Sunday mornings at home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home…a lifestyle post with a little of this and a little of that.

Fall officially came in yesterday, however South Texas did not get the memo and it was in the upper 90s.

But, I still have fall in my heart and will celebrate no matter what the weather says outside.

It was a very busy week…so, sadly, I have not recipes for you today.

Again, if any of you would like to send a recipe with a picture to share with the audience, just email it to

I will explain more about this week in the last section of the post.

So, join me in a cozy spot with your favorite morning beverage…and let’s read Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday mornings at home

I know it is warm…though not triple digits…so I still like to wear lightweight jackets for the polished part of my style adjectives this time of year.

You have seen this one before…it is a linen boyfriend jacket from Banana Republic Outlet; with an Eileen Fisher silk tank in espresso; JJILL high-rise bootcut jeans; Easy Spirit Travel time Classic Clogs.

When I shop, I do not wear many accessories to take on and off, but adding my older Anthropologie moon pin works to bring a little of my creative adjective in.

I like that it has little faux pearls dancing  under the moon.

You might like to look at Anthropologie’s Unique Vintage Inspired Jewelry.

When I am mostly going from the car to store to store, wearing a light blazer such as this is no big deal to me.



Sunday mornings at home

I wish you could see the color in this picture…burgundy is there at the back.

This is an antique wine bucket that I found at a resale shop months ago and really liked it for an area of my front room.

I needed something tall to cover some technology chords in the back, and I fell of the bucket.

In the middle of this autumn arrangement, I placed a cinnamon broom…are you familiar with them?

Our local grocery sells them every fall.

When you first open a cinnamon broom,  the aroma is strong and some may say overpowering.

Yet, within a few hours it settles down and for days leaves the home with a sweet cinnamon aroma as if a candle was constantly going.

I usually open one when family is coming over, as they did last weekend to celebrate Mr. B and his run.

Sunday Mornings at home

When one of us runs 47 miles around a lake in England…it is cause for celebration.

I introduced my oldest granddaughter to cinnamon brooms that day and she loved it!

Sunday mornings at home

I told you we did some landscaping in our backyard over the summer…since it was mostly a 108 degree daily summer, it is still recovering.

But, I purchased this bird bath fountain for the backyard from Overstock….now the home of Bed, Bath & Beyond products.

I wanted color in the backyard that reflects San Antonio…and I love the bird bath.

The only problem is that it has to be plugged in…so we are perplexed as to where to place it in the backyard.

Right now?  It is in the breakfast room…and it is kind of like living in a spa…soothing water flowing.  Does anyone have a fountain in your home?

I know there are solar ones available…I just fell for this one…now I have to figure out how to use it best.

I will photograph where ever it lands permanently!


Sunday Mornings at Home

This is Tux giving me his look when he believes I am doing something stupid.

I wish he could be more of a personal assistant!

When I get busy and have many things on my mind, I am most likely to make mistakes…that often, make me feel old.

Sunday mornings at home

For example, recently I went to Amazon to order a re-fill of my hair conditioner.  I thought I ordered one…I got six!   Sigh.

The other night I turned on a sprinkler…and completely forgot about it…until morning when I went in the backyard and there it was still going.

Those are the best two examples.  So, what has been on my mind this week…

My daughter needs me to come help her for 8 days with my grandsons, so I have feverishly been working on content for YOU, so that you have something to read while I am away from the office.

That is what I did when I went on the cruise…it is so much work…but worth every minute of it to keep this blog community thriving. ( I will be reading your comments and occasionally responding)

Also, on my mind is my attack from May 2022.

That was the one when a man chased me one morning into my house and waved a lawn mower blade above my head.

I firmly believe God saved me that day.  The man was captured and arrested.

He comes up for sentencing ( he had several priors for sexual assaults and substance abuse) in late October.

This week, I needed to write a victim’s letter to be read to him in court….so it kind of consumed my mind.

But, I do think God desires to use me to send a message of hope to this man…though I think a part of that hope and change needs to happen in prison.

The original story can be found CRIME CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE…IT DID TO ME.

