Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good Sunday mornings and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

This is one of my weekly lifestyle posts which usually includes recipes, decorations, tips…all types of lifestyle topics.

However, today, I have something to share and I hope overall it will give you encouragement and strength.

For anyone who may be new, the background story here is that almost two weeks ago, I had foot surgery.

There are new developments.

So, stay with me….


Sunday Mornings at Home

This cute little pumpkin referee was in the doctor’s office when I went for my follow up checkup…one week after surgery.

I should have guessed he was about to blow his whistle on me and change the game.

My foot needed more than a bunion removed.  It needed toes put back in socket…they were out of place and I had no control over them.

It was major foot surgery.

My third toe did not like what was happening, and the surgery did not take for it and hindered its life.

I am going to spare you too many details, but the toe has to be removed…in a second surgery.

I have been assured that the third toe does little…and my balance, activity level, and comfort (no pain) will be restored.

Yes, this was a shock and not something I anticipated.  I grieved and cried for about 24 hours and then was back to my hopeful self.

I do believe that it is important to grieve when there is a loss of something…even a toe…and then get up the next day and go forward.

Sunday Mornings at Home

My main goal for myself in this life is to be a woman of strength and dignity.

This is a woman who withstands great force and pressure…in a dignified, graceful manner.

One of the benefits for me in the second half of life has been to realize that so much we get upset over simply doesn’t matter or change things.

Rain, storms, new paths must be embraced….we will enjoy life more if we simply not fight what we cannot change.

I am not going to give this setback permission to rob me of my joy (especially during the season of JOY)!

Sunday mornings at home

I am the sunflowers in this picture…blooming under the dark clouds.

I do not know yet when the surgery will happen.

In order to prepare for it, I have to put nitro glycerin cream on my foot…which gives me headaches (not fun) and I have to take two heavy duty antibiotics (which give me nausea).

This part of it, right now, is what I will be happiest to leave behind!. 

For my family and for you (my family), I keep saying…It is Just a Toe.  People go through much, much worse disappointments.

Don’t send me toe socks for Christmas…ok, bad joke.

I will leave sandals behind for gorgeous shoes ahead…there is always a silver lining.

I will let you know when the second surgery is scheduled so the prayer warriors in this community will pray for me.  Prayers are our best weapon.

I trust God and trust that this has been allowed for a reason…hopefully that I might show even more compassion to those of you facing difficulties.

I am here in this space to encourage, inspire and educate you to also be women of Strength and Dignity.


Sunday Mornings at Home

This is Thanksgiving week in America and I know some of you will be preparing and traveling.

I will still be here with daily information and encouragement.

Just a reminder note as we go into Christmas season, I will not be out and about as often as I am, so your help is so welcomed and needed.

Please send any recipes or home decorations with pictures to share with everyone else.  Send to over

This year I need field reporters more than every before…and so welcome the help.

Then I need for you to share with me if you like the mannequin posts…Would You Wear It and Style Tips.

Is there a format you prefer over another?  The numbers on these posts indicate that this audience likes them…but Jennifer’s audience does not.

So she has ceased for now.

I hear from women frequently that you enjoy these posts, and participation really depends on the displays.

So, I would love to know what you think and if you would like to see something else.

Finally, I also appreciate when you tell me to take time off, but I want you to know that working on the blog is as important for me as it may be for the readers.

This keeps me active and my mind working…it is something I love.

Thank you for being here today for Sunday Mornings at Home.  I will keep you updated and will answer questions you have as best I can.

I love you all…now…join me…as we….


Sunday mornings at Home

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Hi, Pam! I’m sorry to hear about your foot surgery setback, but I know you will meet this challenge with all the grace and optimism that is so special about you. There are some great closed-toe sandals out there just waiting for you — I found several this year — and it will be so nice for you to be pain-free. Re the two mannequin posts: these are not of interest to me. I know others like them, so I just skip those days. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Pam: I am sorry for the setback and all the things that go with it. You are a strong, positive person and will check this off your list soon. Your shopping focus for shoes will change but in today’s world there are so many choices; with your shopping skills, you will find the right ones. Happy healing; keep us posted.

