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Happy final Saturday in September, all!  Welcome to your weekly styling challenge on two blogs called Style Tips!

It is your day to be a fashion stylist professional and help other women with your style tips.

We ask that you treat these displays as if you were helping someone else, but you can certainly mention if you would wear what you are recommending.

This is not a would you wear it post, but a how would you style it post.

The ideas this audience brings each week are certainly inspiring…I have found some great ideas from you that I wore myself with similar garments.

At the end of the day, we are all girls who love to talk clothes and play in our closets.

This Is certainly a way to do just that.

So, let’s get started…drink your caffeine…clear your mind…and bring on your best style tips!


style tips

When I saw this display on my recent visit to JC Penney, I first thought, “Wow, we have a lot of room for improvement here.”

Both, outfits are blank slates in need of women with vision for style tips.

You can certainly style both, but let’s really look at style tips for the wide leg pinstripe trousers.

Here are some ideas for consideration:

  1. Trousers are most often associated with workwear.  But, do they have to be.  Can these be styled for an elevated casual wardrobe?
  2. Pinstripe trousers were originally worn by women who embraced the menswear look.  But, is there a way to style them with a feminine touch?
  3. Does a pinstripe trouser require a neutral only style or is it possible to wear them with color…what color?

I am actually surprised that this look is on a display.  I cannot locate these pants online, and there are few options at other stores for a gray pinstripe.

I do believe that a gray pinstripe of any leg design is a classic piece and can always be worn by any age.  But, if you disagree, just say so…and explain…makes the conversation better.

However, here is what I found for your consideration when styling these trousers:

So,  what are your best style tips for how to style pinstripe wide leg trousers??


style tips

This audience continues to love the Talbot’s October collection.

Many of you decided to order this Spectacular Animal Top….

I agree with Talbots…it is spectacular!  I would love to see more of these in other color combos.

Thank you so much to all who shop with my SHOPPING LINKS!

That is all for today…I will be reading your style tips ideas for the trousers…maybe someone from JCP will too!

After you comment with your style tips, then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s.  And as always….



By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips


  1. I would add some pearls, possibly a silver chain necklace and a metallic shoe to give it a modern vibe. I might also add winter white cashmere cardigan for some softness. Happy Saturday

  2. I’ve always liked pink or burgundy with gray. Red is another great color with gray. Since trouser pants are fuller in the leg, I wouldn’t wear anything oversized on top. I like the idea of a silver metallic shoe, possibly with lug soles, to add a trendy look to the outfit. It definitely lends itself towards a work wear outfit but I don’t think you are limited to that. Wear the pants with a shorter length, more fitted sweatshirt. Maybe one with a 3/4 zip and collar. Nothing big and baggy. Make it a fun color if you like, or just a creamy white, add platform sneakers and you are ready for a casual outing.

  3. Good morning. I would style this with a burnt orange short sweater, maybe a turtle neck or maybe a cardigan. I would like to see it neatened up ! No tails showing. I would wear a fun chunky boot. I would play with some pearls and try to achieve a masculine /feminine juxtaposition. Fun challenge!

  4. I’ve never been a fan of shirttails sticking out like this so I would tuck my shirt in. I’d probably wear some color above the pants, perhaps that pretty blazer on the mannequin behind. I’d add a silver necklace and small earrings, and black booties. However, I just thought how interesting it would also look if you wore some red shoes, and carried a small red purse, without the blazer.

  5. The problem with the display is that it appears the mannequin is cut off at the torso, thus the pants have no shape. Definitely room for improvement. This just looks sloppy. This look, both actually, are in my wheelhouse as a lover of classics. I would tuck in the shirt, add some nude booties and a layered necklace. For a more dressed up look, I’d drape a pashmina in a muted, rich pattern over one shoulder and tie loosely on the opposite side. The pants definitely need the shorter, more fitted top for balance and proportion. I didn’t realize the untucked look under sweaters and vests is still a thing, and think that looks rather sloppy. A cropped jacket would also look nice over the vest. Keeping the proportions right is important with wider pants. Unless you’re going for the Eileen Fisher look, fitted, shorter tops seem to have better balance with these pants. The jacket and pants in the back would look better with a scarf. As it is, it looks unfinished.

