Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday, everyone and welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home. 

This post can go a variety of ways each week, and after last week, it will go several directions…just stick with me.

I always get excited when the ladies who read this blog want to participate in different ways.

Today, two of you are featured in Sunday mornings at home.

So, get cozy everyone, and let’s start here with our fabulous reader participation.


Sunday Mornings at home

Connie has been reading the blog for a very long time and is currently on vacation…have fun, Connie, may it be a special one!

She sent this photo of fall in Oregon…and it is a beauty.  Makes me want to vacation there!

Sunday Mornings at Home

Kathie shared her Pumpkin Chili with us and I am going to make this for Mr. B. It sounds so good!

And I fool around with my chili recipe too!!

Kathie sent this note along with the photo and LINK TO THE PUMPKIN CHILI RECIPE….

Finally had a chance to go to the grocery store this morning so I’m
making the pumpkin chili right now.  The recipe is from the November
2001 issue of Traverse Magazine which is the regional magazine for NW
Michigan.  I’ve make this several times a year for over 20 years.  Its
one of my favorite chili recipes.  Its no way near Texas Chili but quite
easy and everyone loves it.

I’ve included a photo of the recipe I clipped 22 years ago as well as
the link to the Traverse Magazine website where the recipe is still
featured with some minor changes.  Originally it called for canola oil
and now olive oil. I use avocado oil.  Also 2 can of tomatoes rather
than one.  I think I’ve always just used one 28 oz. can because that’s
how I buy it.

The original recipes called for lean ground beef or ground turkey or a
very special local beef product that was available then.  I see the new
recipe calls for beef.  I usually use 1 pound ground turkey and a half
pound of lean ground beef.  I tend to have a heavy hand with the
seasonings and always double the green chilis.  Chili is a recipe that
lends itself to a little foolin’ around.

It doesn’t taste like pumpkin at all.  The pumpkin is a thickener which
also adds a bit of fiber and vitamins.  I think your family would enjoy it.

Thanks to both of you for sending items for the Sunday Mornings at Home posts.  If anyone else would like to send your fall decorations or recipes, then email me at


Sunday Mornings at Home

I made Chicken Tortilla Soup this past week and decided to add oven roasted corn.

I took four ears, shucked and cleaned,

I brushed them with melted unsalted KerryGold butter (garlic and herb seasonings variety), mixed with a teaspoon of Old Bay Seasoning, a dash of salt, and a dash of pepper.

Wrapped in foil, placed four on a cookie sheet.  And roasted in a pre-heated 450 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Then I cut the corn off, and included it in my Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Starts with making chicken broth in my slow cooker….with a chicken, chopped onion, chopped three stalks of celery, 4 cloves of garlic, and a teaspoon of salt.

That cooks overnight.

In the broth, I cook three large fresh carrots chopped, another onion chopped, three stalks of celery chopped with

2 cans of Rotel Tomatoes and Chilis

1 large can of pinto beans and black beans

1 packet of taco seasoning

After removing bones from the chicken, I rip it into shred and include a generous amount in the soup.

I serve it over tortilla chips and right now I absolutely love this brand LATE JULY TORTILLA favorite is Multigrain.

These are gluten free…whole grain…vegan…kosher…and delicious!  I buy them at HEB, but I see they are also at Target, Walmart and Amazon.


Sunday Mornings at Home

This photo kind of sums up last week…when I look at it, I see DESTRUCTION.

The first photo today shows some autumn mums on my daughter’s front porch…so I came back and purchased them for my front porch.

At least one deer was glad I did…but it is creepy how he just ate the flowers…nothing else.

Mr. B’s back has been locked up all week, and on Monday we were sent to the emergency room by one doctor.

That is long story…Mr. B is fine for now…but still has a locked up back.

The funny part of this story was when we left the emergency room just before midnight, I went to get the car and left him just outside the door to wait for me.

I was so tired, that when I got in the car, I started driving home…without him!! 

Fortunately, I snapped out of my stupor before I had gone too far and turned around to go back for the patient….who was in pain and wondered what was taking so long!

I do not do well late at night.

There are other reasons the week has been stressful, but nothing like others endured.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I realize that by writing what I am going to write that it may upset someone.

But, I wish we could all love and live together with different beliefs and not get angry when something is said we disagree with.

I lost one reader the last time I offered an opinion on a current event…but, I must say that I am heartbroken for the people of Israel and their families.

There were several grandmothers …women just like us…who were killed or abducted.  The pictures and videos became too horrific to watch.