  3. Oh Pam, I am so sorry to hear that! But you are a strong lady, and of course,this is not what one would want, for certain.In spite of all this, I’m sure you are going to emerge stronger than ever.God takes care of you always, though sometimes we tend to forget it in the caos of this crazy world.Blessings to you from Spain.You will be in my prayers.Oh,in a more mundane note,I do love your mannequins and how would you style it.I don’t participate very often but I always read them.I promise to take part more actively.

  4. Thank you, Martha. I love that you are praying from Spain! I will make note on the mannequin posts and do my best to bring content the majority looks forward to reading.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Susan, and your thoughts on the mannequin posts. I am listening!

  6. Pam, I admire your tenacity and grace. A major setback, yes. A day of grief, yes. Then putting it in perspective and moving on? You are a role model to us all. Think about those pain free days in your future, as well as cute closed toed shoes. (I was thinking about fisherman sandals that give a sandal like look without the toe display!) Prayer and thinking positively are keys to life; wallowing in self sorrow is a thief to living. You live fully and have such a healthy support system. Thank you for trusting us with your important information.
    The mannequins are my favorite days; if I don’t post on them, it is because I was busy and didn’t have a chance to react to them until evening when I think it is too late to participate. I always read them first thing in the morning and check back to see what others wrote that night or the following day. I hope that enough of other readers feel the same way. I love the interaction and ideas. I learn so much.
    Have a good Sunday. Keep healing so you can reach the next phase as soon as possible. I am sorry about the medications affecting you.

  7. Prayers as you face the days ahead health wise but also prayers that you are surrounded by friends and family through the holidays❤. For me, the loss of a parent two weeks ago means many changes since now they are both gone. Looking for joy, do have it but different.
    I love the Saturday posts also but don’t often comment but will! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. Pam, praying for a good outcome from your next surgery.

    I usually skip the blog on mannequin day.

  9. Thanks Missy. I am so sorry about the loss of your parents that is far more of a loss than I face. I hope your joy journey will balance the sweet memories with new traditions of your own.

  10. Hi Pam. sorry to hear about the foot surgery, but at least you still have 9 toes remaining! lol. If the outcome is that you are feeling better in the long run, that is what is important! I do love the manniquin posts. i like to see how the stores think we should put things together. You always find interesting clothing! Hope you have a great Turkey Day. I hope someone is cooking dinner for you!!!

  11. Good morning 🌞
    We will continue to pray for you and thank you for being an inspiration to us. Blessings

  12. Thanks Linda… yes, they are cooking dinner for me and my whole family will be at my son’s house. I am super excited.

  13. Lordy, Pam, talk about the law of unintended consequences!
    Your overall health is the most important, and now it’s time to say goodbye to the uncooperative toe.
    Your strength and resilience and humor (no to toe socks!) will lift you up and past all this.

    I don’t enjoy the mannequin posts as much as I enjoy your others.

    Good luck and hang in there!

  14. This really is a test of your JOY, but hope all the prayers and good wishes will help with your mental health. The loss of a toe does mean a bit of adjustment in the feeling as you walk, but the body is strong and will adjust to the new normal. I am sorry that this is happening at your most favorite time of year, but take the time to let others pamper you and take up the slack for this year. Surround yourself in comfort. Thank you for being so open with your readers, we do care what is happening.

  15. This community is amazing, Diane! I believe in order for me to really be of benefit here that I need to walk through life’s challenges together.

  16. Prayers and good wishes being sent your way! My mother in law suffered from a similar condition and the gal went through a couple of foot operations as well. Like you she never wore sandals after surgery but she had a cute collection of fisherman sandals and ballet flats. I’m happy you can put this in perspective; getting older is not for sissies, is it? I enjoy the mannequin posts once a week; I prefer you choose one that is relatable and not an obviously far out, never to be worn or seen by us normal folks!

  17. Pam I am so sorry to hear that you need the additional surgery. While this is a cross to bear I know your faith is strong and you will pull through this with God’s help. Nine years ago I suffered a tragic loss. God sustained me as I had to walk through fire. I came out on the other side with the knowledge that with his grace I can endure anything. There are some very good exercises for regaining your balance. I’m sure your doctor will line up a good physical therapist to teach you. As Susan mentioned there are really nice closed toe sandals out there. I’ve had several over the years. Very practical when you live in the woods. I enjoy your mannequin posts a lot. Since you won’t be able to get out maybe readers can send you photos of interesting ones we encounter? Know you & Mr. B remain in my prayers.

