Would You Wear It – quilted outdoor jacket

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It!

This is the day you tell us of you would or would not wear what you see on the display.

Today, I am asking Would You Wear It – a quilted outdoor jacket.

This is our new Nordstrom Rack in San Antonio.

My friend, Karen, and I stopped by there recently and enjoyed some shopping for Karen and for Christmas gifts.

So, today the post is all Nordstrom Rack.

Let’s get started…shall we?


would you wear it

We all know that in an outlet, merchandise can move quickly and this jacket did.

When I first took the picture, it was on the Nordstrom Rack website….now it is gone.

This is a Ralph Lauren jacket.

Remember to explain your answers…why would you or would you not wear this…look at the design of the jacket and the colors.

Also, consider the hat…would you wear it?  I would love to know how many of you wear colder weather hats like this.

And, by the way, Nordstrom Rack is a great place to buy hats…very good prices compared to other places.

Now, to give you some comparison while you are making your decision, here are other quilted outdoor jackets currently for sale:

Now, tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT...the jacket on the display and the hat.


would you wear it

It is difficult to go into Nordstrom Rack and not come out with a pair of shoes.

Karen found these ME TOO SLIP-ON WEDGE SHOES and she was very happy with her purchase.

would you wear it

The only thing that kept me from buying shoes was foot surgery looming ahead…now here.

But, I will be back with hopefully better feet and a new attitude.

I am so glad to have this new store in the neighborhood.


would you wear it

Nordstrom Rack is an excellent place to find holiday gifts...for everyone one the list.

They have quality at great prices.

would you wear it

There are many different choices of VINCE CAMUTO GIFT SETS.

From fragrance…to accessories, there are many choices by this popular designer.

would you wear it

And so many toys.  I walked out with two bags and watched another woman with four huge bags of toys!

Just look here….NORDSTROM RACK TOYS.

would you wear it


would you wear it

And don’t forget that Nordstrom Rack can help you get ready for any holiday party!  

I love the selections at PANACEA JEWELRY…so much fun.

Tuesdays are all about Would You Wear It and Gift Ideas...hope you are enjoying the twist for the holiday season.

Now, tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT???


By Pamela Lutrell

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

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  1. Pam, I hope you are feeling OK after yesterday’s surgery. I know healing can be painful sometimes. You are in my prayers. I would probably wear the quilted jacket. A quilted jacket works well in my western North Caroline climate. Here in the mountains winter mornings can be quite chilly and I wear a Columbia quilted coat to walk my dog Coffee. I’ve had this coat and a similar short jacket for more than 10 years & they show no signs of wearing out. I like the barn jacket style of the Ralph Lauren jacket as well as the color. I can’t tell from the photo if it has regular pockets in addition to the patch pockets. I need a jacket with deep enough pockets for keys and my phone. The hat is cute and I’ve have to try it on. I have short hair in an asymmetric cut and most hats don’t look right. For winter dog walks I wear a funny old LL Bean fleece hat with a big bill and ear flaps. Not a fashionable look but it stays on and I stay warm.

  2. This type of jacket would work for our current temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. This one, to me, is not very attractive though. It’s shapeless and the color is so bland. It could be improved if it was in a more vibrant color, and had pockets in the side seams rather than added to the front in this manner. This type of pocket placement adds bulk at the hip area and I think contributes to the shapeless style. I would not wear this because of the styling, but a light, quilted jacket would work for fall in my climate.

  3. I don’t mind a quilted jacket when the quilt pattern is small. The pattern here is too big and so are the pockets. The LLBean navy jacket in the slide show is more my style.
    I hope you have a quick recovery.

  4. I live in the north Tennessee mountains. So yes I would wear the jacket and hat.
    Hope you are doing well after your surgery.

  5. Pam, we trust all went well with the surgery, looking forward to hearing a good report.
    I would wear the quilted jacket, however, not the color on display. I would change to a navy, black, or red. I do like the textured collar. The hat, I am not a hat person, but walking now in early morning temperatures, I will wear a knitted hat, just to stay warm

  6. I would wear this jacket if it was made out of cotton or a cotton polyester blend. I can only find these “barn jacket” types in a slippery polyester outer fabric so I’ve passed on them. I actually like this color and like patch style pockets. These are deep and roomy looking.

    But no, I don’t wear hats like this. Too fussy and attention grabbing for me. I never see people wearing hats like this except on TV. I’ve seen house fixer shows where they use hats to style the closets or empty bookcases. I do wear fleece beanie caps in the coldest wear here.

    Hope you are feeling okay this morning and managing the new normal.

  7. Good morning, Pam,
    Praying this day after surgery finds you comfortable, and not in pain. ❤️ I’ve had you in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day yesterday, as I’m certain many of these beautiful ladies have as well. Under all of those bandages is a new foot, just waiting for you!
    I love a stylish hat, but living on the blustery Oregon coast at this time of year it’s not easy for me to keep it on my head. I would style the jacket with a nice pair of jeans, brown leather boots, and a colorful scarf as well.
    Rest today, let Mr. B. and Tux take good care of you, and know we all are praying for you as well.

  8. This jacket is just about perfect for our current weather trend- cool mornings and a bit warmer by afternoon. I like the color! I’d wear it with jeans- both black or my deeper indigo And if I owned any, a nice brown or tan denim. The hat is not my style but could be!
    Pam, I hope you’re not in too much pain and hope you are able to sleep and relax. 🙏

  9. I’m so glad to hear you’ve had your surgery. I so hope it has gone well and your recovery will be speedy! // The coat is adorable, I would wear it, but it wouldn’t be a first choice. I was just at NR yesterday and tried on the slip on studded shoes- ha! – didn’t buy them though.

