Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday, friends!  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home.

This Sunday Mornings at Home finds me looking out at a colorful landscape as the neighborhood trees have finally changed colors.

The morning is windy from a cold front…temps dropping into the 30s for a couple of mornings is so welcome in this warm climate and brings the feel of the holidays to the forefront.

I am smiling as I watch the wind stir the leaves of red, gold and orange around Christmas decorations toward our backyard and neighbors homes.

I love this time of year so much…from the leaves to the morning quiet…to the multiple lights in the longer hours of darkness.

I know many of you have snow on the ground and much colder weather.

Though it may be a hardship at times, I encourage you to take just a moment to enjoy and soak it in.

As we get on the other side of age 50, these moments are fewer…enjoy them one day at a time.

Last week was a great week for me!  I will share the accomplishments and have some Christmas decorations from our community here.

So, get comfy, turn on your holiday lights, even light a candle or fire…and in a cozy spot …join me for Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I was nervous going into my doctor’s appointment, because I had no idea if there had been progress or not.

But, Praise God, there was progress and he cleared me to be more mobile and wear a boot.   I was more excited about this boot than any fashion piece in a long while.

I love how so many of you have embraced the name “Roast Beef” for my little toe that is now only half the piggy he use to be.

Part of a comment from Karen McB said, .”I had to tell you, too, that my husband got a big chuckle out of Roast Beef. He has lost Market on one foot and Stayed Home on the other — neuropathy from heavy chemo and stem cell transplant 14 years ago, which makes him more susceptible to infections.”   

Karen, if I can bring a smile and joy to your husband after he has been through so much more than I, then I am glad I shared the story of roast beef.

A sense of humor is so important to those in recovery….I hope he continues to improve and stay healthy.

Personally,  my second toe (This little piggy stayed home) owes Roast Beef an apology…the whole surgery was motivated by the second toe sticking straight up and being immobile.

Roast Beef gave his life for my mobility.

Enough of that…I still have stitches to remove and then in a month, hopefully the pins sticking out of my toes will come out.

But, we are on the way to healing!


Sunday Mornings at Home

To celebrate, Mr. B stopped for us to eat brunch outside on the way home.

It was so nice to be out of the house and to sit in the sun to breath fresh air and feel the Vitamin D soaking in.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Two days later, Leigh Ann took me to my allergist appointment and then we stopped for lunch.

Again, getting out is such a joy for me after being in the house for a month.

We found a place where I had a booth that I could prop my leg upon and easily part my scooter near.

For both of these outings, I was dressed very casual with no makeup and air-dryed hair.

My next challenge is to fix up more before going out again.

However, I am grateful now for these little things I previously took for granted.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I have written before that I have seen the same nail technician for years and consider her a friend.

She insisted on coming over to give my free foot a little pedicure and massage (so wonderful) plus a Christmas manicure.

These red nails really lifted my spirits and though I will not be out that much, I love to see them while I am working away.

This little, small thing made such a difference for me to be joyful and have hope that all will return to the way it was soon….and I now see that I need to clean my keyboard!


Sunday Mornings at Home

Doesn’t this gorgeous decor remind you of a magazine photo?

This is Debra’s sunroom and I love it!  Such a beautiful tree and setting!  Thanks for sharing it with us, Debra.

Sunday Mornings at Home

One of our many Lindas in this community, sent three images from her cozy home.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Finally, Audrey sent to us a message of joy from her kitchen….

Sunday Mornings at Home

Thank you to everyone who has sent holiday decor.

Remember, I would love to share your decorations and recipes.  Just send to…with images!

It is so much fun to get to know you better as guests in your home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

As much as I love Christmas time mornings, I also love the nights.

Our village pieces, the tree, the garland all light up at night once the darkness sets in and I have always found it to be magical.

Christmas arrives in just 15 days.  

I encourage you to soak in all that is special during this time.  Take mental snapshots and relish in each moment.

Don’t set your expectations too high…just enjoy.

Any thoughts on Sunday Mornings at Home today…please share…and always……

Sunday Mornings at Home


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your holiday recipes and decorations with pictures to  Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. So glad to hear about healing progress! Yes, mobility is so important and so easy to take for granted when we have it! It is wonderful that you have been able to get out — even if just for doctor appointments — and to get a treat or a meal, conversations with friends, breathing fresh air, seeing different things. We always try to stop at a favorite place on our way home from appointments, whether for a cookie or a sandwich or a take-out meal. Makes our hearts full!

  2. My lovely mother in law is smiling from above knowing her precious Nativity ceramics are being seen by so many people! Love it! Thank you Pam!

  3. Hi, Pam. Good news on roast beef! He needs to behave himself and heal well. You are on a good path. The beautiful room photos are a treat. Such talented women . Love your nails. A Katherine Hepburn touch. Listen to some Christmas music today and keep smiling.

  4. I look forward to the calm of Sunday mornings and my time spent with you although I do read your posts first thing every morning. This morning we are getting some much needed rain and even have tornado warnings, but the steady downfall is comforting. I am so glad for you, and Mr. B, that the doctor is encouraged by your progress. Knowing you as I think I do, you will look back on these weeks as blessings for the doctor’s abilities, and the advances in health care. I often think how blessed I am to live at a time when there are so many scientific advances, precision surgeries, pharmaceuticals , etc. that allow me to be alive and mobile for the most part at 77. I’ve noticed your pretty nails during this time of recuperation and have wondered how they managed to stay so pretty. I appreciate seeing the decorations from the homes of readers. I no longer decorate but do enjoy that others do, and they share.