  18. I’m sure hearing this news from your doctor was a total shock. Your positive attitude will get you thru this. As far as the mannequins go, I skip over these posts as I did for Jennifer’s. Enjoy your Sunday!

  19. Thanks so much, Linda! Aging does require strength and it helps to have a little fun as well!

  20. So sorry to hear about your poor toe, but you are such an inspiration. I will certainly be praying for you. I don’t comment often, but I read your blog most days and love your common sense. Best wishes for your recovery from both surgeries. I once worked with a young woman who had lost two ties in a lawn mower accident. She wore sandals frequently! The men in our office made bad remarks, but I admired her bravery! That was many years ago, and we were young at the time, but I still remember her bravery and nonchalant attitude.

  21. I am so sorry you went through something traumatic, Kathie. God does see us through and bring strength in the storm. Thank you for sharing on the mannequins and I would love for readers to send in interesting ones they find!

  22. So sorry about your upcoming surgery! You’re right about grieving and moving forward. I have been preoccupied with an issue, and you have to let it go, otherwise it owns you. I don’t think you have to wear closed-toe sandals. My FIL lost parts of two fingers (at different times) and he didn’t hide his hands. Sometimes we are ashamed of things that are beyond our control and are not a cause for shame anyway. Linda V is right: you still have 9 toes left. Lately, I’ve skipped the styling posts: I like to read the comments b/c it connects the community, but mostly it’s not relevant. The blue pants discussion, though, reminded me of the power of black,

  23. Oh, Pam, I am so sorry to hear that you’re going to lose your toe, but thankful that you are maintaining a positive attitude about it. Believe me, whatever our health challenges are, attitude makes a huge difference in our quality of life (and probably the quality of life of those around us too).

    I tend to skim over the mannequin posts, but if enough of your audience enjoys them, no reason to change.

  24. It’s just a toe, Cheryll. I am blessed that so far, I have not experienced worse. I am open to all jokes coming my way.

  25. Wow…Maeve…you are so right about not needing to hide my feet. That will give me something to think about. You are also right that sometimes difficulties can consume us to a point of destroying our quality of life. Thank you…good comment!

  26. I hope you get better soon from the first surgery. It is no fun o look forward to another. My mother-in-law went through this years ago. I do not like the mannequins. Skip those days.

  27. I’m so sorry to hear of your unexpected setback with your foot, but very glad that you are looking ahead with courage and strength. Sending my continued prayers to you during this journey and adjustment to your daily routines. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  28. Dear Pam, I’m sorry to hear that you need another surgery and you will lose a toe! I love your attitude that you will not let it take away your Joy and you are keeping the loss in perspective. A few thoughts. First, my husband also had bunion surgery and had to have a toe re-attached (but kept all toes) a couple of years ago. He had a full recovery and walks several miles daily at age 77. Second, I’m always on the hunt for closed toe warm-weather shoes because my work in health care doesn’t allow open toed shoes. Some ideas are espadrilles, fisherman sandals, and I’ve found some relatively open, closed toed shoes from Eileen Fisher and Clarks. Lastly, I had nerve damage to my left leg from a bulging disk in my lower back about 15 years ago. The result is that I lost about 1/3 of my muscle in the calf. It is noticeable if you look at it, but I’ve found that no one says that they notice it when I wear shorts or shorter skirts unless I point it out. Many people’s bodies are imperfect. So I guess I want to say that although you think that you would not want to wear open toed sandals now, you may find that you will consider it in the future. Just know that your lovely personality, warmth and beautiful presence will not be reduced by an imperfect foot! As for the “how to style” I do enjoy them because I don’t get out to see them in person very often, but I seldom comment.

  29. Well me I love the styling posts – complete with comments ! I’m in the UK but usually the clothes reach us eventually – after all clothing styles and brands are pretty well global now .
    I still have all my toes but gave up on open-toe sandals 2 years ago finding closed-toe ones much more versatile and with coloured socks , more interesting too !

  30. Sorry to hear the news, but I know you will get through it. Being rid of foot pain and looking forward to gorgeous new shoes will keep you smiling. As for the mannequin days, I skip those.