  10. I like the contrast collar, but the jacket color is not for me. I DO very much like the mid-tone yellow sweater peeking out underneath. I don’t love hats or feel very genuine wearing them, but appreciate that the color goes with the collar. Hope your first day post-surgery has been bearable. Lots of ❤️ from Oregon. P.S. – was thinking of you yesterday and went shopping from your Talbot’s and Vivaia links. I’ve not tried the shoe brand before, but ordered up two pairs in their wide to see how they do accommodating my hammer toe and bunion.

  11. Hope your comfy PJs are working out!

    Yes, I love jackets like that! I have a lot of accessories that go with that khaki green. As a dog owner, quilted nylon jackets, that can go into the washing machine are one of my mainstays. They need generous pockets to hold treats and my housekeys.

    I do find that Ralph Lauren clothing has inconsistent sizing. If I saw that jacket and it fit and I wanted it I would buy it immediately.

  12. Yes, I would wear it. I’m always drawn to a preppy look. Great with a white shirt, sweater vest and dark wash jeans. Pam, we are praying for you as you recover. Rest easy, take care of yourself, and trust God for the rest.

  13. I own two quilted jackets with knit collars similar to the Zella version. They’re perfect for “in between” weather and thin enough to fit under a winter coat on the coldest of days. I have another thin quilted coat winter-rated to -20°C. Between the two layers, I’ve never been cold. They pack well, so I took one to Iceland and Denmark in late winter/early spring. These wonderful jackets give me three seasons of wear. They’re getting a little threadbare after five years of steady use, so I’m glad to see that I can replace them.

  14. I love outerwear and I own lots of choices. In this category I currently have 2 jackets: a light moss for spring and an aubergine for fall. I have two two knee coat lengths: olive with tan corduroy collar and marine navy for winter. I guess you could say that I like them! I live in Maine in a beach town and find them versatile. That being said, I am very fussy about the quilting pattern size and shape as well as pocket placement. I am not enamored with the Ralph Lauren although it is close to my olive Burberry, which is knee length. Perhaps the pockets on the RL are too large for a short jacket length. Plus they don’t look easily accessible. I love a felt hat when going out and dressing up a bit. On the beach in the middle of winter, a ski hat and hood are most helpful.
    Hopefully you are home, resting, and healing. You did a great job choosing your comfort clothes. I remember doing the same for a hip replacement. It helps to feel good about yourself! 🙏🏽

  15. I like the quilted jacket but would not wear it. The colors are not right for me. It would be a good choice for when the temperatures are in the 30’s & would work for the limited outdoor chores that I do. I occasionally wear hats in the winter but wouldn’t wear this one. Again, the color is not right for me, & it is a little bigger than my winter hats. It kind of reminds me of a forest ranger. I do wear larger hats in the summer for shade on my face, but they are straw.

  16. Pam, I hope you are resting comfortably in your cozy comfort lounge wear. Get through these first days and then it gets better each day after. I love brimmed hats but we have too much wind here all the time to wear them. I wouldn’t wear the RL jacket. It is shapeless and the pockets are too predominant. I like the navy LL Bean jacket much better. Rest and enjoy your recovery time as much as you can. We are all pulling for you.

  17. Firstly, do hope the surgical procedure went well yesterday and that you are resting comfortably Pamela. Also shall mention; please be cautious if/when wearing your wider leg pants/pj bottoms particularly when descending stairs as can be hazardous due to a foot being caught in the excess fabric even with the best of balance. Now back to the jacket; a ‘no’ to it as large patch pockets on any garment do not appeal to me, would prefer another color plus am curious what its lining is, as would opt for a light Down fill rather than a polyester loft which I suspect it is. As to the hat; not because I dislike it but I feel a toque/snood would be more suitable to wear with a barn jacket. -Brenda-

  18. Have tried to leave message twice today and it keeps disappearing. Will quickly try to say that I hope you are feeling the many thoughts and prayers we “friends” are sending to you. Do not be brave and not take your meds until you hurt. Loved the look of joy on the face of your grandchild in that Christmas picture. Won’t talk about jacket and hat so hopefully message won’t disappear. Probably my internet.

  19. I certainly wear quilted barn jackets when it gets below 30 Barbour being my casual favorite but now that winters seem so much warmer I’m usually wearing a JJill long quilted vest in tall — I have 4 colors. As some have said this wouldn’t be a color for me unless I wore a colorful scarf. The look reminds me of a western ranch — horses for sure maybe cattle too 😊

  20. Although I wouldn’t wear this particular “barn jacket” as we call them, I love several in the other options. As others have commented, the boxy shape and pocket placement would rule out the RL version for me, but I do like the hat. I looked for it at my local Rack today but they didn’t have any hats that I could find. I also visited Kohl’s and Chico’s, thanks to some of your recent posts! I held off on buying the things I loved at Chico’s so I could order them through your links; once you get in the habit of using them it’s really easy. Like so many other readers, I’m praying you’ve had a comfortable, restful day and that you’re not stressing over all the undone things on your list. I know Mr. B and your sweet puppy are probably being great nurses. This is a season of healing, so remember that following the directions really helps. (From the girl who initially thought those post-op instructions were more like suggestions!)

  21. This jacket looks so good if we properly style it. I have two of these jackets, and I love to style them with skinny jeans.

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