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would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, all!  Welcome to today’s Would You Wear It – Winter White Wrap exercise.

This is the day when the reader’s bring their sense of fashion and scrutiny to answer the question…would you wear it?

These posts are enjoyed and are helpful to many…they have resulted in some purchasing what they see and with some saying, no thank you.

All I ask is that you explain your answers…tell us why you would or would not wear what is on the display.

Of course talk about the feature garment…but also tell us what you think about the way the store styled it…would you wear the entire outfit?

So, let’s get started with where I found this winter white wrap.


would you wear it


You may recognize that I was in JC Penney’s when I discovered this display.

This winter white color is actually called ivory at JCP.

This is the Liz Claiborne Fur Collar Wrap...which comes in four colors and is presently on sale for $22.39.

It is one size fits all, and I touched it (I actually straightened it on the display.  The original styling is up top). The fabric is thin and styled on line and in store with casual pieces.

Here it is styled with Liz Claiborne Women’s Crew Neck Tee in Rose Smoke….  And on sale for $9.79!! Lots of colors.  

These tee’s are also available in PLUS ($11.19) and TALLS ($11.19).  For everything on JCP until Friday, use the code UNWRAP30.

The pants are the Liz Claiborne Womens Sara Mid Rise Slim Fit, Skinny Leg Jean…currently on sale for $23.79…and still in several colors.

If you like the wrap, but would style it differently…then please share your style tip ideas.

So, friends….Would You Wear It?


This slideshow includes pieces from the brands to watch that I showed you last week.

I heard from several of you about the brands.

First off…this slideshow includes a brand recommended by one of our readers, Brenda, and it is called VARLEY.

And I am also placing the brand SUMMERSALT on the radar…but it is not in today’s slideshow.

I have created this slideshow for you because I was asked what pieces caught my eye in these collections.

I also heard from you about the costs for some of these brands.

I do my best to cover all of the bases on the blog…that is why you see JCP at the top, but also see a post that includes the more expensive brands.

There are readers in this blog community that like to purchase higher quality clothing for the fit and feel, but have less in their closets.

would you wear it

I do have a clothing purchase from QUINCE on the way which I ordered for me to enjoy, but also to review for you.  

I want to experience their cashmere before I comment on it.

Do you see anything in the slideshow that you would answer….YES, I would wear it!  

Also, is cost the main reason you would not wear something you see in the slideshow?

I am going to ask you a lot of questions this week because I am making blog plans for 2024.

Please join me on Thursday to answer some of those questions…it is so helpful for me to know more about you…You are the main reason I am here.

OK…your turn…would you wear it?  Please answer on the wrap and on the slideshow!

And always, always………………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your holiday recipes and decorations with pictures to over50feeling40@gmail.com.  Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

would you wear it


  1. Oh, I would pass the wrap to my mom!!!she would absolutely love it!!in fact,She owns a faux fur cape similar to the white one but in blue.But white is beautiful.I would style it with jeans(lol, I always style things with 👖😂)Or velveteen pants to keep it current and a chunky turtleneck sweater and christmassy.And as for the slideshow, I would absolutely wear Everything!!! Especially the first outfit!!! Love brown and that fabulous 💚.As for the prices,I prefer to spend a little more on quality prices because that way, you can enjoy those clothes for years.Keep on getting better!!!😊

  2. I would wear this before our temperatures drop significantly (although this is shaping up to be an atypical winter where I live!). I would style it very casually because I like the juxtaposition of dressy with very casual. For me, this would mean dark wash jeans or corduroy pants, in a slimmer cut to balance all the bulk up top. I like the fur collar and especially the color. I’d keep jewelry on the minimal side, probably some sparkling stud earrings and a delicate necklace, depending on the top I chose. I’d have to see how it looked in person, but would likely go with a winter white crew neck sweater, preferably cashmere or another fine gauge knit, nothing bulky. I’m really over the oversized look that continues to trend and stay away from anything in that style, because to me it just looks bulky/big and ill-fitting. Just a personal thing. I looked at the Varley jackets and they just look huge. I have purchased from Quince and have been pleased with the quality and price point. Their cashmere is very nice and you can’t beat the price.

