4 reasons to celebrate Friday after Thanksgiving

celebrate Friday

Happy Friday after Thanksgiving, everyone!  Welcome to 4 reasons to celebrate Friday after Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a joyous celebration yesterday full of good food and lots of blessings….we certainly did!

And, though this year will be a bit different for me, I am still full of joy and going to celebrate Friday after Thanksgiving full on!

Whether Christmas or Hanukkah, I hope you will share some of your holidays with us as well…more about that on Sunday.

So, let the SEASON OF JOY officially begin!!


celebrate Friday


I cannot say enough how important it is to celebrate traditions, family, heritage, and joy this time of year!

We must keep the importance alive!  One of my favorite quotes is that “Christmas is a baton we pass down from one generation to the next.  It reminds us of who we are and where we came from.”  Importance of family and community.

On this Friday after Thanksgiving, there are many local tree lightings, parades, and festivals to attend and celebrate the season.

San Antonio even sets up an ice skating rink…I know that is amazing!

celebrate Friday

I will miss attending the official celebrations…though past ones live in my heart!

Make sure a few community celebrations are on your list this Friday after Thanksgiving.

Do you have plans this weekend?


celebrate Friday


No reason to apologize any longer, put up those decorations.  

My home decorations are even more important this year, since I will not be out and about like I usually am…I will miss that.

But, my adjectives for my home decorations are ….warm, cozy, traditional, inviting and joyful.

I hope to celebrate Friday with an army of grandchildren to help me pull this off…it has begun.

celebrate Friday

The most predominate home decorating trend the past two years has been in the way tree toppers are done.

Here is a fun one I spied recently at Dillard’s…I do love their Southern Living collection. (Remember, words in bold face and underlined are links!)

celebrate Friday

I am not an affiliate for Hobby Lobby (wish I was), but you can achieve this tree topper trend for less there.

Here is a sample I saw walking in the door recently.

celebrate Friday

Last year I did modify my traditional toppers just a smidgeon….I like that word…smidgeon.

We always put up two trees…one topped with the angel from my husband’s mother (The Grandma Angel), and one topped with my French Country star.

Last year, I put some long springs of berries around the country star and it looked lovely…everyone commented on it in the family.

Do you ever pay attention to decorating trends?  


celebrate Friday


So far, I have been very impressed with the sale prices this year and there are some amazing deals today.

Please remember, to use my SHOPPING LINKS for your online orders….this is the complete list to take you to brands for their deals today.

I even use my Home Depot link and Walmart Link to place and order and then go pick it up at the store!

celebrate Friday

Of course, it is a good time to save money for something for ourselves!

I have been looking for away to decorate (all year) my wood table outside.  Mr. B recently stained it and it is waiting for my touch.

So, when I saw this OVER THE TABLE IRON ROD at Anthropologie, I was elated…it was the rustic warm touch I was looking for!  So, I have the frame, solar lights, twigs just waiting for Mr. B.

Whenever it is finished, I will share.

Now, just an observation from what this audience orders, but based on orders alone, here are your favorite retailers with my links…a fun way to celebrate Friday!











Again, on the SHOPPING LINKS page there is more.


celebrate Friday

Another reason to celebrate Friday shopping is this great line of skincare and make up BY BRIAN is going to have a big cyber sale!

The complete store will have the following sales markers:
25% OFF $75+
30% OFF $160+
 40% OFF $375+
Plus,  the BY BRIAN MAX DEFINING LASH MASCARA will be on Sale for $11.00!
Free Limited Shipping on Orders.
And with $125 purchase customers can receive a  LIMITED RE-CREATION BOTANICAL CLEANSING OIL in a special glass dropper bottle for the holidays while the last. 

Make sure you read my review of  BY  BRIAN.I am so excited about this line.  And find the sale on BY BRIAN.

celebrate Friday

My gift shopping is always around this…what would bless them and not be something they would purchase for themselves.

James Avery Craftsman is always a part of my gift giving.  I am an ambassador, but not an affiliate…however, I love and support the brand.

celebrate Fiday

I did not get the JOY sleepwear at Talbots, but seriously thinking of getting the JOY TROUSER SOCKS…my good foot is cold!


celebrate Friday


I have confessed before that we are a football family and there must be many of us.

The National Football League has added more football to celebrate Friday!

So, while we decorate and sing today, our family will watch a little college and a little professional and completely enjoy ourselves.

