Spanx AirEssentials for needed optimal comfort

Spanx AirEssentials

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Today, I taking you back to my comfort wear search to introduce you to Spanx AirEssentials for needed optimal comfort.

Karen is a long time reader of this blog and I trust her like a friend…she was the first one to mention Spanx AirEssentials to me.

And Karen?  YOU were right…this is optimal comfort.

The minute I put it on, I did not want to take it off…amazing feeling for relaxed comfort.

So, please join me as I show you what I am now wearing from Spanx AirEssentials.


Spanx AirEssentials

This was the second brand I selected for my recovery time from foot surgery.

I knew that I needed clothing for optimal comfort and recovery and that is what I was shopping for.

Spanx AirEssentials are described this way: “The AirEssentials collection is made with spacer fabric that’s lightweight, luxuriously soft and ultra drapey. Designed with refined comfort to feel silky against your skin, these ultimate throw-on-and-go styles will take you anywhere and everywhere.”

This is super soft comfort…

I hope someday to purchase a slimmer leg pant, but for now I believed the wide leg would serve me best.

I am wearing the SPANX AIRESSENTIALS WIDE LEG PANT in the dark palm color.

They are available in petite and tall sizes, but I do believe these pieces size small and that for optimal comfort you may want to seize up.

Spanx AirEssentials

I also purchased a pair of the wide leg pants in the classic navy.

I had a need for a long top over a shorter one…but one day would like to own a shorter one or two in Spanx AirEssentials…I will be watching for sales.

This is the SPANX AIRESSENTIALS ‘Got-Ya-Covered’ PULLOVER in the light cloudy grey color…which is more of an off white to me.

I believe this high quality of optimal comfort wear will help me relax as I recover…the clothes are like a warm hug.


Spanx AirEssentials

Another regular reader,  Lorri from Ft. Worth, has had this surgery and she wrote: 

“I had planned to wear wide-legged pants and longer dresses after my late October foot surgeries in 2020, so that’s what I stocked up on, mainly through eBay since I thought it would be a short-term need.  What I didn’t account for was the velcro closures on the orthopedic boot, which wreaked havoc on any longer pieces I tried to wear. If you can find shorter culotte-type pieces you may find they work better, at least as long as we get typical mild Texas weather, or choose wide-legged pants in fabrics that won’t snag. I whacked off an old pair of my daughter’s high school sweatpants that became my “go-to” look around the house, but I live alone so I could get away with that.  When I was released to begin wearing shoes around two months post-op, running shoes were the only thing I could tolerate on that foot for months.  After that I started wearing my roomiest cowboy boots to protect the foot from being stepped on, which was an issue during outdoor holiday events and shopping. Find some really stretchy tall knee socks (I used some of my daughter’s old stretched out soccer socks) that will fit over your post-op foot and come up as high as the boot to protect your leg and also keep your foot warm once we finally get some cooler weather. ”   

Because of Lorri, I went back to the website and ordered the SPANX AIRESSENTIALS CROPPED WIDE LEG PANTS in navy.

I wore a similar cropped pant on the day of the surgery, but it was another brand I have owned for a long time.

Thanks to everyone who has sent your suggestions.  I can see me wearing both lengths…and hope I do not chop anything off, but time will tell.

Here are a few more pieces for the Spanx AirEssentials collection that are on my radar:

Spanx AirEssentials are one of those collections that once you put it on, you understand the price.  For optimal comfort, this is a top line.

Maybe Karen will share what her favorites are to wear!

Thanks for joining me today…hope everyone is cozy and comfy where you are….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

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  1. I am honored to be quoted in your post today, and hope some of those suggestions are useful to you or your readers. Please don’t whack off any of those gorgeous Spanx pieces! I love those olive green pants and plan to check them out. I literally took a ten year old pair of my daughter’s old school sweatpants and cut them off when I got frustrated with everything hanging on the boot closures. I still wear those today for painting or after applying self-tanner to my legs, but living alone I can get away with looking like that on occasion. As the weather cooled off I quickly shifted to wearing my looser jeggings and leggings inside the post-op boot, rather than the wider legged styles outside it. Wearing them inside helped protect my leg from rubbing and chafing, which was an issue when I first started walking in the boot. I know you are a super-resourceful person, as well as a great communicator. You may find yourself with a whole new bunch of topics to share, based on your recovery fashion experiences! I have more surgeries in my future, so I’m bookmarking all these for reference. Continued prayers for your quick and comfortable recovery, and for a peaceful and relaxing holiday season.

  2. I would agree with Lorri about the wider leg when wearing a recovery boot. I wore a boot for what seemed like forever during my home remodel and those Velcro closures can be a challenge!! I was able to wear skinny jeans during that time and resorted to tucking them into the boot. You will eventually want to try the AirEssentials tapered pant. I’d like to get them in navy, but in the US they come in several colors. They are an investment, but you see how you can dress them up or down and they can take you practically anywhere. Hopefully, they will last years!! I think that the styles are classic and not at all trendy, which is a plus when buying investment pieces. I can also recommend their underwear. They honestly do “lift” the backside, and make my jeans look completely different from the rear. I was pleasantly stunned. I think Spanx falls into the category that ‘you get what you pay for’! Glad you are now in recovery mode, take it easy and don’t rush things… it’s a good time to relax when you can and be good to yourself!!

  3. Oh! And yes, size up. They tell you on their site that if your measurements are between sizes to size up. For the sake of comfort, do it! It will not at all impact the great look!

  4. I am just here to say good morning and that I hope you are improving daily. If I ever have to wear a boot, I can see that these threads will be invaluable!

  5. Just dropping in to say you’ve been in my thoughts often since Monday so I’m assuming you are feeling alright today and not having too much pain. I’m hopefully not going to need a boot but I am having surgery on my big toe soon to remove arthritis and a broken bone spur. Then I’ll eventually have knee replacement surgery in the future so I’m thinking these suggestions on clothing to wear are good even without wearing a surgery boot. Soft, easy to put on, and comfortable! Will be investigating further.

  6. When I had two foot surgeries, I started out in a hard cast and transitioned to the boot, which I had to wear even when sleeping. I was on a scooter for 8 weeks, transitioning to a walker after that. I bought the simple cool nights nightgowns from Soma in solid colors and wore them as dresses topped with a denim jacket. I also wore their cropped pajama bottoms in black. Both held up well. The Velcro indeed catches on things. I would love for readers to weigh in in general as to whether the Spanx is better than Lululemon or Athleta. I wear a lot of the clothing from the latter two brands, often mixed with more traditional clothing (jeans with an athletic top, or athletic pants with a sweater) and would like to know people’s thoughts. Hope you are feeling better, Pam. The good news is that this surgery itself is now in the review mirror.

  7. These clothing options and ideas to get around the Velcro closures on the boot are great ideas. I hope they help make it easier for your recovery Pam. It is sunny but 28 degrees this morning! The cozy clothes will definitely come in handy. Back in the day, I wore a loose mesh like tube under my boot and rolled it down over the Velcro. It was summer when I sprained my ankle so I had on shorts. I’m thinking of you every day and hoping that you’re recovery is smooth and you are taking this time to heal.

  8. Pamela, I’m sending hugs, encouragement and a huge box of “patience” for your recovery. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say, and your results will be worth the surgery! Family will spoil you as they should🥰 Keep your tootsies elevated when you are resting.
    Sandra, a great fan of yours from Ft Worth.

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