  3. I love the cape and have several in different colors. I am always cold:) I usually purchase more expensive staple items like a good white blouse, or LBD that can be dressed up or down with accessories.
    I’m an eclectic shopper from Walmart to specialty boutiques.

  4. I immediately noticed the readjusted wrap in the second picture. I like the wrap but would prefer it in the darker gray or even black. I recently wore my winter white top/sweater from Loft with my winter white pants from Talbots and worried the entire time of getting these pieces dirty. Also wished I had lighter shoes than black and brown to wear with this light-colored outfit. If I had this wrap, I’d probably wear it with darker pants or jeans, and a jewel-colored turtleneck because that’s my usual winter outfit.

  5. Thanks Celia. I love to wear gold metallic shoes with winter white. Since I wear them often it makes sense for me to have the gold shoes… my favorites are from Talbots.

  6. I would not wear this. While I love winter white, I’m usually not a fur collar woman (shorter neck, plus just more of a minimalist), and definitely not a wrap woman. One of my pet peeves is fussing with my clothes, and the constant need for adjustment on clothes like this makes me crazy. As for the style show, I would wear everything in it! I keep looking at Frank and Eileen, and just have to decide if I’m ready to spend quite that much. I love the brown dress you showed; I bought something like that from Athleta and wear it with leggings. It’s my most worn item this year. I spend on casual and athletic styles. I think the quality is apparent over cheaper brands (both in appearance and buttery softness), and the pieces last a long time. I’m in the “smaller closet” camp, and have decided that I honor all of my life, which now consists of lots of walking and a very casual focus. Even when substitute teaching, tops like you showed are fine with a pair of simple dress pants and fashion sneakers.

  7. A lovely post this morning! The wrap looks luscious. It is a little romantic for me, and I don’t do well with large blocks of color. Plus, it looks lightweight which would not work in New England. But…I would style it with that glorious brown turtle neck sweater, brown pants and boots, and let the cape do all the talking!
    I am so happy to see you showing the ‘new’ brands. Although I couldn’t participate in the discussion last week, I loved reading through it and noting the athleisure brands. Please keep both high and low brands in the discussion. I love a bargain but I am also open to spending more on a special piece. They are also great for inspiration. I am looking forward to hearing about Quince. I went into a Quince store when visiting my daughter in Connecticut. I am curious about your opinion!

  8. As a retired RN who always wore scrubs when working, I enjoyed dressing up when the occasion called for it, especially for Mass on Sundays. I have been able to find quality clothing at thrift shops and garage sales my entire life with tags on. The lower end retailers such as JCP also have affordable quality and higher end stores such as Lands End have great sales. Given inflation, the cost is a factor in my purchases as well as my current lifestyle. I understand the concept of quality over quantity. Items made 20 years ago are much better made than now, I find.

  9. Living in a warmer climate wraps like this one fulfill the need for a coat or jacket. I would style it with winter white slacks and a gold and white dotted blouse purchased last year from Talbots. I like the monocramatic look pulling all one color into my outfits. Poor mannequin is shoeless! I would wear my brushed gold ballet flats. I tend to not try new manufacturers but to rely on the standbys of Talbots, Chicos, Gap & Athleta. I prefer to try garments on because I’m picky about the fit. Pricepoint is critical so I shop the sales especially from Talbots.

  10. I might wear this if I were taller and more statuesque but I’m short and thin and I don’t feel it’s a good look for me. It’s pretty but I feel the store has styled it all wrong.
    It would look pretty with an ivory turtleneck And winter white pants! I might also see this worn to a holiday party with a pretty red jumpsuit. Or another vibrant color?