  6. I agree that this display looks sloppy…that is why I wanted to see style tips for improvement. Everyone is doing a great job!

  7. I like the concept of wide-leg, pinstripe trousers, but pleated ones? A hard no. The fashion industry can tell me that they are the absolute latest, but the fashion industry has been wrong before. I would go for a minimalist, monochromatic look…the grey pinstripes, a soft cashmere crew or v-neck sweater in a similar grey, with either a grey/pink/pale blue scarf for the crewneck or a chunky silver/turquoise necklace (think Native American jewelry) for the v-neck.

  8. I’m one who likes a shirt tail sticking out, as it fits my “interesting” adjective, and allows some tummy coverage if wearing a shorter sweater (or sweater vest) on top. I don’t like this shirt … it looks crumpled and thin, and pulls this outfit way down. I would wear this if I still worked, but I would have it in navy blue. With grey as shown, I would really amp up the top. Either a red shirt, or maybe a darker shirt like navy or teal (I love navy with grey; it’s so elegant). Or I would wear the sweater vest without a shirt, and put a fiery red sweater blazer over it. Black accessories, nice chunky chain at the throat, either in mixed metal or silver. Black block heeled boots. Big silver ring, to be a little playful and tone down the corporate vibe.

  9. I personally find; pleated trousers are one of the most versatile as can be worn with any type of shoe (flats/heels/sneakers) and though are classic in design (tailoring cut and pattern as in the pinstripe) they can also have a modern edge ranging from casual to elegant. On that note; the pieces shown here IMHO bespoke a signature style of that of Diane Keaton who for a casual relaxed appeal might add — chunky footwear (an oxford/loafer/combat boot), an unstructured bag (hobo/wide strap cross body), at the neckline a chunky 14″- 16″ length necklace (likely in a metal) or a patterned puff cravat (in a paisley silk), an oversized watch, a funky felt hat (with round crown), the addition of an oversized blazer (coordinate or plain) and all neutral in color. Whereas one could eliminate the blouse; optionally size down on the vest to be worn sleeveless and more fitted, plus tuck it in. Add a belt (metal buckle) and/or your favourite pieces of jewelry (optional 20″ to 24″ necklace, stacked bangles, earrings) heeled footwear (sling back flat or heel, choice of toe box) and structured bag. -Brenda-

  10. What a sloppy display! The pieces shown are fine classic styles but I think most shoppers would just pass them by. The striped trousers are such a classic look and for an outfit suitable for the office only a few changes are needed. First, press or steam the trousers and the shirt. Then tuck in the shirt. Finally accessorize this look with an interesting and colorful broach and a pair of cordovan lug sole loafers. It could be made more interesting by subbing a pink shirt for the white shirt and/or a burgundy sweater vest. The proportion of the vest to trousers is right but not with the sloppy wrinkled shirt hanging out. For someone with a classic personality I’d style this for casual wear with a Kathryn Hepburn vibe: a short sleeve fitted fine gauge sweater in a color that flatter her and pearls. If I was still working in an office these styles would appeal to me.

  11. I agree that these mannequins need styling improvement. They display some wardrobe basics, but except for the gray pinstripe pants, the pieces drape poorly. The basics are rather plain, the styling draws unflattering attention at the waistline, and the outfits lack accessories. INTERESTING basics combine to make INTERESTING outfits. I’d leave everything except the gray pants at the store. They qualify as having outfit potential! I do like the gray pants and am glad that roomier pants are back in style. Yes, such a pattern and cut is reminiscent of menswear, and yes, it’s often worn as workwear. With a little creativity, feminine touches can be added, and a casual chic outfit can be created with these versatile pants. I’m thinking of a pink cashmere sweater vest I just purchased which would definitely work. It’s soft, is rather feminine and has a texture which would contrast nicely with the pants. I’d add a more tailored and less roomy white blouse, and I’d fully tuck the blouse. If the trousers are wider, then the proportions of the top of the outfit need to be shorter and a bit more fitted for balance. The shoe chosen to coordinate with the pants needs some visual weight for balance, as well…..possibly a chunky heeled sandal with wider straps instead of the expected pumps for work wear. Add some layered silver chains at the neckline and coordinating earrings. Ruche up the sleeves and adorn the wrists with layered bracelets. Leave a couple of the vest buttons open at the waistline. If chosen, a belt should coordinate with the shoes and a soft, pebbled leather bag, for which I suggest interesting pieces in blacks and grays.