  31. Terribly sorry this didn’t go perfectly … I’ve been praying for you and just said another. My first foot surgery was a failure and had to be repeated, with the complications that entails, so I know the disappointment and frustration part well. I think you could wear sandals. No reason not to if you want to, though you might find gripping flip flops uncomfortable. As for the mannequins, I find twice a week is a lot. I would rather see dressing room try-ons (when you recover), finding other retailers we might like, how you dress and style for your own life. The Saturday posts were, however, what first interested me in your blog, and I enjoy them, just not so many.

  32. Very good point, Linda. And since so many really like them, the answer is probably going to just one a week. But I am not sure when I will make a change. I cannot wait to get out and about again! Thanks for sharing about your own foot surgery. Hearing that I needed another surgery was almost as devastating news as the loss of the toe.

  33. Oh Pam, I’m sorry about another surgery. I am praying for strength through these trials for you. You know, you may find that you are still able to wear pretty sandals in the hot San Antonio days. Please don’t say “never again” yet. You are so beautiful and joyful inside and out-who is going to specifically look for your missing toe? I am sending you tons of love, from someone who has gone through four major foot surgeries, and an ugly knee replacement. (I still wear shorts, even with an ugly scar)! I usually don’t respond to those “Would you wear it” mannequins. One day at at time, Beautiful Lady. You are loved, with or without that toe. Feel better.

  34. Thank you, Linda. I am sure at some point I won’t care about the missing toe in full view. I also do not wear earrings because I have one tipped ear that I got weary of patching. For special occasions so will wear clip one, but it does help to have long hair. Thank you for sharing this.

  35. I’m so sorry to hear you’re facing this latest challenge with your foot. I’m sure hearing more surgery is necessary was a huge blow, but you face it with an awesome attitude which is so important! You will be in my prayers as you head into the next surgery. I agree that keeping your mind active when your body can’t be is so important. And the bonus for us is the blog will keep going! Just listen to your body and rest when you need to. Being with your family for Thanksgiving will give you a huge boost…enjoy!
    I admit that the Would You Wear It posts are not my favorite. I do look at them but rarely comment.
    Hang in there! You’ve got this!
    Linda S

  36. I occasionally buy something from a link on your main page, mostly Chico’s. I don’t think, however, to check the Shopping Links button at the top of your main page. I looked there this morning and found Land’s End and LLBean, two places I shop year round. Maybe a renewed discussion about the Shopping Links page and what is there might help us to better help you.

  37. Thanks Linda! Family is so important to me. I got to watch football yesterday with one of my grandsons and SIL…it was so much fun and I felt great all day.

  38. So sorry that you were blindsided by the news that surgery did not go as planned, and in fact a 2nd surgery is needed. I will be praying as you continue to heal and as you adjust to your new normal. Interestingly, just this past week I read a story on the internet about a young women that had a prosthetic toe made for one foot. There were pictures of before and after and you honestly could not tell the difference between her real and “fake” toe. Perhaps another option for you if giving up all those cute sandals is too much. They can do so much these days creating prosthetic eyes, ears, and hands so why not toes? On another note, I do enjoy your mannequin posts and I always read the comments.

  39. Thanks Linlee! I have a reminder at the bottom of each post, but perhaps I need to move that higher occasionally. I really appreciate your comment and shopping with the links. Blessings!

  40. Oh Pam I’m so sorry to hear of this new challenge. It struck me like a ton of bricks. But with your GRACE and positive attitude through this, I’m certain you’ll be fine. New shoes, Lovely new shoes! Sounds like a plan!
    I really do enjoy both segments- styling challenge or would you wear it? ( admitting that I am not terrific with the styling
    challenges;I’m a bit of a minimalist). I love all that you do and present!

  41. Thanks Jocelyn. I had not considered a prosthetic toe, but who knows! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Thank you, Paulette! It hit me like a ton of bricks at first…now I am anxious to just go forward. I hope the surgery will be soon.

  43. Pam, I just wanted to add my prayers to those of your other followers. I pray that God lifts you up, eases your pain, and gives you hope and peace. Even during this difficult time, you are such an inspiration to all of us. Here’s to walking with the Lord and beautiful new shoes!

  44. Thanks for sharing as always from your heart. Love your blog and I guess I’m not too picky but love all the kinds of posts, especially your Sundays at Home. Loved what you said about grieving for a short while and moving on. I was at dr. last month and thought I was improving. Seems my health condition had regressed and now need more testing. I didn’t even make it out of the dr.’s office before I started crying. Everyone there probably thought I was nuts. A few days later and I felt stronger to meet the challenge ahead. God bless you and give you peace during this toe surgery. You are an inspiration to me!