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey with Roast Beef. Continue on with good healing and yes, getting outside in fresh air and sunshine – even cloudy days -helps our perspective. So glad you’re able to stop for brunch or snacks between or after appointments. And the kindness of your nail technician ( more a friend)!
    It’s a great feeling I know! Thank you for sharing your happy news!

  6. Beautiful decor! I remember when I finally got to go out after foot surgery, and it was to outdoor brunch too. I was so delighted to be out that I even remember what I ate. I hope you don’t mind if I comment on a previous post I couldn’t get to: comfort brands. Athleta has been an absolute go-to for me, as I think they do a great job of making comfort wear/athleisure interesting and (relatively) chic, fitting perfectly into a casual retirement lifestyle. The designs tend to have a bit more polish and elevation than the usual jogger/sweatshirt combo. So much so that, but for your surgery, I was going to ask if you could do a dressing room try on. I also find that, unlike many athletic brands, their sizing is spot on and kind to a real body.

  7. Pam,so glad you are making progress on your feet! I am glad you have your Mr B and friends to look after you. The Christmas photos you shared are very pretty. There are some very talented people in this group! Thanks for all you do!

  8. I started my day with lovely Christmas music and online church…a great way to begin! Thanks Marcia.

  9. It has been fun to see the decorations! We are so thankful for my doctor. He and Mr. B have become friends…they have so much in common. He took me through the roast beef challenge with so much care and compassion.

  10. What a chic new boot! I would have been asking “Does this come in deep olive?” Kidding aside, it is wonderful to hear your progress as well as your sense of humor. It is fun to see how others are decorating and how friends are adding comfort and companionship. Happy Sunday!
    By the way, that cookie next to the Smile mug…wow.

  11. Pamela, how wonderful that you are healing and able to get out and about a bit. Amazing how a good manicure just lifts your spirits , love the color..Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a terrific New Year……!! Always enjoy starting my morning with your blog

  12. I agree…would eat that cookie! A friend suggested I decorate the boot for Christmas…if it was not so difficult to get off and on, I would! Thanks for joining in, Deborah.

  13. What a sweet lady to come help pretty-up your nails and give the alternate foot some pampering. The news sounds encouraging, and I am so happy to know you were able to make the most of your outings to the doctors. Thanks to each of the fellow readers who shared their festive decor. I especially zoomed in on the sunroom photo to see how she had decked out the open hutch, as I also have a white plates cabinet and enjoy gathering ideas on adding a holiday vibe. 😉 Have a beautiful, peaceful rest of the day.

  14. So happy that you are healing well and able to get out with Mr. B and Leigh Ann. Its hard being stuck in the house for so long. And what a doll your manicurist is to come to you. I love Sunday morning at home with you. Your upbeat look at life helps especially on the darker days.

  15. I’m glad things are going so well. It’s good to hear you now can go out a little. Beautiful red nails. ❤️

  16. How wonderful to see this lovely new fashion accessory on you, & what a joy filled week you have had! Being out in the fresh air & sunshine must have been a lovely tonic. When you mentioned the leaves changing colors, I had to smile. Here in the Midwest, the only leaves remaining on the trees are a few stubborn brown ones which refuse to fall, but there is still beauty in the bare branches as the cardinals, blue jays & other birds flit about them. How sweet of your nail tech to visit you at home for some much-deserved pampering. Thanks to all the ladies for sharing their beautiful decor.

  17. So grateful to hear that you are mending as planned, Pam. You have the enviable talent of seeing the good and bright side of the challenges in life. You are an example to all of us. Thank you!

  18. Hi Pamela,
    Love the red nails! What a gorgeous manicure. Also, I LOVE all of the holiday photos that were shared. So beautiful. Well, I continue to be inspired by you Pamela — I’ve got an MRI on my brain tomorrow morning so I’ve got to stay strong in faith. And of course I will remember to smile. Thank you for all you do. 😊

  19. First off, wonderful news to learn that you are healing well Pamela and you had the opportunity to get out and about plus had some pampering that has lifted your spirits even more. As to the photos of Christmas decor, so very pretty and festive with the Nativity Scene being extra special with a thank you to both Debra and Linda for sharing them. -Brenda-

  20. Such a wonderful post! I am so happy for you that you can now put some weight on your foot. That is tremendous progress. I hope you will feel better every day.

  21. Graduating from the scooter to a boot is a big deal! Congratulations! Love your festive red nails and how wonderful that your nail technician friend came to your home and pampered you. A lovely Christmas gift. It has been cold at night but up to 47 degrees today and most of our snow is gone. Now I need to get outside and poop scoop! My husband has felt overwhelmed since we got our little dog with accidents in the house or throw ups as she is just so anxious and not settled in yet. Now if we could just get the food right! My Mr. B said we just can’t do Christmas cards this year. It makes me sad but the time with all of our appointments and dog issues has gotten away with us. I even have a doctors appointment on my birthday on my birthday, Thursday. It is a pretty sunny day and maybe I can open the windows for a little exchange of air today. I’m glad that your recovery is coming along.

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