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Happy November Saturday!  Welcome to Style Tips: how to style a leopard jacket.

On Saturdays,  my friend, Jennifer, and I show outfits from displays we have found and seek your most creative ways to style those pieces.

This is when you become a fashion stylist with your style tips…and other readers have loved these posts….you have the best observations and ideas.

However, remember …this is NOT Would You Wear It…but rather how would you style it for you or someone else.

My display for style tips is one of the most fun displays I have seen in awhile.

So, let’s get cozy and get started with your ideas.


style tips

Every year, when I think of leopard and other animal prints…I always remember Heidi Klum’s signature comment on the old Project Runway…”in fashion, one day you are in, and one day you are out.”

This year leopard and other animal prints are in again….and everywhere.

When I saw this display at KOHL’S, I appreciated that someone finally put some styling effort into a fashion display…sadly, we do not see that often any long.

So, good job to KOHL’S fashion merchandising team….and it brings us many different ways to offer style tips.

This is the INTEMPO LONG BOYFRIEND BLAZER...a fairly new line to Kohl’s that often features many fashion forward styles.


style tips

I also want to point out the slit at the bottom of the pant.

This is also on trend this year and you will see it in many collections.

I do own a pair, but the pant is really for warmer weather…very light fabric.

Now, here are some other leopard jackets for you to see to get your style tips going for a leopard jacket in your thought process….

So, now it is your turn for style tips…remember, we are focusing on how to style a leopard jacket…and you can pretend you are styling it for you or a friend.

What about the pants with slits, the mesh tops and the hat?  Are in you in or out with including them in your style tips!


style tips

This comfy top from JJILL hit many shopping carts this past week. 

This is the Pure Jill Tweed Double V Sweater .  And it is very comfy.

Several JJILL selections were purchased besides this one.

style tips

This colorful Tweed Jacket from Talbot’s continues to be a favorite with many of you!

style tips

And from last week’s Style Tips Pink Coat challenge…several ordered pink coats.  These were the top selling selections:



Would love to hear your style tips for these when you get them, ladies!

Thanks to everyone who shops with my links…you are so appreciated!  

Note:  I also gave a shoutout to KOHL’s on Thursday with their new Christmas Shopping Experience…I am so glad to see them up their game!

Now it is your turn, fashion stylists, give us your best STYLE TIPS for the leopard jacket.

Then head over to A Well Styled Life and give your thoughts to Jennifer’s display.

I will see you tomorrow for Sunday Mornings at Home!  Now……


style tips


By Pamela Lutrell

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Style tips


  1. I think I would dial everything back and let the leopard take the center stage that it so richly deserves. I’d wear it over a cream turtleneck and cream-colored pants with a suede bootie that did not draw attention. Simple silver hoops and a black crossbody bag. Happy Saturday!

  2. I would wear this with a white shirt and jeans.
    Since retiring in June, I am trying to repurpose my dressy pieces to work in my more casual lifestyle. I haven’t been able to let go of all those expensive pieces yet. Sometimes I am the best dressed person in the grocery store!

  3. The leopard print is definitely a statement piece. I do like it over an unbroken column of black, so I’d change out the top for a solid one that doesn’t compete for attention. The pants have a chic front slit, so I’d add a pair of black socks with the booties. I like the hat, but I don’t wear them. Honestly, I haven’t seen anybody around where I live (Texas) wearing a hat in at least forty years. I guess we aren’t the most fashion-forward population! I’d accessorize with some chains at the neck and a pebbled leather black tote.

  4. The younger ladies in San Antonio wear them and I see all ages in the hill country towns. I have tried, but it does take a high level of confidence and bravery for many. Perhaps San Antonio women accept them more because of wearing fascinators and spring hats for two weeks during Fiesta…maybe?

  5. Hi Pamela, I think this lightweight jacket needs pale camel underneath, a silk shirt and matching slim camel slacks and thin black belt with gold buckle. Add black round toe leather black flats. Add a black silk neckerchief tied to one side at the neck. Gold bangles, and shiny gold small 1” hoop earrings.

  6. Good morning Pam! I would go lighter not darker with this jacket so maybe an ivory light-weight sweater and an ivory midi pencil skirt ( or pleated skirt?) These pieces would not be for me but for somebody taller and younger. Boots of course!

  7. Last week I dressed my ‘winter’ girlfriend with a black zebra striped top. This week I wanted to dress myself so I went to the slideshow. (The jacket you featured reads black with bright white to my eye.)The Karen Kane jacket is much warmer in tone than the Kohl’s, and the black doesn’t come forward. I would pull out my winter white jeans and matching long sleeved top, keeping a column of color. I would anchor it with dark brown short heeled boots. My two gold bangles and gold hoops would be simple jewelry. I would carry my vintage tomato red pocketbook with handles. Voilà! Out for lunch with the girls.