For a moment, I thought of the Holocaust and the mindset that led to it…we see that same mindset active now.

It is pure evil.  Plus, my own country is also very vulnerable to terrorism with an open border.

I cannot write about a week like this and not acknowledge the truth of what is going on.

So, how do I respond?  As I always do…pray without ceasing.  I pray for healing and protection in Israel, and for the protection of all our families. 

I pray that if hostages are alive, they will be found and brought home.

I pray the evil ones would be caught and stopped.

I pray we all would have discernment and be safe.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Thank you for being here, friends.  I will see you tomorrow.

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Now that we know innocent grandmothers on both sides of the Israel/Gaza border have died, along with innocent children, I believe we can pray for all civilians in this conflict.

  2. I agree, Margaret and do pray for all of them. The last time my husband was in Israel he met some precious Palestinian Christians. This horrific terrorism has affected many.

  3. I am so grateful that you are using your voice to share The Hope!!!! We ALL need hope!!! And it is a real Living hope!
    Who will stand for the truth if we do not.
    Thank for you for standing in the gap for us!

  4. I honestly do not know what I would do without our living HOPE, Julie and it is there for all of us.

  5. I really agree with your comments about what is happening in the world overseas and here at home! There is just so much division and hatred going around, so disheartening! We are just all people, no matter what creed and or race we are! A lol of people here are just so resentful of just about everything! I just hope that this hatred diminishes but I don’t have a lot of hope!

  6. I still do have hope that the good, loving people just connected by a ribbon of humanity will outshine the evil who are purposefully dividing us. I was watching a video from a recent gathering in Central Park where people of all ages, skin colors, very diverse…were singing a Beatles song together to commemorate the works of John Lennon. It was uplifting to me how we are all connected by music. The same happened recently when Jimmy Buffet passed and thousands sang Margaritaville at football games that weekend.
    We are all connected and called to love one another. And hopefully stand against evil together. There is hope when in one unified voice we share love for each other.

  7. I pray always for Israel to stand and for the safety of the Jews. I am also praying for the civilian Palestinians that are basically trapped by the Hamas terrorists.
    I hope that your blog today will inspire many more to pray.

  8. Yes, agree. Praying for all innocent lives yet still coming to terms with the evil and the terror of last weekend. No warning. Why do many women children and schools targeted?
    Thank you for so much comfort to me and others with these great fall recipes. Also a chuckle as I put myself in your drivers seat and forgetting my poor husband. I needed a story line thus. Hope his back is soon relaxed out if it’s lock up.

  9. I told someone last week that all we can do is pray and hope for the future overseas. The horrific scenes from Gaza will long remind us of precarious circumstances around the world, and how quickly life can change. This past week has also brought cooler weather which made your reader, Kathie, make and include her pumpkin chili recipe which sounds so good as does your chicken tortilla soup recipe with roasted corn. Personally I made my vegetable beef soup and plan to freeze some in the souper cubes I bought during Prime Days last week. I read some about deer eating flowers and the article suggested you spray deer repellent on your mums if your particular deer eat your flowers. Apparently, different herds eat different flowers. Hope Mr. B’s back is better. I can identify with an ER visit with back pain. May today be a day of rest and recovery.

  10. Sorry to hear about Mr. B. Thank you for talking about our common humanity. We will overcome the evil, but it’s a long, hard process. I love the empathy of you and this community!

  11. My husband too had back problems and, during our trip to northern Michigan a couple of weeks ago, had to be taken by EMTs to the local hospital. We are home, he’s doing better, but we are waiting for an MRI to find out just what’s happening. Back pain is terrible; my sympathies to Mr. B. We have deer running all over our condo property, and they even stand on hind legs to nibble the flower heads from hanging baskets! This despite having acres of woodland 5 feet away. I assume they need micronutrients that flowers provide. Or maybe it’s the equivalent of a taco seasoning packet to spice up all those leaves :).

  12. Sadly, there is so much hate, judgement and division is our world it’s exhausting. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed at the enormity of it. I know I can’t change the world, but I can do the best I can in my world. I can show kindness to those I encounter. I can be aware of how I might be judging others. While I know I can’t stop wars or cure the evils in the world, I can try do what I, personally, am able to do to make things better in my small circle. If we all start somewhere I have hope we can make a difference.
    Bless you all!

  13. Dear Lovely Pam, thank you for a nice post. Yes, we will pray without ceasing. I hope this coming week is more peaceful for you.

