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Happy Saturday!  It time for you to be creative and give Style Tips on Bright blue pants for fall outfits.

This is the day I ask you to look at the displays I show you and become fashion stylists for our blog audience.

This is NOT would you wear it, but rather how would you style it?

Ladies, you have the best ideas and others love to read them…of course you can say how you would style it for you, or pretend you are styling someone else.

If this does not meet your best colors or style adjectives, then style them to help the women who do have those wardrobes.

So, let’s go into our pretend offices and put on our most fashionable stylist hats.

Of course, all stylists carry around a cup of hot coffee or tea while working!  Get yours….

See you on the floor of this display!


style tips


In the fashion world, all types of colors can be in style for any season.

Though, typically, fall outfits include darker, warmer colors as the stars.

This is a display I found at Talbot’s featuring one of their latest colors for winter…Blue Majesty.…a vibrant, bright blue near cobalt colors.

You will see in the style show that this bright blue color is in many places for fall outfits:

Sometimes, looking at the other websites will help spur on a style tips.

What do you think are the challenges for this color for fall outfits?  Maybe there aren’t any…what do you think?

What other colors are best for fall outfits to style with these blue pants?

Think it through and give us your best style tips to excite women who love this bright blue color.


style tips

Some of you are ready to party for the holidays.

This Talbots sequined top is a big selling item.  This is the TALBOTS SEQUIN EMBELLISHED JACKET…and it is currently 40% off.

What are your style tips with this jacket…does anyone see it with a short pearl necklace…or no jewelry at all?  

style tips

Also, many, many purchased these Santa leggings…and I would love to know your style tips for them.

Are you styling these as pajamas or in fun holiday outfits?

These are the Women’s Celebrate Together Holiday Leggings which come in five, fun prints.  You just cannot beat the price for holiday smiles.

Style tips

The JCP FAIR ISLE POST was also very well received.



JCP is another retailer offering us great prices for this season.

Also, several of you ordered from the JCP Abbott Elementary Collection.  I was very impressed when I saw this collection in store.

I would love to hear your style tips for the Bright Blue Pants, or even some of the top sellars.

I will be here tomorrow with more on Sunday Mornings at Home…including a recovery update…there is some news.  Until then….


style tips

By Pamela Lutrell

We are entering that time of Black Friday Sales…and different Flash Sales every day.  I humbly request that you use my SHOPPING LINKS to shop your favorite retailers.

If you want to shop a place you do not see, then email me at and I will see if I can get a link for you…sometimes I can do that.

I am so appreciative of the many readers who shop this way!


  1. I would style the blue pants with a comfy cashmere sweater in the same color – crew or v neck. Add black booties and off you go! Happy Saturday!

  2. Thanks for starting us off today! A column of color is a great place to start! Happy Saturday!

  3. Good morning Pam! And Yes that particular blue could be a challenge especially with my wardrobe! Ha!
    I’m thinking I’d wear these pants with a white or off white wrapped nubby sweater with a belt. Naturally I’d wear the sweater over a tee, tank or cami of the same white tone.
    If I could find a striped sweater (crew or turtleneck )with that exact blue/white if wear that. It might also be pretty too, with yellow!
    I can’t decide on shoe/handbag color but I’m leaning toward tan. I need help here!
    Happy Saturday!

  4. Blues and greens play a big role in my wardrobe, and I used to have a very similar pair of casual pants this color. For winter, add a cream-colored cabled sweater, shortie boots, cream puffy vest and a pretty scarf that picks up the blue. I was one of the ladies who liked and ordered the JCP sweater last weekend. It’s not here yet, but yes, it’s for me. 🙂 The Talbot’s I ordered from your links arrived this week, and I couldn’t be happier: bright green sweater with colorful flecks in it, and the fair isle cream/blue/green scarf – SO PRETTY!!!

