Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Well, hello October!  And welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home…in celebration of this incredible month.

I so hope this year October brings to Texas cooler weather and rain for a drought stricken land.

Nevertheless, I will celebrate this amazing month no matter what it holds!

In case you are new here, Sunday Mornings at Home has become a weekly lifestyle post with a little of this and a little of that.

I always hope that it includes some fun ideas for you and encouragement for your week.

I am still away from the office today…with my daughter’s family…but will be looking forward to your comments and will do my best to answer any questions that you may have.

So, get a cozy cup of joy and let’s get started today with Sunday Mornings at Home….


Sunday mornings at home

Why do I love this sign so much?  Because October is truly when South Texas says good bye to summer and this past year it was a summer of excessive heat.

Some in San Antonio may believe the leaves are already changing, but sad to say those are plants that are dead.

However, I do believe we will have some color on our trees next month.

The air this time of year is most often refreshing and it always seems that people are happier in October…and maybe even a bit kinder.

Heat just brings out the worse in some.

So I desired to leave the heat behind with a little fun for the in-town grandchildren.

Sunday mornings at home

I purchased plain white plastic pumpkins at a nearby Michael’s store and we brought out the paint.

I always love to see what colors and combinations my grandchildren want to paint rocks or, in this case, pumpkins with.

This group included ages 3,5, and 7.

The youngest ended up with what we called the FROZEN pumpkin because the colors reminded all of us of Elsa and Anna

Sunday Mornings at Home

The oldest was the one who desired to mix different colors…always a fun experiment.

I do not know all of the colors she stirred together in this cup…I counted at least five and she created the best shade of green.

I seriously wish I had a top or accessory in that color.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Her green is here on the stem…it was a lovely shade.

We were out painting on a very warm day, so the pumpkins dried quickly and became their first fall decorations for their bedrooms.

If you are looking for a fun activity with grandchildren, I highly recommend this one.


Sunday mornings at home

Our reader, Susan, sent this photo of her table decorations for fall!

I am sorry, Susan that the picture did not reproduce well, but your table looks lovely.  Love the pumpkins!

Thanks for sending.  Remember, ladies, if you want to share your decorations or recipes with us…just send to


Sunday mornings at home

I get asked all of the time, if I still use the GENUCEL PRODUCTS for my complexion.

Yes, I do…right to the last drop in a jar.  This one is almost out.

My complexion has been so happy since I began to use these products a few years ago.

I still use every day:





But, I am also doing some research right now on a new skincare line for me.  I will report back soon.


Sunday mornings at home

Here is what I have looked like during past Octobers.

I still own this light burnt orange Talbot’s poncho and will wear it again this year.

But, if you want to see a few of my looks going forward for October 2023…then come back tomorrow and I will share three of what I will be seen wearing this month.

For right now, you can find more ponchos from Talbot’s by clicking this link: TALBOT’S PONCHOS

OK, friends….breathe deep…it is October, one of the most refreshing times of year…I hope you enjoy each moment.  See you tomorrow.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home



  1. Happy October! I had lost track of time and thought it was tomorrow. Thank you for reminding me to take out my marine blue poncho and my two sweater coats. We have about one month to wear them in the northeast. I loved the pumpkin project with the grands, especially that green stem. Fellow autumns! I hope you had an exciting week with them. Grandchildren bring love and energy to the world.

  2. Rabbit, Rabbit!! Here’s hoping that this October will bring us all good fortune…and definitely cooler temps. Our air conditioner is still running as is yours, no doubt, but at least not continuously. The hummingbirds are fighting each other for food as they prepare to travel south. Your pumpkin project with your grandchildren was so creative and fun I’m sure. October makes me start thinking of the holidays ahead. I look forward to wearing my colder weather clothes. Hope you and your grandchildren enjoy a good Sunday.

  3. What a fun idea with the children! Thanks to Susan for sharing her lovely fall dining room with everyone. We are getting ready for a month filled with travels, so I have not gone to any efforts to decorate. I am enjoying as much pumpkin-spiced everything as possible though! 🎃

  4. What a fun and creative idea to introduce to your grandchildren! I’ll be caring for my two 5 year old twins this afternoon )boy and girl. They usually bring a craft or craft materials and other toy when they visit here. I can’t always count on that however. I may try to interest them in making a few natural Orange/ Cloves room or closet deodorizing hangers. Well I do hope it works out even half as beautifully as your great project, Pam. Happy Sunday!

  5. What a fun craft to share with your grandkids. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time. Happy Sunday! Happy October.

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