Oh yes, and I am certain leftovers will be part of the deal!

celebrate Friday

Thank you for being here and for shopping with my links.  If there is a brand you are shopping, and do not send the link, let me know at over50feeling40@gmail.com.

Then I can get back to you either with a link, or without and an explanation.

No matter what is going on around you, please make a decision to be JOYFUL this year.

It is very different for me, but I am going to laugh, sing, and be joyful throughout it all!

Tomorrow I have something a little different for you…hope you will stop by….after you celebrate Friday today!


celebrate Friday

By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  This post included some product that was donated to me to review.  The words are my own.


  1. Today is the day we pull out our artificial tree, set it up and give it a day to acclimate. I set out the boxes of ornamaents; our ornaments have been with us for years and include collectibles as well as homemade ones. We take our time decorating the tree over the weekend, placing the ornaments and reminise about each one. The tree topper is always an angel and somewhere in our east to west move she was either lost or misplaced; I’ll be heading out to see if Hobby Lobby has one that passes inspection because we will have it for years. My in-laws created a Nativity over 40 years for us; MIL was into ceramics and FIL made a wooden creche. It always finds a place in my home. I own a number of Nutcrackers and the grandkids always want to see them! I’m tradition over trends especially at Christmas!

  2. Though I won’t be anywhere near stores or crowds today, I’m enjoying a laid back day with my dog buddy! All my decoration bins are out of my seasonal closet, and decorating for Christmas will take place this weekend. I turn on the Christmas music and really enjoy the process! You asked if we pay attention to decorating trends, and I can say definitely not for Christmas, I’m very traditional and decorate with family mementos and my collections from when I moved off on my own in my 20’s. They have grown over the years, but lots of antiques and handmade things. I’m looking forward to decorating this weekend… and always the music! My favorite for decorating the trees is Jackie Gleason’s Christmas album that we always listened to as kids. Very quiet, almost moody music that is just beautiful! I also enjoy Advent and keeping traditions alive! It’s a beautiful season!

  3. No decorating yet and I haven’t thought about gift giving except the younger two grandchildren. (5 years old). I still have mums and pumpkins outside. But- that will change- My windowboxes will be decorated next week!
    Today I’m relaxing after Thanksgiving!

  4. We have had some health challenges so things are behind, but there are simple things we can do quickly and easily! For instance, we collect vintage postcards featuring cars for each season, so they come out for Halloween (a pumpkin-head driving an old car), Thanksgiving (picture an old car chasing a turkey) and for Christmas (Santa driving an old car) and lean against candles or are propped up in small easels. These are easy to store, easy to get out (and put away) and very fun.

    On another note, when hubby had a joint replacement, Physical and Occupational Therapists encouraged us NOT to refer to that leg as the “bad” leg. Instead, they suggested calling it the “surgical” leg. Words are important! The “new” joint was NOT “bad” even though it took time to heal and become more mobile. It is a journey and I hope yours is as quick as it can be and reveals hidden blessings.

  5. Oh — I forgot to say that you look like you are glowing in the top picture. Everything about that photo is top notch — the green top, red nails, lovely snowflakes on the scarf repeating the gold of the frame behind you. Your skin looks fabulous.

  6. We decorate traditionally for Christmas, but it will wait until next week. First I intend to rearrange the living room a bit, and pull my holiday music to the fore. My JCP fair isle sweater arrived the other day, and it is terrific! Much more substantial than I had imagined, so it will take me anywhere outdoors quite comfortably all winter. I am glad you will have some eager helpers decking your halls, and will be excited to see your outdoor space all magical with the arbor and lights.

  7. I’ll add another reason to celebrate today: snow here in Colorado! Great excuse to stay inside in front of the fire and take a breath before getting serious about Christmas preparation. Fun to see your list, Pamella. Thanks for your inspiration!

  8. We had a lovely Thanksgiving just the two of us. My JCP order arrived today with my two quilted vest, one black and one cream with gold zipper and snaps. Nice quality. My blue and red plaid pajamas also are nice lightweight flannel. The two flannel plaid shirts are made of a poor quality flannel. The green plaid looks wrinkled out of the dryer and feel more like cotton than flannel. The pink plaid has yet to be washed. The black booties are cute and comfortable. I also got a pair of light grey booties from Skechers and they are wonderful and warm! I also used your link to buy a pair of dark green velveteen jeans and matching knit tee from Chicos. I am done with shopping for the season now. I call my knee my new knee.

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