Inspiration for fall outfits in warmer climates for women over 60

fall outfits in warmer climates

Happy October Monday, everyone!  Welcome to a little fashion fun with inspiration for fall outfits in warmer climates for women over 60.

Today’s fall outfits are all lighter weight garments thus perfect for those of us in warmer climates who are also over 60 and might desire a little arm coverups as well as being cool.

Allow me to remind you of my personal style philosophy.

I am a proponent of using five style adjectives to craft and create our own personal, “uniquely-you” style. 

This makes shopping and putting together daily outfits so much easier…with fewer mistakes and returns. 

I believe that if we select five adjectives we want to tell the world about us every time we leave the house and stay true to sending those five messages with every outfit, then we develop a unique personal style.

I know it works…and actually have friends tell me when they see something that they know is Pamela- style because I am true to my adjectives.

Clothing is like a business card that we share with others and it says…this is me….without speaking a word. 

Whenever I dress to leave the house (for anything), I stand in the mirror and ask…does this outfit tell the world that I am polished, creative, approachable, joyful and current?

If I say…YES, then I am good to go.  If I say, no, it doesn’t speak those adjectives about me…then it is back to the closet, to keep creating.

I encourage all of you to take time to ask yourself …what do I want to tell others about me with my clothing?  It is a huge confidence booster when you are dressing to be you.

With my adjectives in mind, let’s look at inspiration for fall outfits in warmer climates for women over 60.


fall outfits in warmer climates

Because I require fall outfits in warmer climates in South Texas, I do wear many sleeveless tanks underneath light toppers during this time of year.

I have already taken the cost per wear of today’s tank way, way down, because I wear it so often.  It is an Eileen Fisher tank in the dark brown color called espresso.

The silk jersey is so cool and comfy that I wore it all summer long and now wearing it for my fall outfits in warmer climates.

I recently took advantage of a Chico’s $40 off reward, and picked up this whimsical SPUN RAYON DOTS SPLIT CUFF CARDIGAN in sable brown for $29.

When looking for fall outfits in warmer climates, it just makes sense to purchase them out of the fall and winter seasons when garments are heavier.

Many of us just do not need those heavier items.

I love this one…it is perfect for a fun fall outfit in a warmer climate…and it speaks my adjectives perfectly.

I have owned this necklace for years, and decided the circles all went well together.

The pants have been in my closet also for years…JJILL Ponte Knit Pants.

They have washed and looked great for a very long time…these are similar the Pure Jill Diagonal-Knit Straight Leg Pants.

My black leather slip ons have also been in my wardrobe for years.


fall outfits in warmer climates

Some may remember that I picked up this fun Chico’s linen cardigan do wear to a wedding shower last spring. 

I am excited to bring it our for fall and will probably wear many different colors with it. 

It Is long gone, but I am glad I own it and will look closer now at linen cardigans for fall outfits in warmer climates.

On this day, I wore it with a Chico’s navy microfiber tank, an older Chico’s necklace, a little bracelet from a re-sale shop, a clearance handbag from Dillard’s and older slip on shoes.

The Dillard’s handbag is a Margot bag and fits my current needs for a larger bag.  I love to look at their CLEARANCE HANDBAGS, there is often a steal within the ranks.

fall outfits in warmer climates

This outfit also features my new favorite pair of jeans that I recently showed to you at Talbot’s…the WIDE LEG NILE WASH JEANS…They are great!

I shared with you in later summer than I purchased a pair of wide leg jeans at another retailer.  I returned those once I discovered these and I had now worn the other ones yet.

These Talbot’s jeans are my favorite now.   They are not a heavy denim…so perfect for a warmer climate.


fall outfits in warmer climates

I like this look because it speaks my adjectives…is cool for warmer weather…and also has a cool vibe to it which speaks my creative adjective.

I first showed you these tops from ALI MILES at Dillard’s last year.   Ali Miles is a very artistic, dramatic brand.  Just click Dillard’s and put Ali Miles in the search bar.

I prefer to wear XLARGE Petites in her tops in order to keep the length shorter and more flattering.

Though this top is in darker colors, autumn colors…it was a lightweight top going into spring one year.

It is a me top…and has bendable staves in the color to keep it up. 

