Are your gifts for women practical or fun?

practical and fun gifts

Happy Monday, friends!  We are getting into crunch time for purchasing gifts, so allow me to ask…are your gifts for women practical or fun?

I tend to gift the women in our family items that I would call “More Fun.”

I really aim to do things for them that they would not do themselves, but every now and then that blends with the practical.

As sales begin to intensify, their are some things here that might attract you to gift to your self.

Please join in the conversation about your gift giving…are they practical and fun gifts…or both?



practical and fun gifts

I believe for most of us that we purchase items for ourselves that fall more into the practical category.

It takes a mom or GiGi to bring on the fun.

In the past, I have found so many of these at Dillard’s.

Dillard’s is one of those places that If you take the time to really shop, you can find some great deals.

Their sales are excellent.

practical and fun gifts

This winter hat can fall under practical and fun.

This is the Kurt Geiger London Crystal Bow Beanie.

Here are a few more practical and fun gifts I found at Dillard’s in this slideshow:

Now, here is what I want to know….what is the most fun (and not practical) gift you have ever given either to a female family member or friend?


practical and fun gifts

When thinking about practical and fun gifts that I personally would like from Santa.

The APPLE WATCH is top on my list and I believe more practical.

I just saw a friend’s new Apple Watch and this is what I want…love the colors and the band.

She also got a nice stainless band for dressing up.

My desire to own one has much to do with practicality…but it could also be fun!


practical and fun gifts

Tux wanted me to make sure I included practical and fun gifts for pets and that is why some are in the Dillard’s slideshow.

Remember CHEWY!

For Tux, there is nothing like…more toys!

If anyone needs help with ideas or how to find your practical or fun gifts, then please ask…I would love to help!

I will be here tomorrow with another Would You Wear It…I have so enjoyed ready all of your thoughts on these displays!  Until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

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practical and fun gifts


  1. Some gifts that were fun and special to me were an ice cream maker, and another was a Shutterfly matching game set. The set had pictures with our children, their spouses and our grandkids.

  2. My poor mother’s birthday is right after Christmas in Jan. I always feel she gets short changed because of it. I try to lavish her with gifts she wouldn’t get herself. She doesn’t need practical even though she is very practical but if she needs anything she buys it!

  3. I hope you find a way to bless her with joy this year. We have four family birthdays in January and it is always a challenge after celebrating with gifts at Christmas. This is a good reminder to me to separate them! Thanks Natalie!

  4. Pamela…my daughter gave me a FRAMEO digital photo frame…she or anyone I program in with a password can upload family photos🥰 I have it programmed at changing every 3 seconds and it’s on the kitchen counter right at the center of action in our family! I see “old , older, and oldest” photos of family passing by 😊

  5. In my family I fill stockings for everyone with a mixture of fun and practical. (Warm socks, kitchen gadgets, a new recipe, coasters, small journals) Then we exchange names for a larger gift so that everyone has just one to open. Last year one of my boys gave me the gift of Spotify. I find that both practical and fun: being able to make my own (and sometimes share with him) musical playlists to listen to in the car and while walking. The added bonus is that they have added 15 hours per month of listening to books. Another year we gifted a museum pass to another son. Although my daughter has already had a style analysis locally, this year I have her name and I am gifting her 3 hours with an analyst via zoom that she follows on social media and admires. I think those are all both practical and fun! Love that watch, Pam!

  6. Thanks Sandra…I prayed for you this morning that you would be at peace during the MRI. May all go well.

  7. I do both, but always find at least one item that would be fun and not on their wish list. Maybe that is the fun part for me too.

  8. Iagree…I have so much fun shopping for others that I must admit it is about me as well. Thanks Audrey.

  9. Yours is the first Apple Watch I’ve really liked. Still in the analog world :). If I can get a wishlist from someone (I ask every year, but only get one half the time), I follow it. Otherwise, I like to get really luxurious throws, candles, socks, workout wear, or body butter for people. These are things they would buy themselves, but at a more modest price point. I do stock up for myself on Good Friday, and have a list in my phone of items that usually go on sale once per year. This year, the prices have been insanely low and the stock overflowing. Due to continuing weight loss, I didn’t buy a super lot of clothes, but was able to get some quality tees and accessories for pennies.