  45. Pamela, I am so sorry about this unexpected complication. I am so glad that you have such a skilled and trustworthy surgeon, and I hope that will help bring you comfort and peace with this setback. It is good that you have given yourself time to grieve.
    Prayers for you❤️

  46. Thanks Niki! In Psalm 40, God says he sets my feet on solid ground and steadies me. Thanks so much for the prayers.

  47. I do understand, Brenda, and sure they did not think you to be crazy. I believe the Holy Spirit washes us with God’s peace and strength. I will pray for your journey as well.

  48. Thank you for trusting us with your journey, Pam. I say – wear those sandals! Two years ago I had a lumpectomy that left a large divot in my upper breast (my small grandson asked me why I had a dimple there ❤️) – it shows when I wear anything v-neck, but I’m slowly learning to embrace my new look. At our age, no body is perfect and our battle scars are a sign of strength! Praying for you as you take this next step to recovery. To add, I generally skip the mannequin days, but know that many in your audience enjoy them.

  49. Pamela, your positive and joyful outlook is an inspiration to all of us. You have no idea how many people you are helping. I am praying for your healing and strength to get through this next challenge. Your prayer warriors are at the ready. Your writings are wonderful, and I like it all. The Style and Would You Wear are informative and a lot of fun. Recipes and decorating ideas are great. It’s also fun to see Leigh Ann and Karen sometimes. God bless you.

  50. Dear Pam,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your toe surgery. I can imagine the “oh my” shock you went through. I know from reading your blog you are a positive person and very resilient. What is the name of the antibiotic you are taking? I’m just finishing a course of two antibiotics. They are so hard on your body. I totally understand, the nausea can be so difficult to deal with.
    My thoughts and well wishes and prayers are with you.
    Warm hugs.

  51. Pam sorry to hear that you will need another surgery at least this will not be a problem with balance. As we age our bodies do throw us challenges. Take care I’ll be praying for you!

  52. Tess, you are so sweet to share your journey as well. I can tell you are a compassionate woman if strength! Bless you!

  53. Thanks Marcia! I hope to be out with both Leigh Ann and Karen soon…maybe to start a New Year! Blessings!

  54. Thanks Katherine…they also gave me medicine for the nausea. I have never needed a lot of medications and I really hate taking so much…but believe it to be for a short time. I know one is Amoxicclin. The other starts with a C but the bottle is not near me right now.

  55. I am so sorry your surgery had the toe surprise. I will be thinking of you. You are an inspiration for sure. I know there are numerous pretty shoes out there. It had me thinking that I never look at people’s feet, apart from if the shoe is cute. Your effervescent personality always shines through.

  56. I am so sorry you are faced with another surgery and am sure you will meet this challenge with your usual grace and humor. Dear hubby had his toes removed on his left foot nearly 6 years ago – no more flip flops for him! He still is an active person that does yard work and plays golf weekly. Prayers for you, my friend.

  57. I don’t know about other strong women, but many of us have our moments of crying and disappointment, then, as the expression goes, suck it up and move forward. It does little good to continue to dwell on all the “what if’s” of most situations. I’m thinking of when I was diagnosed with lung cancer out of the blue, and had to have major surgery right after a hysterectomy. I tried to never worry about “why me”, but like you, prayed about it often and was calm in my acceptance of the situation. You are such an uplifting, inspiring woman that I know you will accept the situation and move on. As far as your posts are concerned, I enjoy the variety of each day, and though I may not respond, I do read each post first thing in the morning. However, since I’m reading around 8 am when others are going to work, my internet is often affected and my entire response either disappears or slows to a crawl. And, like this response, I have a problem being concise! Continued prayers for your healing, both physical and mental.

  58. Thanks Celia…you have been through far worse than I…so you are my inspiration! Thank you for sharing. After a lot of research with my internet and ad experts, the problems you have commenting are not on my end. But, I do hope you figure it out from your end.
    Thanks for being here.

