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Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to the weekly collaboration that I call Style Tips between my friend, Jennifer and I.

On Saturdays, we post fashion displays which have caught our attention and make us wonder how you would style the looks.

We want you to think about how you would advise another woman who might ask for your help to style her new outfit.

Remember this is where YOU are the fashion stylist…it is NOT would you wear it.

Today, I am featuring how to style fall plaid pants.

So, let’s look these displays over and get started!


style tips

Recently, I wondered into the Vince Camuto section at Dillard’s.

This is the Vince Camuto Plaid Print Wide Leg Pant.

Look closely, at the pleats near the hip.  I point them out, because that does pose a style tip challenge for these pants.

The Misses sizes on the blazer must be sold out, but there are plus sizes available….The Vince Camuto Plus Size Coordinating Double Breasted Blazer…would you style it with the pants?

The plaid does have a bold yellow-gold stripe in it and that is why I believe they have styled the look with the same color of sweater around the shoulders.

Remember, your style tips help others so much.  Last week, women were thanking one another for the help.

This is your opportunity to be a fashion stylist to others.

So….how would you style these plaid pants.

style tips

For the past two weeks, this JCP Frye and Co. Women’s Split Tie Neck Long Sleeve Blouse has been one of the top selling items on the blog.

Currently at JCP you can get 30% off online purchases only with the code ZOMBIES.

style tips

And this Chico’s SPUN RAYON DOTS SPLIT CUFF CARDIGAN  has been the top selling item this past week.

I really enjoy mine…the quality of this little cardigan is excellent.


style tips

While at Dillard’s, I also stopped by the Southern Living jewelry counter.

Many of my favorite pieces and most of what I wore during wedding festivities are from the Southern Living collection at Dillard’s.

Just Click HERE go to the Dillard’s site and search Southern Living Jewelry….I think you will enjoy what you see!

Now it is your turn, stylists, what are your style tips for how to style the fall plaid pants.

Then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s look….then the rest of the day….


By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips



  1. With regard to the pleated pants, first (if I were helping someone else) I would assess her body type. You need a fairly flat midsection for pleats to work (you don’t want to “fill them out”, so to speak) and steer toward or away from accordingly. Also, you don’t want to wear something that covers the pleats, because that adds bulk. So a shorter sweater or tucked top would be the look to go for, with a necklace perhaps. The pants don’t need competition. Not sure what they were going for on length, maybe the wrong size mannequin, but to me, pleated pants should be full length. And they should have pressed or steamed these. The oversized jacket has made the legs on the mannequin, and probably a lot of women, look very short, not the best look. Again, you’d have to check the woman’s height in this case. A petite woman is going to look like a linebacker in that one. If someone was determined to buy it, I’d suggest a shorter skirt, maybe knee length at the longest, with tights and booties. That jacket would not look good on a lot of body types. The dress is hard to see, but looks pretty shapeless. I generally like VC , but this is really a tough one and depends a great deal on height and body type. They did a good job matching the plaid, indicating that it’s a pricer garment.

  2. Thanks for starting us off today, Karen..and with so much detail. I know this is helpful to others! Happy October Saturday!

  3. The pants on the mannequin are a wrinkled mess. I would have expected better of Dillard’s. This style is not one that is flattering on most adult women. It is striking on a woman with what used to be called a “boyish” figure, slender, flat tummy and pretty much straight up & down as the model shown on Dillard’s page clearly demonstrates. The pants look much better on her than style on the mannequin. So on someone with that “boyish” figure I would suggest pairing these pants with a soft feminine blouse with some ruffles, and slim metallic belt. I would not recommend pairing the oversized boxy blazer with wide leg pants. While a pairing like that might work with solid units, two bold plaids with a volume of fabric is overwhelming. I do like the blazer with slim pants utilizing the column of color concept to make the plaid the star of the show. I wish this lovely plaid was used to make a more traditional trouser. I would have been quite interested in trying that.

  4. I would have to style these for someone else, because I am too thick in the middle to wear them, and as an apple, the legs would be huge. So on my wonderful, hypothetical friend with an hourglass figure, I would add a thin, tucked in neutral tee and a dark chocolate (or the mustard, as I like that with it too) short cardigan worn open. I think the pants need a chunkier shoe to balance out, so either brown leather sneakers or chocolate boots. I have my eye on a Ralph Lauren chocolate crossbody at Macys, so I would hypothetically give my hypothetical friend that, so I could hypothetically borrow it :). Or an orange bag would work too. Maybe a thin gold belt would make my hypothetical friend look elevated. I hope she adds some mall bangs or gets a perm, because it looks like the 80s are back!

  5. I’m seeing a lot of pleated pants these days and would like to try them. I’d wear these with chocolate ankle booties with a slight heel to elongate the look. I’d choose a shorter sweater and tuck it in, then add a belt to accentuate the waist. A satchel handbag would be nice because of the structure. Happy Saturday Pam!

  6. Love the idea of a lady jacket. I think a short peplum jacket in a deep color (brown, red) might be nice as well, even if it covers the pleats. Agree with others that you need to be willowy to wear these trousers. Higher heels would help.

  7. I think the most important thing in styling these pants is proportion. There’s so much volume on the bottom that the top has to be very fitted. I would do a body suit or very slim pullover top or silk blouse in a chocolate brown color. I don’t mind the idea of tying a cardigan on top. A gold belt would be pretty, and a gold chain necklace. I definitely would not pair the pants with the oversized blazer. You’d drown in that! I also think these pants require a heeled shoe to highlight the elongated leg.