The blessing is that I believe with all of my heart that God saved me that day.

So trust HIM every day to be there for you as well.

If you have any comments or questions on Sunday Mornings at Home, please leave them here…I have more fall outfits to reveal to you beginning tomorrow…hope to see you then…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home


  1. Pamela, I was catching up on posts I missed this week when I saw this one just as it appeared,. I was aware of your attack but I had never seen this chilling video until now. I am a sexual assault survivor, so this scene was all too familiar to me. I completely agree that God had His arms around you and shielded you from whatever evil this deranged man had in mind for you. I am so thankful for your security camera, Mr. B’s presence and your physical safety. I once helped a dear friend write her victim’s impact statement to the drunken driver who took the life of her beautiful 38 year old daughter and permanently disabled her amazing 12-year-old granddaughter. It was gut-wrenching, but even in those circumstances she used her statement to point him toward the same Lord she was relying on to survive that tragedy day by day. I know you used this platform to convey a similar message of hope and redemption, and I pray the message falls on fertile ground in the perpetrator’s heart. You are an amazing lady; not “just a fashion blogger,” but a well-rounded, Godly woman I see as a role model and virtual “friend.” Thank you for the bright spot that you are in my daily internet feed, and best wishes for fun times with the grands!

  2. And I just read your comment. I can’t even imagine the situation your friend was in with the drunken driver…how awful an experience. I really wanted to focus in the letter how God saved me that day from injury and how God desires to save my attacker from eternal death. I wanted him to know that God is very real and alive and can save anyone. I will continue to pray for him. And I will also pray this morning for your friend and her daughter.

  3. Pam, I am sorry that you must re-live this horrid episode in your life. Hopefully this man is jailed for a long time where he can reflect and repent for the trauma he has brought to you and to other victims. Here is a hug.
    I think your bird bath is terrific! Now I see nothing at all wrong with it being part of an interior room, maybe where you read and relax? The sound of soft flowing water is so soothing. Of course out in the back yard is most desirable if it works for you and the Mister. ( love the family picture!)

  4. Good morning, Pam,
    I have had you on my mind this week as I was doing my daily three mile walk, and specifically, for the day of that awful attack. I was led to pray for you, so I have been praying for continued peace in your heart . Now knowing that you had to write the witness impact letter, I understand why God placed you on my heart to pray. Sending you so much love, sweet friend. Thank you for all our the joy you bring to your friends online. XOXOXO

  5. Thanks Paulette. The sentencing is on October 30…he does have other priors, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

  6. WOW! Linda thank you…what a confirmation this is of God’s loving care for all of us. Thank you for the much needed prayers. I just cannot say thanks enough…I know they made a huge difference.

  7. Happy Sunday, Pam. Great sidebar quote today: I wish you well in your impact statement. Your thoughts remind me that a lot of joy in life comes from small things – a birdbath, a dog’s stare, cake with family, a gold pin – as well as the big things like Mr. B’s accomplishment. A long power cord might let you put the bird bath outside, but even unplugged, the bath will provide needed water to your winged visitors.

  8. As Texas Aggie Mom wrote above, you do provide a bright spot in my morning internet reading. Like this morning, I felt a calm surround me when I sat down to read your blog which is usually the first thing I open every morning. I remember your situation with your attacker and know it would be difficult to write such a letter as you want to do. I know that your family celebration of Mr. B’s English run was great fun as your family gathering always seem to be. Your mention of cinnamon brooms made me think of the two batches of apple butter I have made recently. Our older son, an attorney, has a client who brought him a crate of apples from North Carolina so I took some and made crockpot apple butter. The house smelled like cinnamon and ground cloves…so good. I canned the jars and will share as I do with my jams. I pray that you find calm in your mind to do what you feel compelled to do. For things like your sprinkler, set your alarm on your phone.

  9. You are so right, Maeve…it is the precious little blessings plus an attitude of thankfulness and joy that overshadows everything!