  59. Prayers for you as face this newest challenge. Always something, right? Your joyful, courageous, prayerful way of leading your life is an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you do and share with this audience. As for the mannequin posts, they’re not my favorite. But go with the majority, and those of us who would rather, can continue to skim over them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  60. You are such a great example of grace and strength under trying circumstances! I am praying for a quick scheduling of your surgery, relief from the headaches and nausea. God bless you and kepp you and shine His light upon you.

  61. Hi there I just wanted to leave a short note of encouragement and tell you how much I enjoy the blog! I have a favorite saying that I use often – God would not have brought me to it unless he planned to see me through it 😊 I am sending you prayers for peace and hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving!

  62. Your positive cheerful outlook will carry you through all of this. As we age, we have to deal with many health issues and then we have to move forward. You have always reminded me of my sister. She dealt with her cancer in a positive way. You will do this with your surgeries and therapies too. I will continue to lift you up in prayer.

  63. Oh dear! I’m so sorry the surgery didn’t go as expected. Sending prayers for hope and healing. If you need a laugh this little piggy had roast beef – but now he’s toast. Keep us posted on your surgeries and healing.
    If you need encouragement take peek on IG at Mel2toes, a nationally ranked adult parkour athlete who lost 8 toes to frostbite. She and inspiration to those with bad feet.

  64. Pam, you are a real inspiration to me. I enjoy your blog and read with my late morning tea. I often comment on the mannequin blogs. If they are ridiculous or just not wearable especially for my age group or demographic, they do allow me to see what is out there. I don’t get to stores anymore as it is difficult for me to walk very far without significant pain in my feet. Between you and Jennifer, I have completely updated my casual wardrobe this year. I changed sizes and shape even though my weight is down only five pounds. So using both of your links and seeing your try ons have helped me. I’m 9 years older than you but still like to dress with style and comfort. As a retired RN, I understand your grief and fear with another surgery. I have a very large scar on my right knee from total joint replacement over a decade ago. I still wear Bermuda shorts. I have my great toe nail missing from tripping over the garden hose and landing on a huge decorative rock. That was an experience! Any surgery is daunting but to remove part of your body does require grief. Go through the process, crying is healing. We are all here for you. I have a new iPad and I no longer have the unstable problems with your website that I wrote to you about in an email.

  65. Pam, I so appreciate your open and honest approach to your blog. I have always admired that about you. I will be praying for your new circumstance, surgery, and recovery.
    You are a wonderful example of the woman in Proverbs 31.
    And I know you agree when I say, “He is faithful…❤️

  66. Have you considered getting a second opinion about your toe removal? Just wondering. I’ve always enjoyed your mannequin photos, so much more “inclusive” than other fashion blogger’s picks. Makes me feel like I’m out shopping, wondering if those selections would work in my wardrobe. Also, thanks for sharing your faith.

  67. Dear Pam: So sorry to learn that you face this setback. I am also praying for you and for all in community who are facing trials. We all have a lot to be thankful for, but still, darn about the toe.
    Illness and recovery are periods in life that humble us, but they also make us more determined and stronger. You will feel that strength as time goes on. For the antibiotic nausea, try a little yogurt with active cultures. It might help. Be sure to take the meds with food. Re: would you wear it or how to style it, I like them, but also don’t always comment. I really like that you cover a number of different stores and price points.

  68. Thank you, Lindy on the shopping posts. I really try to shop for the audience! I am going to stick with the doctor who brought me to the party. I feel at peace with that decision. Thanks!

  69. Thanks for covering it all here, Mary. Yes to eating yogurt and taking my daily probiotic.

  70. Already praying for you and your doctor Pam. You have such a wonderful attitude! I had a mastectomy in 2020, and despite pressure from doctor to have a reconstruction, I chose not to. Have not regretted my decision. This I setback. Will make you stronger. God works in mysterious ways.

  71. Oh, Pam, I am so sorry about this setback, but your positive attitude is your biggest asset. Please do let us know when the next surgery is scheduled, so our prayers can be lifted up on your behalf. As to the mannequins, I like the would you wear it but not the how to style. It is hard for to style something that I really don’t like. I will be lifting you up in prayer during your time of preparation, as it sounds almost as painful as the surgery itself. Take care & God bless.

