Easy Spirit Shoes for a Cure to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

shoes for a cure

Hello, friends!  Today, I am partnering with Easy Spirit Shoes for a Cure to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I am like so many of you who have family and friends fighting this horrible disease of breast cancer or, sadly, have lost loved ones to it.

So, I welcome opportunities to raise awareness and funds for the research….it has come a long way, but we have farther to go.

When Easy Spirit introduced me to the Shoes for a Cure Campaign, I immediately said to count me In.

In my mind was one of my very best friends and my amazing niece…two women I love dearly.

So, allow me, to introduce to you the Shoes for a Cure Campaign.


shoes for a cure

The wonderful people at Easy Spirit and I do have something in common…we love women and we love helping women.

For over 35 years, Easy Spirit has committed to raising both awareness and funds to benefit those in the fight and recovery of Breast Cancer. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Easy Spirit will donate a portion of proceeds from its #MoveForPink Maxine Walking Shoe to Shoes for a Cure; a charitable organization directly funding breast cancer research in the US. 

In addition, Easy Spirit’s parent company, Marc Fisher Footwear has committed to donating 100% of the proceeds from all Marc Fisher Footwear brands at Shoes for a Cure’s Charity Shoe Sale to Shoes for a Cure.  

I was impressed they had a 35 year history of Shoes for a Cure…it speaks credibility and loyalty.


shoes for a cure

You know I am a huge fan of Easy Spirit shoes and these #MoveForPink Maxine Walking Shoe are the same quality construction and comfort.

They will keep me moving…once I put them on for the picture, I did not want to take them off.

I can see them complimenting my wardrobe with the gray and pink.  This will be another Easy Spirit workhorse shoe for me.

It is a perfect way to wear shoes for a cure and make a donation at the same time for a very important cause.

Shoes for a cure

The #MoveForPink Maxine Walking Shoe  features the innovative eFlex Comfort Technology, that I wrote about in THIS POST.

These shoes are honestly the most comfortable shoes I own and I am returning to all of my Easy Spirit footwear selections again and again.

I am thrilled to have a pair of walking shoes with the eFlex Comfort Technology.

The walking shoe also has a sizable toe box which I look for in shoes and is so perfect if you have foot challenges like I do.


shoes for a cure

So, I hope you will join me with the shoes for a cure campaign and help us work toward that important cure and advancements against breast cancer.

Plus, you will have very happy feet!

Thank you for inviting me to join you in the campaign, Easy Spirit!

shoes for a cure


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided shoes for this post, but did not receive compensation.  I support the campaign


  1. Very good cause as I’m sure we all know someone…I know I do. Cute walking shoes…the pink is fun no matter what time of year, and I know this is a comfortable brand. I really like your jacket…is it something currently available? (I know that’s not what this post is about, but it’s a great style!!)

  2. I think we all know many that are survivors of breast cancer. In my mom’s day, she lost dear friends. Today there is so much more hope that the medical field has improved treatments. Easy Spirit is a great brand and they are supporting an excellent cause.

  3. Thanks, Karen…I do love this jacket. I have owned it for a long time. Originally found at Dillard’s…so sorry that I have no link for it.

  4. Hi Arlene, as I explained to Karen…this is a purchase from several years ago at Dillard’s. The brand is Tahari. Here today to focus on the cause and the shoes. I wanted to wear one of my old favorites so that the focus was the shoes. But thank you for being here.

  5. I am wearing my navy suede Easy Spirit walking shoes as I type this. I have noticed that women’s athletic shoes are pretty colorful these days. Doesn’t that make it hard to coordinate with one’s outfit? Should we not worry about coordinating when it comes to athletic shoes? What do your readers do/think? At any rate, they are comfortable and great for wide-ish feet.

  6. IMO it is encouraging to see a brand that is supportive in a cause that affects both women and also men. The latter which many people are not aware of. To conclude; wishing them success in their campaign as a participant to educate as well as towards research.

  7. My sister’s name was Maxine. She died of breast cancer in 2009. I’m going to order these tomorrow. Thank you for highlighting them in your post today.

  8. Hi Deanna, Your comment just popped up and captured my heart. I am so sorry you lost Maxine. I hope more can be done soon to save more lives. Thank you for sharing her with us today.

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