Would You Wear It – A shearling-trim puffer vest

Would You Wear it

Happy Tuesday, all!   Welcome to another Would You Wear It.  Today we are looking at a shearling puffer vest.

So far, everyone seems to like having Would You Wear It on Tuesdays, and then Style Tips on Saturdays…both are audience interaction opportunities.

And, ladies, you love to hear ideas from each other…so keep them coming.

Remember on Tuesdays to please explain your reasons for why you would or would not wear the outfit on the display.

It helps others to learn why we make these decisions.

So, look this lovely mannequin over and tell us…Would you wear it?


would you wear it

I discovered this display at our new Nordstrom Rack location in San Antonio.


It got me to thinking…how much puff is too much puff?  At what point is a coat needed more than a puffer vest like this with shearling trim?

Does this puffer vest fit your qualifications for a puffer vest in your wardrobe, or do you look for something different and what would that be?

Finally, how do you typically style a puffer vest such as this one?  

As always, here are a few currently on the market to help you decide how you feel about this one:


would you wear it

I don’t want to stress you out…in fact, I am here to help…but there are only nine Tuesdays between now and Christmas!  Yikes!

So, Tuesday will be one of the days I bring you GIFT IDEAS…who knows, you might find something for you too…I already found something for me!

I really like all of the organization done for Anthropologie Gift Ideas.

Let’s start with the precious PETITE MENORAH.

Some of my favorite ideas were in GIFTS FOR GARDENERS…and yes, I know there are insanely expensive ideas here too, but it is fun to look.

I also like their HOME DECOR.


Or the stunning PEACOCK TREE TOPPER. Would look lovely with the GOLDEN FEATHER WREATH on the door.

Or the Book Stack Ornament.

Of course, my favorite is a whole wonderland scene made into the word…JOY…..JOY WONDERLAND SCENE SET.

Now, here are some more ideas for gifts for gardeners found at different retailers:

I could do this all day…so much fun…so get ready, because I love to look for gift ideas.  Let me know if you have a specific need.

Now it is your turn.  Back to the Shearling Trim Puffer Vest…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?



By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. I giggled when I saw the vest you’re featuring today, as I own one already that’s almost identical! Mine is taupe with cream colored shearling, and I love it for our in-between fall and winter weather in Texas. However, I had to try it on in multiple sizes before I was comfortable wearing it. Let’s be honest – puffer vests tend to add bulk and make us look…well, puffier! I generally look for thinner filler and styles that are more fitted with princess seams. The one you’re featuring looks boxy on the model, but I have successfully had one altered to be more close-fitting. If I didn’t already own one I would definitely check out this one, which is better for my coloring. I would pair it with a black turtleneck and camel pants, or a camel turtleneck and dark blue jeans. Although I’m cold-natured, I have learned to love wearing vests in the winter because it’s so much easier than dragging a heavy coat on days when I’m in and out of stores a lot. I’m so glad to see these are back in style, as mine is about ten years old but barely worn.

  2. I see these vests every year at this time in stores, but not often on real women. The climate is cold here (in late fall and winter) and something with sleeves is required. I guess some might wear these around the house, but they don’t work for me, shearling or not. I need something with sleeves and don’t see the point of wearing one just in the house. I think in a warmer climate they would get a lot more wear. Many of them add a lot of bulk, like the one featured. But any type of puffer vest or jacket is going to do that by their very nature, it’s kind of a given. If wearing one, I think this is where you need a much slimmer bottom garment to keep proportions in check, and also a closer-fitting shirt or sweater. They always look nice on the models, but I need some sleeves, personally! I don’t care at all for the ones that have a shiny finish, even in a jacket, seeing it as kind of cheap looking. The matte finish just looks more expensive, even if it’s not pricey.

  3. This one looks too puffy for me; I have a couple but am still watching for the perfect one—packable, a little longer, very soft fabric. Black, navy or deep sale for red, white, or cheetah! If I was wearing one like this it would be with jeans or black pants probably with a black tee. Talbots has a one in the style I want but it is bright pink; need another color or a really great final sale!