  8. I’d do an old Hollywood look. I’d tuck a turtleneck or tee in brown or cream & top it with a classic (think Grace Kelly) crewneck, button down cardigan (could be either a twin set or contrasting colors) instead of a jacket. I’d add a saddle tan handbag & belt withclassic gold earrings, a simple pendant necklace & something at the wrist. For footwear, I’d go 21st century comfort with a chunky loafer or a low-heel bootie. Taking the Grace Kelly influence a step further, a small paisley scarf in warm autumn colors could be tied around the neck, hair or handbag. For versatility, a hip-length leather jacket would take the look in a totally different direction.

  9. One of my favorite outfit formulas by color is what I call “Pull Colors From a Print”. And that’s exactly what these mannequins display. The chestnut dress is a beautiful coordinating color, as well. As to the fuller, pleated trousers: I think they have the styling right. The shirt is tucked in and ruched at the sleeves, creating a shorter and slimmer silhouette to balance out the volume of the longer, fuller pants. I’d add a brown belt to the ensemble and a chunky gold chain at the neckline. The sweater’s styling looks great on the mannequin but is impractical to actually wear, so I’d put on the cardigan! Add a chunky patent loafer in brown patent leather and a coordinating bag, and the warm, autumn gal is good to go!

  10. Those are tricky pants and are not for every body! They are much tidier on the website, but very wide. I am wondering how they drape on a real person. I am impressed with the matching of the plaids. I would style them on a slim body that has some waist definition with a simple dark brown fitted top that is short or could be tucked in. I would use an ochre or mustard sweater over the shoulders to connect with the stripe and suggest an ochre belt with a special buckle. I see lug soled loafers, a leather bangle, leather earrings. I would not use a necklace because the belt buckle would be ‘jewelry’. I would leave the jacket on the the rack. It is very confusing to my eye.
    A note about pleats. There are a few types used for slacks. It is hard to see from the website vs the mannequin if these particular pleats would give a smooth effect or a blousey effect. No one wants extra material through their middle! I am sorry that no one at Dillard took the time to make these pants look appealing. Plus, it is confusing as to which body type would wear this. I wonder if they are pinned in the back. The mannequin looks hour glass but the site shows a straighter figure. I am off to read other comments. I always wait until after I have written mine.

  11. Focusing on the large plaid print of the pants I would ‘not’ pair it with its long matching jacket as IMHO too busy in pattern for the average silhouette to wear. That being said; on that basis I also would not recommend them for a petite however I do feel they do have their merits with their high waistband that visually elongates the leg and have sewn down pleats that create an hour glass shape, plus hides larger thighs. To style; for starters I would ensure their hemline reached the top of my foot to accommodate flat or heeled footwear that would mirror my choice in a plain woven – textured (a cashmere blend for example as a contrast to the polyester) semi-fitted top – being casual (turtle, mock, polo neck) or elevated (v or boat neck) – that would be fully or partially tucked in with jewelry and handbag in accordance. Last but not least; for an additional layer in both instances (in lieu of a sweater wrapped around my shoulders) I would choose a midi to maxi length – plain neutral color – conventional style trench coat. -Brenda-

  12. Pam, love plaids but not pleats, I’m not reed thin which is the best body to wear them in my mind! More importantly than style for me today was the annular eclipse that Texas had one of the best views of — we didn’t here in Ma. Hope you got to view it!

  13. Second reply: My local Dillard’s also had these pants on a mannequin, properly steamed and without wrinkles and teamed with a simple sweater. Seen up close the plaid is really gorgeous. The fabric has a very nice hand and does not feel like polyester. The pants and jacket are well made and more expensive looking than the price would indicate. If I was still in the workplace I would have seriously considered the jacket.

  14. Even though these pants would look great on a tall woman, I think they could be styled for some of us who are shorter and perhaps not so slender. I notice the back waist is elastic which would make the front fit smoother. If a stacked leather heel boot and short bomber jacket in a rich brown and coordinating top were added and maybe a fun furry style hat, I can see this as a great cool day, cool girl outfit to the football game. Back in the day (way way long ago) women did enjoy dressing a bit for even sitting in the stadium. There is something festive and comforting about plaid.

  15. It is always the case that giving care to a display makes a HUGE difference. Thanks Kathie.

  16. I will share about this on Thursday, Lois. Texas did have one of the best views and will again in April for the total eclipse.

  17. I have never thought about it, Mary…but I agree that there is something festive about plaid.

  18. Another mention on plaids — they need to match at the seams! I made many of my own clothes when young (4H) and once I learned, I don’t care the price, if seams don’t match forget it! You’d be surprised how many higher end brands don’t do it and some more reasonable do a good job.

  19. I always seem to look at the fashions with an open mind. On the right person they all seem amazing. Have you ever thought of trying one on to show us? Just curious. Seems like it would be fun.

  20. Hi Renee, for this particular exercise, we have chosen to show the displays because then the conversation is totally about the clothing and can be about many different body types. We want style tips for the outfits on any woman…not us.

  21. I like plaid . I have plaid in shirts scarves blazers and in fitted pants with a muted smaller plaid or even festive xmas plaid in toos or scarves but as someone 5’2” id never ever wear large plaid or pleats in pants . Hard no for most womens bodies unless youre tall and slim .

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