Perfect gifts of blessings during recovery

Perfect gifts during recovery

Happy Saturday!  I thought it might be helpful if I share my perfect gifts of blessings during recovery.

The perfect gifts are the ones that worked and thus were labeled a blessing…so I thought I would share why.

I put a card at the top, because I loved the card so much as a great graphic to encourage me to see this recovery time as a journey to wellness as well

Perfect gifts in recovery are those which reflect thoughtfulness to the recovery situation…and I certainly have received those from friends and family.

So, get your comfy Saturday spot and let’s discuss how you can bless others when they are in recovery.


perfect gifts during recovery

I have to begin with the perfect gift that has been the biggest blessings…and that would be visits from friends and family,

I am an active person, so when this grounded me for awhile, it was so nice to have visits.  I encourage you to not just drop the gift off, but take time to sit down and talk.

What a blessing that is!

Leigh Ann stopped by recently with a wonderful, healthy dinner prepared for both of us. 

Then she sat down for awhile and we watch “Dancing with the Stars.”  I loved the meal and the interaction!


perfect gifts during recovery

The reality, after two foot surgeries, is that daily baths are just not possible right now.

So, when my friend, Karen, showed up with a scented lotion, this became a perfect gift.

So, nice just to freshen up with a lovely aroma when you know someone might stop by and just for Mr. B!

This was really a perfect gift during recovery….and it was in a bag with a candle, magazine and notepads…perfect!

So, check out what you can find at these links if you need to bless someone else:




perfect gifts during recovery

Healthy foods have also been perfect gifts during this time when I am not moving that much.

Yogurts and veggies have been a blessing.

But, perhaps the perfect gift during recovery has been this homemade granola…fabulous…and from my new family.

She mixes…

2 cups of oats

1/2 cup of pecans

1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup of pistachios

1/3 cup of melted coconut oil

1/3 c real maple syrup

Stir to coat all and turn on a parchment line baking sheet.

Bake at 300 degrees for 15 minutes and then stir…do this three times over 45 minutes.

Once it cools, add 1/2 cup of dried cherries and shredded coconut.

Oh my goodness, this is so delish!  I just ordered the ingredients to make that is a perfect gift.

Was really good with yogurt.

perfect gift during recovery

She also included this green tea from Trader Joe’s…and I am a huge green tea fan.


perfect gifts during recovery

Perfect gifts during recovery become perfect if they help the care giver.

Poor Mr. B has taken on so much as the new quarterback on the home field.

One of his duties became watering plants.   sadly, there have been casualties, but I know when I come back in the game, I can replace those.

This Giant Amaryllis is a perfect gift during recovery if you want to gift a plant or flower.

I can watch the bulb grow over time and it does not have to be watered at all!  (Mr. B rejoiced)

His best friend also smoked a brisket for him…and that was the perfect gift for my care giver.  It arrived with beans and baked potatoes…yummy!

Perfect gifts during recovery do include helping to keep the care giver happy!

This was carefully selected by my new daughter-in-law.  Score!

My desire here is that you will get ideas the next time you are faced with finding perfect gifts during recovery for friends or family members.

This is my hit list!

Now, I would love to hear your ideas as well and that will help all of us!

Thank you for being here…hopefully join me tomorrow for a recovery update….and make sure that you join me as we…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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perfect gifts during recovery


  1. Morning, I love the helpful ideas. I have good intentions but am sometimes stumped on how to help. Family and friends are true blessings❤

  2. Yes, they are, Missy! I hope this helps…before this I might have been stumped as well. Happy Saturday!

  3. A good friend just had knee replacement and husband and I will be visiting him tomorrow. My go to recovery gift is homemade chicken soup; my mother taught me to cook the the broth, meat, carrots and noodles separatley. When it’s ready to be eaten the server can add the ingredients before heating. This way the meal doesn’t all stick together. I’ll bring some fancy crackers, candies and a good book. I use containers from the dollar store and bring it all over with a pretty Christmas dishtowel in either an aluminum pan or tray that does not need to be returned. The gift of food and company that doesn’t stay too long is the best gift!

  4. As I have often said caregivers are so necessary for adequate patient recovery, but do not receive the attention as the patient does. Often the patient is resigned to a chair or bed and the caregiver does double duty or has to do chores with which he or she is unfamiliar. Meals are always welcomed as are times the caregiver can relax or attend to matters away from home. One thing my Mr. B has done in past years was to cut the grass at the home of the patient and caregiver. We have also offered to drive patients to their doctor appointments. Any offer or thoughtful gesture is always appreciated.

  5. You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who show their love with sweet gifts. I remember once many years ago, after I had had abdominal surgery, my dear neighbor showed up at my back door with her mop bucket in hand. She proceeded to mop my kitchen floor while I sat at the table and we visited! What a precious act of service! Take care and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  6. Hi, Pam. I’ve never cooked with coconut oil and I am afraid I would buy the kind you should use on your face. What kind do you use for the granola.? My gift is usually a meal with heating/cooking instructions on it. Hope you are resting well.