  72. Dear Pamela,
    You are awesome. Thank God the nausea and headaches are temporary – difficult to deal with but won’t last forever. Although it’s hard to lose the toe at least it is a part of your body that you can still function without. Have you heard of Coach “Prime”? Deion Sanders – he coaches college football (Colorado). He used to be in the NFL and MLB. He is now age 54. Anyway, he had to have a big toe and second toe on the same foot removed. He has loads of confidence and is doing what he loves and is able to. Inspirational. You are our Coach Prime! Coach Pam! 🤗 I am fairly new to your blog but I will be checking in often. I love the fashion and your faith. Take care and of course keep smiling! ❤ Love from CA

  73. Thank you, Becky on all accounts! I so appreciate prayers. Hope to know about surgery on Tuesday.

  74. Hi Sandra! So glad you are here…Yes! I am very familiar with Deion being a big football family. He is very inspirational! Mine is only one little toe…nothing to compare to what others have been through. I will be glad when it is all over and on the road to recovery. Thank you for your sweet words!

  75. Please wear whichever shoes you want! Most people don’t notice your feet, and if they do, so what? All of us have imperfect and/or missing parts! Your personality is what attracts people. I love your blog!

  76. Pamela, I’m so sorry for this setback, but I know you are a woman of strong faith and will weather this storm. Praying for you and the upcoming surgery and recovery!

  77. Hi Pam! So sorry to hear about your impending second surgery. That was unexpected!
    I hope things go well the second time.
    I really do enjoy your mannequin posts. Sometimes the clothes on display are really
    Not attractive and I wonder what the store was thinking! Please keep doing them.
    I look forward to your posts!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  78. Hi Pam,
    So sorry to read of the setback on your foot recovery. You will get past this but I am sure you were very disappointed in the news. Stay strong, take care of yourself & let others help you when possible. If you have to miss a few posts we will still be here for you. You are so positive & honest with your faithful readers. Most of us are struggling with some type of physical or emotional pain & we empathize with you.
    Regarding the mannequins or how would you style it, they are not my favorites so I usually skip past them.
    I will be praying for you.

  79. Positivity helps heal for sure ! and you will no longer be in pain . After nursing my hubby thru two hip replacements and a knee replacement within three months im also just grateful he can walk pain free stilll Years later !
    Things could be worse always . I live with cancer and am grateful to be happy and alive and not in pain too.we are all blessed if we can endure and enjoy life still . Simce you asked..
    I dont particularly like the mannequin posts and prefer the dressingrooom diaries much more ,.nice to see whats in stores tho .
    The mannequins just always seem to be something id never wear and or care about styling .
    Enjoy your blog always . Good luck on your surgery

  80. Pam, I am a foot surgery survivor of 6 surgeries over the last 40 years due to genetic malformation
    But, I am reminded that I whine over this and then remember some have no feet🥰
    It’s a chance to be your new marvelous, unique, normal. Your shine and encouraging attitude keep the rest of us uplifted, so I pray YOU WILL BE UPLIFTED! 😇

  81. I’m sorry about your toe.
    My hope is that once the toe is taken care of your feet will be better than even, and not hurt.
    I hope they can fit you in for the second surgery soon. Better to have this unexpected turn of event in your rear view mirror.

  82. Good luck with ongoing toe issue! I can’t wear sandals but wear cute enclosed foot shoes in every season. I don’t like either of those two topic posts, never have, but no big deal, I scoot past them and read you on other days.

  83. In respect to your foot surgery I am so sorry to learn that you have had a set-back Pamela and extend my wishes that before you know it, you will be totally back on your feet with a spring in your step. As to your format I do enjoy the mannequin ‘style’ post more so than the ‘would you wear it’ one, as feel the former is an exercise to be creative and have some fun with fashion. -Brenda-

  84. Dear Pamela,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the setback with your toe. Please consider getting a second opinion from a wound care specialist (often a vascular surgeon) to evaluate your current treatment plan. It can’t hurt, and can often give you insight and encouragement. I’m a retired RN and have nursed my husband through 21 orthopedic surgeries, some with life threatening complications. Our motto became “sh__ happens” and kept moving forward. Thankfully he keeps bouncing back. Time and prayer are great healers. Be assured of my prayers. Enjoy the next few weeks of being relieved of the holiday craziness–it’s hard for such a “giver” to be the “receiver” for one season! God bless you and your family…

  85. Thanks Cathy for all of you advice…I appreciation how wonderful and supportive this audience has been.

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