  5. Since the blue is so brilliant, I would look for ways to tone it down. This would be a tough task for those who don’t wear black, but I’d pair those pants with a simple black sweater and some understated jewelry, maybe just some statement earrings. If there was a scarf available that had a touch of that blue, I’d see how that would work. I think using navy, while easier for some to wear, might actually be a clash. But worth a try. My goal in helping someone with these pants would be to lower the contrast. The sweater they used in the display, to me, makes this look a little busy and overwhelming. Shoes would be a challenge, and I’d try bookending with black, low-heeled pumps, or go with the same type of shoe in a nude tone. This is definitely a styling challenge! Happy Saturday Pam!

  6. I love the sweater, but find cobalt as a solid is difficult for me to wear with my warm coloring. So, I would style this sweater with very dark jeans and black accessories, or navy to tone down the “true blue” quality. I might wear big snow boots to get an apres ski vibe going. Sometimes I like this color with forest green, but it depends on the exact shade. I have a cool-toned, dark blue-eyed friend, and this is her best color. For her, I’d style the pants with a crisp white shirt and a scarf with some cobalt in it and silver hoops and bangles.

  7. I thought it was a challenge, Karen and love ideas the readers are bringing forward. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  8. My first thought when I saw these pants was that my mother would love the blue pants. It was her signature colour. She would have styled it with a button blouse – plain white or with a small contrasting pattern – under a coordinating jacket. She might have also worn the pants with a floral or geometric patterned sweater that included the blue. She would have added earrings and a necklace and loafers. I can clearly see her in such an outfit with her ever present smile. Thank you for giving me such a lovely memory this morning.

  9. Bright blue is a difficult color for me to style even on someone else since its very close to the color of my high school uniform which I did not love. This color suits a “winter” and they often like to wear high contrast which looks good on them. But I’m going to try to tone it down a bit but pairing it with a navy crew neck sweater with thin stripes the same blue as the pants. Shoes are challenging with bright colored pants so I’d opt for taupe or navy loafers. With a striped sweater I’d keep jewelry to a minimum but of course that’s the minimalist in me. Remembering this is for a winter I’d add in red. Talbots has a pretty poinsettia necklace would be fun this time of year. Then simple gold earrings and a red watch plus a quilted red cross body bag. And I’m eyeing that necklace for myself. It looks gorgeous. This was a tough one but fun, Pam. Thanks!

  10. Late to the party but a couple of ideas for this gorgeous blue – A Breton top or sweater in white/ivory with black stripes, gold jewelry, gold metallic sneaker or loafer. A turtle or mock neck, or crew neck shirt or sweater, and a poncho or shacket in a plaid with muted orange colors, gold jewelry, tan shoes/booties. Blue and orange are opposite on the colorwheel and pop against each other.

  11. Love the colors, but too much all at once. The sweater is busy and bright, so I think black pants , maybe a white or the denim shirt under looks good. I admire the other items on the table too- the denim shirt with ruffle collar and the colorful scarf.

  12. The pant being a velveteen I would opt to dress them up for a more polished but casual look by: eliminating the current sweater and shirt replacing them with a plain woven sweater in either ivory or black whose neckline would accommodate creative tying of the ‘houndstooth/ivory multi/oblong scarf’ that is on their website, which appears to have the same shade of blue in it. To book-end; footwear could be in either color of the sweater and be a bootie or slip-on style with choice of heel height. Handbag could be matching and choice in jewelry be to your preference. As to the sequined jacket; IMHO no need for a necklace as the pearl buttons are sufficient. i.e.: Less is more. Last but not least re the Santa leggings; as fun wouldn’t hesitate to model them if we still had little ones in the family and would choose a cozy chenille sweater and cuffed slipper socks to wear with them. -Brenda-
    Footnote: I wore bright orange fleece, embroidered pumpkin faced slippers this Halloween when answering the door and it was amazing how many little girls noticed and commented on them.

  13. I like the blue pants and would style with a plain white or creamy white cable sweater. I think gold hoop earrings and black booties would give a casual warm comfortable outfit. I like the sweater but would tone down with black jeans or jeggings.

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