  10. Crockpot Apple Butter with freshly picked apples…divine! You just made my morning, Celia!
    I struggled with the letter for a couple of days and one morning, God told me what to say and it came out easily.
    Happy Sunday!

  11. Sending prayers this morning for comfort as you relive this awful experience and write your statement, I am certain that because your heart is open God will provide the best words. Please know what an inspiration you are to those of us who regularly read your blog.

  12. So sweet, Lindsey…thank you…God is faithful and He did provide the words. I will pray they day they are read into a court record that they help this man.

  13. Wow, quite a week! I admire you for showing grace to someone whom society would say is deserving of none. We too are settling into fall here, and the weather has been glorious, though the trees are not yet turning. Tomorrow we head out to northern Michigan, which is beautiful regardless of whether we see color. We will spend the week beach combing for Petoskey stones (a fossilized rock found in parts of the Great Lakes) and beach glass, watching the sunset over the bay, and driving the backcountry. I have a little tradition of finding a true orchard or bakery-made cider donut, and having one per season. The venue is as important as the treat. I plan to be on the lookout this week! Enjoy the grands … you will need naps upon your return :).

  14. Dear Pam, your attack had been on my mind this week as well, as I was reminded of the home security camera’s role in capturing his image. We have recently suffered a round of porch pirating in our neighborhood, and very similarly were able to aid police in identifying the suspect thanks to home cameras and an alert and connected community. As someone who started her career as a social worker in jails before turning to teaching, I still believe very much in the possibility of redemption. For that to have any hope, though, the offender simply must have sufficient consequence and time out from his normal freedoms to take stock of his poor choices that have been made. I pray he will receive the counseling, therapy, and assistance necessary to turn his life around.

  15. Pamela, praying for you that you will find peace and closure from the terrifying attack. And that you will have boundless joy and love with your daughter and grandsons. I will keep you in my prayers.

  16. I hope and pray that you can leave all that stress behind when you are visiting you daughter and her family. You are amazing: writing the impact letter, thinking of us in future posts, recycling your thoughts on that horrendous attack…and as I read your thoughtful Sunday blog , I see a loving family, a comfy and welcoming home, a life that is full. God continues to bless you and all those who believe. You continue to live with love and grace.

  17. I pray that as well, Connie and do believe that incarceration is a big part of that journey…especially for repeat offenders like this. If it were not for the RING video, he likely would still be on the streets. The DA office told me the video was indefensible and sealed his fate. I know this is increasing everywhere…we must all be vigilant when out and about.

  18. Your future adventure sound amazing…enjoy each moment Linda. The rocks just sound lovely. One thing I know for sure, is that we are ALL deserving of grace. Jesus came to make that possible for everyone to receive. My prayer for that man is that he accept the grace and is changed forever by it. Thanks for being here.

  19. After reading one of the comments above, I feel the need to add this: the offender is really mentally ill, he doesn’t have the capability to ‘take stock of his poor choices’ – having a roof over his head and eating 3 square meals the rest of his life IN PRISON is a gift to him. If you are not clear about this in your letter, and he gets of out prison soon, very likely he will maim or kill. This is your chance for some justice to those who he has already attacked, and peace of mind for your future.

    I do enjoy your blog.

  20. I’m so sorry you had to relive that terrible event, but just as God saved you from harm that day, I’m sure He gave the words for that statement. God’s infinite grace shines through in your prayer for your attacker. Peace be with you.

  21. Pam, I am so sorry that you went through that terrifying experience! I am newer to your wonderful site and didn’t know about it. We have SimpliSafe in the doorbell and in cameras front and back as well as the alarm system. But when out walking it is off. The doorbell does still record even when the inside system is off. We had porch bandits here and some neighbors lost sentimental items. Our neighbors for the most part didn’t have any cameras! They are a necessity now especially as older citizens. I’m so happy that you were not hurt. I’m hoping that you are free off this in your dreams. PTSD is real. You are my friend even though I have never met you. I love your blog and read everyday.

  22. You are so kind! I am doing well…and the fear from this seldom sets in. Thank you for caring…the video footage made a huge difference in this man’s trial.

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