Chico’s special details make fall outfits unique

fall outfits

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today, I am taking you with me to see how Chico’s special details make fall outfits unique.

Chico’s remains one of my favorite places to find clothing which tell the world my unique style adjectives.

And it is those Chico’s special details that make my fall outfits unique.  

A “uniquely- me” Pamela is a confident Pamela.

So, join me as we shop today over some of the current fall outfits with special details….and a few are on sale.

Let’s start with the reason I stopped in to shop….


fall outfits

Since faux leather is on trend this year, I wanted to stop by Chico’s and see how the brand was using special details in the fall outfits.

I immediately fell in love with this FAUX LEATHER TRIM SWEATER CAPE…currently on sale.

This cape is so classy and chic…I love the Urban Taupe color.  It is a lighter weight…not heavy at all.  

The faux leather trim is beautiful, and these details of the trim, the color, the fabric take casual fall outfits up a notch.

I believe that soon I will be able to wear this until spring.

I am wearing a Ponte 5-Pocket Slim Pants in Black, but there is a black pant with faux leather details,  Juliet Faux Leather Applique Ankle Pant.

If I had seen it in the store, I would have tried it on.

Fall outfits

I did try on the cape with this gorgeous purple color and I really liked it.

I love purple in my fall outfits, and I have always liked to style taupe with purple.

This Crewneck Pullover Sweater is lovely in the Florentium Plum color…is very soft…and on sale!

One of the sweet sales associates wanted me to see it with the LONG STRAND NECKLACE show here.

fall outfits

Chico’s special details are also seen in this lovely faux leather jacket.

I am very impressed with the faux leather in this jacket…high quality and the details in the design are very flattering.  It would be a great addition for fall outfits.

This is the Faux Leather Blazer in Cambridge Brown…also comes in black…and is also on sale!

I think it is a very chic, high quality, style to again take fall outfits up a notch.

Chico’s faux leather details and designs have made me a fan this year.  

I tried it on with top full of Chico’s special details.

It is a Touch of Cool top, but must be sold out online.   It is gold, V neck with lovely foil details.

I am a huge fan of Chico’s TOUCH OF COOL TOPS, and the SOMA COOL NIGHTS SLEEPWEAR too.

fall outfits

And just to show you one more special detail in this section, I tossed on a Neutral Cashmere Wrap in camel.

Here are other Garments with Faux Leather Details.

And Faux Leather Jackets.

Your fall outfits will look great with these special details.


fall outfits

I did not purchase this camel vest but I really like it.  It is on sale and it is in petites.


I like the fit of it, and I wanted to show it to you with black (I have always liked this color combo).

Chico’s has so many black tops with special details for your fall outfits.

fall outfits

Finally, I tried on this cardigan for some of you…very special details.

This is the Neutral Floral Jacket Cardigan…and is warm with a taupe foundation.

So many opportunities to add special details to your fall outfits.


fall outfits

I want to thank Hector and the sales associates at the Chico’s location in The Quarry in San Antonio.

The original location at The Quarry was the first place I discovered Chico’s over 30 years ago…time flies when you are having fun!

I can always count on Hector to give me honest good advice when I am shopping.

I will have lots of fun styling this cape with my fall outfits this year…it is lovely.

Thanks for joining me today for CHICO’S SPECIAL DETAILS MAKE FALL OUTFITS UNIQUE…let me know If you have any questions.


By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

fall outfits



  1. Count me in on the faux leather trend. I hope the brown blazer came home with you! I loved that taupe/purple combo. Very creative! I’m just getting used to seeing myself in navy and chocolate, which seems to work with some shades of navy and not others.

  2. Thanks to Chico’s excellent rewards program, I did come home with three items…the cape, the purple top and that jacket. There are so many benefits to the rewards program and it is totally free.
    Navy does work with brown, but I do not wear it that often…you have me thinking though.

  3. Happy to hear you came home with the cape, the gorgeous purple top and the fabulous jacket. The jacket looks so smart on you. Chico’s makes outstanding faux leather. I wish they had offered that jacket in petite. I tried it on and it just swamped me. Too bad for me that the gold top is sold out.

  4. You should call your local Chico’s and see if they have it in store…that is where I found it. It is a fun top for autumns!

  5. I like the color of the purple sweater. I’ve been adding more deep purple in recent years, and it’s become a new color choice with my new hair color! It’s so good with many neutrals!

  6. I’m glad the faux leather blazer came home with you. The cut is very flattering. I also like the necklace. Many of Chicos jewelry items are too overpowering for me, but this one is something that I can see myself wearing.

  7. Good afternoon. I have been reviewing all of the late Brenda Kinsel’s style books. She wrote in such a fun and personal manner. In Brenda’s Bible, her one second make over tip was to smile. She notes that it is transforming for you and all those who see you. I thought of you, Pam. Thanks for the lovely style show!

  8. This necklace is a nice one. Also watch their sale jewelry… I always see something fun.

  9. Thanks Deborah…when your clothing says what you want it to about you and is portraying your best colors, it is easy to be confident and smile. Smiling is our #1 best accessory.

  10. Love the cape with the faux leather trim and the color is great on you. Ponte pants love them, I can wear the petite crop and ankle but pant length is too long on me. Love so many of the colors. Not a fan of red as it doesn’t look good on me. Love blues! Usually can’t go wrong at Chicos.

  11. What a great selection of fun ideas for fall! Ever since you first showed us one of the longer vests I have been wanting one. I just bought the eggplant/black one from JJill, and may also get the one you’ve shown here if it comes back in stock, as I think that color could be worn most of the year. I’d like to try it with navy and with black for starters. Your try-on sessions always inspire me to find similar items in my own closet, but also send me to the keyboard shopping more often than not. Thanks for braving the dressing rooms on behalf of your readers!

  12. The colors and fabrics are interesting but I don’t think these particular styles are accenting your shape in a pleasing way. I do think it is an important consideration that is not much discussed. Thank you for taking us shopping with you.

  13. Thanks for your opinion, Penelope. Most of what I try on is for my readers anyway. However, in cooler weather I love a beautiful cape like the one in the premiere pic. I love that dressing with my style adjectives allows me for different shapes …sometimes they may be a little oversized and sometimes they may be more fitted. Do you dress with style adjectives? If you are new here, you may not be familiar with them or the fact that I try on clothes for my readers more than me. I do love the flattering fit of the faux leather jacket.

  14. Which trousers are you wearing in the first & last photo? They seem to be chocolate brown with a flocked pattern? Lovely pants on you!

  15. Hi Zaeobi, those are older pants from Soft Surroundings that I have owned for years. I really like them. Sorry there is no link.

  16. I posted a comment yesterday saying that the garment described by
    aggie Mom was described on Chico site as an embellished ruana but the comment has not appeared. Does Askimet have something against posts from the UK?

  17. Comments from UK always appear to go through. But I can usually take care of garment needs so no worries. Thanks for helping out.

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