70 and carry a little extra in the middle no way. If the outfit was separates I could work with that now though.

  7. I prefer the Would you wear it over the new Saturday’s How would you style. So happy you are doing it during the week

  8. I am drawn to stripes especially navy/white combos. Actually I made a pact with myself to not purchase anymore but this is a very cute dress and I would try it on. My body type is straight and I do not have a bust at all; my shoulders are narrow so I would need to see how the top drapes. At closer inspection this is a cotton knit which probably means it’s lightweight enough to wear in the desert climate. I wear slips with all my dresses; I like the fact that a slip keeps a dress from clinging too much and this one definitely would need it. A No to the shoes; I don’t like the very pointy toe at all. It elongates my size 10 foot too much.

  9. It looks like it might be comfortable as a one piece dress. No extra band from a separate top over a skirt waist band like if it was a two piece outfit. But for me, the stripes kinda hurt my eyes. I wear stripes so it’s not that. Honestly, it’s very fashion forward. Would I wear it? Probably not, I’m long waisted (this type of fit hits too high), and I sweat in this kind of material. It’s a great example fora Tuesday post, Pamela!

  10. By the way, a few people are commenting about black, but if you click on the dress, it says navy.

  11. I would consider the top … if it were a top :). I don’t wear skirts, though this one, if a skirt, is attractive. I don’t “get” this piece; why would someone take a top and skirt and just … stitch them together? It would not allow for any adjustments on the individual body. For someone who has the proportions for the dress, it might look cute and would be worth a try on. The shoes are a complete fail for me. My style adjectives do not fit this, as I tend to veer sporty, natural, or classic. I love a statement or even a little funky shoe, but this one is very romantic, limited in potential, and rather teen-oriented. I see it as a prom or high school thing. Maybe someone might like to do a very edgy contrast, however: frayed jeans, crisp menswear top, these shoes.

  12. I would try the Liz C. dress on. I like the blue color.
    That particular configuration, vertical stripes on the skirt horizontal on the top is good for me.
    I might need a petite so that the skirt isn’t a dowdy length.
    I’m on a new team at church and need to usher regularly and have been looking for something to wear that’s easy to put on.

  13. At first glance, the stripes were a bit much for me to take in. I had to look away, and then look again. I still think I wouldn’t feel confident wearing this dress because of the different direction of the stripes . I did enjoy the ballet flats with the hearts, and would wear them with black slacks and a pretty red or cream sweater, for the holidays, or a special dinner out. I appreciate the fact that the shoes are flats, as I am 5′ 8″, have a short husband , and have had several foot surgeries, so I can’t tolerate heels anymore.

  14. I also thought this was black and white, but your close-up of the back revealed navy, which is a workhorse in my wardrobe. Nonetheless, I would pass this one by. These double stripes are too much pattern for me. I have owned a number of sweater dresses over the years, and love them as they work well in fall and winter. They must be of true sweater weight though, and this dress on display appeared to be simply heavy t-shirt material. Both versions of the shoes are super cute, and if they came – and were comfortable – in wide, I would snap them up. The pink pair with ruby stones would channel an inner Dorothy vibe, and I’d click my way out to a romantic date with my husband. ❤️

  15. I too would not wear. With my wide shoulders and large chest there are two elements to the top that make this a fail for me. The dark patch above the stripes and then of course the horizontal stripes. If I was slim and tall would have to try on.

  16. Oops, I evaluated the dress before reading on. The shoes are a hard no. I like interesting and creative shoes but I know these would make my feet look like shoe boxes. (Sorry but my first thought was “clown shoes”.) I did look at the black and white and they might be fun but I think l would not get good price per wear. (FYI I’m also not a fan of the very popular Chanel look of dark cap toe that is wildly popular.)

  17. The combination of horizontal & vertical stripes is a bit jarring to my eyes, but that is not my only reason for saying no. The full pleated skirt with its midi length would not be flattering to my body type. Had they been separates, I would say yes to the top piece. I have a similar sweater & wear it often. It is definitely an interesting garment.

  18. Since you and I have similar coloring and build, I’m echoing your comments on this piece. I love a good sweater dress, but there’s too much going on here. I have great shoulder bones, but with a puffed sleeve I look like a linebacker. I also dislike the blouson top and don’t feel it would be flattering on my frame. Typically pieces like this are too short-waisted for me. I am also seeing black, so this is a very dark navy. Navy is not in my palette, but I do wear “blue-er” versions of it. This is just too dark for me. I grew up wearing only JCP because my mother worked for them for many years. I’m glad to see they have more fashion-forward offerings these days, and agree that there are quality garments to be found with some careful shopping. This particular one just doesn’t work for me. As others have said, I really like this feature! I guess if you can’t break us from saying whether we’d wear something (even when that’s not the topic) you might as well go with it, right? LOL It helps me to read others reasons for and against a garment, and helps me to think about my own wardrobe in new ways, even if I might not wear the exact item being discussed.

  19. I’m dizzy, from looking at the dress. No I would not wear it. I like stripes but that was over kill in my book. Also no on the shoes. I personally have a wide foot bed and that shoe is slim and I feel the shoe would look better with just a contrasting leather heart

  20. A big no to the dress. The only feature I like is the illusion of a two piece. You’d have to be tall and slim for this..The shoes, no unless you are a teenager and pair with a silk t-shirt, leather or denim moto jacket and slim jeans..but they scream Valentine date nite…….

  21. I’m disappointed in the dress design and fabric. It would be flattering on a tall younger woman but should be separates. Short curvy women of an age can’t wear this, at least not this one. No to the shoes. Agree with others that they look like prom or Valentines Day date shoes.

  22. I’m tall and as a younger women I would absolutely wear the out! Today, as a retiree, I have no need for it nor the the shoes which are such fun! Today I’m more jeans, slacks, shirts and sweaters — very casual with a few pieces needed for dress.

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