  4. I recently bought a puffy vest but prefer closer fittings ones as I do wear mine around the house since I’m so cold-natured. If it’s cold outside, I’m going to wear another layer on my arms so I really have no need for such a garment as this. I only bought the puffy one recently because it was available for a good price and I liked how it looked when an influencer my age wore it. The one you featured is a bit too puffy for me…I’d be somewhat lost in all that fluff.

  5. I wouldn’t wear it because there’s too much puff for me to wear in this climate. If its cold enough to need this heavy a layer I need my arms covered and I don’t really want to look like the Michelin Man. Way back when I lived in northern Michigan and did a lot of cross-country skiing and snow shoeing a warm vest was very useful as it kept my torso warm and gave my arms more freedom to move. You tend to get quite warm with either activity and a jacket often doesn’t give you enough movement but this puffer would be too bulky even then. Now I have a couple of very thin quilted vests that I wear around the house in the winter. Same principle of keeping my torso warm and my arms free–I’m an artist.. I really love a vest and will be glad when this puffer tend phases out

  6. Thanks for starting us off today, Lorrie. I love how this conversation is going with detail about the feature.

  7. I laughed that this is you in-home style, Celia. But, I will remember this next time I am staying home and cold.

  8. OK..thanks for sharing about staying warm inside and keeping arms free. So cool that you are an artist, Kathie.

  9. I wear puffer vests all the time in the winter under my puffer coats. I never buy fitted winter coats for this reason. This vest zips up high, so the cozy shearling might make a winter scarf superfluous. Yes, this kind of layering is necessary. The wind chill is -20°C. today. “Winter” is two months away.

  10. I own many quilted vests; they are perfect for Southern California. I usually throw one on in the early morning when I head to the golf course to keep off the chill. This one is just too wintery for me; the shearling makes it very heavy looking. The extra puff would not allow me to take it off midday and stuff it away. My favorite vests come from Talbots (without the fur trim); Lands End has some great looking ones for a great price. The must have status statement vests from Patagonia are very versatile and travel well.

  11. I pay close attention to not only the puff but also the stitching on mine. I rarely wear vests in Maine unless I need an extra layer at home. I have a shell pink and an aubergine, one from Old Navy and the other from Talbots. There are thinner and the stitching is very slimming. I like the stitching on the first two on the slide show (Bean’s and Athleta). Very flattering. I do wear a down puff coat all winter gif walking or shopping. It is marine navy, warm but lightweight, with flattering stitching. I stay away from coats and jackets that make me look horizontal. Have a great day!

  12. I might wear it, depending on whether it looked too bulky on me. I have an assortment of these vests and wear them a lot in fall and spring for walks, travel, errands and beach combing. I find with a wool sweater or microfiber layers underneath, I’m warm enough unless the temperature goes below 20 degrees, which it seldom does in this part of Ohio, except in the very depths of winter. It’s handy not to have bulky sleeves in the way, and the layer isn’t too heavy for going on a road trip or dashing from the car to an overheated store. From a fashion standpoint, they suit my slightly sporty style, and I would wear it with a simple, solid-colored sweater (or denim shirt) and jeans, or go full out athleisure with black leggings and a longer microfiber or otherwise sports top. I think western jewelry would go great with this look.

  13. Thanks Linda…another unique perspective. Today has been a fun conversation…hope to see it keep going.

  14. I love the idea of this cosy trimmed vest but I find vests in general not very practical in our colder seasons. Even with a sweater my arms feel cold. I need a jacket. But I like the look!

  15. As far as vests go (which I do own) this style would not be of my choosing due: a) It does not serve a dual purpose as for added warmth I sometimes wear them under ‘unlined’ outer wear, so far too bulky to do so. b) Also I (too) avoid horizontal quilting as it does make you look larger. c) Though I wear little makeup and have a reasonable neck length, the high collar with a light colored shearling IMO would be a soil magnet. Last but not least; with appreciation of your gifting links. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Our current temps are ranging from 30° to 50° F.