  10. I do both practical and fun, for women and men alike. This year for fun, I’m gifting the women (and my grandson’s girlfriend) Barefoot Dreams socks when they arrive at my house for family weekend. They are really soft and cozy and they can use them while they’re visiting. I have fun with the dog and bake him special biscuits in a bone shape, and he’ll get some new toys. We actually keep the gifts kind of simple now that everyone is grown up and focus on our time as a family. I can’t wait for them to arrive and I’m so grateful that my grown up grandsons still look forward to this!

  11. With my girlfriends, it is always in the Fun category. With my best friend, we give the gift of ‘no gift’ – as we prefer after so many years to come up with a creative new experience to share, at Christmas or later in the year. Last year we went to Mexico for a week together, my gift being the lodging. She gave me/us the gift of a very posh dinner out followed by an amazing Christmas concert in the oldest church downtown. It was beautiful. The best gift ever given to me was from my husband, the first Christmas we were married. He bought a small music box in the shape of a grand piano, complete with miniature bench. When I opened the lid, he had stuck in there a typed message, like from a fortune cookie. It said “redeemable for the full size piano of your choice.” Having played on uprights my whole life, moving up to a baby grand was a dream come true. 💗 🎄🎶

  12. This is the first one I have liked as well! Mr. B has encouraged me to get one for a long time, but I did not get excited until I saw this one! Thanks Linda.

  13. I love what Judith Martin (Ms. Manners) once said about gifts: they combine elements of thoughtfulness, whimsy and surprise. I don’t always hit that mark, and sometimes people really just want a gift card. However, when I receive a thoughtful gift, I am very touched. I don’t need anything, but the fact that someone thought of me, even if only a gift card or even just the card, still counts for a lot. So I try to move that on to the gifts I give.

  14. Christmas for our family is the time to share with those who are not as fortunate as we are. Instead of buying things we support the Boston Food Bank and the Salvation Army and enjoy time together, the trees lights and good family fun!

  15. My “girl”friends and I are in our mid 70’s. 2 years ago one of them fell while walking her dogs and broke her hip. Fortunately, it was able to be repaired with pins, so no hip replacement needed. The next year she was back in emergency after falling off her bike and hitting her head. Her helmet saved her from serious injury. That year for Christmas I gave her a whole-body bubble wrap suit. (I found it on the site Whatever Works) We all had quite a laugh over it!

  16. I have given gifts to my friends that I guess can be classified as practical but can be a surprise and fun as are received throughout the year and I suspect you have similar in the USA which come under the umbrella of ‘gift of the month clubs’ that specialize in gourmet gifts that can even range from teddy bears, wines and a variety of foods that might include cookies, candies, chocolates, pickles etc. In other words; what might suit one’s preference and with no pun intended, the feedback has been positive particularly when it comes to the taste buds. -Brenda-

  17. Great gifts are both practical and whimsical! Most precious gift is your time…whether sightseeing, walks in the woods, museum, picnic, library events, fishing, campfire. Other gift ideas:
    – Flameless candles [newest models so real you want to blow them out!]
    – Mini lamp [gorgeous yet practical lighting for countertops and in any room]
    – Luxe towels, at many price points
    – Interesting baskets
    – Door wreath…embellished with things on hand, you can create upscale look
    – Fun earmuffs/or baseball cap with bit of bling
    – Scrapbook highlighting recipient’s life story – documenting birth certificates, awards, and best moments. My mom gifted me a leather-bound scrapbook 30 years ago I cherish. Now, sadly, would be created online.

  18. I started a gift bag 6 months ago for Hanukkah for my best friend. Many were gifts I found with your links. Most are small gifts of tea, bath products, a Himalayan knitted hat, a battery storage case as she is always out of batteries when she needs them. I’m putting them in a tote bag with her initial on it. She always gives me a gift card on Amazon which I use for books. She knows I am always reading when she calls. For my husband, I have to start listening in January for hints of what he would “really” like then I shop all year on sales and your links to stash those things staying inside of our gift budget.

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