  14. I try to always and humbly find some humor in difficult circumstances. Thanks Paulette! At least I did not make it all the way home!

  15. Today, he is finally showing improvement! It has been a joyous morning to see him moving more like himself! Thanks Celia.

  16. We are ALL created by the same God who loves us ALL, but also gifted us with free will. May our free will help us to love and serve others. Thanks Maeve.

  17. I hope your husband is better, Linda. It is so hard when the back locks up active people.

  18. Good advice, Linda. We all have communities we can love and reach out to…I truly believe those of us in our second half of life are needed more than ever to love and serve.

  19. This was our class of 1966’s senior song. It has remained with me as one of my frequent prayers. Especially at times like this when all we can do is pray and try to be an instrument of peace in our world

    Let There Be Peace on Earth

    Let there be peace on earth
    And let it begin with me.
    Let there be peace on earth
    The peace that was meant to be.
    With God as our father
    Brothers all are we.
    Let me walk with my brother
    In perfect harmony.

    Let peace begin with me
    Let this be the moment now.
    With ev’ry step I take
    Let this be my solemn vow.
    To take each moment
    And live each moment
    With peace eternally.

  20. Philippians 4:6 has long been a go to verse for me. It is heartbreaking to hear of all the innocent live that have been lost in this latest violence in a conflict that has been ongoing for 1,000’s of years. Prayers for everyone are needed. I’m sorry Mr. B has been in pain this week. Praying he feels better soon.

  21. Pam a couple of good recipes. I’m going to try them both. I especially want to try the tortilla soup with the roasted corn.
    I am praying for the people the people in the this area. It makes me very upset to even hear about what has happened there. Those poor people.

  22. I am praying for the innocent people caught up in this divisive world. My daughter-in-law’s mom has a friend who has lost family members. I do my best here, keeping my family nurtured and loved. Prayers and hope for all. The arms of war reach far.

  23. Thank you, Becky. Mr. B could use some prayers…he is improving but not fully back just yet.

  24. I can’t even imagine, Deborah…I am thankful they have you to help them through. Those arms do reach far and wide and that is one of the things that is so frightening.

  25. Thank you for the thoughtful post and everyone’s comments. Pray is what we can all do and what will help the most in the conflicts around the world and at home. I don’t pretend to understand all the issues, but surely there must be a way for all of us to live in peace. Thank you for the recipes. I have made both the pumpkin bread from last week and the zucchini pasta from several weeks ago. Both delicious. Thanks for sharing your moment after the ER visit. It is always helpful to know that others do “interesting” things, but you were also stressed and tired. Makes sense to me that you would almost autopilot home. With kind regards for all.

  26. I still laugh…when I am tired, there is just no telling what I will do. Thanks for joining us in prayer, Mary.

  27. Let Peace Begin with me. Yes, I sang this in our choir in high school in 1962! It is so needed here and now. Thank you for your prayers and goodness that needed now after the horrors of the last week. I hope your Mr. B is feeling better this coming week. My Mr. B refuses to rest with his knee! I am forced to rest today myself. We can all keep the innocent held in the Light today and for as long as needed.

  28. Thank you for reminding us to pray. I have and will continue to do so. Even small remarks on social media are taken out of context and argued about these days. We are told from an early age to be kind to each other. My prayer is that more will do so. I am praying for Israel and Ukraine. The recipes today sound wonderful on this cold rainy night here in KY. Praying for Mr. B.’s back, also.

  29. Thank you for your timely and sensitive post on the horrific situation over seas. Praying for the safety and good health of all involved, especially the innocent ones. Having spent many years working international intelligence, I am forever dismayed by the continued hate that can take over and cause irreparable harm to so many innocents.
    We must continue to pray and support non violent resolutions, no matter the country or the nationality of those affected.

  30. Well said Pamela. Billy Graham always said the thing people needed the most was HOPE. Praying for Israel.

  31. The amount of hate and evil has been overwhelming to me, Rhoda. That is why I constantly turn to prayer.

  32. Thanks to Connie and Kathie for sharing their fall travel and culinary adventures with us! As a former runner, I can only imagine how frustrated Mr. B must be to be sidelined with back pain. Praying his medical team can resolve this soon, and that he will be back to full activity soon. It’s finally getting cool enough in Texas to run comfortably, and I’ll bet he hates to miss a minute on the trails. I so appreciate your comments on the Palestinian/Israeli situation, which basically echoed my pastor’s comments yesterday. Sending prayers for peace from Fort Worth!

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