  8. I like this particular coat as the pattern is a cool, rather than warm, animal print. However, it sadly does not come in petite so I’m afraid its arms and length would be too long for my short body. If I had this jacket, I’m sure I’d be wearing it with a black turtleneck which I often wear, black pants and shoes as shown. I’d wear silver jewelry, probably a long necklace and simple earrings. This is “my uniform” in cooler weather…a turtleneck, jeans, jacket or long cardigan. I need to find a Kohl’s to try on this jackets. Maybe it won’t swallow me!

  9. I would style this with a red or hot pink thin knit top (tomato red for this autumn). Then black or winter white pants, with chocolate accessories. I’m absolutely head over heels for chocolate leather this year. I wouldn’t style the hat for myself as I feel short in them, they flatten my hair, and I seldom see them around. However, the hat shown looks great with this style and I would suggest it to someone else. I think I would put a large gold cuff with this, or perhaps a big, gaudy cocktail ring on the middle finger in the accent color of the shell. Lipstick in a bright color. This is a jacket for a confident woman, and I would lean into this with more color rather than default to neutrals.

  10. I like this outfit as styled! The stylist did a good job. If I wanted to change it up, I would swap out the black top they are showing for a plain v-neck cami.

  11. Personally I find the display very unappealing. Too much black for my taste. To start with I’d get rid of the mesh top and scuba pants. I like the way the gorgeous Karen Kane jacket is styled with a simple black tee and jeans so I’d copy that with boot cut jeans. The boots are fine but I’d swap the brown boot for the black and add a brown western style tooled belt as well. The hat comes in camel so I’d swap that for the black. So only one black piece and tan-brown accessories to bring out the brown in the animal print.

  12. I would style this for my tall artist friend, with slim black leather pants, a ribbed black sleeveless turtleneck (so she wouldn’t feel bulky and bothered), and a modest heeled short suede boot in a bright and unexpected pop of color like orange, which she adores. I really love the pink coats you showed. So pretty! I am up north for a few days, visiting my sons, and yesterday took some time to visit a Macy’s so I could check out the new “On 34th” line you featured a while back. Came away with a nice medium pink cardigan, and saw many things I plan to order once I’m back home. Also saw tons of animal prints, as you said today.

  13. I actually quite like the given outfit already as is – it’s fashion forward without being impractically unwearable, which is quite a feat to achieve when advertising to possibly everyone who comes into the store! The only thing I’d change is the top, since the mesh upper would probably make it difficult to wear with a bra – a plain black boatneck or crew neck could keep the attention on the hat compete whilst not competing with the blazer’s lapels.

  14. I knew this one would spark different ideas and that is why I wanted to showcase it!

  15. I love these Saturday post challenges. I can just picture the outfits that individuals describe.

  16. I agree this is well styled for warmer climates. Here in Colorado, we need to style with a lovely cashmere sweater in tan with matching trouser jeans and dark brown flats or boots. Carry a brown crossbody bag. I love the hat but we have too much wind to wear a brimmed hat. I loved the Kane blazer and the velvet fluffy looking one. Both look warm which we need here now.

  17. For starters I would replace the scuba style pants with those whose design is straight legged/slim fitted/full length and constructed with invisible zippers on the inseams that when even slightly adjusted, changes their style to accommodate more options in footwear. i.e.: Straight legged for a shoe whereas opened for a boot. Selections with either square or pointed toe. Keeping the bottoms black, a top in the camel/brown family and wearing the hat: Casual Wear – blazer paired with a turtle or mock neck/long sleeved/ mid weight/knit sweater that could create an overlap contrast cuff on the slightly rusched up sleeves that expose the wrist. Shoes or boots would be that of a square toe most likely a flat and in a leather. i.e.: A ballet or mary-jane style. Whereas for Elevated Wear — top is now that of a silk (or similar) in a neckline that is both flattering to myself but doesn’t compete with the lapels on the blazer and would be tucked in. i.e.: Rather than a v-neck would opt for a scoop neckline. Footwear would either be a flat shoe, low heeled pump or bootie/boot in a pointed toe. As to a bag; an opportunity to introduce a 3rd color which would be red. Last but not least; jewelry would be kept to a minimum and would consider dual metal finish plus may add a plain leather skinny belt if deciding to wear the blazer more fitted. i.e.: Unbuttoned and cross-over wrapped. -Brenda-

  18. Your style tips are always so well thought out, Brenda. I think we all look forward to your perspective!

  19. I haven’t bought front slit pants because they would limit my footwear choices in winter, plus being impractical when the cold winds blow. Yes, I do have to be sensible and the cold climate is a thing. Maybe I’ll warm up to this idea in the spring with bare legs and sandals.

  20. I have a pair of slit-front pants — lighter weight — that I bought to go over my cast.
    One thing I’ve noticed is that these pants really pool on the floor when you sit, not always attractive and prone to collect dust. Having said that, I do like the way they look otherwise.

  21. My slit pants are warm weather only. But with the right boot and pant I might consider a cold weather version.

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