  11. I would wear several of the Varley and Frank and Eileen pieces, however; at 70 years old, I would not spend that kind of money on them as the price per wear would likely never get to “reaonable”! If I were in my fifties I would definately buy from those brands. All that being said, I do purchase Quince items. Their cashmere is not itchy, and is great quality for the price. I would also purchase from JCP, though not the featored item. I think the fabric of the throw is too insubstantial for the faux fur collar, and that makes it look cheap to me. I have not been to JCP in several years, but I will be checking them out after seeing some of their other offerings. Hope your recovery is going smoothly.

  12. The cape outfit – I would reverse the colours and have the ivory/winter white for the crew neck and that beautiful rose smoke for the cape . (I don’t wear white or cream on the outside – remembering my mother’s warning about getting it dirty so easily !)
    On the slideshow I like both Varley examples and the dark brown Athleta dress – very much me with the square-ish shoulders and boots !

  13. What a perfect post for me today. I have been re-introduced to J C Penny recently and find so many really affordable items, from accessories to shoes to bedding, I could go on and on. Now for the cape: I love the look, I don’t wear this style, but think it is spot on for current style and wearable clothing. It would look great with skinny jeans for an upgraded casual style. Maybe with a great fedora. And topping off a beautiful ribbed sweater dress with boots for a dressier look.

  14. Quince is on its way to me, Deborah. I hope to do a review in a couple of weeks…it may be after Christmas. I do plan to keep showing all price points.

  15. Thanks for sharing, Mary…I plan to show all price points and keep my radar open for deals! Thanks for letting us know how you shop.

  16. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I will always continue with our favorite brands as I also introduce new ones.

  17. I completely agree with you, Paulette, that the store styled it completely wrong. With the right styling, these wraps might already be sold out!

  18. Great observation, Jodi, on the fabric in the throw vs. the collar. I have been surprised in my shopping trips to JCP, that I always find something with great style and quality at amazing prices. It is worth the time to shop there.

  19. I’m afraid not, items like this seem to fall off my shoulders so much, I’m constantly adjusting, and it’s mildly annoying….sometimes ruanas do it also, but not as much.

  20. I’m glad you fixed the mannequin! 😉 I had the same urge, just from the photo. I love winter white/cream, and I also love a fur collar . . .but this wrap is not for me. I would consider a piece like this were it done in maybe a boiled wool or felted fabric. I would use such a piece as outerwear. I am largely unfamiliar with the new brands, but receptive to discovering what they have to offer. I was wide awake last night, so did a closet and drawers cleaning, purging a couple bags worth of clothes, shoes and a couple purses. So I have a little wiggle room to add some fresh pieces in the new year! 😄 My price-point varies depending on what I factor in as my perceived happiness with the new item. 🤷‍♀️💕

  21. I have never done a closet purge at night, but next time I wake up at 3 AM, it just might happen! Thanks for the inspiration, Connie!

  22. I did see a couple of very nice pieces in your slide show, a sweatshirt from Spanx for instance, but I’m not in the habit of paying over $100 for a sweatshirt or a top made of recycled plastic, lovely as it looked. Maybe if these pieces go on sale I might reconsider. The shawl on the mannequin seemed too flimsy to support the faux fur collar so I would not wear it.

  23. Thanks Pam…I will add that these new brands are popular because of their soft, supple fabric feeling. That top does not feel like plastic. Just wanted to clarify.
    I will watch for sales on the brands and notify this audience when I see them happening…January usually brings all types of sales.

  24. I would not wear the cape, they are always slipping off my shoulders! I have two Quince cashmere sweaters and love them. They are soft and cozy for the crisp fall days. Many of the items you show are in autumn colors, and I am a summer, making it hard to visualize wearing them. I ordered a pair of the athleta pants and hope they work out for me! Thanks for bringing in new brands, loving the fresh looks.