  12. Wow thanks for this challenge Pamela. This really is a clean slate for style to go in many directions. A short person may want to wear a fitted silk crepe tucked in, long sleeved cuffed blouse in bright blue with a long gold chain necklace. Accentuate waist with a wide soft leather black belt /sash. Add feminine high vamp mid height blue suede booties to match the blouse.
    I see this as a Kathryn Hepburn look. Have a fun weekend Pamela.

  13. I would tailor the pants to fit and remove the pleats. The pants are too big on the display. Add a black 3/4 sleeve turtleneck tucked in, a subtle slim black leather belt and pearl bracelets on one arm. Happy Saturday!

  14. I’m with Brenda — strong Diane Keaton vibes. I think I’d go full bore Annie Hall: tuck in the white blouse (probably a more fitted one), add a fitted, button-front menswear vest, and a hat. Substitute a current hat for Keaton’s. Also, instead of the menswear tie, I’d add a chunky necklace (maybe in a pop of color); argyle knee socks; and lug sole loafers in the same color as the hat; also a (plaid?) bag in fall colors to go with the necklace and socks.

  15. The shirt needs to be tucked in to give a sleeker look. The shirt, hanging out from the sweater, interrupts the column of color and to my eye, looks both dated and adolescent. The possibilities for creating outfits with these pants and sweater vest are practically endless. While the white shirt is fine, I would also like to wear these pieces with a light pink or blue shirt. I have been successful wearing a similar grey sweater & grey pinstripe pant with a blue shirt that has white& navy spaced pinstripes and a white collar. A classic navy blazer, a short wool or sweater jacket in your favorite color (mine is red!), or a leather jacket ( black bomber, moto, or blazer) would all work. Silver hoops and a bracelet or pearl studs and a short silver chain with pendant to fill in the neck of the shirt. With the fuller pleated pant, I would wear a black bootie with a 1.5” to 2” heel to add height to my 5’1” frame but leather or suede loafers or tie oxfords in black or dark grey would also work with these pants.

  16. I’d pair the pants and the purple jacket/cardigan together and add a white t-shirt underneath to make it less “work wear”. Low boots and a silver necklace would pull it together.

  17. First, I would definitely tuck the shirt into the trousers. I have never been a fan of having a shirt hanging below a vest or sweater. I would likely change out the gray vest for one with more color, say red or burgundy. I might even change out the vest for a short fitted jacket. With the fullness of the trousers, I think top needs to be a slim silhouette. For those who can wear them, black heels would look good.

  18. Wow! I love all of these ideas! I like a column of color and would get rid of the sloppy white shirt. A lovely cashmere sweater in cream with a high neck. Maybe a darker grey knit blazer over the top with a beautiful pin on it to match the silver earrings. Get felt hat and suede grey booties or loaders. Or a pashmina scarf with colors of grey, pink or red depending on your color palette instead of the blazer. I would lean Annie Hall/ Diane Keaton for a timeless look.

  19. Hi Pamela, I like both these outfits, but both are in desperate need of accessories. A bold pearl necklace with either outfit would be nice, as well as some sharp black suede booties with the purple jacket outfit. I could also see a French style scarf knotted at the neck with either outfit, adding some color and interest. I really like the Annie Hall look of the pinstripe wide leg pant outfit, but with the cropped vest I’d like to see how it looks with the shirt tucked in, for a sleeker look. I think it can work both ways. I might return to work next year on a limited basis and have just started looking for work “uniform” ideas for the office. These spark the imagination.

  20. I work at a college with a business casual dress code, and I’m around mostly students all day. I’d wear both outfits as is with black heels or booties, and I’d probably get complimented on at least the pinstripe pants one. 🙂 I might tuck in the shirt and add a bit of jewelry like layered necklaces and hoop earrings.

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