Chic and warm fall outfits in Talbots November collection

fall outfits

Happy Fall Fashion Friday, ladies!  Join with me to experience four of the chic and warm fall outfits in Talbots November collection.

There is no Friday the 13th bad luck here…just great style and Talbots continues to show us warm and chic fall outfits with a new November collection just out on the racks.

I stopped by Talbots at North Star Mall in San Antonio, and Yolanda and Charlotte were ready to show me ideas for chic fall outfits….and they are ready to help you as well.

In fact, we styled outfits right down to my tippy toes!  (I cannot wait to shop shoes after my foot surgery)

So, get cozy and ready to see some amazing fall outfits in Talbots today.


fall outfits

This little coat is a keeper…and comes in ivory and red.

It is the Double Breasted Boiled Wool Blend Coat….more of a jacket, really.

I am also wearing the High-Waist Barely Boot Jeans in black.

I like them, but perhaps could’ve sized down to a 14.  The size 16 in this pant is fitting a little loose…but the jean is very comfy.


fall outfits

All chic and current fall outfits this year should include a touch of animal print and Talbots shows us how to ……step into the trend!

These Jessie Tassel Driving Moccasins in Calf Hair Leopard are a perfect way to bring your fall outfits up to a current trend.


fall outfits

There is always a way to look chic in your fall outfits in Talbots November collection….just add a little tweed.

The new addition is this Tweed Jacket in a red and purple tweed.

It brings the color and would look great with blue denim…a color in the tweed.

I tried it on with the top paired with it in the store.

This is the Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Ivory/violet rose.

There is a beautiful purple in this collection called Purple Majesty and it is offered in several styles.


fall outfits

I love my gold flats from Talbots and they go so well in a wardrobe based in autumn palette colors.

These will do the same…and you will be surprised how often you wear a gold flat.

This is the  Laura Tassel Leather Loafers in Metallic.


fall outfits

I have actually switched to a new pant here and they are so soft and comfy…and chic for fall outfits.

This is the T by Talbots Ribbed High Waist Flare Leggings.   ( and they walked out the door with me!)

This is another item that is so comfy you just do not want to take it off!

I paired it with the Drop Shoulder Turtleneck Sweater in camel heather. 

Here, again, I believe I could’ve sized down to a large…it is and oversized garment.  I love the cuffs on the sleeves!

fall outfits

I love this shoe and if it is still around after foot surgery…it just may be mine.

This is the Blair Cap Toe Ballet Flats in Calf Hair Leopard.


fall outfits

This ivory Cozy Sherpa Quilted Jacket makes for such a chic topper for fall outfits.  It also comes in black.

Talbots has so many ways to say casual chic with our fall outfits.  I like this jacket alot and It is a part of the T by Talbots collection.

The pants are the Everyday Stretch Slit Hem Straight Leg Pants in the color, Marcasite Heather (gray!)

And the top??  Look down…….

fall outfits

This is the comfy casual Zip Mockneck Pullover in Deep Moss, but it comes in four colors.

Here are other items I saw and liked, but did not try on…for a variety of reasons!  (Sizes, etc.)

This is the beginning of the November collection and the best is yet to come on Monday.

Talbots November collection is ready to have us chic and warm for the holidays…and I loved their holiday styles!

So don’t miss Monday…it is time to sparkle!

I hope to see you back then for more chic and warm fall outfits fall outfits in Talbots November collection!


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall outfits


  1. You look amazing in the pants you bought, and I love you in camel. I agree … you are not generally an xl in Talbots anymore. I’ve noticed, now that I’m firmly in misses sizes, it takes a smaller weight loss to drop a size. Has this been your experience? I wish Talbots shoes were a little wider, or that they had a wide option. I hope your surgery is soon … you will be so glad to have it over and it’s thrilling to be able to wear most any shoes again.

  2. Talbot’s never disappoints for current, classic styling. They always have sales too, and I noticed a new sale today that I’ll have to look through, though I really don’t need to add anything at this point, rather need to do some purging! Maybe at some point in the future you can update on the leggings you purchased… I’d be interested in if they keep their shape over time. I like how they flare out a little bit and balance proportions!

  3. I so love the tweed jacket and all of the purple items! As a winter a saturated purple is one of my favorite colors and Talbots has some beautiful pieces. I also noticed that the dropped shoulder turtleneck sweater is almost sold out in all sizes. I’ve been looking for a tweed jacket on eBay and Poshmark but have not found one I like as much as the Talbots one you’ve shown us. I’ll keep watching for a good sale soon!