  16. I’m with Celia. I wear quilted (not down puffer) vests in the house in the winter. I have two down puffer vests that I wear outside over wool sweaters or as a layer under an anorak. I don’t like the fake shearling as I think it would get dirty (at least on me). I always remove the collars on quilted vests because I much prefer wearing a scarf. It’s cold in New England!

  17. I wouldn’t wear this. Like Karen, I live in a colder climate, & when I need something heavy, I need sleeves. I had a puffer vest a few years ago because I had admired them on others, but when I wore mine, I did feel like Bim, the Michaelin Man.
    I also am not a fan of shearling as I think it becomes matted & dirty looking after a being in the snow or rain.

  18. I like the mannequin. I like a tonal look and I live in jeans. That said, I wouldn’t wear this. I do not wear puffer vests. I am always cold, so sleeves are a must. I find these vests “outdoor-sy”, not one of my style adjectives.

  19. I am glad that horizontal quilting was pointed out…especially in a larger puffer vest. Stay warm up there. They are forecasting cold for us next week…which I know means that the north will be really cold.

  20. Weather is definitely getting colder…and thank you for mentioning these details, Maeve.

  21. Now that you and Maeve mentioned that this can look dirty, I am looking at the shearling differently. Thanks Becky

  22. Love that you brought in a style adjective…my goal is that we all keep them in mind.

  23. I live in Ontario and you wanted to hear from the north. I prefer the stitching to have a design on the vest as others have noted to play down the puffiness. I have friends who keep their homes much cooler in the winter than I do ( in the 60s ) and find a puffer vest to be a valuable addition when visiting them. I also wear one when the temperatures are jumping all around like they have this October as it can be cold in the morning but warm up by the afternoon. Once temperatures are below freezing outside I also have a shorter puffer coat I wear when going to the mall or grocery store as they are light and suit the temperatures there. I have a long puffer coat with wind guards on the zipper and cuffs for hiking and watching the grandson’s hockey games. Metal stands at hockey rinks are cold and many are not putting on their stand heaters for environmental reasons. I know how to class what kind of winter we have had by counting the number of days I’ve worn my sheepskin coat though, as it is the warmest of all.

  24. I have a couple of puffer vests, but they have minimal puff, lol. The vest displayed would over whelm me. Now if I was taller, I would wear a dark column underneath it, add a couple of bracelets and hoop earrings. That would fit my casual but chic look.

  25. I would not wear this puffer because of the fake shearling collar and the overall outdoor vibe. But I do own two puffer vests. One is so lightweight, it also does not work, but it was great on a cool airplane in September. The other is quite puffy and when the weather gets to the cold part of our year in Southern California, it is a good addition under a hoodie or fleece jacket for walking. I also use vests as others have mentioned to keep arms free while inside, both in CA and when I visit in Maryland and Colorado during cooler months. Having written all of this, I do love vests and would be so pleased to see more styling options especially indoor options and vests that are not down vests.

  26. I’m very late to the discussion today, but enjoyed reading through everyone’s thoughts about vests. I have always loved vests and have half a dozen or so in my wardrobe, but none as puffy as this one. I love the color and the shearling, but it is super fluffy and the shiny fabric would make me feel like I had a spotlight on me. My favorite vest looks are from Talbot’s, with the furry collar from the past couple of years. I am in love with those! I wear them over a simple crewneck or mock turtleneck, brown corduroys or jeans, and a shortie boot. Shirt sleeves are plenty warm for me in Southern Oregon, while the vests add that necessary layer of warmth for a walk or running lots of errands. Loved the introduction to gift ideas and went WAY down the rabbit hole with the Anthropologie link! Time to start shopping next week when we’re back home.

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