  25. The wrap is 100% polyester, which is something I’m trying avoid, due to static and microplastics. I tend to wear wraps on cool summer nights instead of a sweater. Faux fur is not a summer look. However, this would anchor a wrap better for a person with narrow shoulders.

  26. Hi Lisa, Always click the pictures…go to the brand site and you can see other colors. They have them!

  27. While I do like & use light weight wraps frequently, this one I would not wear because of the fur collar. I am not a fan of fur collars & never really have been. I like the ivory color & would style it with dark pants & a flat knit sweater in perhaps a soft color. I did like some of the tops in the slide show, especially the light pink top from Spanx. I will admit that I would be hard pressed to spend over $100 for a fleece top even a very high quality one. I was raised by a very frugal mother & have a bit of a hard time breaking that mold. Like Karen, I am very tired of the oversized look that is still very prevalent today. I think it is impractical to have your sleeves hanging over your hands especially when we are very diligent about hand washing. I also agree that it looks ill fitting.

  28. I love winter white but I’m not a wrap person. The style is perfect for someone with a more romantic/dramatic personality. I need something with more structure or cleaner lines. Its nice to see JCP upping their game. Thanks for fixing the poor mannequin. She’s standing so close to the escalator I fear people are leaning over to feel the fabric. The slide show was interesting but I wouldn’t wear most of these. They are oversized for someone petite and most had the dreaded dropped shoulder. I have learned to avoid them as they add bulk under my arms. I’m curious about Quince and am looking forward to your review. I purchased a linen shirt last summer. The quality is excellent but it is too long and the sleeves are too long for me as well. I can wear it as a coverup with the sleeves rolled but won’t be purchasing another. Some of their sweaters look oversized with very long sleeves but others look like they have possibilities. The zip jacket caught my eye but I would not pay $265 for it. I do believe in paying more for high quality in items like winter coats and boots that will be worn for years if not decades but can’t justify spending big bucks for upscale gym clothes.

  29. I think the wrap could be pretty, but I would have to see the materials in person to see whether I would wear it. Wraps are a good solution for cooler Southern California weather. I did like the Spanx 1/2 zip tops. I have bought from Quince and used Quince for family gifts too. They seem to be great quality at a wonderful price.

  30. Do love winter white and also wear wraps; however to get wear out of them they must be of substantial fabric weight and weave (i.e.: a boucle, boiled wool etc.) as namely is a mid to late Autumn staple in the climate I live in. That being said though, how I would otherwise style it would be as follows. Beginning with footwear I would choose a low profile casual boot in a neutral color (tan family) with a similar shearling trim. i.e.: Ugg ‘saniya’ suede shearling fur trim, mini boot. Top and bottoms would be that of a darker tone, perhaps a coordinated long sleeved mocked turtle neck sweater (relaxed fit) with similar cut in design of bottoms as shown (straight cut but with a tapered hemline) but in a ribbed sweater knit for added texture. Also I might consider belting it and/or jewelry chosen would be in a soft gold finish. i.e.: Options — A large single pendant necklace/hooped earrings, cuff bracelet. Last but not least, choice of bag could be a sherpa or teddy fleece and casual in style in the same color family (of tan/beige/winter white). -Brenda-

  31. I don’t wear wraps. They get in the way of my arms, get caught on everything, just too impractical for my casual style. I do wear Liz Claiborne jeans and shorts in Sara. They fit very nice and hold up well wash after wash. I appreciate that you included JCP as I can afford to buy from them but I also like LandsEnd. I used to love LL Bean but they have priced out of my retirement income. I love Chicos jeans! They fit me. I love fleece tops, they are warm. Winter and snow has arrived hear in Colorado. Unfortunately, I am allergic to wool and cashmere. I would love to be able to wear one from Quince.

  32. Frank & Eileen had a cute sweatshirt material cardigan/jacket.
    It was a little pricey for me but did inspire me to buy a Lumber Jane French terry shirt/jacket at Aerie. Big price difference.

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