  7. Yes! Thanks Celia…caregivers need the help sometimes more than the patient. Where we live, cutting grass would be a huge blessing!

  8. I am blessed! And having someone show up to mop would be a major blessing. Love this, Nancy!

  9. I have really appreciated those who took time to sit down and visit. Keeps me from feeling so isolated. Thanks Paulette!

  10. Hi Marcia,
    The refined coconut oil I get is at our grocery and in a jar…not a bottle. I am going to make this granola today! Meals are great….especially to the caregivers!

  11. My dear friend Sally, who was laid low following her lobectomy two years ago, loved the sunflowers and cheery cards I brought her ahead of and after her surgery. She asked that we pick up sushi to bring over and have for dinner with her and her husband. I was so glad she was specific with her request. That helps well-meaning friends to get it right when in doubt. Ahead of my husband’s round of surgeries this year, Sally made him a quilt for his convalescence. She is a tremendously talented quilter, and the hours of love that went into this gift are priceless. For me, as caregiver, she gave me a new pink Fiestaware teapot, festooned with a cute cozy she sewed special for me – as she wrote, “to pass the hours of worry, knowing you are loved.” Such friendship! 💗

  12. Thank you for sharing this journey with you and Sally, Connie. I do think it helps to ask the one you would like to bless and receive specific requests. How wonderful that she is a quilter.

  13. Totally like your list! I laughed about the plants, as my husband is watering them even though he dislikes them. Two things I’ve found I can give him as he takes care of me: (1) be supportive and grateful … ignore the fact that things are not put away neatly as I’d do it and just go with the flow; (2) ease the burden: I promote 1-2 takeout dinners a week and can’t tell you how happy takeout night makes him. Now if anyone wants to come clean my kitchen, just let me know – LOL

  14. I’m not very imaginative and these ideas help. Every once in a while I have a moment of lucidity. My next door neighbor was struggling with an extended UTI with complications. I was visiting and saw how badly her dog needed grooming. So as I was leaving I picked up the little guy and took him home with me for a good grooming. My neighbor was so grateful and the little guy and I had fun! Win Win

  15. It took me a couple of weeks to relax and just let him do what he wants. Plants that die can be replaced… drawers can be reorganized and Christmas decor can be simple. I do think he is over feeding the dog and cat!! LOL!

  16. Pamela I remember being in convalescence after foot surgery, it was fun looking through the catalogs at new shoes I would be wearing in the future😇 Having my Kitty in my lap was also healing. I wish I could give you a hug and a prayer but hopefully this note of encouragement will do that.
    Did you have both feet treated or just one?
    Love from a loyal shopper
    Sandra W

  17. Thanks Sandra! I only had the one foot that needed a pretty complete reconstruction done. I cannot imagine having both feet worked on at the same time. My son’s MIL did…she is a hero in my book! I am doing great…thanks for the encouragement!

  18. I was so grateful for my husband and my friend Judy when I had my total knee done. They are golden in my eyes. Gratitude goes a long ways when struggling with pain and mobility issues. They never gave up on me and I love them for it. I’m grateful for your Mr. B and I am sure the cat and dog are being fed. The plants can be replaced and you can have a temporary house cleaning service for a few weeks. You can even get catered meals, but expensive. You are both worth it. Your down time can be creative writing time. You are a good writer. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Happy COLD and snowy Saturday!

  19. I am doing great and also overflowing with gratitude! Today’s post was to help others with ideas who might want to bless a friend in recovery. Thanks Sydney.

  20. These gift ideas are good for anyone going through a hard time whether the person can leave home or not. The gift of presence is so very important.

  21. It’s always good to check about dietary restrictions. Our daughter has Celiac Disease, so when friends bring her homemade bread, she cannot eat it. She is not being finicky; she really has to avoid all gluten.

  22. What nice friends sounds like they are taking care of you and keeping your husband happy with the brisket. Take care and you should be moving much better by Christmas🎄🎄⛄️

  23. Mr. B’s friend with the brisket deserves a BIG callout!!!

    Many years ago my Spouse had a major medical treatment, we visited the medical center 60 times over 2 months. What worked well for us was to have people bring a two serving plate. We didn’t have any children living with us at the time and the serving sized portions meant almost no waste on our end.

    I was working at the time and after coming back from the Medical center I’d log in and catch up with anything that had come in during the day. It wasn’t exactly ‘me’ time, but it was in it’s own way relaxing to have something different to do. It sounds like you can be left alone so I hope he’s out there keeping up with his running routine or other interests.

  24. Thanks Rose…he is! Back to his running routine and his Bible class. Slowly returning to our schedule. Very hopeful that next month will see full routine!

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