  4. You look so great in these cozy Talbots fall sweaters and jackets! The ivory with beautiful black pants in the first frame is stunning!
    I truly believe that Talbots, over other major retailers, researches and is more creative in preparing their seasonal selections.
    Happy Friday the 13th!

  5. I believe I have had the same experience, Linda. Sizing still frustrates me…sometimes I need to go smaller and sometimes larger. It is always hard to figure it out.

  6. I may wear them to an event tomorrow, Karen…so I will begin the research soon on if they keep their shape, I was surprised by these…in a good way.

  7. Celia, I predict these new items will be on sale soon. But it is just a prediction…no one told me that. It is a lovely tweed jacket.

  8. And Happy Friday to you, Paulette! The more time I spend at Talbots the more I am becoming a Talbots girl! I really like their clothing for fit and quality.

  9. Amazing to see that they are still showing (my) autumn colors. I love that creme boiled wool jacket. You are looking great, Pam. I am so happy that you are having your foot surgery. You will have fun shopping for shoes! As Karen mentioned, Talbots is always having sales. Jjill is not as generous anymore with overall sales to my disappointment. Thanks for showing us new options!

  10. You are welcome, Deborah! The catalog features many cool-palette items, so I was pleased when I went in the store to discover more autumn-palette items. Right now they have a nice balance for every woman to wear her best colors.

  11. The flared leggings look great on you Pam. They look more like a slim pant than a true legging. I agree you need a smaller size in the camel tunic which is a lovely style for you but this one is too large. Sizing is difficult in many lines. I bounce between a small and a petite large at Talbots depending. I love the boiled wool military style jacket and would need to see the red in person. It looks like a warm red online but that’s not always accurate and I must be careful with my reds. I know I can try in the store and then order online through you.

  12. Really lovely styling on you. The camel color is so you. I don’t much like how Talbots pairs patterns. For ex., I love the tweed jacket, but combining it with the swirly top really diminishes its attraction. I can’t decide if Talbot’s folks are trying to be avant-garde or what. Thanks for heads up about Monday -can’t wait!

  13. I saw that red…and it is more of a cool red. The ivory is perfect for those of us with warmer palettes. It is a true ivory and not a white.

  14. Thanks Maeve. There are some women who like that type of styling….it is more dramatic than classic in the styling with a very classic item…the tweed jacket.

  15. I adore boiled wool jackets, and you look terrific in this cream offering. Found out yesterday that our neighborhood has rented out the local Elks dance hall for a fancier-than-usual Christmas party this year, and I would love to find a beautiful green or blue dress to wear. Can you remind me where you found your pretty green wedding week dress (skirt/top?), the one with layers? I believe you also wore it on the cruise. We have ZERO decent shopping here in town, but I have enough time that I can order and return, if need be, in plenty of time. Doesn’t have to be your exact dress, but I am aiming for that level of fancy + fun. 😉 Thanks!

  16. Hi Connie, I found it at a local boutique. I love those dresses…I bought three, but sadly have no links for them. HOWEVER, come back on Monday…Talbot’s Holiday Collection is so much fun…you might find a piece there you could add to something you already own. How fun to already have a party on the calendar.

  17. I always find something that I want when I receive my Talbot’s catalog, but like Karen, I really don’t need anything & could stand to purge a bit. I did get rid of two tops this week that had outlived their usefulness. I’m looking forward to seeing the Holiday Collection on Monday.

  18. I liked all of the outfits. Talbot’s petite sizing helps me to enjoy a great line of clothes. Thanks for sharing the shoes with the different outfits.

  19. I recently purged some pieces that had become ones which did not generate excitement for me. I replaced them with a few that do! It was a good process for me.

  20. Talbot’s has rapidly become an excellent choice for all sizes. I am always impressed with the petite department…thanks Audrey.

  21. Recall a few years ago I couldn’t find black velveteen pants anywhere and finally found them at Talbots thanks to one of your readers who clarified that they were ‘not’ velvet as described on their website (which has a totally different nap). With that being said; I do like their clothing (selection/quality/sizing) so am looking forward to their Holiday Collection with an appreciation of you modeling them as realize it has to be time consuming to do so.

  22. Thanks, Pam. Yes, I will pop on from vacation to read your blog and begin shopping ideas for my holiday outfit. Thank-you! 😘

  23. I went a little crazy at Talbot’s yesterday, because everything is 30% off right now! I love winter white/ ivory and ended up with 4 totally different jackets and sweaters in that color, plus a really cute black and white checked dress. I am new to Talbot’s, thinking their clothes were a little too “preppy” in the past, and loving it.

  24. There was a time I also thought that Carroll, but I am really enjoying Talbots right now and I find a lot of creative style there. Thanks for sharing.

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