My main point has been for those who are looking to be in fall outfits in warmer climates…it does require some smart out of season shopping, but I hope I showed you that it can be done.

Oh yes, I am wearing this top this fall with my new Eileen Fisher SLIM KNIT Ankle Pants in the Woodland green color.

I saved on these during the Anniversary Sale.

Recently, I stopped by the grocery and was looking over the cards when a sweet woman named Betty approached me.

She said, “You are a Dillard’s were on my computer!”

I explained to her that I am not a Dillard’s model but told her what a blog is and what I do.

She was so excited…so I gave her a card I carry with my website address on it…Hi Betty, hope you are here!

It was yet another reminder that dressing my best to even just stop by the grocery is worth it.  So glad I looked nice that day.

I go out in fun fall outfits in warmer climates to be dressed for the day and speaking to the world who this unique woman over 60 really is!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my fall outfits for October.  Thanks for being here….


By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

fall outfits in warmer climates



  1. This is a great example of how using adjectives helps to refine our style. Your outfits are perfect for your climate and definitely express your adjectives. I usually review my adjectives seasonally, and have found that for the last year, they haven’t changed. Definitely, definitely have them written down to take shopping, and also have them posted in the closet. It’s been a fun experience changing over the closet… funny how the things I was so tired of are fun to see and start wearing again!

  2. Good morning, Karen. You have been such a great example of how beneficial dressing with the adjectives can be. Thanks for the support. I hope we can convince others of just how easy it is!

  3. I love using my adjectives and you gave them to me! You set the best example for us all. The Betty story is great, and your outfits are perfect. (I love the drape of the EF tank.) Even though you are in a warm climate, you are wearing your fall colors and remain true to your season. By the way, did you see Talbots is 40% off everything today?

  4. Thanks for the Talbot’s reminder! Please consider using my Talbots link to shop, everyone! Happy Monday!

  5. Pam, you are stunning in those outfits! You are the most beautiful model I’ve seen lately. 🌞 The adjectives are such a help to me. I have them on my phone and consult them often as a reminder. They keep me on track and make fashion fun. Have a wonderful October day.

  6. The timing of this post could not have been better for me! I normally choose my outfits the night before to avoid morning chaos, but by bedtime last night I was still undecided on what to wear today. I’m taking my best friend for a day surgery, which will potentially involve chilly waiting rooms, but it’s supposed to be in the mid-90’s here in north Texas today. After I return her to her husband’s care later today, I have a dinner date and won’t have time to change clothes. Having seen these creative looks you’ve shared, I was able to walk to my closet and find something that will work just fine. Thanks for all the different ways you inspire me!

  7. You look beautiful in these fall pieces! That navy linen piece is gorgeous! Love the sleeves. Love everything about it and how I wish it were still available.
    Enjoy the cooler days, Pam! I certainly am —doing just that!

  8. This is great advice for those of us who live in colder climates as well. Here in the Midwest, the temperatures will be in the mid 80’s for most of the week, so while I want to dress for autumn, I still need to think about the heat. These lightweight pieces are so nice to have in my closet.

  9. Good fashion advice for a lot of us. Here in western NC summer lasts well into October and I am ready for autumn looks. You are a great model and all the looks you showed us today really reflect your adjectives. Which prompted me to look back in my journal to April when I attempted to define mine. I wrote 4 and several possible 5th adjectives. I need to think about the 5th one some more and then take the advice that’s been offered here to carry it with me. If you love linen sweaters be on the lookout for them at J Jill. I’ve picked up a few in the past couple years and they work for me for 3 seasons and so far have held up well. Happy Monday.

  10. Loved your post today. Thank find myself questioning how an item will fit into my style. It has helped me a lot in pruning out the things that I thought, at the time, was cute, but in retrospect, not me.
    This makes it n
    Much easier to edit what I have and what I can let go of.
    Thank you

  11. If you are having difficulty with five, just use four over and over again…they will still help you and if a fifth pops in then use it and if not you will still reap the benefits!

  12. This was a terrific post. I live in north Texas, and I have been looking for an outfit for a funeral. I want to dress appropriately but, also, to be comfortable and cool because it will be a long day.
    The pictures you posted were a terrific help.

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